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Yummy and Luxe

Two new products we're carrying here at StormSister Spatique : Bodylish Yum and Luxe bars. What ARE the Yum and LUXE Moisture Bars? By nora at Bodylish. We broke the paradigm coming up with a product for the shower that would deeply penetrate, super moisturize and protect skin. We developed the super awesome, super delicious, skin soothing Yum and LUXE moisture bars. They are a bit hard to imagine until you use one, then WOW … an instant daily care favorite. Delicious for Skin - Yum & LUXE These products are a solid lotion for the shower, NOT a soap. They are made with a combination of Shea butter and Cocoa butter, both known for their abilities to moisturize skin. We recommend bringing them into the shower. When your pores are open in the warm shower water, you just rub your skin with the Yum or the LUXE, then rinse. The result? Amazing soft, supple skin. We formulated the Yum to exfoliate skin with sea salt and freshly ground Cardamom powder, and we added a mo

Fall into Winter

By Nina Curtis via  Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Cleanse the body, mind and spirit We often think of "cleansing" as something that is done during the spring and summer months. But when you stop and think about it, the transition from the fall to the winter season is a great time to cleanse the body, mind and spirit before venturing into the new year. Why wait until spring to decide to give your body a needed break, lose weight or get rid of old habits and addictions that no longer serve you—or are beginning to manifest themselves into your daily life in unhealthy ways? Do something to truly honor yourself before the end of the year. It can be so liberating—and possibly right on time! When we speak about "cleansing" in alternative medicine, there are three main areas in our lives that we need to address: the body, the mind and the spirit. Let's consider each. Honor thy temple Cleansing the body is done to keep the physical temple in optimum health. We

Clean Beauty and Skin Saviors

We had some new and favorite products featured in the January 2012 edition of  Minnesota Monthly  - Thanks, Katie Dohman! (click on photos to enlarge.) Here are the direct links to research each of the products. Clean Beauty : Kama Ayurveda Pure Rosewater  - An all-time favorite facial toner. Especially helpful for enlarged pores. Erbaviva Hand Cream - We like it for fee too. INtelligent Nutrients Hair Shine - The name pretty much sums it up. It smells glorious as well! Skin Saviors: (first of all, the phone number is incorrect as listed, that's our fax number. Feel free to call or text us at 612.716.5480) Pre de Provence 100% Pure Shea Butter - This is my all-time favorite go-to product for immediate hydration of a particularly dry area. I also use it Nov.-Feb., after I have applied my skincare lotions and potions - to seal everything in. Phytoceane Bora Bora Body Scrub - I LOVE how this heats up as you rub it in! It smells divine and is my favorite body exfo

E-Gift Cards

Our E-Gift Cards can be used on our StormSister Spatique or 3waybeauty sites. Purchase one for your sister, brother, cousin, fake friend, whomever. They'll like you more.


Our interview at Launch Grow Joy : Featured Entrepreneur: 3waybeauty Want to be inspired by entrepreneurs who are doing something great? Then read on. Each day we feature new entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and who are living their dream. Today’s entrepreneur is Becky Sturm of 3waybeauty . When and why did you start your business? 2010 – Tired of over-marketing by the big beauty companies, I wanted to develop beauty and personal grooming products that have multi-purpose aspects to them. Describe your business in 20 words or less. A truly natural, multi-purpose beauty and personal grooming brand for both men and women. Where do you get your inspiration from and how do you stay inspired? Customers that are looking for truly eco-friendly, healthier alternatives to all of those beauty and grooming products in their cabinets. Hearing their health concerns keeps me inspired. What is your biggest success or accomplishment you’re mos

Stem Science

via American Spa Magazine and INtelligent Nutrients . Discover how and why stem cell technology can prove beneficial. Over the past few years, stem cells have become the skincare industry’s hot anti-aging ingredient. Now commonly found in many products, the science behind stem cell technology is often confusing for both clients and spa professionals alike, mostly due to the fact that there are several types of stem cells that have made their way into the skincare arena, claiming to help clients reduce the signs of aging by decreasing the effects of free-radical damage, stress, and poor lifestyle choices, which can wreak havoc on the skin. Much of the confusion occurs because the science behind the use of stem cell technology in products and treatment protocols can be difficult to decipher. Simply stated, human stem cells are unique biological cells that have the powerful ability to morph into any type of cell in the body. Because they don’t have a specific function, they

Kiss Up

One of my favorite people (and bloggers), Sara Bartlett of Bombshell Beauty fame, featured one of our favorite products last week on Twin Cities Live : Treat - Kiss and Make it Butter lip scrub. Thanks, Sara!

Perfect Gift

via American Spa Magazine. Frankincense In Biblical times, three wise men traveled hundreds of miles to bring gifts to the baby Jesus. One of the gifts of the Magi was frankincense, a milky-white resin with a fresh pine, lemony scent. It was one of the most prized commodities of its time, valued as highly as gold and fine silk. Ever since, frankincense has been associated with Christmas. While its historical significance makes frankincense an opulent ingredient to feature in spa treatments around the holidays, it also affords the opportunity to educate guests about its medicinal powers, which are less widely known. Just as resins help trees heal wounds, frankincense has skincare properties that encourage rapid healing, treat wounds and scars, and help regenerate the skin. “Frankincense is really one of the best oils for calming the mind as well as helping treat older skin, which makes it invaluable in the spa environment,” says Geraldine Howard, co-founder and president of Arom

For The Minimalist

via Wanderplex Packing carry-on only is becoming more and more popular, but trying to fit all the toiletries and cosmetics you need into that little TSA-approved baggie is not exactly easy. This grooming bar is a great way to get around the problem, since you can use it three different ways – for showering , for shaving and for shampooing . Not only does it eliminate the need for multiple products, it’s also solid, so it doesn’t even have to go into the liquid baggie. Plus, it won’t leak mid-flight. All of the ingredients in the bar are natural, so it’s safe on the environment if you’re hiking.

Ayurvedic Herbal Secrets

via   Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa by Melanie Sachs and Sudhir M. Shah The following article is a Q & A interview by Melanie Sachs with Sudhir M. Shah, explaining the benefits of taking the Ayurvedic approach to achieving beautiful skin. Q: Can you explain the term 'Ayurvedic' from your personal perspective for those not yet familiar with it? A: Ayurvedic herbal remedies are a part of Ayurveda, the traditional holistic healing system of India. I am Indian myself, and my mother was an Ayurvedic practitioner. She had no formal education in this area, so you could say she practiced folk medicine. But it was nonetheless effective, and most importantly available to all. Her skills were very well respected, and she was able to raise 10 healthy children using virtually no modern medicine. Q: So you were raised in a household where the use of herbs was the first choice in health care. Did you always share your mother's interest and skills? A: Honest

Travel Kit

For every $150 in products purchased at either StormSister Spatique or 3waybeauty you will receive a complimentary Phytoceane travel kit that includes mini sizes of: Cleansing Moisturizing Milk Invigorating Cleansing Lotion Facial Scrub with Vegetal Coral Nourishing Moisturizing Cream (We've packed it full of other samples as well!) While supplies last.

Holy Santa!

Join us on Wednesday's, December 5th and 12th at STYLEDLIFE for Show The Love . STYLEDLIFE's signature holiday soiree that makes shopping FUN again. We'll be there for some   StormSister Spatique  STYLEDbeauty  Elixery lipstick  services. Filled with savings and all-out fun, their annual Show the Love event is THE place to be for shopping and gift giving. Santa will be so proud of you! Showing YOU love at Show the Love: Special 10% off ALL purchases Wednesday 12/5 & 12/12 with free domestic shipping Top 8 holiday gift ideas (all specially priced) Happy Handbag Holidays promotion - 20% off select styles Designer jewelry discounts - 20% off your 3rd piece Their infamous Sexy Santa/Sexy Elf Lili Salon surprises for your hair and skin Drinks & Sweets $500 in prize drawings Wish Lists for stress free shopping See you there, Weds. 12/5 & 12/12!


Thursday, December 6th at Style Architects   from 4:30 - 9 PM. 219 N. 2nd Street, Suite 400, Minneapolis 55401 612.326.9020 Mention Style-Architects and receive complimentary parking behind building! Please join us for an evening of fine wine & cheese tasting and holiday shopping with your favorite local designers and artisans: Irely Intimates ✴ Kuhl Studio &  Nelli Designs J.W. Hulme Co. ✴ Post- Accessories Miller Upholstering ✴ Lily & Violet Michael Belotti ✴ Remember Me StormSister Spatique ✴ Unrefined Jewelry Food & beverage hosted by: Naked Grape Wine, Surdyks Gourmet Cheese & Deli, and  Lily Bloom’s Kitchen

Go Green for Eczema and Psoriasis

Did you know that Greenbody Greenplanet shampoo may help ease the discomfort of Eczema and Psoriasis? We have testimonials from life-long victims of itching that have found relief using the shampoo as a body wash! It's also excellent for allergy sufferers and those highly sensitive to chemicals and fragrance. Greenbody Greenplanet Hair Care is also available in UNSCENTED!