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What is Microdermabrasion?

A great article by, Suzi Beavers, Licensed Esthetician Microdermabrasion is a simple, no downtime procedure that exfoliates the skin. Aluminum oxide crystals or baking soda (I prefer the soda/salt as I believe it is gentler to the skin) are normally used to remove the stratum corneum (top layer), where the dead skin cells are located. This procedure will reveal softer, smoother, more vibrant looking skin and a healthier complexion. By repeating this treatment over the course of several weeks, the younger, softer skin moves up to the surface. When enlarged, clogged pores form on the skin surface, they cause a bumpy, uneven texture. Microdermabrasion can reduce the appearance of these large, open pores by unclogging sebum (oil) build-up and eliminating white and black heads. When dead skin cells are wiped away, acne-causing bacteria cannot survive as easily. Microdermabrasion works by causing a small amount of trauma to the skin. The skin repairs itself in a more organized fashion,

Sisal Body Brush Feedback

Hi Becky, The sisal brush has done wonders for my dry skin! Thank you so much for recommending it. Between the sisal brush and my soap I'm in hog heaven! Happy Thanksgiving. Marilyn M. - MN

A Curly Girl Must-Have

If you have curly/wavy hair and don't have a satin pillow case , you should. Satin is a very slick fiber and when you have curly/wavy hair, your hair cuticle is more open versus naturally straight or flat/curling ironed hair . The satin fibers don't "hook" onto your coarse hair follicle , thus less frizzy, fuzzy crazy hair in the morning.

Happy Trails To You

Meeg , Jody and Becky want to thank all of you for your business and friendship this year. You mean so much to us. Travel safely, enjoy your family and friends, eat a lot and enjoy your holiday. Cheers!

Piggy Fever and Our Hands

I don't have to tell you about the beating our hands are taking with the H1N1 hoopla going on. There is hand sanitizer on every counter and nook and cranny of society these days. This hand sanitizer may be helping our health, but it is NOT helping our hands. You know it's true. And, we are entering the driest time of year. I am a shea butter fan. It is truly miraculous and if applied daily or immediatly after every sanitizing, your hands are going to transform into softer, younger looking hands. Pre de Provence has recently launched a Dry Skin Treament that is comprised of organic shea butter AND shea oil . The Dry Skin Treatment comes in a tube so it is easy to put in your pocket or handbag. The smaller size (30 ml) makes it very convenient for travel as well. As you may know, shea butter packs quite a punch, so a little goes a long way. Be conservative the first couple of times you use it.

Black and Tan

I met an African-American gentleman on Saturday night who confessed something to me. He goes in for a spray-tan once a week. Needless to say, I about fell over upon hearing his secret. This man is not light skinned and didn't have an uneven complexion. (I asked him to show me his arms and legs as I kinda wondered if he had that Michael Jackson pigment disease that M was always saying he had. ) He didn't. In all my years in the beauty biz, I have never heard of a dark-skinned person going in for spray tanning. Of course, I couldn't let that revelation go without a barrage of questioning. "Why?" I asked. "My skin just glows and I look Egyptian" he says. I wondered what his definition of "Egyptian-looking" was? "Couldn't you just use a fantastic body oil to brighten things up?" I ask. "I've never found anything that makes my skin look like that." he says. There were other questions, but I just

IN Serum Feedback

Chatting about the INtelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Serum a couple of weeks ago on the FM107 Shop Girls show, created a lot of interest in this magical product. Here is a bit of feedback I received this morning: Morning Becky, I received my serum on Tuesday. I'm liking it so far. It feels very nourishing with the effect of the changing seasons on my skin. Thanks for the samples, I love getting presents. See you soon, Kathy M. - MN

Sara The Bombshell

That Bombshell Beauty (she really is a beauty) paid me a visit yesterday (she's a product whore too). I was snooping around on her blog and came by one of my favorite products! Ted Gibson Hair Sheets . But, what caught my eye first was a great video of Ted doing quite an easy up-do . Personally, I don't think it was necessary to even flat iron her hair (those hair sheets rock!), but if you have the time and want a smoother effect, knock yourself out.

GLEE, how I Love Thee

If you're not already watching GLEE or don't, even though I implore you to do so, we cannot be friends. You're just not cool. Plain and simple. Two words. Jane Lynch. I am so in love with that show, I cannot even explain. Glee is one of those shows that simply must be TIVO'd . There are so many little bits of brilliance in each show that you simply must be able to rewind it and re-watch certain scenes. I was watching it late last night. There is always something in it that just makes me bust out laughing. This weeks' line that sent me over the edge was said by Tina . "All of this baby drama is making my rosacea act up". she says as the glee club kids are standing around their lockers, embroiled in the teenage pregnancy dilemma of Finn and Quinn. Ok , that's funny. I'm just sayin '. Maybe you have to be a skincare geek, but that's ok . I am and I'm not ashamed. I realize that I "get it" on a different level than most,

FTC Compliant? Complaint?

This policy is valid from 17 November 2009 This blog is a personal blog written and edited by Becky Sturm . This blog does not accept any form of advertising, sponsorship, or paid insertions. I write for my own purpose (and enjoyment and because for some reason, I think others care about what I have to say) . However, I may be influenced by my background (beauty bitch), occupation ( StormSister Spatique owner), religion (0y! I hope not), political affiliation (where's MY bailout) or experience. (Relax, Federal Trade Commission, I'm just a girl blabbin ' about beauty. Don't you have bigger fish to fry? Kripes .) I will never receive compensation in any way from this blog. (Though, if someone does decided to give me a "bailout" I promise to report it to the IRS. Truly. My accountant is a freak.) I am not compensated to provide opinion on products (and I sell some kick-ass products, by-the-way), services (need some eyelashes applied?), websites and various

Green Gift Guide

We've been featured in the new LiveGreenTwinCities .com Beauty and Fashion segment. 'There’s nothing like a rich body cream to soothe winter-weary skin, and this season StormSister Spatique in St. Paul is featuring Shea Butter . This and all the other creams and lotions in the line are natural, plant-based, and preservative- and chemical-free. Or pick up the gift of youth with affordable products from the Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging skin care line, created by Horst, a line StormSister owner Becky Sturm calls "absolutely fantastic" and perfect for all ages and phases, from acne-prone to mature skin. Everything in the line is USDA certified organic, gentle, and plant-based. We’re really raving about this," says Sturm .'

Spanish StormSister

Several weeks ago a very popular blogger from Spain , Lululooks, contacted me and wanted me to send her some product samples so she could review them. She had heard quite a bit about my products and wanted to try them. Being as confident as I am about what I sell, I sent her a bunch and decided I would post whatever feedback she wrote. So, here you go . I have also used a translation site to translated the text (below) for those of you who cannot read Spanish. I also linked to the product she is reviewing so that you may do more extensive research yourself. I found some of the verbiage in the translation quite amusing and decided to leave it as is. Enjoy. StormSister is a company dedicated to marketing and distribution of several cosmetic firms face care, body, makeup, etc ... for example, John Masters Organics , Erbaviva , etc ... The main feature is the type of products available: natural, organic and effective. The products I've tested are: - Erbaviv

Peace Bombs

That's right. Bombs for Peace. Peace on Earth bath bombs. Infused with the earthly blend of essential oils; orange, eucalyptus, patchouli, ylang ylang. Check out the other essential oil infused bombs that we now carry.


I was SO disappointed to find out this segment didn't make it on the ShopGirls ' show. That's what happens when you get three product whores together to talk beauty products. Kripes. Anyhoo, here is Allison Kaplan sporting the new faux fur Knot-a-Schmata by Kimberly Goldfarb. Is it a cozy hair accessory or a toasty neck cuff? It's both! Allison, Alexis and I were having so much fun with this new "fur" hair accessory that I was completely unaware that we were not on the air at that time. I have a few left, more are in production, as they were quite a hit at The Affair. Just like the other Knot-a-Schmata's, because of the various fabric choices these are only available in the Spatique and not online.

MBeze Press

A TV appearance by the Deodorette .

Today's the Day!

The Affair starts today. 10Am. We've set up our Beauty Shop in booth #644. We're showcasing new products from local brands: Blissful Bath (peace bombs) , Bethany Lorelle (feathers) , Knot - a - Schmata (faux fur) and our two favorite products from Galen Labs . We'll also be chatting with those FM 107.1 ShopGirls , Alexis and Allison, about OUR favorite things at about 12:30. They're broadcasting live from The Affair, beginning at 11 AM. Hope to see ya there!

Blogger Love

I am truly humbled by all of the blog love as of late. Thank you, Maggie .

Oprah, Watch Out!

I'm gonna be on the FM107.1 Shop Girls this Saturday. 12:30 ish . Yay ! Allison and Alexis are broadcasting live from The Affair . Me too, on their show. ( StormSister , and all of her glory, will set up shop in booth #644. Stop and shop.) Those Shop Girls want to talk to me about MY favorite things. Suck on that, Oprah ! (I can say that right? I mean it in the most loving way. Promise, Ms. Winfrey.)

Deodorant and Toner - Not The Same

I'm a spritzer. I love room and linen spritzers, toner spritzers and a deodorant that spritzes. I'm not going to lie. I'm actually using 3 different toners at the moment (I've mixed them together into one spritzer - three spritzing toners is too many) so that I can make the switch to the INtelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Mist once they are all used up. But, that is a whole different blog post. Spray or spritz or mist. I like the word "spritz." After I cleansed my skin this morning, I grabbed what I thought was my toner and gave myself two good spritzes in the face. It wasn't toner, but my deodorant. Not good. Thankfully, I close my eyes when spritzing on my toner. I am also not aware if grain alcohol, the preservative in my deodorant, can make you blind. Who knows. I'm hoping for the best. Needless to say, that "toner' was mighty invigorating. It all made for an exciting start to my day as I was being rushed by the other