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Mesoforce Mat

New from Vie Collection - MÉSOFORCE MAT HYDRATING REVITALIZING CREAM-GEL . MESOTHERAPY FOR OILY AND COMBINATION SKIN. VIE Collection once again bolsters its anti-aging skin care reputation by rounding out its line for oily and combination skin. A cream inspired by mesotherapy facial techniques. Mesotherapy is a preventive anti-aging treatment that uses very fine needles to inject hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and other revitalizing ingredients just under the skin. The sub-cutaneous injections quickly and efficiently revitalize skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production. The technique delivers an overall anti-aging effect that plumps, smooths, revitalizes, and brightens the skin. VIE Collection has taken the primary revitalizing ingredients used in mesotherapy and paired them with a special, purifying ingredient. The preventive skin care solution for oily and combination skin types hydrates, revitalizes and plumps skin, then leaves it with a matte finish. MÉSOFO

Sandalwood Soap

We have a new  Pré de Provence soap  scent in stock! Sandalwood . And, it's heaven. Each 250 gram bar is carefully made by dedicated soap makers in Provence. Creamy, Soft, Smooth. For centuries, the luxury of French-milled soaps has remained the gold standard of excellence. Each time you begin to lather a Provence made soap, you enter a time and place where quality and craftsmanship have stood still. Traditional French soap is triple-milled to produce a completely uniform and smooth soap, without impurities, thus lasting longer. Pre de Provence soaps are quad-milled, to be even smoother, and have a richer lather and a more luxurious feel. Using all pure, natural ingredients enriched with shea butter, you can feel the difference in this unique quad-milling process. Aromatic fragrances transport you into a moment of calmness, vitality, dreaming, or well-being. Not all French Soaps are Created Equal and you'll feel the difference the very first time you use one.