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In honor of  Becky's 16th anniversary of her 30th Birthday you may enjoy 30% off all StormSister Spatique and 3waybeauty products, TODAY only! Enter: APRIL26 at checkout . Offer expires at midnight.

Back, Sack and Crack

This new film, Mansome , is at the top of our list. We absolutely LOVE Willl Arnett and Jason Bateman! Gentlemen, our shhh . 3-in-1 grooming bar is perfect for all of your manscaping needs. Wanna try a three-way? Yes you do.

Mom's Day Deal

A MOTHER'S BOND WITH HER CHILD IS SPECIAL, AND IT'S DEEPENED WITH A LOVE FOR SHARED ACTIVITIES. SHARING ACTIVITIES YOU LOVE IS ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS TO CONNECT WITH, AND INFLUENCE ONE ANOTHER - Enjoy a side-by-side manicure and/or pedicure with your mom this Mother's Day. Mother's and son's can share pedicure time as well! Gentlemen, a pedicure and manicure is as important for you as it is for her. You don't have to associate a pedicure or manicure with a polish application. You can skip that part. It's about grooming. Remember, your feet and hands do all the work so treat them well. And treat them to some love. You and your mom will have a great time. I promise! So today share your love of quality and luxury.  Purchase NONTOXIQUE hand and foot care and receive 15% off your purchase today through May 13th. Enter: MOM13 upon checkout to receive discount. Where do I go for pedicures? Amazing Beauty on Grand Ave. in St. Paul. - And, they h


via my interview with Secret Entourage . I was asked what my 'Aha' moment was when I developed, shhh. 6) My clients kept getting their liquid grooming products taken away at the airport because of size restrictions.  After doing research, I discovered that there weren’t any TSA restrictions for a solid grooming bar.  Therefore, I worked with a manufacturer to reinvent grooming and designed a 3-in-one *shampoo | shower | shave* bar. - Becky Sturm @  3waybeauty

Toxic "Non-Toxic"

via The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics Did you hear the news? California’s Department of Toxic Substances revealed that a variety of nail polishes contain high levels of hazardous chemicals despite product labels claiming otherwise. These chemicals, dibutyl phthalate and toluene, have been linked to birth defects, asthma and other chronic health conditions. Labels shouldn’t lie , and whether you’re a nail salon worker or taking your daughter out for a mani-pedi, you should be able to trust that the products you’re using are safe . Study finds “Non-toxic” nail polish still toxic despite label claims -- Yet another scandal, yet another reason why we need REAL reform now! This is yet another example of industry self-regulation gone wrong— tell Congress it’s time to fix our broken cosmetics laws now ! The good news:  Congress is finally paying attention. Last month the House held the first hearing on cosmetics safety in 30 years and is considering updating our 70 year old cosmet

Favorite Products

via the 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic A few of my absolute favorite things.... I'm all about using as many multi-use products at this stage of my life and there are several listed on my MUST-HAVE product list: 1.  Madara Tinting Fluid  in Moon Flower. It does double duty: Moisturize and cover. The perfect light foundation. 2. Elixery Lipstick in Pixie. No lead in THIS lipstick brand! Pixie is the perfect color for my skin tone and its creaminess hydrates perfectly. 3.  I also use the  Kinky Curly Knot Today  as a conditioner/leave-in as well. It eliminates frizz, hydrates and holds without stickiness or stiffness. 4.   Kinky-Curly Curling Custard . It only took me 20+ years to find the perfect haircare brand for my wavy hair and I have used it for the last 4 years. 5.   Phytoceane Self-Tanning Gel  - The best. Hands down. 6.   shhh .  I never travel without it. It is the only shaving product I use, I occasionally use it as a shampoo, especially when traveling, and I b

I have to laugh

I'm about ready to bring on a new nail polish line and I'm super excited! (More on that soon!) The following is a quote from an email from the distributor of this new brand: "Have you heard any of the press on nail polish lately? In CA a group pulled polishes off the shelves and tested them for the " toxic trio ." All of the polishes they tested claimed to be "toxic free." Most of them had toluene and dibutyl phthalates in them. Yikes!' I laughed out loud upon reading that email. Clearly, she doesn't know who she is dealing with. My response?  "Oh honey, don't you worry. I am well aware of the shenanigans going on in the beauty industry and that is why I am interested in your brand." Ha! That made my day.

Another Beauty Game

We're havin' a beauty game today through Wed. at noon. - "Like" our Facebook page and tell us WHERE you had your favorite pedicure and WHY it was so special. We'll pick two people to win a NONTOXIQUE Restore Day Cream . It's that simple! Now, get on over and play or feel free to leave a comment here.

DIY Spa Day

Here is a little DIY action via the Star Tribune . R elaxing at the day spa is always a treat. But if you don't have the time or money, you can make your own spa at home. We asked beauty experts to share their easy, all-natural recipes for everything from a body scrub to an enzyme peel. These three DIY treatments come close to professional service for a fraction of the price. So slip on a robe, crank up the Enya and get the spa party started. The expert:  Becky Sturm, the founder of   and a luxury grooming line, . The recipe:  A skin-softening tribute to Sophia Loren, who, Sturm said, "has long been rumored to use just one product to cleanse and moisturize her body: olive oil." The benefits:  Gently exfoliates and deeply moisturizes skin without the use of harsh scrubs or chemicals. Olive Oil-Sugar Scrub Ingredients • 1 c. olive oil • 1/2 c. granulated sugar • A few drops of your favorite essential oil Directions:

Essential Solar Protection

Shield skin from UVA/UVB rays with these lightweight, non-oily Phytoceane  sunscreens enriched with ultra-moisturizing vegetal coral. When you purchase the Phytoceane Sun Protection Cream  SPF 30 Sunscreen , you will receive the Phytoceane Sun Protection Cream  SPF 15 Sunscreen FREE.* That's a $50. value! *While supplies last. Simply add the 30 SPF to your cart and the 15 SPF will automatically ship.

Pocket and Purse

A new pocket and purse size for INtelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Bug Repellent Serum . 5 ml. ATTRACTS LOVE BITES, REPELS BUG BITES Great uses: Kids Skin and Body Hair Pets Travel Home What's in it for me? USDA certified organic personal perfume skillfully crafted to attract humans while at the same time repel biting, stinging, scourging insects. Profoundly unique from the often unpleasant smelling, citrus and citronella scents we have grown to expect, our insect fighting blend is enjoyable to wear even when you don’t need the repelling attributes. Free from drying and dehydrating chemicals, our skin loving and non greasy combination of oils condition and soften while providing moisture resistance. 100% DEET free, formula lets you, your family and pets live and play in and outdoors in a gentle, safe, non-toxic and organic way. What's in? USDA Organic   Food Grade Sesame, Soy and Castor Oil   Functional Insect Repelling Essential Oils of Geranium, Peppermint Lem

Traveling Manicure Kit

via Our favorite hand and foot care brand is included in Julie's manicure kit. Nail Artist Julie Kandalec is regularly asked “What does a freelance manicurist keep in her travel kit?” This four minute video offers a tour of Kandalec’s precious and sturdy “bag” by Zuca and includes all that is needed for a manicurist who is regularly working in photo studios, on movie sets and in celebrity homes. “I sometimes even have to create a beautiful nail design in the back of a car!” she told me earlier today at a photo session for Modern Salon Media, “so I have to be prepared for anything.” Kandalec makes sure that on top of having all that any manicurist could ever need (including a minimum of 100 shades), she also makes sure that her own nails are beautifully shaped and polished. On top of that, Kandalec, unlike most manicurists, wears plenty of jewelry including bracelets and rings. “People are looking at my hands and arms during the manicure so I like to give them

Mascara Tip

As you know, sometimes your mascara may begin to cake or become too thick to apply properly. We recommend a couple drops of saline solution be added to the tube to remedy this problem. Simply add a couple drops, replace the wand and shake or let sit until the next application. Do this each day until the proper consistency is achieved. Saline solution is sterile and may even kill some bacteria that may be present in the tube. This trick is not  meant to extend the life of your mascara past 6 months. We recommend that it is replaced at that time. The FDA recommends you replace your mascara every 4-6 months. This practice will keep your mascara free of any possible eye irritants. 

Love is in the Air

via the April edition of American Spa Magazine - Megan O’Neill Sensual,  stress-relieving, and skin-softening jasmine. F O R   S U C H   A   SMALL,   UNASSUMING,   AND simple blossom, the jasmine flower has certainly been imbued with some serious symbolism. In India, jasmine  is  used  in  rituals  like marriage, Puja (prayer), and holy festivals. In Indonesia, it’s revered as a sign of love and sensuality. In Thailand, jasmine  flowers symbolize motherhood, and in China, jasmine was used as a flower of peace during pro-democracy protests. Jasmine is also seen as a state and national symbol in Hawaii, Indonesia, Pakistan, and the Philippines. So why all the fuss about this tiny white flower? Much of the plant’s power probably lies in its scent. The blossoms open only in the evening—as the temperature in its native Mediterranean and Asian climates begins to drop—and produce a distinct aroma that’s appreciated by both women and men around the world. “I believe jasmine to be


My interview with Ecobold Shampoo, Shower and Shave with this natural ingredient "3 in 1" soap and shampoo bar by StormSister Spatique's   3 waybeauty   brand . Learn a little more about the founder, Becky Sturm: 1. Tell us a little bit about your background, story and what inspired you to create StormSister Spatique? I had been in the salon/spa industry for 25 years and wanted to start an online (then storefront) beauty boutique. StormSister was a nickname from a client that always referred to my sister and I (we had a salon/spa together) as the "stormsisters". Our last name is Sturm and Sturm = "storm" in Deutsch. 2. What did you want to be when you were a kid? Except for a tiny glitch in time when I wanted to be a veterinarian or surgical nurse, I always wanted to be in the beauty industry. I have memories of being 3 and 4 and sitting my little sister in my grandmothers' salon chair (grandma was a hairdresser too!) and brushing and clipping up


New from Vie Collection -  FIRMING BOOSTING CREAM Firming & restructuring for your skin. Impressive Results* Increases elastin synthesis by 140% Increases collagen synthesis by 59% *In vitro tests A peptide-enriched formula that stimulates skin to firm, plump and moisturize. What it's used for: Vie Collection Firming Boosting Cream is a gold-peptide infused treatment that boosts collagen to plump and firm skin. The potent peptides go deep into the skin to raise levels of fibroblasts that restore firmness. Hyaluronic acid smooths and helps to retain moisture for fuller-looking skin.