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Sexy Betty

Oh, how I wish BettyBeauty was around when I was performing bikini waxing during my spa years. The fun we would have had! Now YOU can have all the fun! Sexy Betty (Purple) has arrived.

70% v 100%

There are two INtelligent Nutrients shampoo's, the Total Body Cleanser for Hair and Body. Lots of questions about these two products and one isn't even out yet. I understand. I'm going to try to answer all of the questions that have been posed to me up to this point. The 70% Organic Shampoo is 70% organic versus the rest of the IN products being 100% certified organic. There are simply some ingredients that just are not yet available with the USDA Organic certification ye. The other 30% that is not organic in the 70% Organic Shampoo and 70% Organic Hair Treatment is still GMO -free 100% plant ingredients. The 70% products were designed for color treated hair and though that is the reason they were designed, some of us just couldn't wait and we are using the Total Body Cleanser with great results. Personally, if your hair is highlighted and blonde , you can use the Total Body Cleanser until the 70% gets here - I should have it in by the 10 th of November, by t

Nail Polish Tip

I get quite a few people asking if the SpaRitual polish lasts longer than other polishes and if that is why I carry it. Does it last longer than other professional polishes, such as OPI and Creative? No, it lasts just as long. Though, I have had one client that said it lasts longer for her. SpaRitual and the above mentioned nail care lines are the highest quality nail care, if you ask me, as far as colors and staying power. Here is the tip I promised. Before applying your polish or basecoat , take a cotton swab and dip it in a bit of polish remover. Rub over the complete area of your fingernail. Let dry, and then apply polish. Lotions, oils, etc., will keep your polish from adhering to the nail. This is the number one reason for polish peeling off of the nail. StormSister Spatique carries SpaRitual because it doesn't contain Pthalates , toluene or formaldehyde . These are controversial and common ingredients in nailcare lines in the US. Though, these ingredients are b

I'll Translate

This made me smile this morning. It is a thank you note from a client in France. Dear Becky, I accepted my coli (not sure what " coli " is, as I don't speak French. Her order I imagine.) on Friday, October 17 th , it arrived well. Thank you for the small presents (samples) her my pleased. I hope see you again and I wish you a long life has your firm. (I wish your business has a long life.) warmly, Rachel

Betty Beauty FAQ's

Why is betty safer than regular hair dyes? Betty color kits are specially formulated for the hair down there and include natural ingredients such as elder flower, cherry bark, chamomile, comfrey, black walnut, rosemary and aloe as well as special conditioners not found in current hair color dyes. Our safe no-drip crème formula ensures that when used correctly, betty color won’t run into your sensitive area. Betty does NOT contain PPD or ammonia. Remember to follow instructions and apply to Safe Zone only. How often should I use this product? Betty can be used frequently. Most men and women color their hair down there when they color their head hair, usually every 3-4 weeks. Reapply leftover color if you need a boost. How many applications are in each kit? Each betty kit has about 1-2+ applications (depending on how much betty there is!) What if I want to go back to my original color? No problem. Just use the betty kit that most closely matches your original color ( AUBURN

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

No, it's not the famous Beatles song or the illegal, mind-altering substance the song was about. It is a lovely pink, glittery shade of nail lacquer (duh!) from SpaRitual , that StormSister Spatique now carries. Introducing SpaRitual's Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds .

IN Chatter

Lots of chatter about the new INtelligent Nutrients products. I was discussing the IN Volumizing Spray with a client the other day, and she said she loved the product and the smell, but didn't know that it worked better than her current volumizing spray. But, she said something very interesting to me. "Though it doesn't make my hair behave any better, it is good for me." EXACTLY! IN is loaded with the anti-oxidant rich oil, INtellimune .  All of the IN products (except for the aromas) contain this amazing oil. That is the whole point with IN - Certified Organic Health And Beauty. Our beauty products should be GOOD FOR US. Meeg and I also discussed the IN Perfect Hold Hair Spray as well. We likey very much, but don't lovey. The smell of course is fantastic, it just doesn't have the hold that we are used to. Remember, we were teenagers in the 80's so we have had a long love affair with lacquer hair sprays. That's a hard habit to break

Lemongrass and Verbena

2 new scents scents in the Pre de Provence bar soap range: Lemongrass and  Verbena Lemongrass soap is richly scented with lemongrass essential oils and embedded with lightly exfoliating real lemongrass. The French are said to have an affinity for the sensual pleasures in life. Whether or not that is true, a certain ambiance foams from Pre de Provence's Verbena Soap Bar. It's a hard, light green cut of soap that lathers softly and releases a mild fragrance. About Pre de Provence: Since the Middle Ages, French soap masters have crafted exquisite natural soaps--sublime combinations of organic wonders and an ancient art. Pre de Provence Soaps are known as the finest in the world, a reputation built by the legendary savonneries and the enduring quality of their product. Their soaps provide gentle, moisturizing skin care along with subtle fragrances that will transport you to another world.

Volumizing Stuff

The volumizing stuff is great! I’ll purchase soon. It may be today if I can get my paperwork done. AWESOME!!! Shari, MN



Panpuri Solitude Body Balm

Solitude Body Balm Apply generously all over body at least 15 minutes before going into the sun and re‐apply every couple of hours if staying in the sun for a long period. Re‐application after swimming is recommended. Application under clothing is recommended as UVA rays can penetrate clothing. Key Product Knowledge Monoi de Tahiti Butter – Hydrates and protects, Aloe – Soothes, heals and moisturizes, Chamomile – Calms and relaxes, Lemongrass – Awakens and heals Monoi de Tahiti is a traditional, natural product originating from Tahiti and is made by soaking Gardenia Taitensis blossoms ( Tiare flowers) in rich, purified coconut oil. Authentic Monoï de Tahiti is made by soaking approximately ten ʺ tiaré ʺ (Gardenia Taitensis ) blossoms in one litre of refined coconut oil that has been purified by filtration. Gardenia Taitensis – renowned for its potent fragrance and remarkable cosmetic properties – is indigenous to Tahiti and not found anywhere else. The coconut oil is ex and Hair Bands

I'm still uncertain if has the definitive answer to every supposedly "true" story on the Internet, but it seems to be held in high regard, so I will pass this along. Hair Bands Is anyone wondering WHERE all of these used condoms are coming from? Just thinking of HOW they are all collected is so disturbing to me. Just when you think you have heard everything..... GeeeeRrrrooooossss

Integrity in Skincare

I've been sitting on this post for a few days. Why? I needed to figure out how I can present it without sounding like a raving lunatic. I should be able to do it here because I certainly can handle myself with clients. Though, I admit I am "passionate". A new client came in last Friday. She was looking over the store and inquired about a facial moisturizer. From the list of products she told me she has used, I thought she would be interested in the Equavie Organic Skincare line. She is 52 and has had some Restylane injections in some lines around her mouth, but told me she just didn't feel like they lasted very long. (Once she gave me some dates, I agreed that they hadn't.) I then asked her to tell me what skincare she was using when she received the injections. "Oh, just some bar soap", and then she named some over-the-counter moisturizer. I kept it pretty cool, but I was seeing red! Bar soap? I have a rule: No foaming cleansers on facial skin o

Facial Plastic Surgery

I get a lot of questions on where to go to get pedi's, mani's, facials, waxing, etc., etc. Thanks for trusting me to refer you to the best! It's about time I list who my clients go to for facial surgery and who I refer them to. It's no secret and if you asked, I would tell you. But, I understand that you may not even want me to know. I get it. Dr. Peter A. Hilger, MD 952.844.0404 Tell him I sent you. Even I need to bank brownie points for when I need something done. :o)~

Intelligent Nutrients has arrived!

I'm unpacking brand spankin' new IN product right now! You don't have to help, but you can come in and be the first to see, smell and purchase. Looks and smells are free.

4 Days In Saint Paul

Lovin' Jen's Radar .

Almost 2 Years

In November, it will be 2 years since the opening of the StormSister Spatique storefront. Yay! I met with Susan, the designer of ALL things StormSister, recently for cocktails. She's working on a project for a friend of mine. A collaboration of sorts. More on that in another post. We're talking fonts, design, etc.. I'm telling her what a rock star she is - Our usual conversation. Then, she drops a bomb on me. As so many of you know, I have had to tell you, "No, Susan is not taking any new clients", when you have asked me, "who designed your store?", "who made this table, logo, website, etc., etc." Well, during our cocktail hour(s) she announces that she is taking new clients. Holy Hanna! I think I spit my gin and tonic all over her. I never in my life thought I would hear those words. At least, I haven't heard them in the last two years when EVERYONE has been inquiring about my designer. So, Susan Tinkham is taking on new projects. He


I'm not doing my job. One of my regular clients came in a couple of days ago, just to do a bit of fragrance shopping. As you know from a previous post, John Masters Organics gave me a ton of samples recently, so I have been handing them out like my clients are trick-or-treating or something. No worries, you won't have to do a trick to get one - Though, if you have a special trick and want to show me, knock yourself out. Anyhoo, back to why "I'm not doing my job." I asked her if she has color in her hair - relevant when determining if she needs a moisturizer, reconstructor or just a light conditioner. No color, she informed me. Ok, how often are you shampooing? Every day, she replied. Ok, stop the presses! This beauty has been coming into my store for well over a year now and she hasn't gotten the "no-one-needs-to-shampoo-their-hair-everyday" speech. What!? Shame on me. I kindly told her that unless she is working in a restaurant kitchen,


See, I told you it was a great file! See, I told you...... Hi Becky - I purchased and used the CH-702 foot and callus file lastweek. I just wanted to let you know that I was extremely impressed byit. It worked really well - better than I expected. I let my friendsknow. I hope they get around to ordering it. Best Regards, Kathy from NC

Reserve Now

I just received word from Intelligent Nutrients that my order will begin arriving today or tomorrow. Your orders will ship as soon as the products arrive in the Spatique . I know, I had originally reported that my order was to ship earlier, but this is a HUGE launch folks. Demand is high and there are only a few of us who are involved in the initial launch of this product line. These products are state-of-the-art and are going to set a precedent in the US beauty industry. There is a tremendous amount of interest in this line, so get your orders in soon. I'll announce here when the products arrive, so that those of you who live in the Twin Cities can either stop by, call in your order and/or have them personally delivered .


Client Feedback: Hi Becky, good morning/afternoon/evening (delete as appropriate :) )Thank you so so so so much my order came this morning. Now that only took 8 days!!That is amazing..... many orders I have made have taken double that or longer, even from Kinky-Curly themselves, when they used to ship here.I cant wait to use the products and see how it goes. If I'm brave enough I might post before and after pictures. Once again thank you for the super fast service and samples - Tope -London, UK _______________________ I received my latest purchase. Your packaging and presentation is beautiful, thank you, it is a pleasure doing business with you. Regards, Elizabeth - New York, NY. _____________________ Two in one day. Yay! Happy thoughts, kids...........I LOVE my job!

Gift Certificates

I realized recently that the Gift Certificate page on my website wasn't working properly. If you wanted to purchase online gift certificates through PayPal it wasn't working. Sorry about that. No worries though, all has been remedied. Mark your calendar, StormSister Spatique is having a Gift Certificate Sale in early November 2008!

Dinner Conversation

Oh, the conversations girls have over dinner. Last night was MDC and my recent " pee blog " was discussed - I knew this blog entry was going to generate a lot of discussion. Discussion is good. One of the dinner club gang - I will omit her name, to protect the innocent (though she is NOT innocent in any way. - Love you, mean it!) Anyhoo, she claimed that several years ago she had a plantar wart on the bottom of her foot. She had heard that if you pee on it, that clears it up. No acrobatics necessar. Just pee while in the shower and stand in it. She did this for quite a while and she swears it completely disappeared and I believe it. I wish I had a wart (not really) or eczema (not really) that I could try this 'natural remedy' out on. I am very fascinated. Am I freaking anyone out yet? I'm the mother of 2 boys, so this is just 'tea conversation' for me. I'm sorry if my blog postings as of late are disturbing anyone (hike up your skirt). I'll k


I have been pondering this post for several days. But, after much contemplation, I have decided to write it. I have a lot of different little remedies for eczema and psoriasis. Most of them do work, to some extent, it just usually takes a bit of work on your part. Many of my clients have tried "everything" for their skin issues and are now looking for alternatives. I have one for you. A very good friend of mine has had bouts of eczema/psoriases for years - a couple of breakouts per year (mostly on arms and legs). We had thought we had it figured out. Their hand washes had some pretty strong surfactants (sulfates - the ingredients that make soaps, sudsy.) My friend has been using sulfate free hand and body washes. Everything was great for a long time. Cured. Or so we thought. Out of nowhere, my friend gets a breakout on their arm and wrist. Dang! Back to square one. If you have ever had this problem, the itching is insane. It can literally keep you up at night and with your

Fall 2008 Hair Trends

Another fantastic blog post from Abby Van Ness at Mpls. St. Paul Magazine's Style Parlor: Beauty: Fall Hair Trends

It's Time.......

to exfoliate . Don't get me wrong, it's not seasonal, just a "seasonal" reminder. Exfoliate your face once per week, and your bod, twice per week. It's good for your skin and your health.