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Chemicals in Shampoo

Several months ago the headline was aimed at children's body/hair care products. I remember thinking that if those ingredients are bad for kids, why wouldn't they be bad for everyone? Shampoo is supposed to clean your hair of dirt and oils that accumulated throughout the day, but smelling fresh won’t do you any good if you’re scrubbing harmful chemicals into your scalp. A recently released report by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetic Use revealed that a number of companies that manufacture children’s bath products have added formaldehyde and 1,4- dioxane to their formulas, both of which are thought to increase susceptibility to cancer in lab rats and contribute to chronic disease and certain disabilities. According to Dr. Catherine Karr , assistant professor at the University of Washington and director of the Pediatric Environmental Health Unit, both substances are considered to be human carcinogens, which means they're high health hazards . "It does not make public


After all of the accolades, blog posts and 1 year of selling Kinky-Curly , I had my first KC return today. It had to happen sometime, right? A product can't be that perfect! Well, it is, but clearly everyone isn't going to think so. Kinky-Curly is very different kids. It takes time and a bit of experimentation to figure out exactly how much you need to use. Some tips to optimize Kinky-Curly: It is important to start out with hair that has been clarified of all previous products. The majority of products for curly hair contain silicone, mineral oil and other petroleum based ingredients. These products must be removed prior to using KC. There are some good hair clarifiers out there - The Kinky-Curly Come Clean Shampoo works well as well as Aveda's Hair Detoxifier and Back to Basics Citrus Sage shampoo. Once your hair has been clarified, then moisturize , leaving a bit in the hair. Other leave-in treatments I like are John Masters Organics Citrus Neroli D

This little piggy.....

3 new SpaRitual colors for your summer tootsies: Carpe Diem Quiet Storm

Get some zzzzzzzz's

The new Cris Notti silk sleep masks just rolled in. They're lovely and you have never looked prettier/handsomer.......while sleeping.

At Lash

A few weeks ago I blogged about Metics RenewLash and RenewBrow . (now called LiLash and LiBrow. Links will go to new product) Nothing has changed, this stuff is fantastic - I've seen the results. Though I am personally not using it (sorry, I think my lashes are just swell) my gorgeous side-kick Meeg is using it. More on this in a future post. Anyhoo, I came across some info in the June edition of American Spa Magazine that I wanted to share. At Lash by Nicole Palmieri If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyelashes are the curtains that enhance their beauty and give them depth. Eyelash products have come a long way since 4,000 B.C., when Egyptians relied on kohl, a powdery mix of soot and metal, to define eyes, lashes, and brows. Through the years, innovative eyelash products have been introduced to the market, but today, eyelash conditioners, which are formulated to nurture lashes and leave them with a fuller, thicker, and healthier appearance, are all the ra

Phytoceane Hydracea Skincare

HYDRACÉA for Dehydrated and Dry Skin Balance in hydration is vital for the health and luminosity of the skin. 80% of all skin conditions are caused by dehydration. Phytocéane of France, offers a wide range of products designed to eliminate any level of dehydration and dryness. Hydration is the heart of Phytocéane and restoring hydration to all skin types is the goal of the Hydracéa collection. • JANIA RUBENS : maintains the structure of the skin barrier, stimulates natural moisture retaining mechanisms, mineralizes , rebalances the epidermal structure, deeply and lastingly moisturizes. Phytocéane research has discovered that Jania Rubens undergoes a special process known as calcification . This process allows the Jania Rubens to form a protective shell in which it will concentrate minerals and trace elements from seawater, including calcium, which is needed to maintain healthy desmosomes (protein bonds). Researchers have used the mineral-rich properties of this protective she

Shea is Best

We all know that hydration is crucial and that drinking plenty of water optimizes the functions of the body. What some people forget is that the body needs not only to be hydrated from the inside but also from the outside. With the summer sun sapping moisture from our skin, ' tis the perfect season to introduce ultra- moisturizing shea butter . Only found throughout the tropics of Africa in close to 19 countries, shea butter derives from the nuts of the shea , also known as karite , trees. It takes about 15 to 30 years for these trees to bear high-quality fruit that is later crushed and boiled to obtain a yellowish-colored fatty extract. According to the American Shea Butter Institute, this product, which is rich in vitamins A, E, and F, is a superior moisturizer that contains remarkable healing properties for a variety of skin ailments, including eczema, psoriasis, and acne. It is also used to fortify and protect cell membranes, fade scars, minimize the appearance of stretch

French Organic Skincare

I recently sat in on an Equavie organic skincare seminar. I've included the most important information for you. Also, new products from Equavie will be here soon! Equavie products are certified by Ecocert ® Packaging is entirely recyclable or reusable and their boxes are made of paper from certified sustainably managed forests. The Equavie / Phytomer production site respects the environment with its filtering gardens, a landscaped space that treats wastewater mainly with plants. They do not test their products on animals. Currently in the United States, there are no specific regulations on Organic cosmetic products. There are, however, strict regulations governing Organic cosmetics in Europe, specifically in France where Equavie is manufactured and certified. CLEASING MILK - Effective cleansing and a delicate texture. This Cleansing Milk fully dissolves makeup from the face and eyes. It has a fine, soft texture and efficiently removes impurities without drying skin. Orga

I'm Experimenting Again

All of this "no shampooing" (is it a hair revolution or a philosophy?) for my hair has got me thinking. Again. If all of that soap is bad for our hair (it is), and my wavy locks and a million other curly girls are proving that fact, then is all of that soap bad for our skin as well? I'm not talking about our face skin, we already know that soap on our faces is a no-no. I'm talking body skin. I was in the shower contemplating that a couple of days ago. What if I don't use soap on my body brush , but instead use my hair conditioner (this is my current flavor of the month)? I've been washing my hair with conditioner for weeks and my hair loves it. Do my arms, legs, back, etc., need all of that soap? - Of course our "bits and pieces" need it, but does the rest of our body need it? I am no longer convinced. I have had 3 showers of not using soap and my skin LOVES it! - I don't need nearly the body lotion afterward either. I'm also not co

Frizz Fighting for Curls

I know that I have posted a lot about curly/wavy hair lately. But being a hairdresser, I know that this is the one type of hair that has been the most abused - Either by hairdressers who don't know how to cut it, or by chemicals and products to tame/straighten it. This site has some great tips. They suggest a few must-have products and listed below are the products I love best. Styling Wax Curling Iron Hairspray

Curl Solutions

I found a few more curly girl hair tips for all of you curly girls to try. Don't forget the Kinky-Curly products!

8 oz Curling Custard

Still on the fence about trying Kinky-Curly Curling Custard ? Well, it's time to get off. A new 8 oz size is on its way and will be here shortly. This is the perfect size to give Kinky-Curly a try. You'll like it, we promise! You no likey, you bring it back. You've got nothing to lose. Hey, it didn't get chosen as the HOTTEST haircare product of 2008 in Essence magazine for nothin'.