Sunday, October 27, 2013

XMF Serum

Phytomer XMF Radiance Retexturing Serum
New skin texture in just 2 weeks*

PIONNIÈRE XMF Radiance Retexturing Serum

PHYTOMER revolutionizes the cosmetic approach to anti-aging with XMF - EXTRA MARINE FILLER - an advanced, biotechnological ingredient that creates an invisible film on the skin’s surface to instantly smooth and visibly correct signs of aging.*

Learn more from this video.

• Skin is smoother
• Skin is hydrated
• Pores are tightened
• Complexion is illuminated
• Skin texture is refined

*Satisfaction test on 23 volunteers after twice-daily use for 1 month.

Marine Biotechnology for immediate, visible and proven results.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

JMO Spearmint Shampoo & Purifying Serum

John Masters Organics Spearmint and Meadowsweet Scalp Stimulating Shampoo
Two new products from John Masters Organics.

JMO Scalp System for Optimal Hair Growth - Recommended for people experiencing hair and scalp issues.

Spearmint & Meadowsweet Scalp Stimulating Shampoo:
A scalp stimulating shampoo to revive hair follicles, control sebum production and build volume.

Improves concerns such as oily or dry scalp, clogged hair follicles, excess sebum production, fine or thinning hair and lack of volume.

key ingredients
• spearmint & peppermint – stimulate scalp for optimal hair growth
• meadowsweet  extract (spiraea ulmaria)  – natural astringent; prevents hair loss
• eucalyptus oil – removes bacteria; anti-inflammatory
• zinc – reduces irritation and protects the scalp
• soy protein – strengthens hair follicle
• guar gum – natural thickening agent; builds volume; locks in moisture and increases shine

• great for normalizing scalp
• unclogs pores and reduces excess sebum production

• wet hair, massage into scalp and leave on for 1-2 minutes, rinse
• for fine hair, follow with Citrus & Neroli Detangler or Rosemary & Peppermint Detangler
• for curly hair, follow with Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner 
• for overly dry or damaged hair follow with Honey & Hibiscus Hair Reconstructor

• clean and refreshed scalp
• better blood circulation in the scalp
• stronger, fuller and more manageable hair

John Masters Organics Deep Scalp Purifying SerumDeep Scalp Purifying Serum

A serum for skin texture, to cleanse and “treat”.
Softens scalps that have grown harder through aging and improves the scalp to make it youthful and vibrant. Also improves the way the hair feels to the touch. 
key ingredients 
• spearmint & peppermint – stimulates scalp for optimal hair growth 
• wintergreen – antibacterial; helps soothe headaches 
• meadowsweet  extract (spiraea ulmaria)  – natural astringent; prevents hair loss 
• vitamin B complex – helps retain moisture; prevents flakiness; slows hair loss 
• alleviates scalp irritation 
• brings scalp back to its natural pH 
• prevents hair loss 
• stimulates hair growth 
• apply 2-4 drops (more if needed) to scalp, massage evenly into scalp and leave in 
• a clean and refreshed scalp 
• better blood circulation in the scalp 
• stronger, fuller and more manageable hair

This system is beneficial for anyone having hair and scalp issues, whether it be limp, unmanageable hair, hair loss, damaged hair, itchy, flaky scalp or dandruff.

Preventive Care So You Can Look Terrific At Any Age

Scalp problems can arise for a variety of reasons, from seasonal changes to pregnancy to the natural decline that comes with age.

•  Men and women in their 30s and 40s whose hair has lost fullness and body
•  Men and women in their 30s and 40s who want to start the prevention of thinning hair
•  People who are concerned with dry or oily scalp
•  People who are looking for scalp care products that are highly effective and organic
•  People who are concerned with thinning hair
•  Women looking for a way to deal with post-pregnancy hair loss
•  Prevention of hair loss at the end of summer, sun-related scalp damage, drying, hardening

Friday, October 25, 2013

Phytoceane Gift with Purchase

Phytoceane Gift with Purchase
DOUBLE YOUR DELIGHT THIS HOLIDAY SEASON with this Phytoceane Gift with Purchase.

Beginning November 1st.

For every $100 in Phytocéane products your purchase, receive 2 travel size products (various travel sizes that we will select) as our gift to you.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

12 reasons why you absolutely can't miss Maiden MN 2013

Maiden Minnesota 2013 - A Good Reason to Shop
Actually, there are 14 reasons not to miss Maiden Minnesota.

#13 -- We're sharing our booth with The Elixery and they have a couple of brand new colors - so stop by our booth for a complimentary lipstick application by Michelle, our make-up artist!

#14 -- 3waybeauty is launching a new product!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

1026: A Grand Shoppe

1026: A Grand Shoppe
1026: A Grand Shoppe is a one day shopping event.

An array of designers under one roof, piled into a cute house and let loose!

Designers: 3waybeauty,  Christopher Straub, Cocoon, Irely, Juli Swenson Beauty, Kuhl Studio, L'Avenir, LolaMade, MAI, Nelli Designs, Post-, Red Shoes 26, Tessa + Tricia, and Elixery.

Come share an afternoon with us and explore this diverse collection of locally crafted goods, between 10am and 4pm on the 3rd of November.

1026 Grand Avenue in St. Paul. See ya there!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Renew & Revive

with Aquasaphir Jewel of the Sea - AQUASAPHIR Perfecting Youth Serum

This new, advanced serum offers a complete renewing effect and helps correct the skin's texture.

• Smooths skin
• Evens out texture
• Softens wrinkles
• Tightens pores
• Lightens complexion

AQUASAPHIR EXTRACT: anti-aging, antioxidant, limits the skin's stress levels which play a role in its aging.
MALACHITE EXTRACT: this precious stone is an antioxidant, acting as a shield against free radicals.
OLIVE EXTRACT: complete anti-aging action, works to reduce built-up free radicals, helps densify the dermis and epidermis.
PHYLLOSPADIX EXTRACT (sea depth plant): inhibits the synthesis of melanin, protects against oxidant stress from UVA and UVB rays.

Directions for use:
Apply a few drops to entire face and neck, morning and evening, before your usual skincare cream.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Free Shipping 2013

The date has been set! December 18th.

Enter: FREESHIP in the coupon section at checkout when shopping at either StormSister Spatique or 3waybeauty.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Shop Small Holiday Market

Shop Small Holiday Market
Shop small and gift locally this holiday season!

More than 18 local small businesses feature their locally-made gourmet foods, custom art & prints, health & beauty products, jewelry, and hand-crafted furniture in one convenient location in the STARR Design Award winning St. Anthony Shopping Center.

Lots of parking, gift wrapping & gift baskets available, Chef Shack food truck will be on site, so come hungry!
One day only!
Shop Small Holiday Market at St. Anthony Village Shops
When: Small Business Saturday, November 30th, 2013
Time: 10am – 3pm
Where: St. Anthony Village Shops
2922 Pentagon Drive
St. Anthony, MN 55418


Shop with and support these small businesses at the Shop Small Holiday Market:

  • 3WayBeauty (St. Paul, MN) – essential oil blends, grooming bars, dog grooming bars
  • Anna Balego Designs (Brooklyn Park, MN) – Swarovski crystal & pearl handcrafted jewelry and accessories. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, shawls, headpieces
  • Barnstormer Granola (Mpls, MN) – gluten-free gourmet granola blends
  • Chef’s Secret (Eden Prairie, MN) – sweetened and unsweetened, all natural chai blends
  • City Slickers BBQ (Plymouth, MN) – BBQ sauces and seasonings
  • Craftmade Toffee (Lakeville, MN) – six gourmet varieties of artisan toffee
  • Domata Gluten Free (Edina, MN) – gluten free baking mixes
  • Gramps & Sammy’s Pesto (Lakeville, MN) – fresh classic pesto with a Midwestern twist
  • l.c. finn’s Extracts (St. Anthony, MN) – hand-crafted extracts for baking and cooking
  • Local Food Poster Show – custom designed, screen printed or letter pressed posters
  • Lucille’s Kitchen Garden (St. Paul, MN) – hand-crafted wine jellies and pepper jams
  • Lucky Shot Photo Art (Appleton, MN) – Minnesota’s scenic landscapes presented on large canvas
  • Malone’s Simple Syrups (Mpls, MN) – all-natural, gourmet simple syrups for homemade sodas and cocktails
  • Minnesota Nice Spice (Mpls, MN) – organic hand-crafted season blends, single and gift box sets
  • Minnesota Specialty Foods (St. Louis Park, MN) – Judo Joel’s Asian-infused Jamaican sauces and marinades
  • Neicie’s Gift Wrapping (Mantorville, MN) – Neicie simple & elegant gift bags will make your holiday purchases even more memorable
  • Philia Foods (Mpls, MN) – spicy and savory spreadable feta cheese
  • Square Furniture (Mpls, MN) – locally designed and crafted credenza’s, side tables, chairs, stools, cutting boards, block boards
    cheese plates, shelves, night tables, coat racks.
  • Thomasina’s Cashew Brittle (Mpls, MN) – Cashew Brittle, Apple Brittle, Chocolate/Rum Cake, and delightful desserts
  • Winter Goddess Foods (Mpls, MN) – organic cake gems, organic caramels, organic cocoa and chai mix

  • About Small Business Saturday

    Top 3 reasons to Shop Small®:

    1) Quality advice from passionate business owners.
    We are passionate about what we do. This is what we know best, and with our expertise, we can help you make an informed purchase decision.

    2) We’re helping our community grow.
    What you spend with us will ultimately go back to supporting our community. According to the O ce of Advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses drive the U.S. economy by providing jobs for over half of the nation’s private workforce.

    3) Our customers are important to us.
    With your support, we’re able to continue doing what we love while giving you the customer service you deserve.

    Learn more about Small Business Saturday by clicking here.

    Friday, October 18, 2013

    2013 Best Of The Cities

    The editorial staff of Minnesota Monthly has chosen our shhh. 3waybeauty bar for their annual “Best of the Cities” issue. 

    Page 70.

    We are so honored!


    Thursday, October 17, 2013

    Maiden Minnesota 2013


    A shopping event to benefit The Makers Coalition --

    A celebration of Minnesota-based, women-owned companies. The one-of-a-kind, boutique-like shopping event will feature fashion, beauty products, jewelry, accessories, home décor, specialty food items and more made by leading women-owned businesses, as well as help support and raise awareness for The Makers Coalition, a local, non-profit movement to restore and build the industrial sewing heritage of America while training and employing a proud, creative and skilled workforce for today and future generations.

    More than 35 companies (The Maidens) will sell their goods and offer exclusive sales, as well as donate product towards a silent auction to benefit The Makers Coalition.

    In its seventh year, the event was founded in 2007 by Tracy Dyer of Urban Junket and Jen Stack of Relish Minds PR to raise awareness locally and nationally for the fascinating women-owned companies that have helped make the Twin Cities a hotbed of creativity and great design.

    The Graves 601 Hotel
    601 First Ave. North,
Minneapolis, MN 55403

    More information available at

    Wednesday, October 16, 2013

    A Wash

    dry shampoo
    via American Spa Magazine by Heather Mikesell

    Discover why dry shampoo is here to stay.

    There was a time when conventional wisdom stated that to get healthy and shiny hair you needed to wash and condition it daily. And shampooing just once wasn’t always enough. Anyone else remember the directions on most shampoo bottles that recommended lathering up twice? Needless to say, that thinking is being challenged as more people find that washing less frequently has its advantages, mainly healthier hair. Unfortunately, not everyone can go days without washing, at least not without looking a bit worse for wear. However, times are changing. The old “I have to wash my hair” excuse no longer holds water (or requires it, for that matter) as a result of the growing popularity of dry shampoo.

    Many haircare professionals attribute the rise in popularity to a shift in the way most consumers think about clean hair. “In the past, clients felt compelled to wash almost too frequently,” says Bumble and bumble stylist Allen Wood. “Nowadays, they are more aware of the benefits of the scalp’s natural oils to keep the hair conditioned, and they understand that over-washing strips these natural oils, which leads to dryness, fragility, and breakage.” And if that wasn’t reason enough, the fact that shampooing frequently can also fade color-treated hair is another.

    According to Sonya Raubeson, national education manager for Keratin Complex, washing daily may also lead to overactive sebaceous glands, which can make strands appear greasy. “Utilizing a dry shampoo offers the ability to restyle and to add volume or texture to limp, lifeless hair while also neutralizing and deodorizing the hair and scalp,” says Raubeson. “These convenient little advantages pack a huge punch, from prolonging the time between traditional shampoos to extending the life of a style to revamping daytime hair into nighttime glam.”

    Speaking of glam, it’s no secret that blow-dry bars are booming these days. They, too, support the growing dry shampoo trend. “Of course, consumers who invest time and money into blowouts—whether do-it-yourself or at a spa or salon—have driven demand for a haircare product that will extend the life of their style while also refreshing hair,” says  Jacqueline Flam Stokes, vice president, retail sales and marketing for Eau Thermale Avène and KLORANE. “With more and more blowout bars opening, blow-drying as key to styling hair is clearly here to stay.” And few consumers are keen to pay upwards of $40 for a blowout that won’t last more than a day or so. Thanks to today’s new dry shampoos, it’s now possible to extend the life of a blowout for several days. In fact, many blow-dry bars even offer their own products.

    Dry shampoo can also be used to achieve a wider variety of looks. Raubeson notes that a bit of dry shampoo at the base of the hair can deliver long-lasting texture and support for updos. “Dry shampoo offers the best of both worlds,” she says. “It leaves the natural oils that nourish the hair and scalp, but it takes away the unwanted greasy look and feel.”

    Although the concept of dry shampoo is certainly not new, it has come a long way in recent years. “Dry shampoo has been around for some time but is now available in many forms: clear, tinted, foam, powder, and spray,” says Anna De La Cruz, product manager of gloProfessional, which offers gloessentials Re-Energize Dry Shampoo. For clients with color-treated hair, Wood suggests a pigmented dry shampoo that can be used to camouflage roots or grey hair. In the debate over aerosol versus powder application, it really comes down to preference. According to Wood, a powder application is lighter and leaves less residue. However, an aerosol can be easier to apply.

    Tuesday, October 15, 2013

    Knightsbridge Boutique

    We're a vendor at this wonderful shopping event. We'll have a StormSister Spatique special that you'll only see at this shopping experience so stop by!Benilde-St. Margaret's Knightsbridge Boutique Event.

    Sunday, October 6, 2013

    Join In

    Join - Join InWant to hear all of the latest and greatest on StormSister Spatique and 3waybeauty? All ya have to do is Join In!