Monday, May 31, 2010

Age Shield

A new moisturizer by Phytoceane - Age Shield Total Renewing Cream

SKIN IS: 1st WEEK* 1st MONTH**
More supple 90% 91%
More moisturized 85% 93%
More firm 76% 85%
More smooth 75% 90%

* Application twice a day during 7 days on 217 volunteers, from ages 60-75.
**Application twice a day during 4 weeks on 62 volunteers, from ages 60-75.

AGE SHIELD Total Renewing care redefines aging for those approaching 50 or those concerned with or who are experiencing premature, advanced signs of aging. It smooths the features, making skin appear more firm and toned, while simultaneously moisturizing and comforting the epidermis.

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New Vie

A new cream by Vie Collection - High Perfection Wrinkle Cream.


When the surface stem cells age and lose their ability to divide, the number of epidermal cells decreases.
This diminishing number of cells creates local shallow areas that continue to deepen and eventually become wrinkles.
The SC SYSTEM precisely targets each wrinkle to protect and revitalize stem cells at their source. It boosts their division by +157%, and thus stimulates the creation of new cells.


As they divide, deep stem cells differentiate and become fibroblasts, responsible for collagen synthesis.
When stem cells age and lose their ability to divide, collagen synthesis decreases. The skin’s support tissue weakens and wrinkles are accentuated.
The SC SYSTEM protects and revives deep stem cells to allow them to regain a state of cellular vitality similar to that of young skin.



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crave Book

Tonight is the big Crave book launch party. Yahoo!

Books will be available for purchase in our storefront beginning tomorrow morning at 10 AM.
We have a very limited supply, so don't miss out!

Crave celebrates women owned businesses around the Twin Cities.
Peek inside.

Today is the last day where you may pre-order your copy and receive a gift certificate for 25% off your next visit.
They will continue to be sold online until we run out of copies.
If you have pre-ordered a copy, it will ship on Wed.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bexico Blinks

Not really a beauty blog post today. Just some shits and giggles.

I have been so blessed and fortunate to receive more than my fair share of press. The journalists in this town have been so good to me and for that I am so very grateful.

That being said, I must admit that being written into an episode of my friend Farrah F.'s (not her real name) blog, Funnel Cakes, was a bit more fun and really tickled my fancy!

Farrah F. (aka, "Summer") always calls me "Bexico". - For my many stints south of the border.

Summer and Cheyenne are superheros of sorts and my recent adventure in NYC inspired this episode. Enjoy.

I apologize for the missing faces on the Funnel Cakes poster. Farrah F. insists they remain anonymous.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wrinkle Action

Equavie, my organic brand from France, has come out with a target cream, Wrinkle Action Cream.

This rich cream offers the ideal combination of proven anti-wrinkle effectiveness and an ultra-comfortable texture for perfectly radiant skin.

With its luscious texture, this formulation offers all the benefits of a harvest of fresh fruit to meet the needs of skin aging. Its formula is enriched with sea buckthorn juice, macadamia oil, and shea
to envelop the skin with a soft, comfortable feeling and concentrated apple extract which helps to smooth over lines and wrinkles day after day, for visibly younger facial features.

Equavie is certified organic by Ecocert and Cosmetique Bio.

Friday, May 21, 2010 spread

As featured in twin cities guide.
Our upcoming spread plus one typo (Really!? It was fact checked, too.)

That being said, StormSister is grateful to be included with 84 other carefully selected locally owned biz's.

Available June 1st. You may also pre-order at the above link.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beauty Bets' Citrus Moment

My girl Elizabeth Dehn, over at Beauty Bets, recently posted a Friday Freebie contest that StormSister Spatique sponsored.

While we were talking beauty shop, I also wanted her two cents on the following John Masters Organics products:

Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash - loves.
Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Milk - loves and was featured in her blog post.
Citrus Neroli Detangler - loves.
Lavender Rosemary Shampoo - not so much.

Elizabeth does not have chemically addicted hair (I know! I didn't think those women existed either. Go figure.). That being said, I thought she may really like the JMO shampoo since her hair is fine and I feel that what the shampoo lacks in suds, the astringent properties of the essential oils would really plump up her fine hair tresses.
Elizabeth combined it with the Citrus Neroli Detangler and desided her hair was a little fly-away. (So, maybe it was a little too astringent?) She thought that maybe if it were paired with a heavier conditioner, she may like it better.
Elizabeth and I have spoken extensively about the sulfate-free shampoo movement and she admits to having some difficulty with how her hair feels and behaves when she uses them. But, she is determined to keep at it.

This is very new technology, manufacturing healthier haircare/beauty care products, and it is in a constant state of change.

I have blogged about this subject a lot and have long since gotten over the no-suds issue.
The toxic ingredients that make up the "sudsing", simply are not worth the probable health concerns.

Ahhh, ignorance was such bliss....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They're COOL

Another product to make its debut at the Sex In The City Pre-Premier Party last night was the Coola Hand Lotion Bar.

These round discs, stored in their own tin, fit easily into your handbag/clutch.
Made of exotic plant butters, it will instantly soften and hydrate even the driest hands. Simply rub between your hands and your body warmth will "melt" the perfect amount onto your hands.

TSA size approved.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin F
  • Avocado Oil
  • Jojoba Extract
  • Beeswax Base
  • Shea Butter
  • Almond Oil
  • Essential oils provide the fragrance

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nice Badger!

Introducing Badger's new Lip Tint & Shimmers.

For all of you looking for a healthy alternative to lipstick, these 4 beautiful shades were designed just for you.

I have to admit they they have more tint than I thought they would have and there is a bit of "tingle" included and I can't figure out what causes that. Buckthorn, maybe?

The History of Badger

Badger is a family run, family friendly business located on the banks of the Ashuelot River in rural Gilsum, New Hampshire, USA. Bill, Katie and daughters Mia, Emily and Rebecca started the business back in 1995, in the kitchen of their home.
Bill Whyte was a carpenter by trade and an herbalist by avocation. He could never find a product to heal his rough, dry, cracked hands—the result of daily hard work in the tough New Hampshire winters. Bill whipped up a batch of the original Healing Balm in his kitchen using Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera and Essential Oil of Sweet Birch—a traditional New England herbal remedy.
The result was astounding: a simple, all-natural, soothing and healing balm that really worked! And a company was born.
A team of about 40 friendly badgers formulates, manufactures, and ships almost all of the products from our facility, known as The Badger Mines. Badger works hard to create a healthy business with ethical and charitable principles. Call and ask any employee. You’ll hear about our free organic lunches, green initiatives in every department and our charitable giving practices—not to mention our lunchtime full-contact badminton games!

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Bits of Joy

I believe StormSister Spatique tastes like PEZ.
And other folks are making that connection too, and that makes me so very happy!

A quote taken from the StormSister Spatique Facebook fan page:

"Every time I come home with a StormSister bag, my boyfriend requests the PEZ...they are little bits of joy!" - Stacy D.

Isn't beauty fun?

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Cedar Soap Dish
What does woodworking have to do with "beauty", you ask?

Well, if you're going to spend your hard earned money on a beautiful, quality bar of soap, you simply mustn't put that gloriously creamy bar in that ceramic dish in your bath or shower.- It will melt into soap soup and that is expensive and gross.

Wooden soap dishes pull the moisture from the bar into the wood, thus drying out the soap and keep it hard so that you get more shower/bath use out of it.

A woodworker from Washington makes them for us. And here they are for you.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Crave Crush Beauty

I just received my Crave Crush and had to re-post some great beauty tips that were featured. I don't endorse all (I just cannot get my brain around eyelash curlers. No gadgets around delicate eye tissue!)

Thanks, Karina!

StormSister Faves:

For between shampoos: degrease oily hair with witch hazel. Apply to your roots with a cotton ball.

When hair starts looking dull from too many products, use translucent face powder on the roots and brush through to give hair a subtle shine.

To lighten age spots and sun-damaged skin, mix the juice of 1 lemon, 1 lime, 2 tablespoons of honey, and 2 ounces of plain yogurt. Gently massage into each spot weekly for noticeable results.

For a great body exfoliant, scrub with dried coffee grounds. The caffeine in coffee also helps to stimulate the growth of new skin cells. (StormSister interjects. The caffeine also encourages the elimination of excess fluid.)

Keep cucumbers for your salads and use raw potato slices to remove dark under-eye circles. For lips that pop, dab a little bit of red or orange color in the center to make them appear fuller.

When applying blush or bronzer, you should first know where to apply your glow. Bend over for 30 seconds, then slowly stand up. Where your cheeks are flushed is where you are meant to blush. Apply your blush there for a naturally rosy look. (Brilliant!)

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Hair & Hose

“Local Salon Owner Connects Minnesota to Florida Gulf Oil Crisis”

(VENICE, FL.) -- As oil slick spreads in the Gulf of Mexico, communities worldwide have started showing support for one organization that is all ready to clean up the Gulf Coast with a free, low-tech solution: Boom made of recycled hosiery and hair clippings.

Matter of Trust, an environmental non-profit, has helped clean up oil spills in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond since 1998 by reusing donated hair clippings from hair salons, barber shops, pet groomers, and wool farmers. Stuffing this donated hair into donated nylon stockings, this organization creates highly absorbent booms to contain oil spills.

Matter of Trust is currently coordinating efforts of thousands of participants to match nylon and hair donations to space in temporary warehousing along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico. Volunteers are building booms on site hoping to hold off the encroaching oil slick. Through its donor database matching system program called Excess Access, Matter of Trust is notifying salons and groomers... of where exactly to send their boxes to high-priority sites.

The organization is already receiving donations from all 50 states and several other countries.
Donations include hundreds of thousands of pounds of hair, and many washed nylon pantyhose stockings, which they'll accept even with small runs or tears.

Gulf Coast cities are heralding volunteers that are hosting "Bar B Q parties," or "Boom B Q's as they're calling them, to assemble booms in their own backyards. Lorri Weisen, owner of Hairs to You Salon & Boutique in Roseville has a home by the Florida Gulf and flew down on Tuesday to be part of the clean up effort. “I’m in Wave-1 and my garage is being used for hair storage. The hair is being shipped from all over the country. Matter of Trust has warehouses and storage spaces strategically placed from New Orleans to Sanibel Island, so if, and when, the oil gets to shore, we’ll be ready for it”. Weisen has her salon accepting hair and pantyhose donations and is trying to get the word out to other salons via her blog, facebook and twitter accounts.

Hair soaks up oil like a sponge, leaving water behind and currently over 300,000 salons nation wide are shipping hair and contributing to the clean up. Weisen says she’s proud to be a member of the most amazing recycling program on the planet.

Sunday, May 9, 2010 twin cities

Guess who's featured in the upcoming twin cities guide? Yuppers, StormSister Spatique.

I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to Anna Blessing (info below) for finding StormSister Spatique.
She first came in about 8 months ago on a weekend when my trusty side-kick Meeg was working, and asked to take photos of the store.
Meeg gave me a call and explained what was going on. I promptly told Meeg to get her info and that she could not take pictures that day, that I would contact her after the weekend.
After doing a bit of research over the weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that StormSister Spatique was being considered for this eclectic publication.

Preorder your book today. Available in our storefront June 1st.

Some info on the guides:

Not to get all gushy, but here at the guides, we have loving feelings for one-of-a-kind, worth going out of the way to visit, independently owned local businesses. though it’s a uniquely american sentiment to think bigger is better, we believe smaller is special—and we’ve dedicated an entire series of city guides to this premise.

the guides focus on cities both big and obvious (nyc and paris) and small and not-so-obvious (kansas city and portland). you could say we’re an equal opportunity publisher with 24 cities in our back pocket and counting.

because we believe that a guide needs to come along with you–and not languish on your coffee table looking all pretty and pristine–an guide fits perfectly into a handbag, a glove compartment box or your empty hand. and instead of having it indiscriminately feature everything but your kitchen sink, we put our colored glasses on and carefully choose 85 or so unique, authentic, scrumdilicious local businesses that range from eye popping and brand spankin’ new to deeply patinaed and way off the beaten path, funky and unexpected to chic and shiny.

the first guide was published in portland, oregon in late 2003. kaie wellman the creator of the series, was at the time an art director / graphic designer with a bad attitude. to abolish the attitude, she thought about what career change might make her happy, so she took a solo road trip to san francisco to visit the gift fair for inspiration. after spending 30 minutes at the fair, she was not inspired. so with two days left in town, and looking for a new career path, she hit the streets—not to take up the oldest profession, but to explore the city neighborhood by neighborhood.

while peering in, poking around, sniffing the air and devouring the delicious—it occurred to her that the bad attitude and the mantle of grumpiness had disappeared and in its place was some serious happiness, all because of a little local eating and shopping therapy. a series was born.

by late 2004 there were guides for three cities: portland, seattle and los angeles all researched, written and photographed by delusional multi-tasker kaie. by 2005 reality set in and kaie realized that helping hands were needed, and the gang was born. anna h. blessing fresh out of medill school of journalism with a “can do” attitude that is quite often found in the under 30 sect, signed on to author the chicago book (and Twin Cities). jon hart a closet cello player and owner of the world famous, jon’s awesome business (nobody knows what he does really), insisted that he author the paris book and jan faust dane, wordsmith and unknown to her before she began authoring these guides, spectacular photographer of food, authored the first state guide: rhode island because it really is the size of a large city.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

You and Your Dog

My friend Lorri, CEO and Founder of Greenbody Greenplanet, is in Florida volunteering with the oil spill clean-up effort.

Here is how you and your hairdresser/dog groomer can help.

Yup, it's that easy. Please do it. All that hair is just going to go in the trash if you don't.

Thank you.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Your Mom is Craving this Mother's Day

This is the first edition of Crave Minneapolis/Saint Paul Guide here in the Twin Cities. It's all about women-owned businesses right here in town.

Many thanks to Twin Cities Live for recommending it for this Mother's Day.
Pre-order today or before May 26th, and receive an extra goody from StormSister Spatique!

And, as an added bonus, it features Yours-Truly.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Satin Pillowcases

A little feedback from someone in love.

Lovely satin pillow cases. I love the satin pillow cases! I received teal, gold and white...what other colors are available?

Debbie - OR

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Natural Estrogenic?

A few weeks ago, I had a client return an item because it contained essential oil of Lavender. She told me her child's pediatrician said not to use any products containing lavender on her baby.
This was a completely new controversy to me as I had never heard of such a study.
Of course, I accepted the return and then began some research of my own about lavender being an estrogenic.

Lavender is considered by many as the Mother herb and it is in many natural and organic baby products because it is such a wonderful calming and soothing aromatic.
I still have my doubts as to the purity of the essential oils, compounds, extracts they use for these limited studies.
I also wonder if they are pure/organic/wildcrafted essential oils or if their tests could have taken place with lavender perfume oils. Most perfume/fragrance oils that are made here in the U.S. contain Phthalates.

I also wonder about the pesticides and herbicides sprayed onto the lavender as most lavender essential oils are NOT organic.

I want to know if the children in this study, that have supposedly grown breasts, were on organic diets AND not drinking from any plastic bottles/cups as there are countless studies stating that many chemicals in plastics also mimic estrogen.

This reminds me of the study that stated that American men were eating/drinking too much soy and were growing breasts.
How many men who are native to Asian culture are walking the earth with "moobs"? Yet, they eat soy all of the time.

Because of the hold the chemical companies have on this nation, our studies are not going to be completely accurate until we begin using only organic products during them.

I'm certainly not suggesting this pediatrician is wrong or that this mother is overreacting. Not at all. I raised two children on mostly organic, never sprayed my lawn with chemicals, didn't allow them to use fluoride toothpaste, or antiperspirants, etc., etc.
I am simply stating that recent studies are suggesting that 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer in her lifetime and I believe that there are so many other factors at play here than the estrogenic components of organic lavender essential oil.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Best Mom!

If ordering online, add Serum and Restoration Creme to your shopping cart and the Herbal Scrub will automatically be added to your order.
This offer expires May 9th.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Amex Story

Here is the lowdown on my experience with the Amex video shoot.

A little drama with my flight leaving MSP late and then of course, a medical emergency on the plane (not me, another passenger).
Mad dash to the hotel and then to lower Manhattan to the Amex tower.
I wasn't given much time to arrive and get downtown, but, the film crew was running late as well so it all worked out.

Nine pounds of makeup later, gross, I was ready to roll. (I had forgotten how much makeup is used for any kind of camera work.)
Don't get me wrong, loved the woman who did my makeup (sorry, I am terrible with names and don't remember hers). She was lovely and my makeup looked great, just not accustomed to so much spackle. - When I get nervous, or drink, I get "blotchy". And, since I wasn't drinking.......yet...I was lots of makeup.

Filming went on for about an hour and seemed to go well. They expressed to me that they were very happy with the Amex experiences, from a retailers' perspective, that I was able to give them.
They seemed to be most focused around the above window decal and why I find it so appealing.

Amex seems to be vamping up their Merchant Services division and will soon be implementing videos, to show prospective businesses owners, as to why they should accept American Express.
Many small businesses (and some large) don't accept the card and Amex is really trying to change that. So, they really wanted to hear from the small business owner why we accept it and what are the benefits.
It's a pretty cool concept and one that has been missing from Amex's business model thus far - at least in this capacity.
They also showed me the prototype and how the videos will be implemented on the site. Pretty cool stuff.

I did ask them how they originally found me and they said they had heard about an interview I did with Google, in regard to Google business listings.
Anyhoo, they dug deeper, realized I accepted Amex and then set up the initial interview.

So, that is that.

My STYLEDLIFE necklace was a huge hit! So, thanks to KQ for tending to my "look" while in NY and to Tim Creagan for helping me shop!

On a side note, since I was at ground zero, I had to stop by and see the goings-on there.
I had been in the World Trade Center about 3 months before 9/11 and then very shortly afterward, while the pile was still smoldering.
Going there on Friday was still very emotional. There is now a skyway type walkway that has been constructed to view what is now new construction.
Some construction is now taking place at street level, but most is still underground.

It has been 9 years and it is still haunting what happened there and I am not a New Yorker. I still cannot fathom how the events of 9/11 affected the people of that city. But, a girl from Minnesota who had been in the towers shortly before and then in early November witnessed a monstrous smoldering pile, had been brought to tears that day.
It was interesting to listen to the many various accents of those viewing an area where once stood two shining black towers.
What happened there truly affected the world.

Saturday, May 1, 2010