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Minneapolis Inner Life

There is a new magazine in town and they were gracious enough to cover the recent shhh. shampoo | shower | shave launch party at STYLEDLIFE . Introducing, Minneapolis Inner Life . The super-cool new kids on the block. Thanks for the great story and photos, MIL. Check 'em out.

1 in 5 Sunscreens Make the Cut

via The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Have you ever wondered about the claims on the bottle of sunscreen in your medicine cabinet or beach bag? Just in time for beach season, Environmental Working Group (one of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics' founding organizations) has released its 2011 Sunscreen Guide . Of the more than 600 beach and sports sunscreens analyzed, EWG can only recommend one in five. Why? For starters, the sunscreen industry continues to use misleading, sky-high SPF ratings that may protect against UVB rays that cause sunburn but leave skin at risk for UVA damage. Plus, many companies are still using retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A that might actually speed the development of skin tumors on sun-exposed skin, as well as hormone disruptors and nanoparticles (a particular concern for spray and powder products), both of which present other potential health threats. Fortunately, there are companies making effective and safe sunscreens. Find safe options, s

Beauty and the Hazardous Waste Facility

Just when I think the beauty biz couldn't get any uglier, I receive info about whitening facial creams containing mercury.  Yup, mercury. Remember a few years ago when it was all about l ead in lipstick ? How many years later and now it's mercury in facial creams? Save us. Washington County is asking that residents keep skin care products found to contain mercury out of their trash cans and instead take them to a hazardous waste facility, according to a Washington County press release. The request comes after the Minnesota Department of Health advised the public to stop using 11 skin lightening products found to contain the chemical. The skin creams ( shown here ) contain mercury at levels ranging from 135 to 33,000 parts per million (ppm), according to the press release. Under federal law these products can contain no more than trace amounts of mercury, "and only if it is impossible to avoid adding it during the manufacturing process," according t


I don't know about you, but I have purchased several beauty products over the years (lipstick, shampoo, hand cream) and absolutely loved the smell of that particular product so much that I wished the manufacturer had bottled the fragrance. The six months I was developing the fragrance for the first edition of shhh. shampoo | shower | shave, I had such a positive response from all the "sniffers" out there, that I decided that I would offer the essential oil blend in addition to the grooming bar. Ta da! {8} essentials has arrived. Why "8"? Eight essential oils make up this proprietary blend - lemon , orange , lemongrass , lavender , cedar , benzoin , cinnamon and tea tree . You may use as a personal

Why these ingredients?

Why were olive , castor seed , coconut , palm , sweet almond , cocoa butter , kukui nut and jojoba oils used to make,  shhh. shampoo | shower | shave ? Olive oil is excellent for conditioning, healing and has antibacterial purposes. Castor seed oil has germicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal properties. It was also used by the Greek's for body ointments, and improving hair growth and texture. Ricin and Ricinoleic acid are present in castor oil and protect the scalp and hair from microbial and fungal infections, the two prime causes for hair loss. In addition, the fatty acids nourish hair and prevent the scalp from drying by retaining moisture. Coconut oil contains high levels of Lauric Acid. One of the reasons for hair loss is microbial action on the scalp and hair roots. So, to protect hair against them, what is needed is an antimicrobial agent. Lauric Acid present in Coconut Oil is one of them. It also has excellent antimicrobial properties and high moisture re

Sun Care with Integrity

The woman who designed Suntegrity Skincare did so because her own mother lost her battle with melanoma. So this product brand is dedicated to the memory of all of those who have lost their lives to this horrible disease. Using her mother's experience as a positive catalyst for change, she created a holistic, mineral sun care line to help people avoid skin cancer. After losing her mom, she became a big advocate of wearing sunscreen. However, most of the sunscreens on the market use chemical UV blockers and contain a lot of toxic ingredients. It didn’t make sense  to use these types of sunscreens to prevent skin cancer only to get another kind of cancer. After several years of research and investigation, she decided to develop her own sun care line. With a heartfelt mission and the help of an extremely knowledgeable formulator and chemist, Suntegrity Skincare was born. Suntegrity Face and Body SPF 30 products use only the best known physical block ingredient (non-nano s

Shop Girls Show

If you weren't able to tune in last Saturday, here is my segment of the  myTalk FM 107.1 Shop Girls show. A couple of corrections. I suggested Paul Mitchel hairspray and though a lovely hairspray, I meant Ted Gibson hairspray. And, the controversial ingredient, that I couldn't recall, and it's in the majority of hand sanitizers is Triclosan .

Midnight Miracle

I've been waiting for this new product from Kinky-Curly haircare to come out for about a year! - Midnight Miracle . It is the perfect marriage between protein and moisture for curly/textured/chemically treated hair. As you may know, if you have highly textured or over-processed hair, too much protein from haircare products can cause your hair to be brittle and break. Without proper hydration, all that protein that you want to use to rebuild your tattered mane can actually cause more harm than good. Not anymore. And what's even better is that you won't need a salon visit!

A Three-Way the Clean Way

Allison Kaplan, over at Mpls. St. Paul magazine, gives shhh. shampoo - shower - shave some love. Check out page 41 in the April edition:

Shop Girls

Tomorrow, May 14th, I'll be joining Allison Kaplan and Alexis Walsko on the My Talk 107.1 Shop Girls show . Tune in and listen to my MN accent as I chat about new beauty stuff!

Cleaning Up The Beauty Industry

Aveda founder's mission: to clean up beauty industry act Horst Rechelbacher is best known as the man who founded Aveda, the hair and skin care company famous for its aromatherapy-scented products. Less well known is that in 1997 Rechelbacher sold the company to Estée Lauder for $300 million and has nothing more to do with it. Indeed, when asked about the state of Aveda now, he rarely has anything pleasant to say. Even President Obama made the mistake recently of congratulating Rechelbacher on his Aveda line at a party held at the home of the US Vogue editor Anna Wintour. 'He said, "My wife uses your products all the time," ' Rechelbacher recalls. Now 69, Rechelbacher is not retiring quietly. Sitting in the living-room of his house on a 570-acre estate in Wisconsin, he says he is on a mission to inform the public about how 'most beauty products, even "natural" or

How do you top a three-way?

With a TowelTopper , duh! Sairey Gernes, of Irely Intimates , has a brand new gig and we're teaming up . This is a GREAT graduation gift - or any gift, really! It's the TowelTopper™ (color and size of your choice) paired with shhh , an all natural beauty bar that you can shampoo, shower and shave with! What an awesome combo! Both MADE IN THE USA! Fab.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

New Survey Finds Indoor Tanning Runs in the Family SCHAUMBURG, Ill. (May 9, 2011) – When it comes to indoor tanning, sometimes mother doesn’t know best. Results of a new survey by the American Academy of Dermatology (Academy) found that a large percentage of Caucasian teen girls and young women who use tanning beds reported that their mothers also use tanning beds. When asked if anyone in their immediate or extended families uses a tanning bed, indoor tanners were more than twice as likely to have a family member who used a tanning bed (65 percent) compared to their non-indoor tanning peers (28 percent). Specifically, indoor tanners were four times as likely (42 percent) to indicate that their moms use tanning beds than those respondents who were not indoor tanners (10 percent). Studies show indoor tanning increases a person’s risk of melanoma by 75 percent. Melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer – is


I found this tip on Yahoo! Green : Boost Your Hair's Bounce Limp, lifeless hair bringing you down? Drink a beer and maybe you won’t really care, or better yet, use a beer rinse to restore bounce and body. The vitamin B and natural sugars in beer add body and shine, while acting as a natural setting lotion that increases resilience, vitality, and hold. Pour one cup of beer into a glass and allow it to go flat and warm. Shampoo and rinse hair as usual. Pour the flat warm beer on your hair and work it through. Rinse thoroughly with cool water. For extra shine, try this formula .

5.2.11 Newsletter

Biz Buzz Fun, Fresh & Fab and you're invited! The talent that is going to be at this event on Thursday is amazing. It's going to be such a good time. Please join us!'s at STYLEDLIFE - the exclusive retailer. DIY Sugar Body Scrub shampoo | shower | shave - don't you want one? Fun in the Shower - Good times! The Brazilian Blowup - the plot thickens. Would You Rather - Which ingredient list would you pick? Official launch of shhh. at STYLEDLIFE - and you're invited! The Press Cheers! Becky Sturm CEO/Founder StormSister Spatique and 3waybeauty Beauty Shop, online. p. 612 716 5480 | toll free. 877 455 4668 | f. 651 221 2473 Twitter: @stormsister Twitter: @3waybeauty FB: 3waybeauty FB: StormSister