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Grain of Salt

This universally effective mineral is proving to be worth its salt at the spa and beyond. The popular saying “everything old is new again” has never been more apropos than when applied to salt and spa. Salt , a mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride, was used by the ancient Egyptians for trade, medicinal, and religious purposes. But it’s equally impactful today and being “rediscovered” by consumers and spa practitioners alike. From salt rooms and caves to healing Himalayan salt crystals, tools, and beds to treatments and experiences that incorporate salt , this multitasking mineral is certainly having a magical spa moment. “ Salt   therapy and salt rooms have been around for many years—as with so many developments in the salon and spa industry, trends like this seem to come in waves, each time bringing new findings, research, and ingredient technologies with them,” says Sue Harmsworth, founder and chairman of ESPA International. When you consider its myriad benef

Yappy Howlidays!

Don't forget about a gift for your pooch! Our Doggystyle dog grooming bar is featured in Sidewalk Dog's holiday gift guide .

Rad for Plaid

Our Alexis lipstick  is featured in Realia by Jen's Winter Trend Report .


Our 3waybeauty Wicked candles are featured in the HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE from Stephanie's   - LAST MINUTE GIFTS

Road Warrior Voices

Thanks to USA Today's Road Warrior Voices for featuring our 3waybeauty shampoo, shower and shave bar. " Even the most luxurious hotels can have bath products containing chemicals...." more  here .

It's Back!

The Whiter Image TOGO Teeth Whitening Pen - When this first arrived on the scene, it was my favorite product for several years. Then it went away for a couple of years (at least I couldn't find it!) and now it's back! I like the portability of this little pen. You just paint it right on your teeth anywhere, anytime. (strips hurt my teeth and gums so I can't use them.) And, because it is more potent than strips, it does the job really quick. You simply apply it daily for a minute or two.

The Story Exchange

Where women mean business. My story is part of their 1,000 stories campaign. What's your story?


Tis the season for stripes! You'll receive this striped cosmetic tote when you purchase $100 in Phytoceane products. (Bag does not included products shown). Bag will automatically be shipped when in stock.

DC Metro +

Our Wicked massage candles are featured in the Dec/Jan 2015 issue of DC Metro + Magazine , page 4.


We sure were excited to have our shampoo, shower and shave bar ( shhh. ) featured on xoVain !  - Thanks,Wendy Rose Gould. "....It lathers richly and is mildly fragranced, making it a nice choice for both sexes....."

Odorless Polish Remover?

Yes.  G2 Organics Nail Polish Remover . I don't know a lot about  Reiki  or what it has to do with nail polish remover, but if it had to take crystals, grain and corn alcohols, aloe, vitamin E and a bittering agent (so you don't drink it!) to make a remover that isn't a toxic, smelly mess, then sign me up! This stuff removes nail polish, is ODORLESS and won't dry out your nails or cuticles. Really. Hey, I was very skeptical too. - We girls grew up with the fact that removing nail polish would stink up the entire house! I am always hopeful when I find out about a product that someone has found a way to make less toxic. There are many new products developed, every day, where someone says they are better or "healthier" and they are not. Sadly. This one is an exception and I want to share it with you. There is a tad more rubbing that is involved, but it really does do the trick. You won't be disappointed. I promise. Reiki charged polish remover ? I