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A Valentine Bath

Now we have another fun bath item for V-Day - Bodylish's I Heart You heart-shaped bath bombs! Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, arrowroot powder, honey powder, red sandalwood, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, distilled water, borax, essential oil blend of sandalwood, rosewood, ylang ylang, and patchouli. This Valentine's Day, bathe together.

A bar of shampoo?

Yes, a shampoo bar - a bar of soap that you may use for shampoo, or to shave and bathe with. This is a completely foreign concept for me. Being a hairdresser, shampoo is supposed to be liquid and in a bottle, right? I remember once using a bar of soap in my hair. I was all out of shampoo and gave it a whirl. What a mistake. Dirty hair would have been better than that fiasco. Ugh. So, when I recently started to read more and more about the all-purpose shampoo bar, I thought well, if it does work, men will love it - shampoo, shave and wash with one product? Score! I'll have to get some of those, IF they really work, I thought. I have shoulder length hair and did not feel like I would be a good candidate for this experiment. Won't that bar get tangled in my tresses? What if it gets stuck? What if it wrecks it? (because that is the goal of the artisan who is making and selling shampoo bars. Be rational, Becky.) What if.....? What if it was a lovely experience and I coul


It's official. May 2010. StormSister Spatique is featured in Crave Minneapolis/Saint Paul - The Urban Girl's Manifesto. You're gonna want one of these books. More info soon!

Menopausal Skin Care

Excerpted from an article by Ellen Clark, LE Aging skin and menopause go hand-in-hand for women "of a certain age." These woman value their free time, realize they have spent much of their lives taking care of others, and value quality time with friends and family. They are also beginning to notice the signs of aging and are likely experiencing peri -menopausal symptoms, but may not understand how biology is really affecting their skin. Menopause is only "official" when a woman has not menstruated for 12 consecutive months. The average age of menopause in the world population is estimated to be between 45-55, and averages 51 for women in the West, according to numerous sources. Because the lead-up to menopause is a gradual process, some women simply do not realize that they are experiencing pre -menopausal symptoms, including changes in their skin. And, because we are such a youth-oriented society, some may not want to acknowledge these changes. Exter

Not for Everyone

Hello Becky! ........ Thank you for all your help and knowledge with skincare. It's been a blessing in disguise to have the IN cleanser and moisturizer . Anyway, I wanted to let you know that the IN Serum isn't working for me. I tried out the sample you gave me and after about three days I got three really horrible acne cysts on my face. So I stopped using the IN Serum until the acne cleared, tried the product again, and got another round of really bad cysts. It sounds like a wonderful product but my skin maybe too oily to accept more oils. Maybe I can try it again in a few years. My skincare regiment has been working great, no real problems. It's working great on my hands and feed so I'm using up the sample that way. I want to like it so much (since you and everyone else have been giving it excellent reviews) but it just don't work for my skin type. Thanks again! Sree - WI StormSister says: Clearly, my miracle serum doesn't work for everyone. Yike


INtelligent Nutrients founder Horst Rechelbacher in Vogue UK . "We are developing the Love Therapy line of non-silicone based lubricants - definitely something to look out for!" StormSister says, "Delish!"

Eat.Shop Twin Cities Guide

We're featured in  Eat.Shop Twin Cities Guide . Yippee!

Orange Popsicles

I special order the Tangerine Pre de Provence soaps by the case for a client of mine - there are 12 in each case. I think she really likes them ;o)~ I'm not certain if you have ever used a Pre de Provence bar of soap , but they are quite special. They're made with a ton of shea butter , so your bod feels just wonderful when you are done with your bath/shower. Certain things are just worth the price tag. No question. I was just ordering the tangerine fragrance especially for her. But, there is something about the smell of an orange Popsicle that reminds me of summer. And, here in MN, in January, that is a simple pleasure. So, now I stock them in the shop. The fragrance is actually Tangerine, but that orange summer treat from my childhood is the first thing that pops into my head when I stick my nose up to it. Speaking of summer treats, John Masters Organics has a Blood Orange Vanilla Body Wash and Body Moisturizer that smells like a Dreamsicle . Clearly, my parent

Kinky-Curly Tiny Twirls

Finally a great natural haircare brand for curly kids. I have been waiting for the Kinky-Curly Tiny Twirls range to be released for about a year now. Shelly has been tweaking the formula for quite some time and finally found the right recipe.


RenewBrow has changed its name to LiBrow . OVERPLUCKED AND THINNED BROWS INSTANTLY AGE YOU Alas, like most good things, we don’t know what we have until they’re gone. So it is true with your eyebrows. All the work you put into getting and maintaining the high shapely arch eventually leads to no brows rather than beautiful brows. Then come the stencils and pencils. Then come the tattoos. Enough, we say. Bring back BIG BOLD BROWS now with LiBrow Purified Eyebrow Stimulator. Finally, something that really works and works well. For quite some time we have been hearing from our customers “Will LiLash Purified Eyelash Stimulator work on my brows the way it does on my lashes?” The answer has always been YES! Yet, we always felt that your brows deserved special attention. YOUR BROWS ONLY BOLDER! WITH LIBROW PURIFIED EYEBROW STIMULATOR Most makeup artists will tell you that the eyebrows are the most important feature on your face. Well-defined brows will frame your eyes, ma

NONTOXIQUE on Twin Cities Live

How thrilled was I to see NONTOXIQUE featured on TCL . And, just this morning it was featured on PopFizz Daily - Thanks Sara ! I was glad to see this segment on Twin Cities Live, about local beauty brands. My beauty-soul- sista , Elizabeth Dehn from Minnesota Monthly along with Elizabeth Ries were showcasing the Minnesota body/ hand creme brands. Each day more and more local brands are launched. Following close behind are new converts to shopping with local small businesses. I love it! But....(you knew that was coming, right?) I must say I was quite disappointed to see NONTOXIQUE included with some brands that I would not dare put on my skin (remember, your skin is the largest organ and you wouldn't put chemicals on your....let's say, your liver, would you?) Yeah, I know I'm being a bit, drama. Naysayers would say you wouldn't want to put virgin coconut oil on your liver either, but you get the point. I have listed the ingredients for each product, belo

We're a Google Favorite!

A couple of weeks ago I received a packet of info from Google that my store was chosen as a " Google favorite place ". I'm still trying to figure out this technology on my phone, but I'm quite excited about it. Click to enlarge, then scan with your QR Reader.

A Slow Boat to Denmark

Hi Becky, the order from before Christmas arrived today. i love the IN aromatics and the hair spray is always a favorite. the Lucy B. lip balm is gorgeous and provides a lovely gloss :-) have a wonderful day! all the best, Pia - Denmark StormSister says: This happens with many deliveries to Denmark. Personally, I think Danish customs is nosy and likes to snoop in my packages! Get your own!

Paraben Paradox

The following information is from the January edition of American Spa Magazine . This is a very controversial topic that you may have heard about. If you have not, you are now. Both sides weigh in in this post. Get the lowdown on the paraben controversy from Lexli International's Ahmed Abdullah , M.D., F.A.C.S, and discover why these preservatives may be the safest choice when it comes to skincare products. Among the many buzzwords that have bubbled up in the spa industry in recent years, " paraben -free" seems to be among the most prevalent. Many spa professionals tell me their clients have begun demanding them. Yet, when I ask them why their clients are fearful, the answer is most often, "I've never asked." This trend begs a question: As trusted advisors to our clients' well-being, are we educating and empowering them so they may make better informed choices? Or, are we simply fulfilling their requests without consideration as to whether their


LOVE my new StormSister Spatique web buttons Susan made for me, Yay!

Happy New Year!

We wish you a FABULOUS 2010! Yippee! The StormSister Spatique storefront is closed on January 1st. You may shop online 24/7.