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Kinky-Curly Exclusive

Guess who just got the exclusive rights to sell Kinky-Curly haircare products in Minnesota? The correct answer would be, StormSister Spatique ! Shelley Davis, the owner of Kinky-Curly, rocks! AND she is in the process of reigning in her online vendors to 3 and guess who is one of the three? You guessed it! You're smart. All of you curly and wavy-haired people out there, who are celebrating your curls and waves, but simply cannot find the right product, you simply MUST give this line a whirl. There is nothing like it out there. I will be organizing a Kinky-Curly haircare experience within the next few months, so keep posted to this blog or email us and we will put you on our e-newsletter list. There are still a few kinks to get out (no pun intended) in regard to keeping up with the demand for this product line, but if you have a little patience, your hair will thank you. There will also be some new products coming out this summer. New Kinky-Curly packaging is beginning to ar

SpaRitual Changes

Beginning March 1st, all SpaRitual lacquer colours will be $10. All other SpaRitual nailcare pricing will remain the same. The new Cherish SpaRitual spring collection will arrive in about a week or so - 6 new colours - and two of them are unlike anything they have done before! Beauty is FUN!

Fingernail Clipper

Here is a Mehaz fingernail clipper to go along with that heavy-duty, larger toenail clipper . These gizmos cut like buttah! And the handy dandy "catcher" keeps the clippings from flying all over the bathroom......cuz that's gross.

Kinky-Curly Rumors

This past weekend there were a TON of rumors swirling around the blogosphere in regard to Kinky Curly going out of business. I have a great relationship with the owner of Kinky Curly, Shelley Davis, and contacted her right away. Everyone, take a deep breath. Kinky Curly is NOT going out of business. I understand the plight of the curly-haired person. You have purchased and have tried oodles of product over the years and nothing has worked like Kinky Curly. This is probably the fastest growing haircare line out there - for curly/wavy hair - and it simply cannot be manufactured quickly enough. Also, the manufacturer screwed up the last batch, so that threw a wrench in all of our orders. I have also noticed that the stock that is arriving has new packaging, which I LOVE. Wait until you see the new Knot Today bottles! I had some issues with the packaging of Kinky Curly and really love where it is going. Feel better?

IN Total Body Cleanser

The INtelligent Nutrients Total Body Cleanser may be used as both a shampoo or body wash. Let me tell you about the shampoo aspect of this product. Like I have stated in other blog entries, to use this as a shampoo, you have to be open to new experiences as there isn't a lot of suds action going on with this product - creamy goodness, yes - suds, no. I like the thick, dirty hair feel this shampoo gives me. Even though I have a lot of color in my hair, I like my hair to have that "dirty" feel. My hair was also very shiny and soft. Now, what do I love about this product? Seriously, if you have any body skin issues, you need to get your hands on this product. If your skin is dry, itchy, has dry bumpy patches, eczema , psoriasis, etc., it can't hurt to try it. You know you have tried everything , so why not give this a whirl? It is good for you. That 5-seed oil blend, INtellimune , is very evident in this body wash/shampoo. Your skin will feel very different - go

Phytoceane Homme

Because men's skin deserves special care, Phytoceane has expanded its range to include a line of skincare specifically for men . Because I carry the Phytomer Homme collection ( Phytomer and Phytoceane are sister companies) I will be discontinuing the Phytomer products that I find to be conflicting with Phytoceane . That will only be a couple of products as Phytomer Homme is a larger line than Phytoceane Homme . Phytoceane uses a vegetal sea coral extract called Jania Rubens in all of its products. I find the Jania Rubens to be very hydrating thus beneficial to skin. Using their expert knowledge of the marine world, Phytoceane researchers have formulated each product of the men's collection with the above mentioned blue micro-algae; these ingredients are renowned for their protective, moisturizing, remineralizing and smoothing properties. This exclusive cocktail is combined with unique natural ingredients that meet the special needs of each skin type. Easy

More Kind Words

Hi Becky, I was in yesterday (Saturday) and bought a tub of the KCCC . I tried it as you suggested with a little conditioner mixed in and it worked beautifully and I almost have a presentable 2 nd day hair which I have never had! I'll have to see what I can do to easily fix it and go today. I just want to thank you for taking the time to offer me tips and advice. You were very kind and helpful. I live in Minnetonka and was a little hesitant to drive so far for a product I didn't know would work for me, but it did and with your help you made it completely worth the trip. I will definitely be back. P.S. The John Masters Lip Calm is great too! Thanks again, Cheryl

DIY Waxing?

Youch ! I can hardly stand it when I have to wax myself. A masochist, I am not. Even I, someone who has spent her professional adult life waxing others, sometimes can't get in to have it done . I like the Moujan brand if you are going the do-it-yourself route. My favorite brand, and one you should seek out when going to the salon/spa for waxing, is Nufree . There is not a better wax. If it ever becomes available for retail sale, I'll have it here. Below are a few tips for DIY waxing. Ladies, when waxing the face , simply wash your face with warm water. Do not use any soaps or other cleansing products. Your natural oils are the perfect barrier between you and the wax. Most of us, at one time or another, have had a little more than hair removed when we have had our brows done. Many times that is from the skin being cleansed too thoroughly before waxing and the wax actually adhering to the skin . Thus, a slight scab may develop. Afterward, keep your hands off of your skin

Toenail Clipper?

Just another personal grooming aid that I get asked if I carry. I never thought about carrying these in the Spatique because you can by toenail clippers at the drugstore for a couple of bucks. I guess many of you want the good ones. Mehaz is a professional brand that every great manicurist/pedicurist uses. There are no finer clippers. I especially love this clipper because it has a "nail catcher", because toenail pieces lying all over the bathroom is just plain gross. This one is also stainless steel, so it won't ever rust. You shouldn't ever need to purchase another one.


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This is a fun article I came across. Which side do you part your hair and what does that say about you and your career? And yet more research on this topic brought me to this site . I'm curious, who or what decides all of this?

Edible Skincare

My spy at IN just informed me that the next range of products out of the Intelligent Nutrients pipeline will be............... Facial Care . Yippee! The rumor is that it will arrive this spring, but you know how it goes so keep your eyes peeled here. 4 products. Cleanser, moisturizer, toner and serum. I have yet to try any of these products and I cannot wait to do just that. You know this line is good for you. I mean, GOOD for you, as in "eat it" kind of good for you. Don't though, it's for your skin. But, if you were stranded on a desert island, and all you had left was your IN Facial Care (it could happen), then you could eat it. As you know IN is certified organic by the USDA. Horst's motto being, "Everything we put in and on our bodies must be nutritious and safe." I have a penchant for having to taste beauty products that smell good enough to eat. So, I will certainly be giving this a taste or two. Don't analyze or judge, I can't help


Congrats to Meghan G. from Minneapolis for winning the StormSister Spatique/City Pages Valentine COG drawing. Meghan won a $250 luxury spa basket. Yay Meghan! If you follow us on Twitter , add us as a friend on Facebook or just check out our blog periodically, for all the latest and greatest Lotions, Potions and Serums, you will be informed of all of our specials and beauty biz buzz that the public never shares in.


On a side note. OUR favorite boutique, STYLEDLIFE ®, is having their semi-annual SaLe . Everything is on sale except Vintage, Music, and select Dunhill items. The SaLe is 30% to 70% off on both men's and women's product with most items reduced by at least 50% off. They have designer handbags up to 70% off. Scarves 70% off. A special Belt promotion...Buy one belt at 30% off and get a second belt free! This is what STYLEDLIFE ® calls a SaLe . Their number one core value is to treat their guests with the intelligence and respect lacking in today's poor service retail environment. Please let them show you their commitment to great service with a GREAT SaLe . Do not miss it. The SaLe runs from February 5 - 23.