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Happy 9th Birthday to us!

And a gift for you!

My Favorite Laptop Bag

I was recently asked by   (read article here), what my favorite laptop bag was. That was easy. The JB Laptop Tote + Joey® Portable Charger from Urban Junket - in blue. Love. Also, I recently purchased the Power Clutch .

Lipstick Launch

I am SO excited to announce that StormSister Spatique is launching its own lipstick collection ! The collection is called, StormSisters.  14 shades named after 14 "sisters" - women who have been extraordinarily influential to my StormSister Spatique brand. I have always believed that lipstick is an accessory. We should wear colors that we love and that make us happy or put a spring in our step - Colors that are trendy and fun and what we find beautiful. We should not wear shades based on the archaic notion that our lipstick should accent our skin tone (Spring, summer, winter, fall) or our hair color. (Seriously, what credentials does the Avon lady or  those pink-Cadillac-driving women have anyway?) NONE. Lips Accessorized.  If you want to wear the color. Wear it.

Phytoceane Aquasaphir Night Skin Cream

New from Phytoceane: Aquasaphir New Skin Cream - Night . PROPERTIES: Multi-sensorial cocooning texture with an extra-matte finish Renewed skin youth: smoothed features More rested face, ready for a new day Visibly energized and radiant skin INGREDIENTS: AQUASAPHIR: a blue micro-algae extract cultivated in the laboratory. Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, diminishes the skin’s stress levels which play a role in its aging MALACHITE EXTRACT: this precious stone is an antioxidant, acting as a shield against free radicals MANNITOL: real booster for aging cells; recharges the skin’s cells with energy; re-oxygenates asphyxiated and tired cells and stimulates the production of support fibers in the dermis GLASSWORT OIL: strengthens the synthesis of the intercellular cement and protects against dehydration; densifying and hydra-restructuring effects; softer and smoother skin DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply in the evening to clean face and neck.

Lips Accessorized


e·qua·nim·i·ty ˌēkwəˈnimitē, noun mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation. Our Wicked candles are featured in the Fall 2014 edition of Equanimity magazine , page 34 & 35. Print copies can be purchased here . 100% proceeds from magazine sales benefit the J B Dondolo's "Hospital Hope" in Africa.