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IN is InStyle

Pick up the March edition of InStyle magazine. It includes a 12 page spread on INtelligent Nutrients . Plus, it's the biggest edition ever. A must read!

"Sh Word"

It's important for me to be transparent with all feedback I receive. I appreciate what Madonna has to say, but 3waybeauty is a little brash and sassy and clearly not for her: Becky, I was given a sample of your product and I read the little folder with the product information.  It seemed like your prodect was one I would try since it is free of artificial substances.  However, when I read the last line with the "sh word", I was offended.  In order to sell your product it stands to reason that your wording would be as clean and wholesome as your product.  I will not be trying any of your other products until such time as your labeling is as PURE as your product.  Some of us do pay attention to what we read on labels. Using the English language to advantage, surely your advertising/labeling crew can be more creative than the use of 4-letter words! Madonna R. For those of you who would like to try a three-way, and who want to use personal grooming products that don&

Plum District

3waybeauty has two fantastic deals running on Plum District until Tuesday. Check them out! #1 #2  

Not Only Lipstick But Perfume, Too

by Mikaela Conley ,  ABC News February 14th, 2012 (As stated many times in this blog before, we cannot stress how important it is to read your cosmetics/grooming product labels and KNOW what those ingredients are. Your health depends on it.) Beware of lipstick-stained lips before puckering up. They could be covered in lead. Reuters  first reported that a new study conducted by the FDA found that 400 lipsticks on the market tested positive for lead, according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a coalition that advocates for safer cosmetics and hygiene products. Maybelline Color Sensation by L’Oreal USA was the worst-offending lipstick of the group tested, the Campaign said. It contained more than 275 times the amount of lead that was found in the least-contaminated product. Children’s products in the U.S. cannot contain more than 100 parts per million of lead (I'm comforted by the fact that we have an "acceptable" number, aren't you?). The highest offend

Want to Fake Your Age? Take Care of Your Hands

via AlwaysNewYou I believe it is true that you can best judge the age of a woman by her hands.  Left as possibly the most susceptible skin to the elements, our hands are exposed to most everything in which we come into contact.  It is important for us to protect the skin on our hands to keep them looking healthy, smooth, and youthful. Learn  what causes aging  on our hands and how to make a habit out of taking care of our most valuable tools. Causes of Skin Aging on the Hands UV exposure causes at least 90% of the wrinkles, lines and age/sun spots on hands. That’s why the sun-exposed areas, including the backs of the hands, are highly susceptible to damage. Generally, the hands and the face are the only body parts that are constantly exposed to UV rays and environmental damage. Hands are especially vulnerable to UV damage while driving in the car, but most women don’t apply  sunscreen   just to drive. Although UVB rays (which cause burning) do not penetrate the winds

Get The Lead Out!

via Campaign For Safe Cosmetics We first broke the story about lead in lipstick back in 2007 with our report “A Poison Kiss.” Now, a new report by FDA indicates that the problem of poison kisses is worse than we thought. FDA’s new study found lead in 400 lipsticks tested, with higher lead levels than ever reported in some of the most popular brands. The worst offender was L'Oreal USA, whose Maybelline Color Sensation and L’Oreal Color Riche lipsticks were #1 and #2 on the list. In fact, L'Oreal USA makes five of the 10 most contaminated brands in the FDA study. Take action now: Tell L’Oreal the company owes women a huge apology and a commitment to make lipstick without lead. It’s more important now than ever to call attention to this problem. A brand-new report for the US Centers for Disease Control states that there is no safe level of lead exposure for children. That means we must protect women from lead exposure, since lead builds up in the body over time and easil

Sink The Pink

No matter what your views may be of the Susan G. Komen controversy this past week, personally, I was thrilled to see so many people learn of the many layers of this non-profit, money-making machine. I have had issues with SGK for years now, but not for many of the reasons that have been spoken of as of late.  I am thankful for the public relations disaster that has thrust this giant under the microscope. My views of SGK changed after walking into one of my favorite beauty supply stores several years ago and seeing a sea of pink  beauty and grooming  cans, tubes and bottles. - Products that I know contain ingredients that  many, besides myself, believe may actually contribute to the very cancer that this organization represents. Susan G Komen has even had their own perfume   come under scrutiny! Wearing a pink ribbon (for breast cancer awareness) is one thing. Walking for a Cure is a wonderful concept, donating to organizations that help women with cancer, fantastic. But hold

Principessa featured in Elle Canada

  Principessa Beauty Notte Breeze   is featured on the Lust List in the February edition of Elle Canada. A lovely dry hair shampoo that also does double-duty as a body powder. 

The Latest on Brazilian Blowout

via The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics. Big news this week on Brazilian Blowout -- you know, those formaldehyde-releasing hair straighteners that have been marketed as “formaldehyde-free.” The manufacturers must stop deceiving salons about the danger of their products, thanks to a settlement with the California Attorney. The lawsuit was filed under the authority of the law we helped pass in 2005, the California Safe Cosmetics Act – so this is a true victory for safe cosmetics advocacy! Now, Brazilian Blowout products will carry warning stickers, and salons will finally get accurate information about the health risks of using them. But, these dangerous products are still on the shelves, and salon workers and their customers are still being exposed every day to a known human carcinogen. We need your help today to protect salon workers and women who get their hair straightened from these harmful toxic exposures! Please join us in  asking the FDA to follow through  on its  August 201

Healing Powers

by  Lisa Bruckenstein  of American Spa Magazine . Help solve your common skincare concerns with the medicinal properties of tea tree oil . A common thread in the history of many healing plants is that they are often discovered by ancient tribes of people who used them to treat and prevent illness for thousands of years. So, too, begins the story of tea tree oil , an essential oil drawn from a shrub native to Australian coastal areas. In the 1770s, Captain James Cook observed aboriginal tribes on the northeast coast of New South Wales brewing a healing tea with the leaves of the melaleuca alternifolia plant. He coined the term “tea tree” after trying some himself and serving the concoction to his crew in hopes of preventing scurvy. The use of the pale yellow oil distilled from the leaves of the tea tree did not become common, however, until the 1920s, when a researcher named Arthur Penfold published papers on the oil’s antimicrobial activity. Penfold praised the oil’s medicinal

Pure Neroli Essence

Certified Organic Pure Neroli Essence . Available just in time for the Valentine¹s Day holiday. Pure Neroli from the small white fragrant blossoms of the bitter orange tree. Neroli supports the body when under stress and its sweet citrus note and functional properties help to calm and soothe. This highly potent pure Neroli delivers targeted relief in a glass acupressure bottle. Perfect to purify, deodorize and refresh. Neroli blends well with most other citrus oils along with jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang and many others.