Tuesday, May 22, 2012

16 Things

via The Blush

16 Things Every 30-Something Girl Needs to Know

Actually, these tips can go for girls in their 20s and 40s, too. These experts have been there, done that and beyond. We love their expert advice, not to mention how their notes have inspired us to love ourselves just a little bit more.

#9 is our fave!   ;o)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Glass and Wood Diffuser

INtelligent Nutrients Handcrafted Glass & Wood Essential Oil Diffuser.

What’s in it for me?
This beautifully handcrafted diffuser disperses essential oils to purify, deodorize and refresh your personal environment. Its powerful, yet silent design propels essential oils without the use of heat preserving the functional properties of the essential oils. The beautiful glass pyramid casts a soft glow providing color and light therapy benefits.

Great uses: Home - with [7] and {8} essentials.

What's in?
Cold spray diffusion method

What's out?
“Artificial” Fragrance
Heat diffusion method

Intelligent Benefits:
30 minutes on and off regulator
Auto shut off after 5 hours
Two diffusion intensities (normal or strong)
Anti-splash cap creates soft diffusion while keeping dust and debris from contaminating the oil

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Organic Buzz

Introducing Erbaviva Organic Buzz Spray:

Erbaviva's mission to create the highest quality organic products available continues as we introduce our Organic Buzz Spray! Meeting our highest standards of USDA and Biodynamic certifications this spray can be used without worry of harsh chemicals and mysterious synthetics. A special blend of essential oils create an a pleasant sweet citrus and woodsy aroma that is sure to be kind to even the most sensitive of senses.

Dry to touch.


Water, *bd alcohol, *glycerin, *aloe barbadensis (aloe) powder, *nepeta cataria (catnip) oil, *cymbopogon nardus (citronella) oil, *cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass) oil, *pinus sylvestris (pine) oil, *cymbopogon martini (palmarosa) oil, *cedrus atlantica (cedarwood) bark oil, *eucalyptus citriodora (lemon eucalyptus) oil, *bd pelargonium graveolens (geranium) flower oil, *lavandula angustifolia (lavender) oil, *juniperus commonis (juniper berry) oil, *bd rosmarinus officinales (rosemary) oil, *bd ocimum basilicum (basil) oil, *thymus vulgaris (tyme) oil, *mentha piperita (peppermint oil), *commiphora myrrha (myrrha) oil, *cinnamomum cassia (cinnamon) bark oil, **citral, **citronellol, **geraniol, **linalool *denotes certified organic ingredients, **denotes component of certified organic essential oil, BD denotes Biodynamic ingredient, Certified to Demeter Biodynamic standards.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

USA Today

Just received our first piece of national press! Our shhh. grooming bars made it into USA Today's American Life Green Living magazine, page 10. - #1 on their Travel Lightly list.

When the open road calls, choose your travel gear carefully. Check out five earth-friendly products to toss in your suitcase on your way out the door.

When space is at a premium, you'll appreciate do-it-all shhh bars. use a single bar as a body wash, shaving cream, shampoo, and conditioner. The bars are 100 percent plant-derived and include exotic oils, including kukui nut oil, castor seed oil and olive oil. Plus, the packaging is compostable and recyclable. 

The extra fun piece is that Suntegrity, the #2 product, is also a product we carry! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Trojan Horse

via The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics

 A Victory!

We did it!  Together, we’ve made Congress pay attention to the need to overhaul our broken 70 year old cosmetics laws.
 Our team has beaten back attempts by the cosmetics industry to fast-track legislation that would allow the big cosmetics companies to write their own rules with a rubber stamp from the FDA — for now.

Not only has Congress held the first hearing on cosmetics safety in 30 years, it also decided not to attach the industry cosmetics bill to a fast-moving must-pass FDA-related bill—all thanks to letters sent by thousands of supporters like you demanding that any cosmetics safety bill must lead to meaningful reform that protects consumers, workers and your right to know what’s in the products you use.

This is a real victory and a HUGE thanks goes out to all of you who wrote letters, blogged, called and helped spread the word! 

Tell Congress to Stop Industry's Trojan Horse Bill

We need your help to beat back a new bill that would actually make things worse for consumers. A Trojan Horse Unfortunately, the cosmetics industry lobby is still at it!
We need your help to beat back a new industry bill that would actually make things worse for consumers.

“The Cosmetic Safety Amendments Act of 2012” was recently introduced by Representative Leonard Lance (R-NJ). This bill was written by the Personal Care Products Council, a trade association that represents the big multinational cosmetic companies. 

This is a classic Trojan horse – it may sound like a step forward on the surface but the “fine print” inside the bill would allow industry to continue placing profits over public health. 

This industry-backed bill would make things much worse than they are now,essentially making decisions about ingredient safety made by the industry-funded Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel binding on FDA -- something that, according to a top FDA official, would be “unprecedented” and possibly unconstitutional.
This bill would put into law the current system that allows the industry to “self-regulate” the safety of cosmetics which has resulted in carcinogens in baby shampoo, lead in lipstick, formaldehyde in hair products, hormone disruptors in fragrance and mercury in face creams. It would also handcuff states from taking action to pass locally tailored policies to protect the health of their own state residents.
For the first time in 30 years Congress is paying attention to cosmetics safety and NOW we need your help to demand REAL reform.

Please write your member of Congress today and demand meaningful reform that protects our health.

Our message is simple: Any new laws must get rid of the worst chemicals in cosmetics that can cause cancer or reproductive harm. They must also require companies to be transparent and honest about what’s in their products and they must include a strong safety standard to make sure decisions about ingredient safety protect the most vulnerable populations –babies, children, pregnant women and workers. New laws must also ensure that states retain their right to regulate toxic chemicals to protect people’s health.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BB Cream

BB (Beauty Benefit) creams are becoming quite popular here in the US.
First formulated in Germany, they have been all the rage in Asia for many years (they currently make up 13% of the beauty market there). BB creams are multi-tasking (oooh, we like multi-use products!) skincare potions.

Suntegrity “5 in 1” Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen - Tinted, Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is the winner here at StormSister Spatique.

This cream addresses five skincare concerns and it delivers!
It treats, hydrates, protects, primes and covers the skin. Supercharged with youth promoting antioxidants that fight free radical damage, this cream also provides mineral Broad Spectrum SPF 30 coverage. Cruelty-Free and Vegan!

Who should use it:
Perfect for all skin types including those with sensitive skin and rosacea.

What it does:
Zinc-oxide (uncoated/non-nano size) - Protects the skin from harsh UVA and UVB rays delivering Broad Spectrum SPF 30 protection with therapeutic benefits that calm inflammation.

Astaxanthin – Powerful antioxidant effective at preventing lipid peroxidation with up to 500 higher efficacy than vitamin E, and up to 10 times stronger than beta-carotene.

Red Algae - Rich in antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, phyto-hormones, and essential fatty acids that help reduce irregular pigmentation.

Hyaluronic acid  - Fantastic hydrator for the skin that holds up to 1, 000 times its weight in water.

Organic Green Tea Extract - Antioxidant that boosts protection from UV rays by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation.

Organic Pomegrantate Oil - Helps repair and maintain the skin’s lipid barrier. Contains many antioxidants that help to fight free radicals and protect skin from environmental stress.

Organic Cucumber Extract - Soothing, cooling skin nutrient that attracts moisture and hydrates the skin. Known to refine pores while balancing oil and toning skin.

Organic Aloe Vera – Soothes sunburns and calms inflammation. Known to rejuvenate dry or dull skin and promote production of new cells.

Cetyl Dimethicone – Primes the skin leaving a silky finish perfect for flawless makeup application.

Iron Oxides – Naturally occurring mineral deposits provide the perfect dash of color giving you a healthy sun-kissed glow without the need for makeup.

Suggested Usage:
Place a large pea-sized amount in your hand, dot around your face and then blend in completely. Then do the same for your neck.  Viola....one step to flawless looking skin!

Product Tip or Fact:
One of the few (if not the only) “5 in 1”/BB cream on the market that uses mineral sunscreen actives vs the chemical sunscreen actives found in other brands, so you can feel safe while getting your “pretty” on!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Making Scents: Aromatherapy for Men

excerpt from  Susan Link, Universal Companies

Many men seek aromatherapy to relieve anxiety and pain and as an alternative health treatment.

Men stand to benefit from the emotional and physical effects of holistic aromatherapy as much as women do. You just need to know which oils to choose. Here are some guidelines to follow.

Most men enjoy a wide range of essential oils with masculine aromas. These oils tend to fall into one of four categories: earthy, spicy, woody, citrus.
Carrot Seed – Cell regenerative, wonderful for skin
Clary Sage – Euphoric with sedative, soothing aftereffects
Frankincense – Rejuvenating, cellular regenerating, calming, and meditative
Patchouli – Excellent for skin and very grounding
Vetivert – Known as The Oil of Tranquility, grounding, sedative
Clove Bud – Antiseptic, antiviral
Cinnamon Leaf – Very stimulating
Cardamom – Sweet and excellent for digestion
Thyme  – Warm and herbaceous
Marjoram  – Warm and herbaceous, soothing and fortifying
Myrrh (ESR7754) – Warm, rich, antiseptic, and a great tonic
Cedarwood, – Warm and sweetly balsamic, with camphoraceous notes
Spruce – Fresh balsamic, clearing, and toning
Pine, Scotch – Sweet and spicy balsamic, very clearing and a great pain reliever
Ho Wood – Sweet and reminiscent of rosewood, rich in linalol.
Sandalwood – Healing and soothing for irritated skin
Juniper – Sweet and fresh, detoxifying, and energizing
Lime, Distilled – Refreshing, uplifting, and antiseptic
Orange, Sweet – Uplifting and fruity, a great mood enhancer
Blood Orange – Energizing antidepressant that's also cleansing
Grapefruit – Gentle cleansing for the body and a mood enhancer
Lemon – Sharp aroma, cleansing, and antiseptic
Mandarin – Good for stretch marks and congested skin types
No matter how you are incorporating aromatherapy into your regimen – massage, bath soak, steam room, facial, or simply diffusion – always be sure to follow the appropriate contraindications for the essential oils you are using.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fifth Street Towers

Still shopping for Mom?

Join 3waybeauty this Wednesday from 10-2 at the Fifth Street Towers Mother's Day boutique in Minneapolis.

Address is: 150 South Fifth Street -Suite 300.

Joining us will be:

Julie Meyer,

Almost Evelyn,


Savage Mosaics,


Crooked Wood

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Honey, Honey

Partial excerpt from American Spa Magazine.

For at least the last 10,000 years, humans have been hunting for and collecting honey—a sticky, sweet food made from flower nectar by honeybees. Once they had developed a taste for the stuff and no longer wanted to track it down, our ancient ancestors learned to produce honey using bees kept in relative captivity. Today, honey is made and consumed all over the world.

But honey isn't just for sweetening tea and biscuits. Women have been slathering it on their skin for thousands of years, too. Cleopatra was known for her milk and honey baths, while Poppaea Sabina, wife of Emperor Nero, concocted a milk and honey lotion that was said to keep her complexion looking flawless. In more modern times, honey can be found in moisturizers, cleansers, masks, and scrubs, all of which can help make your skin that radiant, soft, and smooth.

First, let's look at a few fun facts about how honey is made. Bees collect nectar from flowers and store it in their "honey stomachs." This nectar is then partially digested before the honeybees regurgitate it and store it in wax honeycombs inside the beehive. A colony of around 60,000 honeybees can make more than 100 pounds of honey per year, though in her short lifespan (female bees make honey), each bee only makes about one teaspoonful.

Honey has long been seen as a symbol of sweetness, and rightfully so, as the gooey substance is loaded with monosaccharides fructose and glucose. It even has the same relative sweetness as granulated sugar. Depending on the type of flowers from which bees gather nectar, honey can vary in taste, color, and even clarity.

When it comes to skincare, it is honey's high sugar content that makes it an excellent exfoliant. Its sugar enzymes help break down the protein bonds that hold dead skin cells at the surface, and this shedding of dull flakes can make skin look radiant. Honey also contains acid, which contributes to skin exfoliation. "The pH of honey can vary from 3.4 to 6.1, depending on the type of honey," says Rita Teixeira, educator for Sothys Paris. "The higher the pH, the deeper the exfoliation."

Those looking for gentle exfoliation will be especially pleased with honey-infused treatments and products. "Our clients love these treatments, because, while the treatments are exfoliating, they are not abrasive," says Danielle Knerr, spa director at The Spa at Norwich Inn (CT), which offers the Milk and Honey Manicure ($50, 50 minutes) and Pedicure ($65, 50 minutes). "Honey is a moisturizing exfoliant, so these treatments leave the skin smooth with a hint of a milk-and-honey scent."

Honey is known to moisturize skin, because it is a humectant. That means it has the power to both attract moisture to the skin and lock it in for lasting hydration. For those who have sensitive skin that's easily irritated by AHAs and other exfoliants, honey may be the skin-sloughing answer, as it also possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. "The natural humectants in honey leave skin smooth and revitalized," says Melanie Silver, director of rooms and spa at the Salish Lodge and Spa (Seattle). The Salish Spa offers a Honey and Oatmeal Body Scrub ($115, 50 minutes) that relies on the moisturizing qualities of honey drawn straight from the hives in the hotel's 120,000-honeybee apiary. While honey-based treatments are beneficial to most skin types, guests who suffer from bee sting reactions should avoid these treatments and products, as they may cause irritation or an allergic reaction.

For most spa-goers, though, the benefits of honey are endless. In the past few decades, science has discovered the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of honey, making the ingredient useful in treatments aimed at preventing and treating blemishes and acne. A glucose enzyme found in honey creates a slow-releasing form of hydrogen peroxide, though the process is only activated when diluted with water. This discovery explains why honey has been historically used as a treatment for burns and cuts to both promote healing and prevent infection. Some modern-day wound gels with raw honey are even approved to treat drug-resistant strains of bacteria. For complexion benefits, honey can be applied directly to blemishes as a spot treatment or used in masks aimed at gently eradicating the bacteria that causes breakouts.

Honey may be regarded as an elixir of immortality in Hinduism, yet it doesn't offer quite the anti-aging punch as other natural ingredients. That said, what honey lacks in anti-aging benefits is made up for by its indulgent characteristics. Honey's golden hue and thick, gooey texture give the ingredient a sense of decadence that always resonates with spa guests. At The Southern Spa at Southern Ocean Lodge (Kangaroo Island, Australia), guests enjoy the sweet fragrance and textural qualities of the honey used in many of the spa's treatments, like the Ligurian Honey and Almond Wrap ($272, 90 minutes). Guests also like that the honey is indigenous to the area. "Kangaroo Island is home to the only pure strain of Ligurian bees in the world," says spa manager Louise Lanyon. "Honey produced by these bees is known for its outstanding quality." Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Mayakoba (Quintana Roo, Mexico) also offers honey-based treatments using honey from the native Melipona becheeii bees that reside in the hotel's Willow Stream Spa Garden.

Honey? Yes, please!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Mother is a Rebel

StormSister Spatique will be a part of the STYLEDLIFE "My Mother is a Rebel" jewelry show - Celebrating STYLEDmothers everywhere!
Join us this Thursday and Friday beginning at 4. We'll be featuring NONTOXIQUE Age Reversal Serum and Restore Day Cream because when you're trying on all of those new baubles you want your hands to look fantastic! 

Enjoy a complimentary hand massage or apply this amazing skincare yourself.

Purchase BOTH of these products at STYLEDLIFE and receive a complimentary Cuticle and Nail Balm. This is a STYLEDLIFE exclusive so stop on by!