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Becky and Meeg want to wish you a Happy Halloween!

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Do you smoke? Do you work/play in a harsh environment (indoors or out)?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider more protection for your skin, Phytoceane Absolute Youth Antioxidant Cream.
Use alone or under your current moisturizer.

I f you would like a sample, please let us know, we have a limited supply.

Active Ingredients:

Jania Rubens: ultra- moisturizing, remineralizing

Phormidium: anti-free radical

Seawater concentrate: antioxidant

Salicornia: moisturizing

French lavender: smoothing

Shea butter: renewing, nourishing

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Beauty Clunkers

Grab a box or bag and go to the bathroom cabinet/drawer that houses all of your beauty "clunkers". Open the door. There may or may not be a lot of product in there. Breathe, it's ok.
Now, fill up the box.
You know you have a cabinet/drawer filled with stuff. We all do.

We've all purchased product that just didn't work like we thought it would. So, whether it is haircare, nailcare or bodycare, we've spent a lot of money on all of those lotions, potions and serums. It's ok. Breathe.

When you've filled up your box, bring it in. I'll tell you what to keep (and how to rework it), what to toss and maybe suggest some products to save up your pennies for.
For all of your trouble, I'll give you a gift certificate for one item at 50% off and some samples to try.
The stuff we toss, I'll make certain the packaging gets recycled.

Truly, I want to help. No judgements.

It'll be fun. I promise.
Plus, you're going to have a cleaner closet.

Give me a jingle. We'll set up an appointment.

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Fitting for October, Principessa's Spa Soap.

Ahhhhh, that lovely Principessa fragrance. And such a pretty box!

Box contains 2 soap bars.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life Is Beautiful

"La vita e bella". And so is this satin shower cap by Principessa (Italian for princess). Just adorable!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bamboo vs. Microfiber

Lately, I have been researching hair towels.

Because of the huge trend to go curly all of you curly girls are looking for products to get your luscious tresses dried in a jiffy. Thus, I receive many requests for microfiber towels.

You inquire, I do the research, we'll see what happens.

If you have never used a microfiber/bamboo towel, they are quite magical. How do they get all of that moisture out of the hair so quickly, anyway?

BTW, you don't have to be a curly girl/boy to use this type of towel. They're for anyone.

But, what IS "microfiber"? Yeah, I'm not so excited about the fact that they are not made from a plant source. But, I'm workin' on it.
Because of that, I have been researching bamboo. It is very similar AND "green" (it grows up to two FEET a day! Thus, quite a renewable resource.) 

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Beauty Bets

My girl Elizabeth Dehn, from MN Monthly, has her own gig - Beauty Bets.

We product whores must stick together.
Her take on the beauty biz is more from the consumer/journalist perspective. Love it!

Oooooh, the fun we're gonna have!

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Facebook & Twitter

Ok, I think I have Facebook figured out.......enough to understand I don't want to play mafia wars or collect stupid farm animals. (Yes, I love animals - real ones. And, I grew up knowing a couple of "made" men so I don't want to play the silly game.)

I have been trying to separate personal social networking from professional as I am certain my friends are tired of my StormSister Spatique updates. Sorry kids.

So, if you'd like to get all of the latest and greatest info/specials/BS about StormSister Spatique and/or the beauty biz, become a fan on Facebook or follow us @StormSister on Twitter.

Our own 3waybeauty brand is on FB and Twitter (@3waybeauty)as well!

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Let There Be Light

Excerpt from the October edition of American Spa Magazine.
Aveda's Shelley Bawiec dishes on skin-brightening products and services.

Many global skincare trends are established in Japan and other Asian markets, and the skin-brightening market is one that has a long history in Asia. For centuries, women there have been diligent about maintaining a porcelain skin tone. The importance of luminous skin is still evident, as brightening services represent 23.5 percent of the facial market in Japan, and brightening is the second largest market in Asia, behind anti-aging. In the U.S., the brightening market is young by comparison, though product and service offerings are expanding. The U.S. market grew 17.4 percent from 2006 to 2007, with professional skincare sales reaching $13.5 million in 2007. While anti-aging products have always driven the market, uneven pigmentation has joined the list of aging skin concerns.

In the past, hyperpigmentation was treated with prescription medication. Today, technology has evolved to the point of meeting most consumers' needs through at-home regimens and professional brightening treatments. Brightening offers spas the opportunity to serve all ethnic groups, as uneven pigmentation affects all skin types, tones, and colors and is a top concern for women of color. As we diversify—half of the world and one-third of the U.S. population are people of color—brightening promises to continue to attract an increasing number of faithful users.

Treating Hyperpigmentation

Inflammation of the skin can cause redness, swelling, pain, and heat. This is the body's normal response to injury or infection. Many everyday events and exposures can also lead to a low level of inflammation that is less obvious but can result in damage to the skin, hyperpigmentation included. In addition, skin cells are exposed to inflammatory agents like smoke, pollution, and chemicals, as well as other factors like sunlight and stress. All of these can contribute to inflammation, which leads to a cascade of biochemical events that result in the overproduction of melanin, causing hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Dark spots on the skin can also arise due to age, sun exposure, pregnancy and other hormonal changes, or acne scarring.

Treatments range from non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as laser resurfacing and peels, to at-home regimens. Some aggressive treatments that deliver immediate benefits can actually cause an inflammatory reaction in the skin, contributing to damage and pigmentation over the long term. Chemical peels and physical procedures can also elevate the risk of pigmentation, as they cause greater sun susceptibility.

Hydroquinone (banned in Europe and I will not carry any product containing it) and kojic acid, which both have a bleaching effect on the skin, are two ingredients long associated with brightening. As concerns about harsh chemical treatments have emerged, however, natural health and beauty companies have come forward with botanical alternatives whose function is not to lighten the skin overall. Rather, they work with the client's skintone and texture to achieve a clear and luminous appearance.

Most major professional and retail brands offer brightening regimens and treatments. These products target concentrations of melanin, which appear as areas of hyperpigmentation. Brightening products reduce the appearance of pre-existing dark spots by breaking them down through exfoliation and dispersing them into smaller, less visible particles. They help prevent new discoloration through the use of antioxidants and SPF protection and soothe with anti-irritant ingredients.

Antioxidants are considered the first line of defense. Examples of plant-based antioxidants found in brightening products include grape, mulberry root, and rosemary leaf extracts and vitamins C and E. Rosemary leaf extract also serves as an anti-irritant, counteracting inflammation, along with other botanicals like brown algae, caffeine, gentian extract, and scutellaria.

Proper hydration is required for skin to serve as a protective barrier, which can also help with hyperpigmentation. The skin barrier relies on lipids and water to maintain function. Replenishment of native skin lipids has been proven to restore the moisture barrier and reduce evaporation of water from the surface of the skin using plant ingredients, such as palm oil and shea butter. Increasing the water-loving components of the skin, including hyaluronic acid, is also an effective means of rejuvenating the skin's state of hydration.

Exfoliation also plays a key role in creating a smooth and glowing complexion, as it prepares the skin to more readily absorb ingredients. Glucosamine and salicylic acid are leading exfoliators, and glucosamine also stimulates the skin to produce more of its own hyaluronic acid.

There are many tools available in the brightening category and treatment techniques that enhance their efficacy.

Brightening may currently be considered a trend, but as skincare professionals, we know it will be an ongoing concern.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Product Feedback

I used the John Masters Evening Primrose shampoo and really like it. It lathered up really well with just a little bit, so it goes a long way. It also didn't feel like my hair was stripped after rinsing. In fact, it felt soft, which normally isn't the case for me. I'll definitely purchase again. Thanks again for making this recommendation and for the great customer service!

Take Care,

Kitara - Texas

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Crazylibellule & The Poppies specializes in the creation of whimsical perfumed sticks that are easy to carry along in your bag. 

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