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"Style Event"

Not certain I'd call it a "style event" but that's ok. Thanks to Nancy Ngo for mentioning the HAMMS Event in the Pioneer Press   this past Sunday.

Beaute Report

My interview with Mary Winkenwerder of the Ultimate Skincare and Beaute Report .

Conditioner Giveaway

Tell us your favorite hair conditioner and why, over on our FB page and you just may win a full-sized Phytoceane Conditioning Care .

Share The Love

Planning to pucker up this Valentine's Day? Ditch the petro-chemicals, and mined minerals (many contain lead!) and treat your Valentine to your luscious lips covered in INtelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Lip Delivery Anti-oxidant Gloss (that's a mouthful! pun intended). Lip Delivery Antioxidant Gloss is a USDA certified organic gluten-free lip-gloss combining powerful colorful antioxidant chemistry and nutritious food ingredients with a high Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (antioxidant) ORAC value. Lip Delivery Antioxidant Gloss is free from toxic mined or mineral pigments, heavy metals, synthetic colorants. Every ingredient chosen to feed your lips with power-packed antioxidants and Intelligent Nutrients’ signature Antioxidant Intellimune® Seed Oil Complex to help battle oxidative stress and aid in fighting pre-mature aging while delivering delicious moisture and shine. The aroma/flavor is filled with certified organic Agave, Caramel, Coconut, Raspberry and

BB Buzz

via American Spa Magazine Discover how this product may save you both time and trouble. A new buzzword in the skincare world, multitasking BB creams  (our absolute favorite) are a blend of sunscreen , moisturizer , and foundation . After gaining popularity in Asia (where BB stands for “blemish balm,” due to its corrective and sometimes whitening properties), a new incarnation of the product, most commonly referred to in the U.S. as a more general beauty balm, has been on the rise in North America. Now, everyone from mass market brands like Clinique and Garnier and in-demand overseas brands like Dr. Jart to smaller professional lines are jumping on the BB bandwagon. These makeup-moisture hybrids originated in part to hydrate the skin after laser treatments—the idea was first conceived by a German dermatologist—making them ideal for spa clientele. Like a tinted moisturizer with added benefits, BB creams are geared toward those who want to streamline their skincare regimens a


Phytomer has a brand new night cream - Night Recharge  - Youth Enhancing Cream. With Night Recharge, each awakening is a new beginning for the skin. Its cocooning texture combines microalgae and Marine Mannitol for a dual youth effect. From the first use, skin is energized and more efficiently protected. After one month signs of aging are visibly reduced. Main ingredients: D-Tox microalgae: promotes the elimination of free radicals, toxins, pollutants (etc.) that disrupt correct cell functioning. Marine Mannitol: helps re-oxygenate tired and asphyxiated cells; contributes to recharging the cells in energy. PROVEN RESULTS AFTER 1 MONTH OF USE: AN ENHANCED YOUTH EFFECT Features are smoothed - 91% RECHARGED SKIN Skin is better equipped for the day - 91% Skin is strengthened - 87%