Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Put on your red shoes

3waybeauty is featured in The Gift of Fab by redshoes26 design.

Some of redshoes' favorite local entrepreneurs share an object or an offer they think would make a fantastic gift for someone on your holiday list. In addition, they also give props to a local person or business they swoon over. Enjoy, and happy shopping!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall. In. Love.

We are sooooo excited to announce the launch of the new Scotch Naturals Fall/Winter Collection.
It arrives November 5th. -  Fall. In. Love. We're taking pre-orders now.

4 new shades (Rusty Nail, Widow's Wood Nightcap, Smokey Martini and Roasted Mellow)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pet Age

Our 3waybeauty doggystyle grooming bar was featured in the November 2012 edition of Pet Age magazine.

Thanks, Pet Age!

Monday, October 22, 2012

More Maidens

Two recent videos showcasing various Maidens that will be featured at Maiden Minnesota 2012.

Kare 11

 and WCCO:

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beauty In The Kitchen

Fiberglass in lip-plumping glosses, petroleum in moisturizers and parabens in shampoos.

Sugar, pumpkin, chocolate, strawberries and honey in facial masks and scrubs.

Which group sounds more appetizing?
Even though more people are becoming aware of (and concerned about) the potentially harmful additives in our food, most of us still don’t think twice about scrubbing our skin with harsh soaps or lathering on moisturizers with unpronounceable ingredients. Who knew some of the most appetizing food items in our kitchens could replace those more abrasive products?
Becky Sturm and Kris James already know. The Twin Cities women are among those touting the health benefits of using naturally based products on our bodies.
Take a quick comparison of olive oil versus baby oil. The latter, derived from petroleum, sits on top of the skin’s surface, while olive and other plant-based oils absorb into the skin.
“We grew up in the baby oil generation,” says Sturm, owner of Stormsister Spatique, a home-based natural and organic beauty product company in St. Paul,StormSister.biz. “We’d slather that stuff on and go sit in the sun, not really thinking about what the ingredients were doing to us.”
Natural-spa experts recommend avoiding mineral oil and petroleum jelly, as they are byproducts of petroleum production and can clog pores, prevent the skin from breathing naturally and prevent toxins from leaving the body through the natural process of sweating.
Sturm and James advocate the use of natural ingredients – sugar, plant oils, even organic coffee grounds – in homemade beauty products.
Growing up in her grandmother’s beauty shop, Sturm picked up plenty of tips on the use of natural products (example: using leftover caffeinated tea bags to reduce eye puffiness). A hairdresser for more than 26 years, she’s a graduate of the Horst Education Center (now known as the Aveda Institute).
Sturm recommends exfoliating the skin using a sugar-and-olive-oil scrub no more than twice a week. The same mixture can be used as an all-over body scrub and a foot scrub, too.
James – a Waconia resident, longtime cooking instructor and tea blender who now teaches tea-tasting and aromatherapy classes at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum — prefers other oils, such as grapeseed, because she finds olive oil too heavy and oily.
Both women recommend experimenting with different types of “carrier” oils from seeds, nuts or kernels; essential oils; and natural food-based products to see what you like best.
For the face, Sturm recommends a superfine baking sugar. James also likes to use natural clays (Bentonite and French green clay help to draw out toxins) and powdered marshmallow root in her homemade facial masks. For years, she has only washed her face using raw honey. “It’s a wonderful humectant and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.”
Egg whites, mayonnaise, yogurt, cucumber, parsley, walnuts, oatmeal and many other ingredients from the refrigerator or pantry also are good options.
“I’m always experimenting,” says James, who works a lot with essential oils, distilled from the leaves, bark and roots of botanicals.
For women struggling with cellulite (and are there any who don’t?), Sturm recommends mixing used coffee grounds with some olive oil and rubbing the mixture on problem areas.
“Sit or stand for a bit, about 10 to 20 minutes, and let the caffeine do its work,” she advises. “Caffeine will pull the moisture out of the skin, and it’s not going to affect you like drinking caffeine would.”
Sturm says using the coffee scrub once a week will help in the cellulite fight. Hydrating after every scrub seals in skin’s natural oils.
About those natural oils in our bodies, Sturm points out that commercial soaps, cleansers and moisturizers can work against the body’s natural processes. “The cleansing is so strong, and our body wants to heal itself, so it keeps pumping out oil,” she explains.
Even those with oily skin should use a matte moisturizer daily, she says. Everyone – men included, ahem – should moisturize. She also recommends that people over the age of 30 should avoid foaming cleansers, but rather use milk- or cream-type cleansers that don’t lather.
And in what goes against every fiber of our get-and-stay-squeaky-clean-at-every-expense society, she says we shouldn’t shampoo every day. As we use certain products less and less frequently, our body chemistry changes and our bodies regulate their natural oils, she explains.
“Shampoo every other day at most,” she counsels. “Rinsing is OK in between.”
Another tip from Sturm, particularly helpful to those with acne issues: Make cleansing your face a priority (do it morning and night), and change your pillowcase every day. And that cell phone pressed against your face? Wipe it down with a baby wipe at least once a day.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

History of Badger

 Carpenters Paul, Anton, & Badger Bill brave the elements, 1989.

How Badger Balm was started...

"Back in the winter of 1993, I was a carpenter with cracked fingers. I spent much of my time banging nails outside in some pretty harsh conditions. I also loved working with herbs and natural remedies. This turned out to be a fortunate coincidence: as fate would have it, I went into my kitchen and made up a batch of what later became Badger Healing Balm. It healed my fingers and a business was born.

I was going to call the first product "Bear Paw" but the name was already taken! At first I was disappointed, but then the name "Badger" came to me, as if in a dream, and I knew it was the right choice. The Badger is a healing totem: The Root Gatherer, with a deep knowledge of the secrets of the root and herb kingdoms; fierce and effective in defense of the self and family, and persistent in overcoming obstacles, successfully seeing projects through to the end." -Badger Bill

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Old Shampoo

Have you made the switch from a chemically laden shampoo to a more natural shampoo and are wondering what to do with that old bottle of shampoo?

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Our quote on Birchbox, for a story about "low-pooing".

Go Through the Motions
“Just because you are shampooing less, doesn’t mean you can’t still get your hair wet. I actually encourage that you go through the motions of shampooing (just without shampoo). Rub your scalp, and rinse-rinse-rinse.” —Becky Sturm, hairdresser and owner of StormSister Spatique in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Maiden Minnesota 2012

Maiden Minnesota 2012 Supports Local Women-owned Businesses

Join us Oct 26th for this shopping event to benefit Project SUCCESS

Maiden Minnesota 2012 is a celebration of Minnesota-based, women-owned companies. The fun, socializing and charitable shopping event will feature fashion, beauty products, jewelry, accessories, home décor, specialty food items and more made by leading women-owned businesses, as well as help support and raise awareness for Project SUCCESS, a local youth-development organization that works with students to help them develop life skills that can transform their lives.

More than 35 companies will sell their goods to the more than 1,200 people expected to attend. The 2012 participants will offer exclusive sales, as well as donate product towards a silent auction to benefit Project SUCCESS and include (not complete list): Aromi, Ba.da.bling, Belle Vache, Bridget Clark Designs, Cocoa & Fig, Droolin’ Moose, eKate Designs, Epitome Skincare, Esse Reusable Bags, Foat, Gracie’s Pantry, Greenbody Greenplanet, Heim-Made, Illume, Irely & TowelTopper, Jeanne Beatrice, J.W. Hulme Co., Julz, Kedrin, K.H. Designs, Local Motion, MadeSmart, Mayhar Art, Meztiza Designs by Marisa Martinez, Mitra Vahhaj Jewelry, Nelli Designs, Realia by Jen, SBG Designs, Skin Salvy, StormSister Spatique with 3waybeauty, The Plot Thickens, Tru Vintage, Truly Simple Fashion, Urban Junket and Yen Chee Design.

In its sixth year, the event was founded in 2007 by Tracy Dyer of Urban Junket and Jen Stack of Relish Minds PR to raise awareness locally and nationally for the fascinating women-owned companies that have helped make the Twin Cities a hotbed of creativity and great design.

Friday, Oct. 26, 2012
5 – 10 p.m.
The Graves 601 Hotel
601 First Ave. North,

Minneapolis, MN 55403

Tickets: $20 in advance online, $30 at the door and includes one drink ticket. $5 from each ticket goes directly to Project SUCCESS. 200 gift bags are available for sale on the website with an additional $10 donation to Project SUCCESS. More information available at Maiden Minnesota http://www.MaidenMinnesota.com .

The event is open to the public.

About Project SUCCESS
Founded in 1994, Minneapolis-based Project SUCCESS is a youth-development organization that works with 16 Twin Cities schools and 11,600 students over a seven-year period, from middle school through high school, to help them develop life-skills that can transform their lives. Through in-school goal-setting workshops, theater experiences, and special programming/services, students learn to make informed choices and plan for meaningful futures.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

John Masters Organics for Men

Two new products at StormSister Spatique - 4 ways to look great!

PROMOTION: The first two people to purchase the Shave/Face foam wash will receive a complimentary Moisturizer/Aftershave. Same goes for the first two people to purchase the Moisturizer/Aftershave will receive a complimentary Shave/Face Wash.

John Masters Organics Eucalyptus & Agave Face Wash & Shave Foam
This lightweight 2-in-1 face wash and shave foam gently cleans & softens skin & whiskers with 10 organic oils and extracts. Witch hazel & willow bark help protect against shaving irritation with antiseptic & anti-inflammatory benefits. And essential amino acids, vitamins and anti-oxidants help to calm dry & sensitive skin and provide long-lasting hydration.

Made with 10 certified-organic ingredients:
• eucalyptus oil - soothes and reduces bacteria; antibiotic & anti-inflammatory
• agave extract - locks in moisture; promotes collagen production
• black willowbark extract - naturally exfoliates & smooths the skin; reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
• prickly pear extract - high in essential amino acids; soothes & calms dry skin
• gotu kola - heals and firms the skin
• witch hazel - protects from irritation; anti-inflammatory; antiseptic
• white tea - anti-bacterial
• rice - softens and heals while helping to prevent wrinkles
• algae - soothes, hydrates & firms the skin

John Masters Organics Eucalyptus & Agave Moisturizer & Aftershave
This daily moisturizer and aftershave utilizes agave and oat beta glucan to soothe & smooth skin, locking in moisture & reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Lightweight but powerful, it’s rich in antioxidants & provides strong collagen turnover & free-radical fighting properties for renewed skin.

Made with 7 certified-organic ingredients

• eucalyptus oil - soothes and reduces bacteria; antibiotic & anti-inflammatory
• agave extract - locks in moisture; promotes collagen production
• sodium hyaluronate - mimics hyaluronic acid to retain skin’s elasticity; prevents dehydration & wrinkles; gives skin a firm, youthful appearance
• beta glucan - healing; stimulates collagen; protects against environmental pollutants; protects against sun damage & decreases hyper-pigmentation from sun damage
• guarana - antioxidant; anti-bacterial; astringent
• rice - softens and heals while helping to prevent wrinkles
• algae - soothes, hydrates & firms the skin
• dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline - fights wrinkles; promotes collagen production; helps renew the skin

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Thanks to Tricia Chavez for including us in her About.com article.

Unisex and Travel-Friendly Natural Shaving and Skin Care

Whether you are searching for an effective everyday natural shaving product for your home vanity or a solution that travels with you easily on the road – you are in luck. I had the opportunity to try an innovative shaving product recently: A trifecta of grooming tasks and a neutral scent make it a  perfectly-suited option for guys and gals alike.

Triple Threat
After more than two decades in the beauty industry, StormSister Spatique owner Becky Sturm of St. Paul, Minnesota was seeking a multipurpose beauty product that could do three tasks effectively. She developed the natural, plant-based shhh. bar with the belief that pure solutions are the healthiest options for our hair and skin. The result was a three-in-one bar that’s effective for safely shampooing, showering and shaving. “Not only does the shhh. bar save consumers money and time, but its all-natural ingredients are better for the body and the environment, which is a win-win for everyone,” Sturm says. It meets TSA regulations too, so you can pack it in a carry-on bag without any problems.
On the Label
The shhh. bar is made without any artificial fragrances, artificial coloring, preservatives or synthetics.
The original bar has a unisex, citrus scent. A second, floral-scented bar is available that’s made using seven different lavender varieties sourced globally. The bars are sold in two sizes ($5 for 1.5 oz, $17 for 6 oz) in 100 percent compostable and recyclable packaging, with eight key, natural additives:
Castor seed oil to moisturize and prevent hair loss with insecticidal, fungicidal and germicidal powers
Cocoa butter is a natural preservative with natural antioxidants, a sweet smell and luxurious texture
Coconut oil prevents dandruff and breakage as it hydrates your hair
Jojoba oil mimics the skin’s natural oils and has anti-fungal properties
Kukui nut oil helps your hair grow
Olive and palm oil have antibacterial properties, contain natural antioxidants and moisturize the hair and skin
Sweet almond oil has essential minerals magnesium and calcium, and vitamins A, D and E to enrich skin

Monday, October 1, 2012

Down and Dirty

excerpt from American Spa Magazine.

Long before modern ingredients, people looked no further than Mother Nature to keep their skin looking its best. In fact, the indigenous people of Mesopotamia, which is widely known as the benchmark of civilization in the west, utilized mud and clay for both medicinal and aesthetic purposes, due to its composition of botanicals, enzymes, and minerals. Today, although there are myriad products and ingredients available to help clients achieve softer, hydrated, and healthy skin, treatments featuring mud and clay remain in demand because of their natural and proven benefits. “Mud and clay masks have oil-controlling properties, absorb toxins, and purify the skin,” says Cassie Miller-Hart, west coast regional educator for HydroPeptide. “Minerals in mud aid in detoxification and provide nutrient support to the skin. Mud is a centuries-old, tried-and-true step in beauty regimens for its unique mineral content and healing properties.”
For hundreds of years, bentonite clay has been used for both medicinal and beauty purposes in many cultures, because this particular form of clay is excellent at drawing out impurities from the skin. At My Oasis Spa (Whittier, CA), clients can experience the benefits of bentonite firsthand with a variety of bentonite clay treatments. For example, they can choose to add the Back Body Scrub, which helps remove excess oil to prevent breakouts on the back while stimulating the lymphatic system. Bentonite clay is combined with jojoba, peppermint, and tea tree essential oils to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin.
Treatments incorporating mud and clay are especially beneficial to those suffering from acne because of their drying properties. “Mud or clay treatments are great for clients with oily or acne-prone skin,” says Lydia Sarfati, CEO and founder of Repêchage. “These skin types tend to produce excess sebum and bacteria, which lead to clogged pores as well as inflammation. Mud and clay masks help to disinfect, as they cleanse and calm the skin.” At Dolce Vita Day Spa (Houston), visitors have a variety of options to choose from that feature Hungarian wellness mud, the only therapeutic mud authorized to be used in medicinal spas in Hungary. Among the most popular treatments is the Acne Mud Facial ($90, 60 minutes), which helps improve the condition of acne, reduce the appearance of large pores, and revitalize the skin. And because the mud used contains almost 60 percent silicon dioxide, it helps maintain skin’s elasticity.
But, beware, warns Miller-Hart. The same properties and benefits mud and clay offer for those suffering from skin conditions may prove detrimental for clients with regular or dry skin. “Because mud and clay masks typically have a drying effect on some skin types, I recommend looking for one that has hydrating properties, in addition to the other active ingredients,” she says. “As an esthetician, one of my favorite tricks is to apply a serum-based product before the mask application. This will allow the beneficial actives to penetrate into the skin and minimize the drying.”
According to Annet King, director of global education of Dermalogica, it is important to take into account which type of mud or clay product you choose. “With body masks, it needs to penetrate the skin, but then you need to be able to get it off the skin quickly,” says King.
At The Standard Spa (Miami), guests can enjoy the Mud Lounge. Before, between, or after treatments, for $20, they can choose from Red Earth Detoxifying Mud, Purifying Golden Body Mud, or Spirulina Smoothing Mud, which they then apply themselves all over their bodies and faces before relaxing in one of the spa’s bayside lounge chairs. The mud then tightens pores, clears toxins, and improves skintone.