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Wrinkle Dimension

New from Vie Collection: Wrinkle Dimension . Vie Collection affirms its anti-aging expertise by drawing inspiration from hyaluronic acid injections with WRINKLE DIMENSION Hyaluronic Acid Concentrate. This semi-fluid, half-lotion serum brings together a trio of hyaluronic acid, the benchmark molecule approved by dermatologists and used in optimum concentrations to effectively act on crepey and wrinkled skin. Hyaluronic acid helps to maintain optimum levels of hydration within the skin by trapping water in deep layers, in the same way as a sponge, strengthening skin cohesion and increasing firmness. Over time, hyaluronic acid contained in the body decreases by half, making WRINKLE DIMENSION an appropriate year-round solution to provide maturing and wrinkled skin with a perfect supply of hyaluronic acid for an instantly rejuvenating effect. Directions for use: apply several drops before face cream, morning and evening. Key ingredients : •Hyaluronic Acid Trio: Encapsulated Hi

Controlled Chaos Curl Creme Giveaway

WIN! Calling all Curly Girls! Head on over to our Facebook page and tell us what you use. We're giving away a full-sized bottle! Controlled Chaos is unlike any other curl product, leaving curls soft, shiny and frizz-free without feeling and looking crispy or oily. All-In-One: Curl Creme replaces the most commonly 'cocktailed' curl products: detangler, leave-in, curl definer, heat/UV protectant and shine spray. Controlled Chaos is formulated with organic botanicals and is gluten, paraben and sulfate-free. Packaging is BPA-free. The Curl Creme is revolutionizing the concept of 'product memory'.   Once dry, the hair can be worn up, moved around-even stretched-and it will return to it's gorgeous looking state.  This part is completely unheard of in the category. Curl Creme works to repair hair over time, equalizing porosity, adding moisture, softening and conditioning.  This will improve color-processed, damaged and porous textures with continued use

Makeup Safety

If you have been following us for the last 12 years you know how much we talk about ingredients in beauty and grooming products. We're pretty disappointed that we still have to talk about it in regard to beauty products manufactured in the USA (European, Canadian and Japanese products are so much "cleaner" ). The Johnson & Johnson verdict on talc is a shining example of the overhaul that needs to take place in the beauty industry. Use this graph to make some changes in your grooming product regimen - we understand that this information may be daunting and we suggest that you make changes slowly. As you finish a product, replace it with a healthier alternative. Baby steps.

Fountain Of 30

Thanks to Fountain Of 30 for the lippie love  - Best Organic Lip Balms . Our Stormsisters - Lips Accessorized Amy lippie is featured. #9 Pucker up!


Atelier957 loves the Mpls/StP fashion community! They want to foster relationships, and well...they want to get to know you better! They would love to put a face with a name (or Instagram feed) and know you personally. And they think a party is the perfect way to do it! If you adore Iris Apfel. If your closet if 80%+ black. If you've ever attended an event at MIA. If you regularly change your outfit 3+ times in one day. If you read "make it work" and hear Tim Gunn's voice in your head. If you've ever used the hashtag  #ootd . If you like supporting other women in our community. You're their kind of people! Please join us in their Grand Ave house for an after-hours shopping event (with a juicy, exclusive discount for you!) This will  be low-key. You can chat with your peers & friends, drink or just shop while you enjoy: - NEW SPRING ITEMS (and lots of winter sale items we're ready to get rid of) from  Atelier957 - FRAMES Pop-Up from  Specs Opt