Friday, April 30, 2010

My Card

By the time this post is published, I'll be on my way to NYC to shoot a video for American Express. I'm nervous. Quite nervous, actually.

This all started about 4 weeks ago when Amex contacted me for a phone interview. They wanted to know why I accept their card in my shop.

WHY they picked me, I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe I'll ask them "why" when I get there. Maybe I won't.
Anyway, they must have liked my answers because after a couple of phone conversations I am on my way to New York. On their tab ;o)
I'll just keep my fingers crossed that I don't end up on the cutting room floor.

Choosing to carry Amex in my store was a no-brainer for me. I've been a member myself since, I think, '93.
To make a long story short, I believe that despite the slightly higher fees and the couple of extra days it takes to process to your account, a business is foolish not to accept it.
They also have the best Membership Rewards program. Hands down.
And it's common knowledge that their cardholders spend more.
Win. Win.

It makes me happy when my clients ask and are then pleasantly surprised that I accept Amex.

I don't know who is or isn't going to see this video or what is going to come of this surreal experience. But, I am certainly aware of the potential of it.

I do know that Kevin Quinn of STYLEDLIFE is going with me and will be styling this very NON-fashionista. As well as hold my hand through this entire experience.
I also know that I am his biggest fan. - We're partners in crime, you could say.

KQ and I are both small business owners and personally and professionally we have had a very difficult year and a half.
As a matter of fact, financially, so has almost every other small business across our country. I'm grateful for the attention that Amex is showing the small business owner.

Kevin and I are also very aware that something quite special is at play here.
Our gang has a mantra: It's - Not - Our - Fault.

That about sums it up.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

StormSister Haul

That Bombshell Beauty discusses her StormSister Spatique haul.

Beauty Emporium? I like it, I like it a lot!

Thanks, Sara!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kathy Lee and Hoda

My beloved MBeze Deodorette was just featured on The Today Show!
Forward to 2:00 if you only want to hear about the product.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lemon and Vetiver

Mmmmmm, Sunleaf Naturals has come out with a new fragrance addition to their popular reed diffusers.

The Rosy Geranium was my previous favorite, but now I think it is this new one - LemonVetiver.

Elegant in their simplicity and grace, Reed Diffusers from SunLeaf Naturals bring a touch of nature into your home. The pure essential oils absorb into the natural reeds to gently fill the room with our fresh, clean scents. SunLeaf Naturals diffusers are made from pure plant-derived ingredients without any alcohol, synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals. So, breathe deep and enjoy.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Meet StormSister For Lunch

This is a beauty blog.
Usually about lotions and potions....and serums, but according to Madonna, "beauty's where you find it".

I'm not certain if there is any truth to the rumor that two networks refused to show this commercial (too much cleavage or because of the size of the model) or if it is just a savvy publicity stunt by Lane Bryant to sell more tit-slings.
I'll assume it is the latter - for the sake of all womankind.
Anyhoo, this video has gone viral.

Pity our "immodest dress" truly doesn't have the power to cause earthquakes - We could all band together and topple buildings smack dab on this asshole.

In the immortal words of my friend Lynda, "Hooray for boobies!"

Oh yeah, back to the beauty part.

She's gorgeous. Enough said.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


You're invited to The Melting Pot on Tuesday, May 18th for a pre-premier party for the new Sex in The City 2 movie.

Come dressed as your favorite Sex And The City star – Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte or Samantha. Warner Brothers Studios will be giving away tickets to the new Sex And The City 2 movie premiering in May.

$35 per person for this special Girls Night Out.

Special vendors (including StormSister Spatique!) with apparel, hair styling, fun products and makeup tips, plus special SATC drinks! All gals will also be entered to win fabulous prizes and gifts!

So, strap on your Malono Blahnik’s and get paparazzi ready!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Reuse & Recycle Reward Program

Save all of your Galen Labs bottles and containers and bring them in to StormSister Spatique and receive a $1 off coupon for each Galen recyclable you return.

All Galen Labs products are eligible.

Your return will be cleaned, sanitized and reused.

Over 1,000 Galen containers have been returned so far!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day!

Wow, what a fantastic Earth Day its been here at StormSister Spatique!

I knew Sara Glassman was working on a piece to include Greenplanet Greenbody this week, but I didn't know it was also going to include two of my other favorite brands, NONTOXIQUE and Galen Labs. AND, that I was going to be tied into all three of these fantastic locals. Woohoo!

It's funny, I thought Sara was going to feature Greenbody on PopFizz Daily. I didn't know it was a piece for the Star Tribune. What a pleasant surprise when a future client called me and started asking me questions about the products.
I had to ask her where she saw the article!

Gee, Allison Kaplan's Savvy Shopper Pioneer Press article last Sunday and this, today.

And then AFTER this post was published, there is Twin Cities Live and their beauty segment featuring NONTOXIQE. Thanks Elizabeth Dehn and Elizabeth Ries!

I LOVE Earth Week!
Just sayin'.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beauty Shop Trivia

It's time for a little Beauty Shop trivia!

Prizes are a secret and will be mailed to the first person to answer the daily Facebook post correctly.
One trivia post per day.
You may only win once during the next five days.

Sorry international clients, but this contest is only open to those with a US mailing address.

Love you! mean it!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Noord Holland

hi! i have received the order and i am so happy with it, thanks again :-)
kind regards,

mirjam b. - Netherlands

A little StormSister love from Holland. Short and sweet.

Monday, April 19, 2010

SpaRitual Bombshell

StormSister gets another plug from that Bombshell Beauty. Thank you Sara. I'm so happy you love SpaRitual as much as I do.

Here is the link for Hope Springs Eternal - the shade Sara purchased here at StormSister.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little PiPress Love

So glad to see two of my favorite brands (NONTOXIQUE and Galen Labs) featured in the St. Paul Pioneer Press this morning. Page 9E.

Thanks Allison for lovin' the locals!

Hope to see you all at our Earth Day event on Tuesday, April 20th, with NONTOXIQUE.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Smell that Smell

Herbs. Not just for flavoring cuisine.

Sage has many healing properties. Eighteenth-century herbalist John Evelyn once claimed that the use of sage could "render men immortal." That's a bit of a stretch, but it can be used to whiten teeth, decrease sweating (my personal favorite), and soothe a sore throat. It can also aid in the digestion of gas-producing foods.

Thyme was used by the Egyptians to embalm their dead. What, you're not into embalming your dead? Well then, it was also used in WWI as an antiseptic and can be used to combat a respiratory infection and cough.

Rosemary has been used by healers for its memory-boosting properties. The ancient Greeks wore rosemary garlands to aid in recall - many modern day students continue to use it.

In a small test, three minutes of rosemary aromatherapy seems to have increased the test subjects' math abilities while decreasing anxiety.
Add to this antiaging powers, antibiotic properties, and it's ability to aid in hair growth.

Oh yeah, and though Eucalyptus is a potent weapon against coughs and asthma, don't eat it unless you're a Koala.

Creams that include Chamomile (or is it Camomile?) have been found to be as effective as over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream.

Creams containing Arnica should be applied immediately after an injury for quicker healing.

Peppermint will ease the pain of a sinus headache. Using a cooling and refreshing peppermint compress is pure heaven.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Before and After

Calling all LiLash junkies - LiLash/RenewLash users only.

Please send me before and after shots of your doe-eyes. I need them for a future post. Thanks.

Respond to this post and I'll be in touch.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Green Hair

I am so excited to be carrying the new brand, Greenbody Greenplanet professional haircare!

Just another product to my list of favorites. Oi!

I am currently using Greenbody Greenplanet's Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner (the scented version; rosemary, ylang ylang, and geranium essential oils are used to scent this range.)

This has been a very interesting 18 months or so in the haircare biz.
Several truly "green and healthy" haircare brands have emerged amongst all of that 'greenwashing' going on out there.

Getting used to the little-to-no-suds phenomenon has been a bit of a psychological hurdle for me - As it has been for many - I'm a hairdresser and our professional, sudsy haircare always removed the muckity muck that everyone used on their hair - It was the suds that did that, right?

I'm almost as brainwashed as every other American when it comes to suds and lather.
Are we really clean without it? It's been tough, wrapping my head around that concept.
To answer that question, I say yes. And when you give it up and your skin and hair begin to heal, you will be rewarded with truly soft, healthy skin and full, shiny hair that feel incredible.

To only have known all of this 20 years ago.

If you have soft water yours will probably lather just fine. Hard water, not so much. Don't worry, don't use more, just got through the motions. Lather is also determined by how often you shampoo and what styling products you may use.
"Lather is moot, lather is moot", I had to keep telling myself.

GBGP shampoos also make great body washes. Men really appreciate having one product that has more than one usage.

Well, that's my two-cents.

Below is some information from a press release for GBGP:

— Lorri Weisen, a local salon owner and wife of a two-time cancer survivor, was motivated to find a healthy, toxin free shampoo to offer her clients. Distraught with the choices available, she created her own brand of hair care, dispelling the myth that you have to sacrifice lather and luxury, to achieve health and wellness.

Greenbody Greenplanet, an organically based and toxin free hair care line, has been available since January 2009 at Hairs to You Salon & Boutique in Roseville. Lorri Weisen, owner and founder of the growing line, feels it’s time to expand into the community and share it with other salons and spas that share her belief and want to offer healthier alternatives to their clients. StormSister Spatique of St.Paul (that's me!) will be the first business to carry the chemical-free line.

“I've been doing a sort-of delicate tap dance for the last few years,” says Weisen, whose husband’s battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma made her question the chemicals in the products we use, and how those chemicals affect our health. “Not everyone wanted to hear what I had to say or shared in the same beliefs I did, so I stepped lightly. Lately things have changed. Consumers are getting savvier, but there is still a long way to go and salons are slow to jump on board."

With many years as a salon owner, Weisen understands the challenges in the beauty industry. "It's self regulated and marketing is king, which means the same company that creates a product, also tests for its safety. Kind of like the fox watching the hen house. There are a lot of companies out there claiming to be clean, green and organic but the truth is─ most are simply lying to us. It’s very frustrating. I searched and experimented for over a year to find products worthy of selling to my clients and came up empty handed each time, that’s why I created Greenbody Greenplanet. My hope is that I can make a positive impact in an industry that I love while helping others understand the importance of healthy beauty”.

StormSister would like to suggest that they get crackin' on a "fiberous" pomade/styling cream. Pomades are sorely lacking in the "green" haircare movement.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Acne Recipe

My girl Elizabeth at Beauty Bets has posted a great recipe for clearing up a sporadic acne outbreak.

I couldn't agree more.

Monday, April 12, 2010

StormSister's Next Stage

If you didn't get to listen to my interview with Pamela Muldoon on the Next Stage Business Radio Show on Saturday, here's what you missed.

Radio interviews go entirely too quickly. Even when I have notes, I forget something.
I meant to plug my Earth Day event with NONTOXIQUE. My bad.

Thanks again Pamela for an enjoyable interview.

Seriously people, I need a radio gig.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thank you, John Masters!

John Masters Organics has been so gracious in donating shampoo, detangler, body wash and body milk to all of the fabulous women who are being featured in the first edition of Crave Minneapolis/Saint Paul.
How fantastic!

I swear, I have the best vendors, ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Crave Minneapolis/Saint Paul arrives May 26th and will feature yours truly ;o)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lurking, Take Two

It's about time. Serious press on a serious issue.

Thanks again to that Ranting Redhead for bringing this news piece to my attention. I had just posted about this the other day.
I'm so happy this has lit a fire under you too, Jen.

Please join NONTOXIQUE and StormSister Spatique on April 20th.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Dirty Secret

An important beauty article.

Thank you Jennifer, for bringing this to my attention and for being concerned. As you should.

Did you know that the "fox guards the henhouse" in regard to the beauty industry here in the US?
The US government does not, I repeat, DOES NOT make certain that the lotions and potions you are putting on your body each day are safe.
From the soaps you bathe with in the morning to the hairspray you use to finish off your style.
The US Food and Drug Administration DOES NOT have the authority to require your personal care products be tested or even recalled if they are defective or harmful.

The beauty industry polices itself with the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) panel that is funded and run by the cosmetic industry! Specifically, it is funded by its trade association, the Cosmetics, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association. This panel has 7 voting members, including NON-voting memberships for the trade association, the FDA and a consumer group.

Gross. It's time to wake up, consumers. Yes, you.

There is a lot we feel that we cannot control in this world, but we CAN control what products we put on our bodies every day. You can.

An important book that inspired me a couple of years ago -- Not Just a Pretty Face - The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry by Stacy Malkan.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Poo Bar Feedback

Sheila Mossberg of NONTOXIQUE loves her Bodylish shampoo bar and has this to say about it:

What I really love about the bar shampoo is it gives me the most incredible volume! I can't explain it but I don't use products in my hair so if I want volume I have to dream about it. Well, now I can have it with this soap. I also notice if I use it twice in the same week, I get more volume. This is the perfect piece for brides to use the week leading up to the wedding to get that dirty hair volume!

StormSister couldn't agree more!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


This article is just gross. Do you know what is lurking in your soap?

The hold that the chemical/petroleum industry has in this country is truly frightening.
Knowing what I do about the self-regulated beauty industry and how the strongest nation on the PLANET can be so behind-the-times, the following paragraph is just another annoying reminder:

Is it just the U.S.?

Triclosan is a concern to governments all around the world. Although the United States does not currently restrict triclosan use in cosmetics, both Japan and Canada do. The European Union classifies triclosan as an irritant, dangerous for the environment and very toxic to aquatic organisms, while public authorities in Denmark, Finland and Germany have issued statements advising consumers not to use antibacterial products.

We're not behind-the-times, there is just too much money being made by chemical companies whose products pose health concerns.

Here are some hand soap alternatives:

Scrub Your Butt Soap Co. - Fresh Picked

NONTOXIQUE - Hand & Nail Cleanser

And the new INtelligent Nutrients Hand Purifier is GLORIOUS.

NONTOXIQUE is sponsoring a Triclosan Drop-Off event Tuesday, April 20th.
Drop off your tainted beauty merchandise and receive 25% off a hand cleanser or any other beauty item, for each Triclosan tainted one you bring in.

Examples of Products That Contain Triclosan:

Neutrogena Deep Clean Body Scrub Bar
Lever 2000 Special Moisture Response Bar Soap, Antibacterial
CVS Antibacterial Hand Soap
Dial Liquid Soap, Antibacterial Bar Soap
Softsoap Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap
Cetaphil Gentle Antibacterial Cleansing Bar
Clearasil Daily Face Wash
Clean & Clear Oil Free Foaming Facial Cleanser
Dawn Complete Antibacterial Dish Liquid
Ajax Antibacterial Dish Liquid
Colgate Total Toothpaste
Right Guard Sport Deodorant
Old Spice Red Zone, High Endurance and Classic Deodorants
Vaseline Intensive Care Antibacterial Hand Lotion

Truly, beauty doesn't have to be so hazardous.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Two Timing

My girl Alexis, at Lola Red PR, came up with these brilliant beauty tips and I had to rip them off - with her permission, of course ;o)

Lip Protectant

Day job: lip hydrator
Moonlights as: cuticle cream

Pressed Powder
Day job: shine eliminator
Moonlights as: dry shampoo. Yep, take that blush brush to the roots for an instant matte lift.

Bobby Pin
Day job: secure the up-do
Moonlights as: gel eyeliner applicator. Might actually work better than the brush

Do you have any fun beauty tips where one product is doing double duty?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Crave Update!

Just got word that the 1st ever Crave Minneapolis/St. Paul edition will be in my hot little hands (and in the shop), May 26th.

This book features all the best women owned boutiques and businesses in the Twin Cities. Including yours truly ;o)

Order your book now cuz I'll only have 50 copies .