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Hostess with the Mostest

We're so lucky to have TWO   3waybeauty   products featured in the June edition of  Minnesota Monthly  - Hostess Gift Guide. Tim, the stylist for this shoot, had this to say: "Becky Sturm of StormSister Spatique , designed a soap for men and women that can be used for shower, shampoo, and shaving. It’s all-natural and comes in three scents. When buying a host/hostess gift think of “little luxuries” that people might not buy themselves, like great hand towels for a guest bathroom." Becky’s candle in a wine glass ( Wicked ) is a great alternative to a bottle of wine. The 100% natural candle (comes in three scents) and is cool burning. Meaning you can use the warm wax as a hand and body oil. When your candle is done (after about 80 hours of burn time) the glass container is a high quality stemless wineglass.

Bugs Off

INtelligent Nutrients Certified Organic Bug Repellent Serum & Perfume Spray  -  Attracts Love Bites, Repels Bug Bites Attract humans while at the same time repel biting, stinging, scourging insects. Smells so good, 72% described the aroma as enjoyable to extremely enjoyable. Filled with beautifully fragrant top notes of Geranium, peppermint and lemongrass rounded out with cedar, clove, rosemary and citronella essential oils.


New from Phytomer -  CELLULI ATTACK CONCENTRATE for stubborn areas. Exercise and diet may not be enough to eliminate stubborn cellulite, PHYTOMER has reinvented contouring and combined the most effective ingredients with a high-tech texture to effectively erase “orange peel skin.” INTENSIVE TREATMENT FOR CELLULITE AREAS HALF as visible in 1 month*  - Cellulite  - Orange Peel Skin  - Stubborn Fat *Self-evaluation carried out by 56 female consumers - average value, evaluation of the improvement in the appearance of the skin, twice daily application for 28 days.

Stellar Strands

The new, ultimate hydrating, deep conditioning hair treatment from Kinky-Curly! Enriched with Argan Oil & Macadamia Nut Oil, STELLAR STRANDS will take your curls from status quo to stellar. When used regularly you will notice improved elasticity and reduced breakage while it rejuvenates and moisturizes dry, brittle hair. **TIP: Stellar Strands can be used with a heat cap for 15 minutes or 30 minutes without for the same excellent results.

Lip Service

We're setting up shop at Dugo   in Galleria, today from 4-9. Come out and play! Tim Creagan is hosting so stop by for some Lip Service - We'll be there with the  Elixery lipsticks (there's a new RED!) and Julie Swenson Beauty Lip Hue  and then peruse gems by Wells Gustafson , Laurie Luehmann , Donna Beck and Polly Holly - all local jewelry designers. Photos.

Smooth Out Cellulite

Phytoceane CELLULI-EXPERT - Fresh Smoothing Gel PROPERTIES: Ultra-fresh gel texture, perfect glide, immediate feeling of freshness and a velvety finish Visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite The skin is smoothed on the surface and is softer SEE THE RESULTS. . . Significant reduction in the visual evaluation of cellulite dimpling: -12% Average -38% Best Result *Clinical test on 24 women with visible cellulite dimpling. Twice-daily application for 28 days. Ingredients: ORELLA EXTRACT: extract of golden algae (Odontella Aurita) grown in the laboratory. Inhibitor effect on the synthesis and storage of fat*. PINK BERRY OIL: helps to block fat storage and activate fat burning; promotes skin microcirculation. LAMINARIA DIGITATA: limits the formation of new fat cells* (adipogenesis); stimulates the synthesis of collagen for a firming action. PALMARIA PALMATA: stimulates the microcirculation and promotes drainage DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply morning and evening to targ

VIE: The Cosmeceutical Expert

Vie Collection MÉSOFORCE - HYDRA REVITALIZING CREAM 100% of volunteers like this cream* MÉSOFORCE Hydra Revitalizing cream revolutionizes anti-aging skin care by utilizing encapsulated hyaluronic acid, free hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C and E to rehydrate, revitalize and protect against free radical damage for new dermo-cosmetic, skin aging prevention. *Self evaluation by 23 women, twice daily use for 28 days. Vie Collection  VITA C - CONCENTRATED SOLUTION A solution with boosted Vitamin C. As a vitamin-packed treatment, this solution smooths facial features, enhances skin tone and revives radiance. FAST. POWERFUL. EFFICIENT.