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New PureLuxe

Introducing the New and Improved INtelligent Nutrients PureLuxe Regimen New look. New formula. New proven clinical results! REGIMEN FOR DRY & DAMAGED HAIR REPAIR. STRENGTHEN. SHINE & UNFRIZZ. Lightweight, deeply hydrating and strengthening New plant bioactives for improved efficacy and performance 100% organic essential oil aroma Perfect for highly textured, dry or damaged hair PureLuxe Replenishing Shampoo: For dry damaged hair Extremely nourishing, harsh chemical sulfate-free aloe based shampoo with rich emollients and protein rebuilds from the inside out. Silky oils help soften and smooth the cuticle. It’s deeply hydrating yet light. Proven plant actives mean great hair for you and the earth. Free of parabens, harsh sulfates, quats and chatoinics, silicones, and synthetic fragrance. 42% shinier 29% stronger 21% improved combability 10% reduction in frizz** Luscious new formula features highlight notes of bergamot, geranium, lavender and orange Pu

Stay Frizz-Free Forever

5 Ways to Stay Frizz-Free Forever: Curl types vary, but if there’s one struggle all girls face, it’s frizz. Luckily, the folks at Controlled Chaos have unlocked the secret to banishing frizz once and for all with the revolutionary Controlled Chaos Curl Crème . When applied correctly, it’s all you need to win this game for good. Keep reading for five ways to embrace your new frizz-free lifestyle. 1. Moisturize like you mean it! Thirsty hair = frizzy hair. 2. Apply Curl Crème to soaking wet hair and blot gently with a microfiber towel or even a plain cotton t-shirt. 3. Keep your hands to yourself! Brushing or touching your hair while it’s drying can trigger a frizz fiasco. 4. Air dry if possible, or blow dry sparingly with a diffuser (never without!). 5. Once dry, flip your hair upside down and gently scrunch your curls to encourage softness and volume. (We like to do this step with just a small dab of Controlled Chaos on our hands!)