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I'll keep you posted on THIS development! 2009 is lookin ' good. Travel safely, my beauties, and have FUN tonight!


StormSister Spatique has a new search feature. Try it out! Don't forget that we are closed January 1st. 2009

StormSister Spatique & PopFizz Daily

Yippee for us and Scrub Your Butt Soap Co. Read here and thanks Sara! On a side note. We have an old blog that we want to get rid of. So, we are going to transfer old blog posts, that are still relevant, here. So, if you have been an avid reader you may have already read some of them. We'll do our best to make any reposts , current. The StormSister Spatique storefront will be closed on New Years day (January 1st), otherwise, it's business as usual here. Also, there is some great clearance merchandise here in the store right now, so stop in.

As seen in Bleech

Kiss and make it Butter Lip Scrub smoothes and exfoliates dry lips with sugar and shea butter. Makes lips soft and smooth before applying lip balm or lip gloss .

Treat Bath Truffles

As seen in Self magazine. The Bon Voyage gourmet bath truffle collection includes three delicious destinations for you to choose from. Roman Holiday white chocolate bath truffles are made with cocoa and coffee butters to soothe dry skin. Sweetens your bath with white chocolate and a twist of coffee.

Happy Holiday!

Whatever holiday you're celebrating, we would like to wish you safe travels and good times with your friends and loved ones! Thank you so much for your business and support, we are so very grateful. We would like to say a special "thank you" to all of our new customers that have made a conscious decision to either buy local or buy from a small business this holiday season. And, to you StormSister Spatique diehard   "product whores", albeit online or shoppers in the Spatique , we love ya terrible! Keep in mind, as we move forward in 2009, we small businesses are not the criminals that got us into this "financial crisis" and we're not getting any bailout.  I'm just sayin '. We appreciate your patronage more than you know, thank you. StormSister Spatique will be closed on Christmas day. We will open  at 10 AM on December 26 th .

Product Feedback

Love the IN Lip stuff and the John Masters Texturizer ... my husband is very hard to please when it comes to haircare products, but he loves it! Actually, we are both using the texturizer ... it's great and smells terrific. The lip stuff is really fantastic. It immediately is absorbed and really has what I'd call instant hydration. Other lip stuff just kind of sits there or is so waxy... Jane - Hong Kong

Breakthrough Product of the Year

Seriously folks, it's time to start using beauty products that are GOOD FOR YOU. You can't NOT afford to start using this brand .

Shine is Good

Allison Kaplan interviewed makeup guru Napoleon Perdis last week (ya, I'm slow) and he had a couple of great makeup tips that I wanted to pass along. Mascara first - yes first. Before eyeliner , before concealor , before coffee. "Mascara wakes up the face and makes you see that you really don't look that bad," Perdis says. Brilliant!, I say. I once had a client that would put mascara on before she went to bed - bad idea by the way - because just in case there was an emergency in the middle of the night, ie., firemen, paramedics, etc. favorite tip from Napoleon? "It's OK to be a little bit shiny. There's too much foundation in America." he says. Thank you baby Jesus for Napoleon. I have included some links to MY favorite makeup products (hey, it's MY blog) in this post.

TimeOut New York

Holidays in NY. Design snob? Not us, we just like beautiful product. Thank you TimeOut New York ! Panpuri if they would just allow me to sell online. Ugh!


We do a lot of shipping here at StormSister Spatique . Though store sales are creeping up on our online sales , online sales are still in the lead. European sales have increased about 10% this past year. I'm certain it has everything to do with the dollar/Euro ratio. Hey, yay ! for us. We continue to improve our "greenness" here, as well. If you purchase from our online store, you know that you don't always get the prettiest box or the prettiest packing materials - we reuse all of the boxes and packing materials that our products are shipped to us in. So, they aren't always pretty, but all of the goodies inside certainly are! Most of our packaging popcorn is now the recyclable kind that is made out of corn. My son Bailey says they taste like puffed popcorn, but without the salt. OK, I've tried them too, and he's right. We are not advocating that you try them, of course. I simply have an odd curiosity to taste things that aren't always intended to

Hair Brushes

It's no secret that I LOVE Olivia Garden hair brushes. I used them my entire career as a hairdresser and now I sell them in my Spatique . How excited was I when my favorite brush company went "green" and made a fantastic brush even better by designing them with bamboo handles? Brilliant! Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world? Yes siree , tis . The bamboo handled brushes still have the same ceramic ionic properties, they just have the addition of that lovely eco -friendly handle. Ceramic ionic technology helps hair dry faster. Once ceramic is heated the temperature stays constant and even compared to metal or plastic and the "ionic" portion of the brushes has something to do with negative ions and static and some other scientific mumbo jumbo. Hey, I'm just a girl who knows this stuff works. Don't ask me the science around it. Hair dries faster and is softer and smoother, that I can tell ya. I remember when one o

2 New Soaps

Two new scented soaps from Pre de Provence. Ginger Root and Green Tea. Pre de Provence uses shea butter in each of their products. That is one unique characteristic of this French brand. Shea butter makes for an especially creamy bath. They are worth every penny of their $7 price tag. What, you think that's expensive?! Oh sweet cheeks, put on your big girl panties, I have organic soap bars by Panpuri that will set you back $16! And trust me, they are worth every cent. If you cannot afford the addiction, don't splurge because you cannot give them up.

I don't know Everything

I love it when my clients teach me something. Tinted moisturizers aren't anything new. I was always a big fan of the one from Aveda , just lovely. I had a client in my store the other day who mixes her favorite Phytoceane moisturizer and Fleur's foundation . She wanted a tinted moisturizer and didn't want to purchase a separate product and so she mixed them. It makes sense. You favorite moisturizer + your favorite foundation = tinted moisturizer. Doh ! I never even thought of that! It's dry here in MN, so give it a whirl.

FQC Gets It Right!

I have been a French Quarter Candle fan for about 7 years or so. They have gone through some packaging changes that I haven't always been that thrilled with. But, I have been patient and expressed my disappointment when I wasn't happy. The new holiday candles just arrived. They are bigger, 11 oz and they went back to my favorite design; round tumbler, wax seal and organza bag. Just lovely and elegant. I'm certain you will be pleased as well. Remember, soy doesn't burn as hot as paraffin, so you can use the warm oil as a body lotion or massage oil.

Time for a Treat

The sweet solution to dry skin, Treat . The philosophy of Treat Beauty is simple: find nature's most beneficial active natural and organic food ingredients and craft them into products that are good for the skin. Inspired by nature's most delicious ingredients, Treat uses food grade antioxidant and vitamin rich butters and oils that are the best nature has to offer. They believe you should never put anything on your body you are not willing to put in it. (Sounds a little IN ish .) Nature offers many ingredients that are soothing and beneficial to dry skin. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins these ingredients can help to heal dry, sensitive and aging skin. If you are currently using a lip scrub , check the ingredients. Most lip scrubs contain petroleum in some form. Not Treat. Treat uses 100% natural sugar, shea butter, sweet and tart lemon essential oils in theirs. Oh, and those bath truffles that is just what your skin needs this time of year!

Scrub Your Butt

As in Scrub Your Butt Soap Co., though if you need a good butt scrubbin ' this line will certainly do the trick! My favorite? The Ash Wash , of course. The eye bags and neck wraps are also very nice and smell lovely. They are handmade. All Scrub Your Butt products are local and made right here in MN. I am really doing my best to find great quality boutique lines that are made close to home. Stay tuned.

And the winner is......PEZ!

It's official. The new StormSister Spatique candy is PEZ! YAY! I have been searching for a new candy for weeks. I have spent more time Googling candy than I care to admit. Ugh! I was going to purchase a new flavor of candy from the same company that I have been buying from for the past two years, but Wagner Match has horrible customer service. It's a blessing though, because I have found PEZ and who doesn't like PEZ?! Why PEZ, you ask? Well, if you know the background of how I got the name of my store - When my sister and I had a spa/salon together, we had a client who called us the Storm Sister's. My last name is Sturm and Sturm means "storm" in German. Anyhoo, my family is orginally from Austia and PEZ is from Austria. Hello!? It was meant to be! (Ok PEZ corporation, hopefully you will read this blog post and I will never have to purchase your wonderful candy again. hint, hint. Ok, "never have to purchase" may be reaching a bit, but you'

About OPI

OPI has finally followed the lead of SpaRitual and taken out the DBP , Toluene and formaldehyde of their nailcare line. Good work OPI , took ya long enough. No, I will not be carrying OPI . SpaRitual is entirely too forward-thinking and eco -friendly for me to go with another nailcare line. I love you, SpaRitual . Don't forget, keep your polishes and nail treatments in the fridge, they'll last longer.

Biz Buzz

In the blood bath that is retail right now, it is GREAT to be talked about......I'm just sayin '. StormSister + StyledLife = travel? @ Alishops .com "Travel" she asks? Yes Allison, we're getting our toes wet. Those Timothy Han travel candles are rockin '. STYLEDLIFE + StormSister Spatique = ...........Allison Kaplan , you'll be the first to know.

Some Press

Thanks Abby Van Ness and Jane Di Leo @ for the press! ( Lip Love and Two-In-One in the Healthy Holiday Gift Guide )

Dabber Dust

By Mbeze . Dab in underarm area with powder puff or cotton round for extra wetness protection as needed. Apply after deodorant. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Powder puff can be hand washed in between uses when necessary. Let it completely dry before putting back in container. Ingredients: Kaolinite (White Clay), Maranta arudinacea (Arrowroot) Root Powder, Sodium Bicarbonate, Zinc Oxide