Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Patti Smith West

Our 3waybeauty brand has a new vendor - Patti Smith West in Portland, OR.
So, all of you Portland residents, stop by Patti's groovy little store and get your shampoo - shower - shave on!

Like their Facebook page too.

More stores coming soon!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Plant Stem Cell Science

Revitalize. Rejuvenate and Restore.

INtelligent Nutrients has come out with two new skincare products:
Plant Stem Cell Science Renewal Complex - A targeted version and one for all-over use.

An eco-breakthrough in anti-aging skin care with Plant Stem Cell Science. This state-of-the-art advanced skin health science revitalizes, rejuvenates and restores skin with a concentrated topical Plant Stem Cell Renewal Complex.

Plant Stem Cell Science features ingredients from a proprietary biotech process that allows for the selection and reproduction of antioxidant-rich plant stem cells cultivated in the purest lab, without the use of soil.

It is completely eco-sustainable and respectful of bio-diversity and represents the cleanest, greenest and highest quality.

Just four Intellimune® super-antioxidant – omega-powered steps: Purify. Feed. Restore. Protect. The beautiful truth: the best skin comes from the best function. Our Intellimune antioxidant blend is a powerhouse of the world's most potent natural inflammation and degradation fighters. When skin works its best, it looks its best. This is certified organic nutrition to create the immunity that results in beautiful skin.

Our proprietary blend of edelweiss, coneflower and pennywort harnesses the power of plant stem cell antioxidants to address multiple signs of aging and is formulated at the highest potency for maximum efficacy. This process provides access to rare, highly active plant cells with antioxidant concentrations up to 1,000 times that of plants in nature.


Edelweiss, coneflower and pennywort plant stem cells were each selected for their abilities to revitalize, rejuvenate and restore skin.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shop Local December 16th

I have the good fortune to be involved in a holiday boutique with some pretty amazing women-owned businesses. Won't you join us? It's gonna be fun!

~Shop Local~
Friday, December 16th
Time: 3-7pm
Where: Foat Design Studio
1828 Marshall St. NE Minneapolis
T: 800-658-1448

Join FOATdesign, Post~, By Elizabeth Dehn, Irely Intimates, Karin Jacobson Design, StormSister Spatique
and more for an evening of local fun and shopping.

FREE SHIPPING with a guaranteed delivery date of Christmas Eve or earlier on any gifts bought at the event.
Bubbly : Enjoy a glass of Prosecco and treats while you shop.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What do you CRAVE?

CRAVE Minneapolis St. Paul innovatively connects urban gals to the sassiest, gutsiest, most inspiring people they need to know in the Twin Cities. A modern marketplace of soirees, gatherings and online networking serves as your ambassador to everything there is to CRAVE around town.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tea Time

excerpted from American Spa magazine.

TEA IS THE MOST WIDELY CONSUMED beverage in the world after water. Its health benefits run the gamut from slowing the aging process to protecting against cancer.

It’s not only an ingestible delight, but increasingly, tea is also used as an ingredient in treatments and skincare lines. “Tea, in general, is a very calming and soothing ingredient,” says Gary Goldfaden, M.D.

All varieties of tea contain high concentrations of powerful antioxidants that work to repair cells damaged by free radicals, which occur naturally in the body but are increased by environmental toxins such as UV rays, cigarette smoke, and air pollution. Many scientists believe free radicals contribute to the aging process, intensify wrinkles, dull the skin, and contribute to illnesses, including cancer and heart disease. Doctors and skincare educators say antioxidants, such as those found in tea, may help prevent health problems and skin damage caused by free radicals.

Red tea doesn’t contain any tannins or caffeine, so it is soothing to the skin. “Red tea, when used topically, works to reduce redness and inflammation while simultaneously repairing and rejuvenating the skin,” says Goldfaden. “All tea forms are soothing and healing, so using products that contain tea will tremendously help skin ails including redness and rosacea, inflammation, swelling and puffiness, and dull or grey-toned skin. Tea works to brighten overall skin tone due to its high antioxidant levels.”

All other types of tea—black, green, and white—come from the same plant: camellia sinensis. It is the oxidation process that differentiates the teas. “Think of when you cut an apple and leave it out—it turns brown. This is the oxidation process,” explains Jane Whitman, director of on premise sales at Tea Forté. “This oxidation process is used with tea leaves to help develop the variety of flavors.” She adds that white teas are the least oxidized and black teas are the most. Green teas are in the middle. “Because of green tea’s minimal
processing, its leaves are withered and steamed, not fermented, like black and oolong teas,” says Whitman. “Green tea’s unique catechins, especially epigallocatechin-3-gallate, are more concentrated. EGCG has been shown to help prevent free radical damage to the skin.”

“The beauty of teas is that they work in an endless combination with all ingredients but can also be combined with key ingredients for specific concerns,” says Stephanie Baresh, director of marketing and public relations for Éminence Organic Skin Care. “Rosehip tea combined with soothing ingredients, such as yarrow oil, gives healing benefits to sensitive, rosacea-prone skin, and calendula tea and shea butter work to revive dry skin.

While focusing on its topical skincare benefits, don’t forget to serve it as a refreshment, hot or cold, depending on the season. —Jessica Lyons

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Back!

I carried Kama Ayurveda Rosewater for years in StormSister Spatique. - It's the best of the best. Then a local brand came out with an excellent rosewater facial toner and I believed it was good form to purchase the local brand.
Then the local company went out of business and now I've gone back to Kama.

Next time I'll heed my own advice. - If it aint broke, don't fix it.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nora's DIY Beauty

Nora's Home Beauty Tip

Oil is a natural cleanser. It is the secret to gently removing determined grime and nourishing and moisturizing skin and hair.

A small jar of high quality organic Olive oil, mixed with a few drops of essential oils (rosemary and lavender) can be used as a gentle make-up remover that doesn't pull and stretch delicate skin. This gentle cleansing method prevents wrinkles while nourishing and hydrating skin.

Tips for use: Apply a small amount directly to face and remove with soft cloth, cotton pad or QTip.

Friday, November 18, 2011


StormSister Spatique and 3waybeauty will be participating in this event!

• Local Artisans and Crafters selling unique, one-of-a-kind gifts
• Gift Wrapping Station – Both Self-Wrap & Full-Service Wrap
• Professional Photo Shoots for Humans, “Pay What You Can”
• Professional Photo Shoots for Dogs, 10 Portraits for $50
• Complementary Libations, Treats and Music
• Complementary Parking

• Saturday, December 3rd: 4 to 9 p.m.
• Sunday, December 4th: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Historic Northwind Lofts
Cadence Cornelius Photographs
2400 North Second Street, Suite 305
Minneapolis MN 55411

Jen Knoch/Owner Radar Concierge
jen@radar-msp.com, 612-532-3789
Join Jen Knoch of Radar Concierge for two-days of unique holiday shopping, celebrating some of the most unique Twin Cities' local artisans and crafters, many exhibiting for the first time. "This intimate shopping experience has all the trappings of an in-home holiday party," says Jen. "A stress-free, intimate event that’s designed for gals, guys—and even their four-legged friends."

Held in an airy loft studio at Northwind Lofts in Northeast Minneapolis, the event will house a number of "mini shops" offering an amazing collection of gift items: from unisex scarves, totes, pillows, pet beds and shoe laces, to fun and festive letter-pressed cards, photography, tree-trimmings, soaps and grooming kits, to fabulous kitchen accessories.

Spectacular one-of-a-kind finds that make perfect gifts. "Lingering is encouraged without the pressure of
purchasing," the Radar Concierge host assures.
And how about gift wrapping? Why yes, of course! There will be full-service gift-wrapping available for a small fee as well as a self-wrapping station for those DIYers.
Beyond shopping and wrapping, there'll be inexpensive photo opportunities: one staging is for vintage-like kitsch photos for the human variety, the other for dog portraits. Both make for great holiday greeting cards.

The Saturday evening gathering (Dec. 3rd, 4 to 9 p.m.) begs a date-night, with complimentary libations and nibbles as you peruse the floor. The Sunday daytime event (Dec. 4th, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.), invites the energy of an open house. Both days are classic holiday, set in a festive mood complete with yuletide music spun from classic vinyl records.

In true home-party fashion, you'll be greeted at the Northwind Loft security entrance by a doorman and guided to the third floor where a greeter will invite you in to check your coat.
"We want folks to say awhile," encourages Jen of Radar Concierge. “See you on December 3rd and 4th!”

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Betty

Holiday Betty = Love Betty  +  Lucky Betty 

Tis the season to give a betty kit!
The holiday season makes everyone happy, you must admit!

Buy LOVE betty (red) for a friend and a LUCKY betty (green) for you!

Forget misletoe....

A perfect stocking stuffer, secret santa or office party present!
Give the gift of betty and you won’t have overspent!

Is your betty ready?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Magic Juice

I have been a huge fan of Lilash since its inception.

That one visit with my hairdresser a couple of years ago sealed the deal.
I went in for my hair appointment and noticed her lashes right away. "Wow, Miranda!" "What brand of mascara are you using?"
"It's not mascara."
"Did you get extensions?" "They did a great job!"
"They don't look like false eyelashes" "What's going on?" as I point to her doe-like eyes.

That's when she said that one magical word. Lilash.

"I heard about that stuff!" "There are just so many eyelash products out there that I didn't know anyone who had used it yet".

The next day I went and purchased a tube for my then side-kick, Meeg. (I have always been quite happy with my own lashes. Extra length would only muck up my glasses.)
Meeg's been using it ever since, as well as many of my other clients. And now it comes in a smaller amount (3 month supply), that is a little easier on a first-timers pocket book.

Three months worth. JUST enough to get you hooked.

What We Promise You:
We are so sure that LiLash and LiBrow will give you the sexy eyes you are in search of that we offer an unprecedented 90 Day Money Back Guarantee from the date of purchase.

Plain and simple: If you aren't satisfied within the first 90 days of your purchase of either LiLash or LiBrow for any reason, just let us know and we will take care of it!

Counterfeit LiLash product has been found on the Internet in multiple locations, including Ebay and Amazon.

Examine your product closely. There are a number of ways to determine if you have purchased counterfeit LiLash or LiBrow.
If you think you are victim of counterfeiting please contact our Customer Service Representative at 877.754.5274.

Why Put Yourself In Danger?

Counterfeit LiLash and LiBrow are dangerous to the consumer, especially because they are applied near the eye. Counterfeit product is made with unknown ingredients that run the risk of negatively impacting personal wellness or causing permanent damage to eye appearance and sight. Unauthorized LiLash and LiBrow products are not covered under our warranty.

Don’t Take The Risk!

Every day we receive calls from worried consumers who report issues with LiLash and LiBrow obtained from unauthorized sources. At Cosmetic Alchemy we care about our customers and feel it is our responsibility to promote awareness of this danger.
Always be careful when buying products online. Some websites that have been called into question include:


Authentic LiLash and LiBrow products are sold exclusively by beauty professionals.
If you feel you have purchased counterfeit or diverted product, please contact our Customer Service Team at 877-754-5274 or email us for assistance.

Monday, November 14, 2011

One Bar at a Time

LOVE this story!

This genteman makes a brilliant point at the beginning of the video - the several bars of soap in his hotel that were each for one specific cleansing ritual. A light bulb went off with him too!

One of my goals with 3waybeauty is to combat the abuse of over-marketing in this country. Certainly less noble in comparison with his objective - He is recycling to help save the lives of children. 
I certainly want to get my product in the hotels he is recycling from because I can only imagine the ingredients (how many surfactants need to be in a bar of soap, jeez?) in those soap bars! (One step at a time, Becky)

Though we are on two separate paths, our business concepts are borne from a similar realization.

Friday, November 11, 2011


StormSister Spatique and 3waybeauty are both featured in the 2nd edition of the Minneapolis/St. Paul CRAVE Guide!

What is the Minneapolis/St. Paul CRAVE Guide?

“CRAVE guides are your go-to resource for the best women-owned businesses in your city.” Showcasing over 100 local brands, the Minneapolis/St. Paul CRAVE Guide will give you an inside look at not only the businesses, but also the women business owners.

Why do I need the Minneapolis/St. Paul CRAVE Guide?

If you have made the commitment to shop local and support women-owned businesses, then this guide is for you! Whether you are local to Minneapolis/St. Paul, or just looking to expand your business into the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, the CRAVE Guide is perfect for you.
Each business is also offering a special bonus to anyone who purchases a CRAVE guide so get a copy now!

How do I get my Minneapolis/St. Paul CRAVE Guide?

Right HERE! We are currently accepting pre-orders, and all pre-order books will ship on Friday, November 18th.  That means you will have your book in time for Small Business Saturday…YAY! We will only have a limited number of copies, so if you want one don’t hesitate – they will go fast.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Small Business Saturday & Cyber Monday

Mark your calendars because November 26 is a big day for StormSister Spatique®, 3waybeauty and every other small business in America. It’s the second annual Small Business Saturday®, when people across the country band together and shop their favorite small businesses.

Cyber Monday is also the following Monday and since StormSister Spatique and 3waybeauty are online-only stores, we will be extending the discount thru Monday.

We are honored to participate in this event and would like to offer you 20% off your online and phone-in purchases on November 26th - 28th, when you enter this code at checkout: SMALLBIZ 
If you call in your order, simply mention the code above.
Samples and other goodies will be included with every order.

Thank you so much!

Friday, November 4, 2011


My father always said to me, "There is safety in numbers".
We see more and more uprising in this world by groups of people that have had enough. Whether they are tired of their oppressive government or corporate greed -abroad and at home.
We are learning that if we want to make a difference, we need to band together.

I posted about the safety of baby shampoo recently. (I know, I post about the safety of beauty products in general!) It pleases me that so many of you are starting to care as well. And, we are all speaking out in many ways, either by writing the companies or by not purchasing these products.
Keep questioning those ingredients and speaking up!

Here is an update via Campaign for Safe Cosmetics:

Fact: Johnson & Johnson sells different—safer, formaldehyde-free—versions of its iconic "No More Tears" baby shampoo in Denmark, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Sweden and the U.K. than in the U.S., Australia, Canada, China and Indonesia. This news was exposed in an analysis the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics released Tuesday. We had to ask J&J: why the double standard?
"On Monday, the campaign sent Johnson & Johnson a letter, signed by about 25 environmental, medical and other groups representing about 3.5 million people in the U.S. and other countries. It urges the company to publicly commit by Nov. 15 to removing the chemicals from all personal care products worldwide." –Associated Press
Through meetings, letters, calls and grassroots mobilization, we've been pushing Johnson & Johnson for safer baby products for more than two years, and this week the company answered. In response to our report, Baby's Tub Is Still Toxic, J&J released a statement saying it's phasing two carcinogenic chemicals out of its baby products worldwide: formaldehyde-releasing preservatives and 1,4-dioxane.
"When Johnson & Johnson caught wind of the report, they contacted the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and got to work on a statement, indicating that they are in the process of phasing the formaldehyde-releasing preservative out of their baby products, worldwide."  –Forbes
This is a huge victory for children's health and for cosmetics safety. Thank you for being part of it over the last two and a half years! 

The truth is, a commitment to reformulate—and J&J's transparency—is a leap in the right direction for this global leader, but the Johnson's Baby Shampoo on U.S. store shelves today still has formaldehyde-releasers and other hazardous chemicals in it.
"Health and environmental groups have been pressuring Johnson & Johnson to remove two potentially cancer-causing chemicals from its popular baby shampoo, and for some unfathomable reason, they're dragging their feet." –Jezebel
We know J&J can do better. Together, we can see this through until every baby—regardless of where she or he lives—is protected from unnecessary exposure to cancer-causing chemicals in personal care products.

P.S. Have you read our report, Baby's Tub Is Still Toxic, for the full story on the Johnson & Johnson double-standard scandal?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Toxic Tub

via Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Why are babies in the U.S., Australia, Canada, China and Indonesia being exposed to a carcinogen in Johnson's Baby Shampoo when safer alternatives are available in other countries? We'd like to know!
More than two years ago, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics released the groundbreaking report, No More Toxic Tub, which revealed that popular kids' bath products – including Johnson's Baby Shampoo – contained chemicals linked to cancer. Johnson & Johnson were asked to reformulate its iconic baby shampoo and specifically to remove the formaldehyde-releasing chemical quaternium-15, and we've kept up the pressure on Johnson & Johnson through letters and meetings.

Fast-forward to now. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo in the U.S. and some other countries still has not been reformulated. But the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics recently discovered that J&J is selling non-formaldehyde versions of the shampoo in Denmark, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Sweden and the U.K.

We know J&J can do better. Every baby – regardless of where she or he lives – should be protected from unnecessary exposure to carcinogens.

Read our new report, Baby’s Tub Is Still Toxic, for the full story on the Johnson & Johnson double standard.

And please, help us spread the word! We need your help in letting consumers know that “pure and gentle” baby shampoo isn’t the purest or gentlest choice for babies.