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Grain of Salt

Himalayan Salt
This universally effective mineral is proving to be worth its salt at the spa and beyond.

The popular saying “everything old is new again” has never been more apropos than when applied to salt and spa. Salt, a mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride, was used by the ancient Egyptians for trade, medicinal, and religious purposes. But it’s equally impactful today and being “rediscovered” by consumers and spa practitioners alike. From salt rooms and caves to healing Himalayan salt crystals, tools, and beds to treatments and experiences that incorporate salt, this multitasking mineral is certainly having a magical spa moment.

Salt therapy and salt rooms have been around for many years—as with so many developments in the salon and spa industry, trends like this seem to come in waves, each time bringing new findings, research, and ingredient technologies with them,” says Sue Harmsworth, founder and chairman of ESPA International.

When you consider its myriad benefits and functions, it’s not surprising this mineral has been rediscovered. “Basic physiological functions depend on a balance between salts and liquids in the body,” says Sofia Benke, owner of The Salt Cave. “If you have a sore, itchy throat or a toothache, just gargle with warm saltwater. If you have muscle pain, then have an Epsom salt bath. So what’s the magic? It is simple, affordable, and it is proven to work in any shape and form.”

Salt Rooms & Caves

One of the most noteworthy uses of salt nowadays comes in the form of salt rooms and caves that incorporate halotherapy, or dry salt therapy. While this type of service is not particularly new on the global stage, it is certainly creating buzz in America and beyond. “For decades, dry salt therapy has been a modality in Eastern Europe, used for a variety of respiratory and skin conditions, as well as for beauty rituals and improving athletic performance,” says Leo M. Tonkin, CEO of Salt Chamber and cofounder and chairman of the Salt Therapy Association. “In the U.S., we are seeing the pendulum swing toward a more health-conscious society, where wellness is playing a big role in everyday lives. The salt therapy industry is seeing accelerated growth, because more and more people are becoming aware of and benefiting from dry salt therapy.”

A halotherapy salt room generally incorporates untreated sodium chloride. According to Benke, a salt generator micronizes the salt and then releases it into the room. The particle size and concentration are then carefully monitored, and adjustments are made in real time to ensure maximum benefits. And the benefits are certainly plentiful, both internally and externally. “When it is inhaled, the dry salt acts like a sponge, absorbing all the mucus, pollen, allergens, and foreign toxins that may be in the respiratory system,” says Tonkin. “Dry salt therapy also impacts bacterial and viral infections that cause similar symptoms, such as coughing, inflammation, and fatigue—all of which are the ways the immune system tries to rid the body of infectious organisms. It is also anti-inflammatory, so people with restricted airways, such as those who experience symptoms of asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), find tremendous relief.”

Benke says that sodium chloride particles have a beneficial influence not only on the respiratory system but also on the integumentary system (skin, hair, nails, glands, and nerves), providing healing and cosmetic effect. “Salt microparticles inhibit the growth or reproduction of bacteria, reduce swelling, and ease inflammation. The therapy results in pH normalization and better skin microcirculation.” Additionally, the salt penetrates deeply into the epidermal layers of the skin and absorbs any excess oils, which allows accelerated cellular growth of skin cells and improves skin rigidity, says Tonkin.

Himalayan Salt

Also making mineral headlines is Himalayan salt, which is mined from the Khewra Salt Mines in Pakistan, situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, a mine that dates back to the 13th century. According to Benke, Himalayan salt includes transparent, white, pink, red, and dark red salt crystals and contains 84 minerals that are necessary for our health, including macrominerals and trace minerals.

“Himalayan salt, especially when heated, releases negative ions around its surface,” says Tonkin. “While we mostly are being bombarded with positive ions from computers, wifi, and electricity around us all of the time, it is the negative ions that alter the air around us to provide a more stress-free environment. That is why so many of today’s modern salt rooms utilize Himalayan salt for a decor and architectural element.” Plus, as Harmsworth points out, “its beautiful pink or reddish hue makes it especially attractive, which, along with the therapeutic benefits, is perfect for a spa environment.”

Soaks, Scrubs, and More

The story of salt goes well beyond the Himalayan variety. From head-to-toe, from sea salt to Epsom salt, and from scrubs to soaks, it’s an ideal ingredient for countless spa products. Harmsworth points out that adding Epsom salts to a warm bath soothes aching muscles while also removing impurities and toxins from the body and helping to rebalance and detoxify. Steaming skin with saltwater prior to exfoliating enhances the effects by opening pores, and salt-scrub exfoliation removes dead, dull skin cells to leave smooth, even-toned skin and a naturally healthy glow.

“Salt contains numerous beneficial minerals and nutrients that are easily absorbed into the skin,” says Janae J. Muzzy, vice president of research and development for Epicuren Discovery. “It can help the body to detoxify and draw out impurities; be used as an exfoliant to soften and remove dead skin; replenish vital nutrients; help balance the water content in the body; and evoke a sense of grounding. Salt is antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory. It has also been shown to play a role in supporting the body’s immune system. Salt can be integrated into all elements of the spa.”

One popular way to immerse yourself in salt is via soaks and thalassotherapy. According to Harmsworth, sea salt can boost the production of serotonin and melatonin, which aid in relaxation and improve sleep. It also helps to balance alkalinity in the body, counteracting high levels of acid, and aids healthy cellular function. As such, thalassotherapy pools, baths, and treatments are particularly effective. “Warm water immersion is believed to enable the absorption of seawater minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium sulphates, and sodium, as well as the removal of toxins,” she says. “Thalassotherapy works well as a preparatory treatment before algae wraps and salt scrubs.”

Salt scrubs are also a great way to help achieve glowing, flawless skin on the face and the body. In fact, turning salt into a customized experience is becoming a lucrative way for spas to make an impression. As such, many spas are finding great success with custom-blended scrub bars, like those from Salt of the Earth that incorporate salt from the Great Salt Lake along with signature aromatherapy scents. “People have different tastes, and customization lets people feel special and gives them that experience,” says founder Paul Heslop. “It also lets them take home what they want.


Though salt is truly a universal ingredient, some care should be taken with salt-based services. Those with sunburns, open wounds, infections, or salt allergies should avoid salt-based products, as should pregnant women and those with sensitive skin who are trying to avoid stimulating services. When it comes to salt rooms, Harmsworth says the contraindications are similar to any heat experiences. Salt rooms should not be used by those who are pregnant or feverish; who are on certain medications; or who have an infection, high or low blood pressure, or a heart condition. As with any spa service, anyone who may be concerned should get approval from a doctor.

Still, according to Tonkin, salt therapy is a very safe, natural, and alternative modality for wellness and beauty. “There are no side effects, and it can be used on a daily and frequent basis,” he says. “Some people think that too much salt is bad for you, and while that is true for some digestive systems, dry salt therapy involves the respiratory system and does not affect low-sodium diets.”

via American Spa Magazine.

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Road Warrior Voices

3waybeauty - shhh. shampoo, shower and shave
Thanks to USA Today's Road Warrior Voices for featuring our 3waybeauty shampoo, shower and shave bar.

"Even the most luxurious hotels can have bath products containing chemicals...." more here.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's Back!

Whiter Imagine Teeth Whitening Pen
The Whiter Image TOGO Teeth Whitening Pen - When this first arrived on the scene, it was my favorite product for several years. Then it went away for a couple of years (at least I couldn't find it!) and now it's back!

I like the portability of this little pen. You just paint it right on your teeth anywhere, anytime. (strips hurt my teeth and gums so I can't use them.) And, because it is more potent than strips, it does the job really quick. You simply apply it daily for a minute or two.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Story Exchange

Becky Sturm - The Story Exchange
Where women mean business.

My story is part of their 1,000 stories campaign.

What's your story?

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Phytoceane gift with purchase.Tis the season for stripes!

You'll receive this striped cosmetic tote when you purchase $100 in Phytoceane products. (Bag does not included products shown). Bag will automatically be shipped when in stock.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


StormSister Spatique and 3waybeauty featured on XOvain
We sure were excited to have our shampoo, shower and shave bar (shhh.) featured on xoVain!  - Thanks,Wendy Rose Gould.

"....It lathers richly and is mildly fragranced, making it a nice choice for both sexes....."

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Odorless Polish Remover?

G2 Organics Odorless Nail Polish Remover
Yes. G2 Organics Nail Polish Remover.

I don't know a lot about Reiki or what it has to do with nail polish remover, but if it had to take crystals, grain and corn alcohols, aloe, vitamin E and a bittering agent (so you don't drink it!) to make a remover that isn't a toxic, smelly mess, then sign me up!

This stuff removes nail polish, is ODORLESS and won't dry out your nails or cuticles. Really.
Hey, I was very skeptical too. - We girls grew up with the fact that removing nail polish would stink up the entire house!

I am always hopeful when I find out about a product that someone has found a way to make less toxic. There are many new products developed, every day, where someone says they are better or "healthier" and they are not. Sadly.
This one is an exception and I want to share it with you. There is a tad more rubbing that is involved, but it really does do the trick. You won't be disappointed. I promise.

Reiki charged polish remover? I don't know about you, but I'll take a bit more good karma or juju any day.

Monday, November 30, 2015



A comprehensive purifying bi-gel to prevent blemishes, reduce shine and minimize pores.

Phytocéane's first facial bi-gel, an all-in-one purifier with comprehensive action on blemishes, shine and pores. PHYCOPUR, a marine sugar extracted from brown algae and zinc, speeds the repair of existing blemishes and prevents future breakouts by curbing sebum production and hindering the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Marine samphire oil unlocks clogged pores and helps eliminate dead cells, thoroughly cleansing and tightening pores for smoother looking skin, while an extract of exotic red vegetal coral restores moisture and minerals to the skin. MATIFYING CORRECTIVE BI-GEL has a refreshing floral scent with notes of lily of the valley and violet. Its bi-gel consistency “breaks” into a liquid on the skin for a burst of freshness. It has an ultra-light feel and matifying powders that absorb surface oils to immediately eliminate shine. Day after day, the skin is rebalanced - blemishes disappear, pores vanish and a cleaner, healthier complexion is revealed.

Directions for use: Apply morning and/or evening to entire face and neck on clean skin. Non-comedogenic.

Key ingredients:
• PHYCOPUR - a marine sugar extracted from brown algae and zinc, selected for its multiple purifying actions.
 Matifying action - reduces sebum production.
 Anti-blemish action - inhibits the growth of bacteria responsible for acne.
 Repairing action - reduces inflammatory reaction and improves the healing process.
• Marine Samphire Oil - purifies pores. Smoothes and refines skin texture.
• RUBIMARIN® - “moisturizing gem of the sea,” extracted from exclusive Phytocéane laboratory-cultivated red vegetal coral Jania Rubens. Ultra-moisturizing and remineralizing.

Impressive results:
Less shiny skin for 9 out of 10 women*
Blemishes are less visible for 8 out of 10 women*
Tightened pores for 9 out of 10 women*
Moisturizing effectiveness: up to 52.4% after 4 hours**
*Clinical test on 21 women after 28 days of twice-daily application.
**Measurement with a Corneometer®

Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Lip Hue

Three new lip gloss shades have arrived from local beauty company, Julie Swenson Beauty.

Shades from l-r - Amore, Bella, Cafe.

Julie Swenson Lip Hue. A sheer, hydrating lip gloss that says, "Hey, I am wearing a little something."

Thursday, November 26, 2015


INtelligent Nutrients Onebody body care products.
New bodycare from INtelligent Nutrients - Onebody.


This gel sinks in with an activated lather that delivers a potent fruit enzyme blend to smooth skin.

Skin-loving minerals in our Algae Bioactive moisturize and replenish

Aloe Water softens as it cleanses to leave a refreshed and radiant glow


Concentrated Algea Bioactive, Pink Peppercorn and Coffee help to smooth, contour and improve skin elasticity while reducing visible dimpling.*

Aloe, Coconut and Shea Butter hydrate to soothe dry, itchy skin

Intellimune Complex and Evening Primrose Botanical hydrate to protect cell DNA for luminous skin

*Based upon clinical studies


This smoothing refiner dissolves dull, rough cell build-up with planet-loving Plant Cellulose Beads for an even texture.


Intense Fruit Bioactive Enzymes and Willowbark reinvigorate and rejuvenate

Rich with alpha hydroxyl, ascorbic and citric acids, it leaves the skin feeling baby-smooth

Coffee Extract opens and awakens pores to receive optimum nourishment

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

DUGO Lipstick Bar

DUGO - Dress Up Go Out
Join us at DUGO in Galleria on December 5th for a Stormsisters - Lips Accessorized lipstick bar from 1-4.
Stormsisters - Lips Accessorized
DUGO stands for Dress Up Go Out - so come on in and buy a new frock or accessory for a holiday party. And don't forget to accessorize your lips!

We'll also have our 3waybeauty Wicked candles and Julie Swenson Beauty Lip Hue along as well - she just added 3 new colors to her collection!

Pucker up!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fiercely Fetching

StormSister Spatique lipsticks featured on Fiercely Fetching
Some lipstick love from Fiercely Fetching.

Get ready for long-lasting, buttery lipstick!

"I cannot believe I waited so long to buy this lipstick. It has been on my radar for a few years, and just finally made it to my beauty arsenal a few weeks ago."...... read more here.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Night Comforting Cream

Fleur's Night Comforting Cream
Fleur's Night Comforting Cream

Moisturize your skin while you sleep, for skin that's visibly refreshed and lovely in the morning. Upon waking, skin is rested, intensely nourished and hydrated. Skin will glow and have a velvety texture.

In one month your skin is intensely moisturized and energized, due to advanced ingredients including; West Indian Cherry extract, Mourera Fluviatilis, Apricot Kernel Oil and White Orchid.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


INtelligent Nutrients - Pureserve
The latest haircare collection from INtelligent Nutrients - Pureserve.


The silky plant-based sulfate free agents are mild on scalp and gentle on hair color while offering excellent cleansing. The lock-loving light lather helps carry away the build-up from the day without over-drying or stripping the needed natural oils.


This lightweight conditioning lotion keeps the bounce while still leaving the hair feeling soft, smooth and healthy. Cuticle smoothing; nutrients help enhance shine for optimized reflection and color vibrancy.


This lightweight multi-use spray enhances shine, locks in moisture and helps protect from environmental pollutants that can oxidize color and attack hair health and vitality.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Union Depot Holiday Bake Sale

Lowertown Pop preview at the Union Depot Holiday Bake Sale
As you may know, StormSister Spatique has partnered with Union Depot for a maker market called,  Lowertown Pop, which takes place in the spring, on April 9th.

BUT, on December 12th, we will be showcasing 10 of our Minnesota Makers during the Union Depot Holiday Bake Sale.

214 4th St E, St Paul, MN 55101

RSVP here.

So, not only will you be able to purchase all of your holiday baked goodies, you'll also be able to shop for gifts from these talented Minnesota Makers:

StormSister SpatiqueDuluth Preserving CompanySerendipity AccessoriesFrom Your Matsweet jules gifts; Pot de CremeMy Little Chickadee CreationsbodylishEclectic Goat Business and American Craftsmen.

Union Depot’s 3rd Annual Holiday Bake Sale will host the top Twin Cities bakeries for a day of cookie and candy shopping in the beautifully restored, historic Union Depot in downtown St. Paul.

10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Waiting Room at Union Depot.  Admission is $5 for adults and includes a free tote bag, seniors and kids under 12 are free. A commemorative holiday apron will be sold for $10 and include one general admission, recipe cards from participating bakeries, one Bee Line Honey Bon Bon and a chance to win fun prizes. Proceeds from the event benefit White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf. Purchase tickets here!

Event activities include: baking and cooking demonstrations by top local chefs as well as Elizabeth Ries from myTalk107.1 and Twin Cities Live, craft demonstrations by Staci from KS95’s afternoon show, musical performances, food and drink pairing workshops, and more! Refreshments will also be available for purchase.

A full schedule of events can be found here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Beyond Just a Bath

dog shampoo - doggystyle
Doggystyle was featured in Pet Product News last month.

"Becky Sturm, CEO and founder of 3WayBeauty in St. Paul, Minn., makes a natural product, but she said she didn’t start out looking to be in the dog shampoo business. After countless customers of her shampoo, shower and shave bar asked if it could be used on their dog, she got to work creating Doggystyle.

“People want fewer chemicals in everything,” Sturm said. “They also want less packaging. Our Doggystyle shampoo bar is wrapped in 100 percent recycled paper that has been manufactured at a family-owned paper mill, which runs on hydroelectric power right here in the USA. And you can even shampoo Fido or Fifi in a stream or lake, because nothing in our dog grooming bar will harm the ecosystem.”

Monday, November 16, 2015

Holiday 2015

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday
As you know, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are all coming up soon. So, we're gonna make it easy for you.

Log on to any of our sites from Thanksgiving day to midnight on November 30th, and receive 25% off when you spend $50 or more:

Except for FREE SHIPPING Day, those dates will be the only days we are offering any specials. Mark your calendar.

Enter code: HOLIDAY2015 at checkout.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Free Shipping Day 2015

Free Shipping Day 2015
Enter the coupon code: FREESHIP upon checkout.

Free Shipping Day is on Friday, Dec. 18, 2015.

For all orders placed on 12-18-15, we promise to meet the Christmas Eve delivery deadline when you place your order from 12 a.m. - 11:59 p.m. EST on Dec. 18th.

Free shipping on all Stormsisters - Lips Accessorized lipsticks and 3waybeauty products only. (Products ordered on StormSister Spatique may arrive later - you will receive free shipping if you place your order on Free Shipping Day, but these products may arrive at a later date.)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Blush Twin Cities

StormSisters - Lips Accessorized and Blush Twin Cities
It was so nice of the girls from Blush Twin Cities to stop by our booth at Maiden Minnesota.

Katie picked up a Becky (l) and Jeannette took home an Elizabeth (r).

What a great night. Thank you, ladies!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Going Nuts

More than just a healthy snack, nuts are also proving to be beneficial to the skin and hair.

Although there is some ambiguity about what constitutes a nut in the true botanical sense, most people think of it as a fruit with a hard shell and edible seed. Hailed for their nourishing benefits, nuts are considered excellent sources of protein and heart-healthy fats. Unfortunately, they’re also high in calories when consumed in excess. You needn’t worry about their caloric intake, however, when incorporating nuts into your skincare regimen. “Nuts are one of nature’s amazingly versatile and highly beneficial skincare ingredients,” says Janae Muzzy, vice president of research and development for Epicuren Discovery. “Finely ground, they can be used as effective exfoliants to refine and smooth the surface of the skin. Cold-pressed into oil, they provide powerful antioxidants and minerals, while their fatty acids deliver rich moisture deep into the skin.” According to her, sweet almond, kukui nut, macadamia nut, and walnut oils are some Epicuren faves. And the skincare company is certainly not the only one embracing nuts’ numerous benefits. Both spas and manufacturers are tapping into the powerful punch these nuggets provide. “Nuts are an excellent choice for polishing and exfoliating the skin, as well as nourishing and moisturizing it with the delicate oils they produce,” says Jeff Brown, training manager at Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. “When ground and used as an exfoliant, they are a natural and sustainable alternative to plastic microbeads.” Their oils are also proving to be a valuable commodity in the skincare world. “Nut oils are fine in texture and easily welcomed into the skin, making them effective and gentle moisturizers and ideal carrier oils to draw the effects of essential oils into the skin,” says Brown. “Used throughout history, nuts remain valuable natural ingredients in cosmetics today.”

Almond Joy

At Lush, almonds are the nuts of choice. According to Brown, the nut, oil, and shell are all used throughout the skincare range. “Almonds are packed with essential fatty acids and antioxidants, including vitamin E, renowned for its ability to maintain the supple, pliant look and feel of the skin, making it one of the finest oils to use in cosmetics,” says Brown.

Kukui Kraze

Better known for their hydrating benefits than their exfoliating power, kukui nuts have long been used by those in Polynesian cultures to moisturize and protect the skin from the elements. Rich in omega 3, they are full of antioxidants and have the added advantage of easily penetrating the skin without leaving it feeling greasy.

Kukui nut oil is also used as a base ingredient for Pure Fiji products. “It’s a proven barrier oil that is readily absorbed into the skin,” says cofounder Andree Austin. “It is particularly good for dry skin and those suffering from psoriasis and eczema, as it has healing properties.”

Macadamia Miracles

Another nut growing in popularity is the macadamia nut. In fact, it is the basis for more than one product line. Jindilli, for example, is a family-owned macadamia company based in Australia, home to the native Australian rainforest tree that produces the nut. It takes its name, Jindilli, from one of the names given to macadamia nuts by Indigenous Australians. According to chief brand officer Cherie Jackson, the efficacy of macadamia oil on skin was discovered by accident when local therapists began using the oil for massage. They were impressed by its great glide and the fact that it left the skin clean and silky. “The fatty acids in macadamia nuts are one of the closest botanical sources to those found in skin,” says Jackson. “Because of this, the skin recognizes them and uses them to replenish what our bodies stop making as we age.”

“Macadamia oil contains the highest amount of omega 7 than any other nut oil,” says Karrie Fonte, area vice president of global education. “Omega 7 most closely resembles human hair sebum and thus mimics the scalp’s natural oil production to provide nourishment. Omega 7 is also exceptionally lightweight and non-greasy with no buildup, which makes it ideal for all global textures.”

Pressing Matters

Because the use of nut oils is especially popular, it’s important to consider how the oil is extracted. “The extraction process of nut oils definitely impacts their quality,” says Muzzy. “Like many natural ingredients, heat can destroy the integrity of the fats, minerals, and vitamins. Cold-pressing is the purest, most ideal extraction technique to keep the nutrients intact at their maximum potency.” According to Fonte, the fact that cold-pressed oils experience a controlled temperature setting in the batching process of raw materials helps the oil maintain its nutritional value. “Cold-pressing is mainly used in high-end oils used in cooking when subtle differences in flavor may make a difference in the perceived quality of the product,” she says. “Most beauty companies use expeller-pressed oils in which no heat or chemicals are added to the extraction process. The structure and efficacy of our macadamia and argan oils are maintained  just as well as in any other extraction process.”

Allergy Concerns

If there is a downside to nut-based products or treatments, it’s only that tree nuts are one of the top eight foods that account for 90 percent of all allergic reactions, according to Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE). As a result, you’ll want to make sure to discuss your nut allergies to your beauty professional beforehand. “Consumers with a peanut or tree nut allergy will always want to be cautious when using a product or experiencing a treatment with nuts, as an allergic reaction could occur,” says Fonte. Fortunately, severe reactions are rare, and some nuts pose less of a risk. “Of all the tree nuts, macadamias account for less than five percent of allergic reactions.” Erring on the side of caution, you  should always keep the lines of communication open with your beauty professionals.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Julia Moss Designs

Julia Moss Designs featuring Stormsisters Lips Accessorized
Stormsisters - Allison (l) and Miranda (r) are modeling one of Julia's silver pieces. They sure are pretty, aren't they? (the lippies and the silver!)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lipstick Sisters

Stormsisters - Lips Accessorized photo by Mpls. St. Paul Magazine and Alishops
Thanks to Alishops and Mpls. St. Paul Magazine Swag (Ali's Pick) for the lipstick love this week!

"A year after launching a lipstick collection inspired by local women, Twin Cities' beauty entrepreneur Becky Sturm has added five new shades to Stormsisters - Lips Accessorized, and I’ve been lip smacking Miranda ever since" more here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Shop Small Holiday Bash

American Express Small Business Saturday Shop Small Holiday Bash
Join us for a Small Business Saturday Holiday Bash at Minnesota Nice Spice!

Featuring all women-owned businesses with unique products that will make a lasting impression with everyone on your holiday gift list!

Enjoy snacks, mulled cider and cocktails, complimentary samples, and exclusive items only available at this event.

Featured businesses include:

Minnesota Nice Spice, MN Nice Spa Essentials,  Kilkenney Kitchen, Annona Gourmet, Arza Jewelry, and Interact Center.

HOURS:  11-5

WHEN: Saturday, November 28, 2015 from 11-5

WHERE: Minnesota Nice Spice - 43 SE Main St. (Riverplace). Suite 134. Minneapolis 55414

Monday, November 9, 2015

2nd Annual MSCF Holiday Boutique

MSCF Holiday Boutique
We are honored to be a part of this holiday boutique - raising funds for the The Mount Sinai Community Foundation

When: Sunday, November 15th from 11-3

Where: Sabes JCC
4330 Cedar Lake Rd S, Minneapolis, 55416

The MSCF gives financial support for initiatives that improve health and well-being and/or provide medical care, in the Jewish and larger communities, to honor the history and legacy of the Mount Sinai Hospital.

Join us and these fine makers for an afternoon of holiday shopping and socializing:

Julia Moss Designs, Thumbs Cookies, Isadore Nut Company, Goldfine Jewelry (formally SBG Designs), Thirty-One Gifts by Deb Wieberdink, Jamberry Nails, Bella Nava Creations, Wowee Wear, and Senn & Sons.

You may also purchase raffle tickets for items from each vendor (each item or basket has a minimum $50 value) - 100% of the proceeds going to MSCF.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Morningside Holiday Market

Morningside Woman's Club Holiday Market
 Hope to see you there!

With almost 50 unique artisan vendors popping up in a cozy church basement it's easy to see why Fox News called this 8th annual event "The Holiday Market on Steroids!" Organized by the Morningside Woman's Club, the event has something for everyone... including you! Locally made, we've got hostess gifts galore, hard-to-find men's gifts, children's items, home decor, author signings, baskets, teacher gifts, jewelry, clothing, letterpress cards, kitchen utensils, candles, soaps, cocktail elixirs, decadent food items and so much more. The "I Luv Coffee Minnesoota" food truck will be parked outside to keep you fueled up while you shop your heart out. Grab your friends and don't miss the holiday shopping event of the season.

Saturday, November 21st from 9:00am - 2:00pm

4201 Morningside Road, Edina, MN.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mt. Olivet Holiday Boutique

Mount Olivet Holiday Boutique
Join us at Mount Olivet Lutheran Church, 5025 Knox Ave S, Mpls.

Sat, Nov 7, 2015, 9am to 1pm

Featuring handcrafted items, StormSister Spatique, baked goods, holiday decorations & gifts, jewelry & accessories, pottery, artwork, oilcloth totes, Livia’s Seasoning Salt, stationery, textiles, Nordic Cinnamon Sprinkle, fragrances, soaps, repurposed items, and much more!

Friday, October 23, 2015


Meghan Quinn Kummer
Stormsister #5 - Last but not least, meet Meghan.

I have known Meghan since she and I were teenagers, about 5 years now ;o) Isn't that right, Meghan?

She's a mom to 4 kiddos, wife to Charlie, and the lady boss at Quinn Motors of Ellsworth - I purchased my first car from her father, William, when I was a teenager (5 years ago, remember?) and now purchase from her. (My own sons are now her clients).
William would be so proud!

Megan's lipstick was inspired by this satin nude - Think Elizabeth but more sheer and add a bit of shimmer. Just a bit.
There is also one helluva story that goes along with Meghan and her lipstick shade - one I'll tell you about at the lipstick launch. Wanna join in the fun?

More about Meghan when her lipstick launches on October 28th, here.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Maiden Minnesota 2015


1) You love fashion, beauty, accessories, home decor and food - who doesn't?
2) You are always on the hunt for a great place to take the perfect selfie.
3) You've been looking for an event to debut your new fall clothes.
4) Shopping local is the right thing to do and keeps Mpls cool.
5) You seriously need to start knocking gifts off that holiday gift list.
6) Your mom would love to go with you - call and invite her right now.
7) You want to learn how Dress for Success helps women gain economic independence.
8) It's Friday night, and what better way to spend it than with your girlfriends?
9) You want to network with women who have created great businesses in MN.
10) Wine and shopping, 'nough said.
11) We'll be there, so pucker up! - We'll have 5 new shades of lipstick!

Friday, November 6th | 2 - 9 pm | Loews Minneapolis Hotel  (formerly Graves 601 Hotel)

Tickets $20 in advance, $30 at the door.
Includes one drink ticket and $5 charity donation to Dress for Success.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

REfind Vintage Holiday Boutique

Refind Vintage Holiday Boutique at The Barns of Lost Creek
(click photo to enlarge)

The Refind Vintage Holiday Boutique will take place at The Barns of Lost Creek
W6124 County Road N,
Beldenville WI 54003

Oct 30, 31, and Nov 1st.
Friday and Saturday from 10-6, Sunday 10-4

Come on out and peruse their selection of vintage, shabby, industrial, and antique well as handcrafted goods such as mittens, soaps, jewelry, artwork and StormSister Spatique - definitely something for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

The lunch counter will be open, too, serving up pasties, chili, chicken wild rice soup, and more!
Delicious canned goods and bakery treats for munching or gifting, of course!

This is also the first weekend of the popular Fall Finds Tour that runs through River Falls, and  the Refind Boutique is just a 15 minute drive from there, so make a day of it....see you there!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Martha's MN Makers

2015 Martha Stewart American Made Award Finalist for Style - StormSister Spatique
StormSister Spatique is in some mighty fine company as a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards contest. Vote daily, here, until October 19th.

Read more about the 7 or so Makers from Minnesota in this article by Allison Kaplan of Mpls. St. Paul Magazine.

Also featured on FOX 9 Morning Buzz.

We are so thankful for all of the support. Truly. Thank you.

Friday, October 16, 2015


Erin and Brad
Stormsister #4 - Erin came to be a Stormsister as a gift from her brother, Brad - a gift for her 40th birthday.
Nice brother, right?! (that's Brad in the photo)
It's been quite a year so far for her because she also got married this past summer. Big congrats to her and just another reason to celebrate on October 28th!

If you find she looks familiar it may just be that you recognize her from our 3waybeauty launch a few years ago - she was one of our models.

Erin's lipstick shade was inspired by this golden, beige shimmmerthat's just a bit more "peachy" than Michelle.

More about Erin when her lipstick launches on October 28th, here.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Stormsisters - Lips Accessorized featured in Kontrol Magazine's Fall 2015 issue with Malaysia Stormsisters - Lips Accessorized featured in Kontrol Magazine
Thanks to Kontrol magazine for featuring our lipsticks in their fall (Pure Glamour) issue; on their Beauty Radar page.

Kontrol Magazine is a bimonthly publication that blends the edgy with the classy. Noted for highlighting artists, photographers, musicians, and models that fly under the radar and infuses a unique perspective of the world. Kontrol is “Style Redefined". Kontrol has formulated a distinct artistic format to separate itself from the rest. The publication reaches various demographics and city-wide markets as it is distributed in over 350 Barnes & Noble Bookstores across the country.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Stormsister, Sandy.
Stormsister #3 - Sandy and I have been friends for a long time. Most of the trips I have taken to Mexico in the last 20 years (20 years!?), with a tribe of wonderful women we share, has been to her condo in Puerto Vallarta.

Sandy is a legal assistant and mommy to an adorable Bulldog named Carly.

Her lipstick shade, Sandy, is inspired by her favorite cool, shimmery, violet plum - A beautiful addition to the Stormsisters - Lips Accessorized lipstick collection.

More about Sandy when her lipstick launches on October 28th, here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ridgedale Center

StormSister Spatique at Uptown Minnesota
You can now find our Stormsisters - Lips Accessorized lipstick collection as well as our Wicked candles and Doggystyle dog grooming bars at Ridgedale Center - in the Uptown Minnesota store.

Stop by and check out this unique boutique of Minnesota goods and gifts.

Monday, October 5, 2015

5th Annual Knightsbridge Boutique

StormSister Spatique at Knightsbridge
We'll be there with all of our goodies!

Saturday, November 14, 2015
10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Benilde-St.Margaret's Haben Center

Purchase a VIP wristband and receive special offers from many of the vendors. - (receive a complimentary mini shampoo, shower and shave bar with a purchase over $25)

Inspired by London’s luxury retail district, this highly selective mix of boutique-style merchants will grace the floor of BSM’s Haben Center. Look for royal offerings in unique clothing, accessories, jewelry, spa-pampering products, gourmet foods, household items and lots more. Hungry shoppers can take a break at the RoyalTea snack bar.

New this year!  Purchase a $10 Knightsbridge VIP wristband to be eligible for exclusive Royal Offerings from our merchants, as well as to receive a fashionable and reusable Knightsbridge shopping tote!  Purchase your limited-edition, Knightsbridge VIP wristband at the link above!

This one-day-only boutique event is free and open to the public!

15% of proceeds from the event will go to enhance the educational and scholarship programs at Benilde-St.Margaret’s.

Knightsbridge: A truly royal shopping experience that reigns supreme.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Boobs - Tits - Breasts - The Girls

Just because I don't support the pink movement, doesn't mean I don't care about my boobs or yours, cancer, etc. I do. Very much. Hello?! I own a pair myself.
I care about them so much that I want you to stop purchasing all of the pink bullshit, and support charities that seem to be on the right path.

That being said, I do feel that this year, I have seen the least amount of pink leading up to this years' Breast Cancer Awareness month. I truly believe we are making progress on the front of education about pinkwashing.

Breast Cancer Action
Breast Cancer Action Tells Pinkwashers to Stop Giving Toxic Cosmetics to Cancer Patients

Breast Cancer Action (BCAction), the respected watchdog for the breast cancer movement, today launched a campaign calling out the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) and the American Cancer Society (ACS) for including cosmetics containing harmful chemicals in kits they give to cancer patients through their Look Good, Feel Better® program.

Many of the donated products in the kits contain chemicals linked to increased cancer risk. As if that’s not bad enough, some of the chemicals in Look Good, Feel Better products may actually interfere with breast cancer treatment. The health of the program’s volunteer cosmetologists is of additional concern; a recent study found that breast cancer risk for workers in this profession is five times higher than the general population.

“The Personal Care Products Council, the largest trade association for the cosmetics industry, is giving away products containing toxins to cancer patients, yet they insist product safety is their highest priority,” Karuna Jaggar, executive director at Breast Cancer Action, said. “The American Cancer Society, the nation’s largest cancer charity, is distributing products with chemicals that can increase the risk of cancer to cancer patients—yet they tell us they’re ‘dedicated to eliminating cancer.’ The ACS should be pressuring the cosmetics industry to clean up their act, not helping them do their dirty work.”

Chemicals of concern include formaldehyde releasers, which continuously release small amounts of
Breast Cancer Action - Poison isn't Pretty
the known carcinogen formaldehyde; Teflon, which can be contaminated with a possible carcinogen shown to alter mammary gland development; and multiple endocrine disruptors, including methylparaben, which may interfere with the common breast cancer treatment Tamoxifen.

The Look Good, Feel Better program provides free workshops, beauty tips and complimentary makeup kits to women in cancer treatment, which many women value when facing a cancer diagnosis.

Jaggar said: “Women with breast cancer deserve to be able to trust the organizations they look to for support. It’s unconscionable to expose cancer patients to known and suspected toxins, which can increase their risk of a second cancer and which may interact with some common treatments.”

BCAction's "Poison Isn't Pretty" campaign calls on these industry giants to refuse the involvement of any corporation that uses chemicals in their products linked to increased cancer risk or which may interfere with breast cancer treatment in their Look Good, Feel Better program.

Since its launch in 2002, Breast Cancer Action’s Think Before You Pink® campaign has called for transparency and accountability in breast cancer marketing and pink ribbon promotions. BCAction coined the term pinkwashing to describe a company or organization that claims to care about breast cancer, but at the same time produces, manufactures and/or sells products that are linked to the disease.

Breast Cancer Action ( is a national education and advocacy nonprofit organization whose mission is to achieve health justice for all women at risk of and living with breast cancer. BCAction has a strict conflict of interest policy and refuses to accept corporate funding from companies or organizations that profit from or contribute to the breast cancer epidemic.

Thank you to, Caitlin Carmody, for this information.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Stormsister #2 - Miranda just opened her own beauty studio and is now carrying the Stormsisters - Lips Accessorized collection in her salon.

What better way to celebrate your very own salon and make-up studio than with your very own lipstick shade!

Miranda is a make-up artist, hairdresser, skincare name it, she does it all. She'll also be one of our lipstick artists at the next lipstick launch party on October 28th.

Miranda's lipstick shade is inspired by this shimmering sultry mauve. For those of you who are familiar with our lipstick shades, it is similar to Helen, though Helen is a creme lipstick - Miranda is a sheer (a bit more see-through) with a tiny bit of shimmer. It is a lovely shade and will certainly be one of my new favorites! Yours too, I imagine.

Launching here, October 28th.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Wine, Women & Wishes

Sip. Savor. Shop. Grant Wishes.

Get your tickets for Wine, Women & Wishes today! Support wishes for kids in Minnesota while getting a head start on your holiday shopping (with us and some other great Makers) and enjoying a variety of food and beverages! We will also be celebrating the first year of the Make-A-Wish® Minnesota Sapphire Circle!

Thursday, November 5, 2015
5:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Registration begins at 4:30 p.m.

Warners’ Stellian
3533 West 70th St.
Edina, MN 55435

* Amalia Moreno-Damgaard - A chef that prepares gourmet cuisine with a cultural flair
* Flat Earth Brewing Company - Providing beer tastings along with our wine tasting
* Julie Van Elswyk - A wish mom and author of children’s books
* Bare Hands Art - Pottery
* Us!
* And more!

The goal is to raise $10,000. Help us make wishes come true!

Friday, September 25, 2015


As you may know, we're launching our next collection of 5 lipsticks on October 28th.

Here is a little bit of info about Amy - the first of 5 new lipstick shades:

Stormsister #1 - Amy doesn't wear lipstick. She wears lip balm. She attended my lipstick launch last year and bought a lipstick because she's wonderful and wanted to support me. (How sweet is that?!)

Since launching our lipstick collection, we've heard from many women who don't wear lipstick - Women that wear lip balm, who REALLY want a healing lip treatment with a bit of shine, in a pretty lipstick tube. Because, lip balm tubes aren't pretty.
Imagine the best lip balm you ever used. Now imagine it in pretty packaging you will love to show off - that's Amy!

Thank goodness for Amy and her new Stormsisters clear lippie. You're gonna love it! Launching October 28th.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

City Dog

CityDog Magazine fall 2015 - featuring Doggystyle
Thank you to CityDog Magazine for featuring our doggystyle dog grooming bar in their 2015 fall issue.

Page 17.

Thursday, September 17, 2015


FLY - MSP Airport
FLY is an online publication put out by the MSP airport and they recently featured our lipstick collection.

FLY should be a go-to resource for anyone who travels - it's a great, quick read. It often features a city you may want to travel to, an entrepreneur or product from MN or great travel tips.

Our Stormsisters - Lips Accessorized lipstick collection can be found at the MSP airport in the Uptown Minnesota store (G Concourse). Our lipsticks will soon be found at several of their other stores as well - Ridgedale and Mall of America!

Thank you to Phoebe Larson for interviewing me for this story. It's truly appreciated!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

StormSister Spatique turns 10!

Happy Birthday - StormSister Spatique
Our sweet little StormSister has turned 10!

Our gift to you is 25% off your next online order of $50 or more on your StormSister Spatique, 3waybeauty and lipstick purchases thru September 30th.

Just enter: BIRTHDAY at checkout.