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Spring Cleaning Sale

Hand-picked local makers (including us !) that are either downsizing, unloading scratch-and-dent merchandise, slashing prices on inventory that is being discontinued or repackaged, as well as selling off crafting supplies at low, low prices at this free, casual, happy-hour-style event that’s open to the public. Whew! In addition to the discounted work from these creatives, there will also be snacks from Chowgirls Parlor  and a cash bar. Expect to find discounted work from the following makers: You want to go to here.

Makers, Movers & Shakers

ARE YOU A MAKER? 'Cause Makers are Making a Difference. HAMMS Event is a one day market for both men and women. It's a day to sell, while also making connections with retail buyers and press. There will be food trucks, beer and wine sampling and a DJ, as well. On top of fab exposure and sales, it's a crowd funding event where one Maker, chosen at random, will win up to $5000 to help them take their business to the next level. This is our third year, and this year it will be held April 11th at the Schmidt Artist Lofts in Saint Paul. We hope you'll join us - either to sell or to support....or both. {To be considered a Maker you must own a company that designs & develops retail goods. Products do not have to be handmade, outsourcing production is acceptable. You also do not have to be located in Minnesota, but can be from any of the surrounding areas.} Want to join in? Apply here . Check out the HAMMS Event on social media here:     

30 Beauty Lessons

Thank you to Kara Nesvig and Thought Catalog for featuring one of our most memorable beauty lessons - We're #30 30. “I had just been hired as an assistant in a high profile salon. I was shampooing my bosses clients’ hair and she had just had a face-lift. This was 1985, I was 19, and.... more here .

Linden Blossom

We cannot get enough of the scent of this Pre de Provence Linden Blossom shea butter enriched, quad-milled soap! The heart of Pré de Provence. This linden blossom soap is made from the purest botanicals harvested in Provence and triple-milled to maintain its shape and aroma. Biodegradable wood cello wrapped. 250 grams. Beautiful, lasting fragrance Rich, creamy, scented lather Perfect for bathroom, kitchen and shower Quad milled Shea Butter enriched No animal testing - Free of Parabens, Ethyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, DEA


We have a lot of good energy twirling (yes, twirling!) around us these days and we believe in sharing the love. So, we have lots of product giveaways featured on all of our social networks! -- From Phytoceane skincare to popular Shark Tank products. Whether you Pin , Tweet , Instagram or Facebook   ( < ---- just click these links, we've made it easy for you) Be sure to like our pages AND share.               All winners will be announced Tuesday evening.

Le Cube

The busier you are, the more you’ll fall in love with our new BFF this Valentine’s Day - super fun and unique solid fragrance cube: Red Note Botanica - le cube de parfum . Pop it into your purse or tote. It goes wherever you go. Refresh your fragrance and hydrate your skin with several (6-7) sensual sweeps across your pulse points, neck, decollete, back of knees, inside arms, anywhere you want to be kissed. Natural shea butter, apricot, avocado and sunflower oils melt onto your skin, leaving it butter soft with long lasting fragrance. At the gym, office, around town, on a date, on a plane (no airline will refuse it, and you’ll never worry about spills or breakage from glass bottles), treat your skin and delight your senses with luscious fragrance. *Every order comes with a red love note that holds treasures of the heart from artists and poets through time and around the world. Intimate sentiments, hopes and dreams pass from the uniquely heartfelt to exquisite connections an

Holy Schmidt!

HAMMS Event 2015 Help A Minnesota Maker Succeed Holy Schmidt! The HAMMS Event has moved! This year the HAMMS Event will be hosted at the  Schmidt Artist Lofts  in Saint Paul. We've decided to shake things up a bit, and what better place to host than a building full of Makers. The HAMMS Event is a crowd funding market for men and women based on the belief that as artists, designers, inventors and entrepreneurs working together and supporting each other is much more beneficial, and fun, than working alone. The first annual HAMMS Event took place in April of 2013 at the old HAMMS Brewery on the East Side of St. Paul. Founded by Becky Sturm and Sairey Gernes, both entrepreneurs, the HAMMS Event (which stands for “Help A Minnesota Maker Succeed”) has been an incredibly well respected and well attended event by both media, retail buyers and attendees. Another change to the event this year will be the addition of Makers from other states. From the very first year, we have ha