Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Heart KCC

I heart KINKY-CURLY CUSTARD...never used anything like it........I've been experimenting with it and I really like putting it on in sections(like the jar says, duh) when it's dripping wet.....LOVE IT!
Jill G. - Eagan, MN

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Equavie Exfoliant

Finally, an excellent ORGANIC exfoliant!

Whatever organic skincare line you are using, this is a lovely addition.
Works beautifully with the INtelligent Nutrients skincare line.

Certified organic by ECOCERT.

Ingredients :
Buriti oil: this oil is derived from the fruit of the tropical Buriti palm tree. Rich in carotenoids (betacarotene), it is an excellent antioxidant and revives the radiance of the complexion. Also rich in fatty acids, it leaves the skin soft and supple.
Kaolin: this gentle clay has purifying and detoxifying properties. It is also an excellent cellular
renovator due to its micro-exfoliating and remineralizing effect.
Enzymatic exfoliant:
Papain: derived from papaya, the ultimate tropical fruit, papain is an enzyme with proteolytic
action, i.e. it digests proteins. It thus gently eliminates dead cells and impurities. The complexion is even and radiant.
Mechanical exfoliants:
Silica powder: hard and transparent mineral particles that provide effective exfoliation.
Jojoba wax microbeads: these entirely natural microbeads are formed from the oil extracted from the seeds of the plant. They provide gentle and effective exfoliation.

On normal skin, apply a thin layer to cleansed face and neck. Exfoliate with circular movements, then rinse. For more intense exfoliation, apply a medium layer and leave on for 5 minutes. Dampen fingers, then exfoliate with circular movements. Rinse.
On sensitive skin, apply a medium layer to cleansed face. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse. Avoid the eye area.

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More KC Feedback

Hi Becky,

I met you about a week ago and bought a jar of the Kinky-Curly Curling Custard. I like the product but it is a little hard to use because of its gel texture. It reminds me of Curl Activator I use to use in the 80’s, but I like it for my hair.

My 3 year old daughter has naturally curly hair and the texture of it is fine and the custard flaked up in her hair but I was told that I was using it wrong and too much and to use it with Knot Today. I need to come in a buy some of the Knot Today for her hair.

Over all I think it is a wonderful product and I would buy it again. However just for variety Miss Jessie’s would be an alternative(I know how you feel about the ingredients) However, a great product when it comes to moisturizing. It was fun meeting you and I really like your store.


Leah F. - Twin Cities

-- StormSister Spatique will not be carrying Miss Jessies.
-- Yes, if you experience flaking, you have used too much of the Curling Custard. Cut back by 1/2 and feel free to use with the Knot Today, or your favorite leave-in conditioner.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day.....ugh

I hate April 15th.
I'm certain every small business does. Unlike the Big Corporate Welfare Giants, no bailout for we little girls. So, off to the post office to drop that fat check in the mail.....

The plus side, and one must always have a half-full glass of vino, is you can come in today and get 25% off your entire purchase. Hey, you're getting a deal and you're helping me pay my big fat tax bill!

If you're shopping online, enter TAXES upon checkout and your order will automatically tally the discount.
If you're shopping in the store, mention this blog post.

Yippy! ugh.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Here is a list of new promotions arriving soon.

From Phytoceane: Buy Calmocea Hydra-Soft Cream and receive a complimentary Calmocea Mask.

From Fleur's: Purchase $100 in Fleur's products and receive a Keepsake Gift Box.
I'm not sure what is in the gift box, but I imagine it will be Fleur's skin/body care.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kinky-Curly Feedback

Hi Becky,
My name is Iris, I stopped in your shop about 1 wk ago and bought the kinky curly product line. I just wanted to let you know that i really like it. I have thick coarse curly hair, that is often dry. the product defines my curls very nicely, i have gotten lots of compliments on my hair and have been spreading the word about kinky curly. i'll probably be back soon to get more of the leave in conditioner!

Iris - Twin Cities

I have heard a rumor that a curly-haired journalist from a local publication, is working on a story about curly hair and products for it. She is testing a lot of product and Kinky-Curly is supposedly her favorite so far.
More info about this later this summer :o)

Friday, April 10, 2009

SPF and Vitamin D

I Googled "wrinkled, tan skin" and this photo was listed on the first search page. Since I own a Shar Pei and they are the cutest dogs EVER, I just had to keep it. So, here's to you, Boone.

Note, wrinkly tan skin is cute on puppies, not on humans.

For years, we skincare people and doctors, etc., have been preaching that sunbathing is bad. There is still entirely too much of it going on, if you ask me, and sun worshippers are not wearing enough sunscreen.

Well, all of the doom and gloom has created a whole group, and not the group that was/is abusing the sun, that wears sunscreen all of the time. I wonder if they are sleeping in it.
It has gone to such an extreme for some people that there has been a surge of Vitamin D deficiency as of late.

I get people in the store or who email me with their sunscreen questions all of the time. They are getting conflicting feedback from every angle. Hey, I get it. And then here I am with my two-cents. Oy!

I received a "tweet" today (yes, StormSister Spatique is Tweeting) and seriously, it was the last straw.
Yes, it is just another persons opinion to use sunscreen every waking hour, but all of these conflicting reports just frustrate me sometimes. And, if they are frustrating me, I'm certain they are confusing you. Or, maybe I just have a short fuse.
Whatever, this is my blog.

Moderation, people. Moderation.
Here are my rules on sunscreen, and I believe MY rules have a lot of merit. I grew up in the beauty biz, so there!

If you are going to sunbathe you are FOOLISH to not wear SPF30. IF you are going to lie in the sun, maximum exposure should be 45 minutes. Also, humor me and wear it on your face and cover your face, completely. If you don't like this rule, no worries, I'm not your mom.
Though, when you hit 40 and you look like you've been "rode hard and put away wet", I'll be much older and still look younger than you. So there.
If you are 40+ listen to me and we'll slow down that aging process. I promise.

I am telling you this for your own good. I want you to be pretty/handsome and healthy.

If you are going to be outside for more than a 30-45 minute stretch, on a sunny day, wear SPF30 on your face/body. Also, wear a hat, if you look cute in hats.
I don't. Pity.

If you're going to be in and out of the house/work all day long on a sunny day wear a 10/15 SPF on face and exposed flesh.

If none of these scenarios pertains to you, relax. No need to wear sunscreen.

Hey, it's all fun and games until someone gets rickets.

Vitamin D Levels Low Among People In U.S., Particularly Those With Darker Skin, Study Finds

U.S. Faces Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Becky and Meeg spout off

The IN Skin Care just arrived! All orders going out today!

Meghan and I have a lot to say about the INtelligent Nutrients Skin Care - sorry if you are getting bored with so many posts about it, but this is important stuff!

Here is what Meeg has to say:
I am trying really hard to fall in love with them. The Cleanser – I am troubled by the color and smell – they don’t rock my world. The scent stays with you and I am neither “for or against” it– BUT what I did notice is it makes my skin feel really soft and it cleanses well – even takes off the mascara well, stings the eyes just a bit tho! I also noticed that small breakouts seemed gone the next morning – so I LOVED that about the formulation. The moisturizer seemed really thin and doesn’t seem to absorb tremendously well, but again, the after effects were great! Felt really smooth and soft! I would hesitate to use the serum during the day hours – it feels really heavy – almost like olive oil that you would dip bread into! Haha! But for night use – love it! I didn’t take any of the mist – but I did like the smell of that and could see how that would be great in the whole package. And my washcloths felt amazingly SOFT after the cleanser! So, my consensus – I think I would still prefer the Phytoceane Foam Cleanser for appearance, smell but I did like the IN effects.

I've been waiting to give my two-cents on this line because I needed to have someone not say how perfect it was. Leave it to Meeg.
Though, it was far from a scathing review.

I say:
Yes, first of all, keep this and all skincare products out of your eyes. There isn't anything that is harmful in the IN skincare range, but even all of that goodness may cause a bit of stinging - (This was in fact, the first mention of any stinging of the eyes.)

Yes, the Anti-Aging Cleanser does have an odd smell and color. I have never smelled anything like it - my son Bailey, who loves this skincare by the way, thinks it smells like "baby wipes". I don't get it and I have had two children and smelled plenty a baby wipe.

My husband thinks the products smell "different" as well. Not good or bad, just different. He does really like it though.

I have gotten used to the fragrance of the cleanser as I am aware of the bigger picture and that we are being poisoned by fragrance in our beauty products. So, an odd smell I can live with.

The IN Anti-Aging Mist - toner.
I'm a big fan of toner. It is a great vehicle for getting serum and moisturizer deeper into the epidermis.
I agree with Meeg that this toner smells wonderful.

Anti-Aging Serum. I have to say that I think this may be my favorite IN skincare product. I heart serums!
Serums are boosters to moisturizers and this one is fantastic! I have used it with the IN moisturizer and my usual Vie Cream. It works beautifully with both.
I like it for both day and evening and completely understand why Meeg only likes it for her nighttime cleansing.

Meeg and I are two girls who use great skincare, so our skin isn't usually lacking in hydration. But, unlike Meeg, I LOVE this serum during the day. I love "dewy", moist skin. For me shine is good and means less wrinkles.
Please don't think that this serum doesn't absorb. It does. Some people are just properly hydrated, so it will give them a bit more of a "glow".

Anti-Aging Moisture.
Again, another product with an interesting smell though I do really like it. It is quite slippery, so people that do not like thick moisturizers, will really like this one.

My only dilemma with "natural" skincare is the "anti-age" claim. Not just with this line, but with any natural skincare line.

If you are a parent and want to get your teenagers acquainted with healthy skincare, this line can't be beat.
If you are in your 20's you are going to completely slow down the aging process with this line. Honestly, no matter what age you are, you are going to slow down the aging process.

BUT, in all of my years of trying "natural" skincare lines, I haven't found one that turns back the hands of time, at least for me. Now, I am not the best spokesperson for this claim because if you haven't used the skincare brands I have, this line should truly be considered. The ingredients and quality are fantastic and it will certainly hydrated and proper hydration helps to smooth out fine lines.
I just happen to be someone that has used some of the best skincare available, so I began slowing the appearance of wrinkles long, long ago. (Seriously, I'm a freak with skincare.)

Saying all of this, I do need to use this line exclusively for a longer period of time (I did, for three weeks) and I plan on doing so.

There is something magical about that serum though. I haven't quite figured out what that is, but there is something going on there.

Have I said how much I LOVE my job lately?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bunny Eggs

StormSister Spatique is having an Easter egg hunt on Sunday!

Stop by from 10-2 and pick one egg out of the StormSister Spatique garden.

Inside each egg is a discount ranging from 20-50% off of your entire purchase. You may use it immediately or bring it in at a later date.
You may use your certificate on regular, sale or clearance priced items as well.

Bring in a friend and they may share in your spoils or grab an egg for themselves.

Whether you have time to shop or not, pop in for some yummies too.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

No-poo Movement

It's nice to hear that this is now a "movement".

I'm telling ya folks, "lather, rinse, repeat" and "daily shampoo" are all slogans used by shampoo manufacturers to get you to use more shampoo.

You're gonna just love your hair when you stop shampooing so often. I promise.
Save money and your HAIR.
Your colors and perms will last longer and perform better.

Here is a good trick to try to wean yourself off of shampooing daily or stretching out your shampooing routine.
Determine how often you shampoo. If it is every day, rinse that second day, instead of shampooing. Then, add 1/2 of the styling product you used the previous day.
Adjust your shampoo schedule by adding a day of rinsing on that shampoo day, instead.
Add a day of rinsing after each shampoo cycle to find out how long you can really go between shampoos.

There is another form of "shampooing" that we seasoned no-pooers in the Poo Movement do. We do a "shampoo" with our conditioner. Yup, we use our conditioner as shampoo. But, I'll save this for another post as we don't want to throw you into a haircare tizzy with all of this new info.
How often do I shampoo my hair? About once every 8-10 days or so. Seriously. And, I get a lot of compliments on my hair. I'm just sayin'.

Another factor in this movement? What brand of shampoo to use. Professional shampoo. There is a difference, I don't care what anybody says.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Brazilians in New Jersey

As you probably have heard New Jersey is looking to ban Brazilian bikini waxing.
I guess there are a couple of women who have gotten pretty bad infections.

I was watching Chelsey Lately (love Chelsey Handler!)the other night and she said something to the effect that it "wasn't the wax that gave the women the infection . " (wink, wink)

Though that may be true, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.
I've been doing bikini and Brazilian waxing for about 12 years - no, I am not taking any new clients. And the biggest faux pas in waxing is double-dipping the waxing spatulas. I have spoken out about this a million times and I am CERTAIN this is the issue here.
DO NOT go to anyone who reuses their waxing sticks. I don't mean reusing their waxing sticks on different clients, but reusing each of the waxing sticks during your visit.
Think about it - you wouldn't appreciate it if someone double dipped their chip or a carrot stick in the dip while you were at a party, right? So, why would you tolerate your waxing professional using wax that has been double-dipped with sticks from a previous client.
That "dip" has had another persons germy "carrot" in it!

How do you know your waxing professional is double-dipping? Watch him/her. Also, watch to see how many waxing sticks they have placed onto the tray next to the waxing kit. If there aren't a bunch of them and only one or two, she/he is double dippin'. Run for the hills. Your fine china needs much more respect than that!

Just as with pedicures, you should to go to a reputable salon/spa. This usually means paying more. Your health is worth it, right?

Problem solved.