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Shine On

Two new products by John Masters Organics.

Travel Kits and Shine On.

The Shine On isn't exactly new, it has been out for a year or so, but it is new to StormSister Spatique.
I have to be honest and say that I don't love this product. I'm still undecided. It's nice. I just don't get what the big deal is all about.
But, I have had so many people ask for it, who have used it, that it just wasn't about what I liked anymore.

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Crave Women are the Best!

September 26, 2010 by Danielle N. 
Minnesota Monthly

In 2010’s September issue of Minnesota Monthly, many of our CRAVE businesses are featured as the “Best of the Cities”. We were so excited to see all of our fabulous women and their businesses in this magazine. Both CRAVE and our readers know that these ladies rock, and now the rest of the Cities have caught onto our favorite shops around town. Pick up a copy of the Minnesota Monthly to see the full “Best of the Cities” article and see all of these fabulous businesses:
Sweets Bakeshop
The magazine lists Ly lo and Krista Steinbach’s bakery as the go-to place for the “Best Macaroons” in all of the Cities!
2042 Marshall Ave., St. Paul, 651-340-7138,
Salty Tart
Referred to as the “Savory Pastry”, Michelle Gayer’s shop is recognized for its array of treats, including those that are unconventional but delicious.
920 E. Lake St., Mpls., 612-874-9206
Known for her beautiful and thoughtful designs, Joy Teiken is praised as the “Dress Designer”.
312 W. 42nd St., Mpls., 612-209-7822,
StormSister Spatique
Hailed as the “Beauty Crusader”, Becky Strum knows her stuff when it comes to the best eco-friendly and effective beauty products on the market!
635 S Smith Ave., St. Paul, 612-716-5480,
I Like You
The magazine guarantees you will find something you like in Sara Sweet and Angela Scandin’s shop, or be inspired to make something in their classes!
501 First Ave. NE, Mpls., 612-208-0249,
Picky Girl
Titled the “Women’s Boutique” in the Cities, Elisabeth Varshese is thanked for her great boutique and fabulous taste in fashion.
949 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 651-698-4107,
L’atelier Boutique
Amanda Kautt’s shop is titled the “Bridal Boutique” of the cities and is recommended as the ultimate bridal experience.
493 Selby Ave., St. Paul, 651-602-9492,
La Petite Parfumerie
Diana, Jennifer and Sally own this shop chosen as choice “Perfume Shop”. But don’t let the name fool you! This shop carries beauty products, accessories and handbags as well.
287 Water St., Ste 100, Excelsior, 952-475-2212,
Winning the award as best “New Shop” this year is Pam Mondale’s boutique. Guild offers a great selection of vintage and new home furnishings, clothing and jewelry.
4414 Excelsior Blvd., St. Louis Park, 952-378-1815,

Mpls St. Paul Magazine Shops

Our CRAVE shops were also chosen by Mpls St. Paul magazine to be featured in Shops magazine. Mpls St. Paul magazine produced Shops as a guide to the best places in the cities, and as to no surprise this guide was FILLED with CRAVE ladies! This is an exclusive magazine that can not be bought on newsstands, only subscribers received it. Congratulations to all 36 of the CRAVE businesses that are featured in this issue!
Arafina, Collaborations Boutique, Covered, Ditchotomy, Joynoëlle, Karma, Martin’s, OPM Boutique, Picky Girl, L’atelier Couture Bridal Boutique, Posh Bridal Couture, Melly, Stella, The Bungalow, Max’s, Blooma, Sigh Yoga and Boutique, Art of Optiks, Jaide: A Salon & Boutique, La Petite Parfumerie, StormSister Spatique, Bananas For Kids, Red Rover Kids, Bibelot, Inizo, Patina, Coca and Fig, Just Truffles, Local D’Lish, Russel + Hazel, Casa Verde, Euronest, Interior Motive, Maison Galleria, Victory, and Petunia’s.
Minnesota Monthly:
Mpls St. Paul Magazine:

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Since I have made the decision to close my storefront and am willing to talk about "why", I've been busy with the press.

It was very odd doing an interview that wasn't about the beauty biz.

Small businesses that weathered the last two years and somehow kept their doors open, including myself, are not "healthy" enough for the current criteria to receive loans and are the businesses that need it the most. Truly, if you own a small business that was in business before the recession and are still open today, you WANT to be in business. Or, we're all masochists. I haven't quite decided.

Understand, banks are now beginning to lend after having recently been forced by the hand of the federal government.
Financial institutions are only lending to new businesses, not those that have struggled through the last 2 1/2 years and no longer have pristine credit. They are lending to owners that have not proven they have the mettle to weather a very slowly improving economy.

Only time will tell if this is the correct approach. In the mean time, many more businesses will close their doors.

The recession may be "over" as our President (Washington) has assured us. But, in the reality of the American public, it has not. - a 10% unemployment rate, businesses continuing to close and people still losing their homes, is not proof to the American public that any recession has ended. I don't care what mathematical formula Washington wants to use to use to prove otherwise.

Is the economy moving forward? Yes, but slowly.

I find the very last sentence of the following article the most poignant.

Small businesses having harder time taking out loans

by Martin Moylan, Minnesota Public Radio
September 22, 2010

St. Paul, Minn. — As the recession has weakened both businesses and banks, small business lending has fallen by tens of billions of dollars.
Some small businesses are complaining that they're having a hard time getting the loans they need to maintain or expand their businesses.
Becky Sturm runs StormSister Spatique on St. Paul's West Side, selling hair-care, nail and other grooming products at her store and through her website.
Sturm says that when she opened her shop in 2006, getting a loan was a breeze. Now, she wants to add more products to boost her slumping sales, but she she's been rejected for a loan four times in the past year and a half.
"It's been a tough couple of years and I'm supposedly not bringing in enough money for them to justify giving me a loan," she said.
Sturm complains that all banks care about today are numbers, like debt, cash flow and profit.
"They need to have faith in us," she said. "We have faith in ourselves. We're still here. It has been a nightmare these last two years and they need to take a chance."
Sturm is not alone. From June 2008 to March 2010, banks cut the small business loans on their books by about six percent, more than $40 billion. These are loans that go to businesses with 500 or fewer employees.
Congress has been working on legislation to encourage banks to lend to small businesses. The $30 billion proposal assures banks would get up to 90 percent of their money back if a loan goes bad.
In Minnesota, the decline in small business lending seems to be in line with national figures.
"We do know there has been a substantial decline for, let's say, the last 18 months," said Ron Feldman, a senior vice president at the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, one of the agencies that oversee banks in Minnesota.
Feldman says bankers offer a variety of explanations for the drop in small business lending.
"It might be that in a weak economy the small firms have less need," he said. "They don't want to expand so they don't need the money. Or it might be in weak economy the small firms are weak therefore the banks don't want to make loans to them. It could be the banks have decided they want to tighten up their criteria. And finally, it might be banks are in bank shape themselves."
About one-fifth of banks chartered in Minnesota lost money in the first half of this year and, Feldman said, weak banks make fewer loans.
Meanwhile, with the recession, more businesses have been bringing in less cash, posting lower profits and seeing buildings and other potential collateral drop in value. That hurts their chances of getting a loan.
"We've got plenty of money to lend and good government programs to help back that up, if we need to," said Paul Flood, regional Small Business Administration loan manager for Bremer Bank. "Right now, probably the biggest hurdle we're seeing is the financial condition of borrowers."
In New brighton, a truck hitches at Universal Transportation Services up with a trailer that carries shipping containers. Universal's owner, Brent Bois, has survived a brutal industry shakeout that put many trucking firms out of business.
"We've been hit pretty hard," he said. "And we've had to lower our rates to customers just to stay in business and probably taken anywhere from a 10 to 15 percent rate decrease in that time."
Bois has been able to get the credit he needs to keep the business going, but the interest rate is higher.
"We're paying a fair amount more for the money," he said.
The trends are boosting small business lending at giant US Bank, which largely sidestepped the mortgage meltdown.
Vice Chairman Richard Hartnack said that's partly because small businesses are coming to his bank from banks that folded or cut lending.
US Bank also has been busy buying up banks around the country and emphasizing small business lending, he said.
"There are still good businesses, and we lend money to them," Hartnack said, adding they just have to meet traditional, sound-lending standards.
"You're going to get financed if your financial condition is still balanced -- if you're profitable, if you can service your debt, if you're able to pay your vendors."
And that seems to be the bottom line -- healthy firms can get credit from healthy banks. But that combination is harder to find these days.

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An Announcement

As you know, I have been on a hunt for funding for a product I have developed.

Because of the current state of lending out there, it is necessary for me to search for a private investor to launch my product ('s a secret!).

To do this correctly, I need to free up time and energy to concentrate fully on this next endeavor. That being said, I have made the very difficult decision
to close my storefront at the end of October.

The StormSister Spatique online store will continue as it has since 2005 as well as my personal delivery service.

Though making the decision to close my storefront was very tough, I am comforted in the fact that I couldn't get to this next level without having had it.
This is a very exciting time for me as I grow my StormSister Spatique brand.

With the amazing press I have received these last 4 years, and especially this summer(!) I need to strike while the iron is hot and focus completely on this next project.

I simply MUST take this moment to tell you that there are some local press outlets in this town that have gone ABOVE and BEYOND for me and the small business community here in the Twin Cities. If you are a supporter of the small business community here in MN, please tune-in/read the amazing publications/blogs/radio they write/own/star in. They are doing so much to help the small business community thrive here in the Twin Cities; Pioneer Press (Allison Kaplan), Star Tribune (Sara Glassman), AliShops (Allison Kaplan), PopFizz Daily (Sara Glassman), (Sara Glassman), FM107 Shop Girls (Allison Kaplan and Alexis Walsko), Minnesota Monthly (Katie Dohman), Mpls. St. Paul Magazine (Anna Befort), (Elizabeth Dehn), Redhead Ranting (Jennifer Brown), Crave Minneapolis/St. Paul (Kathy Hanson), Bombshell Beauty Blog (Sara Bartlett) and (Stacy De Young).
Hmmm, I just realized now what all of these contacts have in common, they're women!

I opened StormSister Spatique on Smith Avenue because I believe in my community and want to support it and help it grow. It has been an amazing four years for me here.

I'll continue Tweeting and FBing and blogging about beauty and the beauty biz and bringing in new products to my online store. I'll still be an email or phone call away.
And, you'll will be hearing about my product, soon!

Thank you SO much for your support these last four years. Truly, I wouldn't be where I am without you.

Tune into the FM 107 Shop Girls show this Saturday. I'll talk a bit about this and some fun new beauty products!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lower Shipping Fees

StormSister Spatique shipping charges have been updated, effective immediately. In the US it is now only $6 for orders up to $199.99 and is complimentary over $200.


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Finipil Review

On Saturday, I had my regular brow threading appointment at Blink.

Typically, I would wake up the next day to find red bumps around the threaded area that would sometimes turn into pimples.
Thanks to you, Becky, I took the Finipil with me to apply right after the threading. Christina put it all over the brow area and the next day, there were no little red bumps.
This stuff is great! I have bangs, so you never know what was infecting the area. I would highly recommend this product to everyone that does any hair removal.

Stacy D. - St. Paul

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vibrant Violet

Attagirl by Kedrin has a purple headband (#5) included in a piece by Katie Dohman in the October edition of Minnesota Monthly.

That very headband is in the Spatique, so come and check them out!

Kedrin is dropping by all new hats very soon, including the
Finn hats.

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Personal Care Product Myths and Facts

I posted The Story Of Cosmetics video when it was first released.
It garnered a lot of controversy along with my post about the 2010 Safe Cosmetics Act.

This list of Myths and Facts is a reminder.

Educate yourself.
The Story of Cosmetics has been viewed more than 350,000 times since it was released on July 21, tens of thousands of people have joined the movement to make personal care products safe and healthy for everyone, and Congress has received thousands of letters of support for the newly introduced Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010.
While we've really turned up the volume on this issue, we want even more people talking about these toxic products, watching the video and taking action to support meaningful policy change.
Share the video with your friends.
Why not plan a visit to your U.S. Representative's hometown office to tell him or her why the Safe Cosmetics Act is important to you? Congress is out on recess this fall, and office visits are empowering and easier than you might think!

Together we're showing chemical manufacturers, companies and elected officials that we really mean it: we want truly safe cosmetics for everyone, ASAP!


Mia, Stacy, Lisa, Marisa, and all of us at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

P.S. We've received an outpouring of support for the film - and the bill - from cancer survivors, salon workers, leaders among safe cosmetics companies, parents and concerned consumers. There's been some misinformation circulating, too, which is to be expected when big changes are afoot. So why did we make The Story of Cosmetics?

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DiVine Intervention

An excerpt by: Heather Mikesell from the September 2010 edition of American Spa Magazine.

While it’s common knowledge that drinking a glass of red wine a day can do the heart good, applying grapeseed oil or various other grape-infused products to the skin can also prove advantageous to the complexion. Grapeseeds contain polyphenols, which are antioxidants that fight free radicals known for damaging the skin and increasing the signs of aging. Grapeseed extract has also shown promise in helping wounds heal faster with less scarring. In a study at the St. Helena Institute for Plastic Surgery, Steven C.

Herber, M.D., F.A.C.S., found that a majority of subjects who applied grapeseed extract topically to their face reported improved skin texture.
These are just some of the reasons grapes figure so prominently in many of today’s skincare lines. Grapes are nutrient-rich wonders that supply the skin with vitamin C, fruit sugars, pectin, bioflavonoids, and fruit acids.

Veronique Paré, owner of Espace Urbain Orthospa (Gatineau, Canada) is also impressed by the benefits, noting the fact that resveratrol, a potent antioxidant, can be found in high concentrations in grapeseeds, stems, and skins. According to her, it’s ideal for reducing inflammation and slowing the oxidation process that often causes skin to age prematurely.

Make it a Destination Experience
Not surprisingly, grape-inspired treatments are especially popular in spas located in wine regions, such as Napa Valley, CA, and the Finger Lakes in upstate New York. “Many of our guests come to Meadowood and the Napa Valley looking for anything and everything to do with grapes,” says Kerry Brackett, manager at The Health Spa at Meadowood. According to her, grapeseed-based treatments such as the Cabernet Crush ($135, 60 minutes) and Vineyard Polish ($135, 60 minutes), both body exfoliations, have long been a part of the menu. The spa recently introduced the Grape Seed Rejuvenation ($250, 2 hours) package in response to guests’ interest in regional grape treatments. It includes a choice of body exfoliation and a massage with grapeseed oil from NV Organics.

In the Finger Lakes region, grape-infused treatments are practically a given. In fact, Spa Mirbeau (Skaneateles, NY) offers an entire menu of treatments. From the Wine Salt Glow ($135, 50 minutes) to the Pinot Noir Body Mask & Wrap ($135, 50 minutes), there is no shortage of antioxidant-rich services. At the Finger Lakes Wellness Center and Health Spa (Bath, NY), the evidence supporting the benefits grapes have to offer was too convincing to ignore. “Studies indicate that topical treatment reduces eye puffiness and inflammation, evens out the complexion, and adds to ultraviolet ray protection,” says owner Janet Opild-Lehman. There, guests can enjoy a variety of grapeseed signature sessions, such as Grape Seed Hand and Foot Reflexology ($70, 60 minutes) or Grape Seed Oil Aromatherapy Detox Massage ($75, 60 minutes). “Being in wine country, we also wanted to enhance our clients’ experience by incorporating grapeseeds in some of our treatments,” says Opild-Lehman. “Grapes are not just for drinking and eating.”
That was also the thinking at Brentwood Bay Lodge and Spa (Victoria, BC). “Here on the Saanich Peninsula, we have an incredible variety of local wineries, which are often a draw for our visiting guests,” says spa director Alicia Bradshaw. At Spa – Essence of Life, a host of Vino Therapy treatments are available, such as the Couple’s Vino Lover’s Retreat ($242 per person, 2 hours) and the Vino Stomp Pedicure ($82, 75 minutes). According to Bradshaw, the grape-themed services serve as an example of the property’s efforts to rely on local elements and offer multiple skin-saving advantages. “When you rub and scrub the body with grape skins and vines containing resveratrol, a natural antibiotic, you help to increase cellular immunity and detoxification,” says Bradshaw.

Fresh Fruit
As spa-goers continue to clamor for increasingly natural products, grapes can be easily integrated into many treatments. Available at Caudalíe Spas in New York City; Elciego, Spain; and Martillac and Ville d’Avray, France is the Vinotherapie Spa Manicure ($85, 60 minutes) and Pedicure ($95, 80 minutes) both involve the use of freshly cut grapes to gently exfoliate and hydrate the nail beds. The Fresh Grape Massage ($185, 50 minutes) relies on fresh grapes to soothe the skin, and the Crushed Cabernet Scrub ($145, 35 minutes) combines grapeseeds, grapeseed oil, brown sugar, and honey to exfoliate the skin. Launching this month, the Vinosource Quenching Facial ($185, 50 minutes) relies on fresh grapes to massage the face and neck.

Wine-d Up
Wine tastings are a great way to extol the virtues of grape-themed treatments and products. “We hold wine tasting events called Divine Wine Spa Events at the spa showcasing the Mondavi family wines and offer mini spa treatments and tours to educate clients on the health benefits of red wine and the potent power of antioxidants found in the polyphenols of red grapes,” says Heidi Carney, spa director of 29 Spa at The Mansion on Peachtree, A Rosewood Hotel & Residence (Atlanta). The spa cross-promotes with Neiman Marcus, and co-hosts events, such as makeup classes and wine and spa parties. Packing a mighty powerful antioxidant punch, grape-themed products and treatments certainly give spa-goers plenty of reasons to raise a glass.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yes, Natural Skin Care is Effective!

An excerpt from a publication by Universal Companies, written by Lisa Sykes, Sustainability Specialist.

As a sustainability specialist with a concentration in personal care, I get a variety of inquiries daily concerning formulations, ingredients, and usage. One of the most frequent questions that surfaces is this one: “Do natural skin care products actually work?” I try really hard not to appear exasperated—it’s not the person’s fault who’s asking me this question. Now that natural is in vogue, many personal care companies are creating new formulas and repositioning some of their lines as “natural” while still justifying their continued use of problematic synthetics (e.g., ethoxylated compounds, formaldehyde donors). This has caused some confusion. The pervasive myth that natural skin care is ineffective originated from at least two places: brands hyping their patented delivery systems and micro-technology for the “advanced consumer” and consumers using what they think are natural brands and getting less than mediocre results. However, instead of launching into a diatribe about inconsistencies in the personal care industry, which is easy for me to do, I am just going to approach the issue with observation, education, and logic.

Many personal care manufacturers highlight their “active” or “key” botanical ingredients in ads and marketing materials. From photos of dewy berries to crisp red apples, these plant-based components are the dominate theme in imagery. Next, there’s wordsmithing to highlight these ingredients in copy, usually by preceding their names with verbs that indicate strength, potency, or nourishment such “powerful antioxidant-rich green tea” or “skin-softening shea butter”. Of course, inactive ingredients aren’t referenced because they are typically problematic synthetics.

First, to see if natural skin care works, you need to make sure what you’re trying is really natural. Once you move beyond the marketing aspects of the brand, look at the ingredients—all of them. What is the amount of natural ingredients used in the products? Active ingredients, like extracts, may have been extracted by the use of petroleum based solvents. Are synthetic inactives (e.g., fragrances, colorants, preservatives, emollients, surfactants, and thickeners) used? This is certainly a basic broad brush approach, but these questions serve as a great tool for the process of elimination.

To illustrate this process, let’s look at a visual example of the ingredient decks for two facial cleansers:

#1 Ingredients:
Witch Hazel, Vegetable Glycerin, Acylglutamate (a natural amino acid derived from sugarcane), Geranium Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil.

#2 Ingredients:
Water, Fragrance, Decyl Oleate, Polyoxyethylene, Cetyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Isononanoate, Oak Root Extract, Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata), Butylene Glycol, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Ceteareth-12, Ceteareth-20, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Glycerin, Cetyl Palmitate Titaninum Dioxide, Carbomer, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium PCA, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Disodium EDTA

Number one is a 100% natural facial cleanser. Number two is not. Which one of these appears more results-oriented?

Plants used in skin care were once thriving living things; their life force essence is what makes them powerful. Other natural ingredients, such as organic milk powder, contain a host of other intrinsic beneficial properties, such as lactic acid for skin brightening.

Natural skin care isn’t inferior but very powerful. Straight, unadulterated ingredients in natural formulations are able to work synergistically because fillers and additives don’t restrain their potency or render them useless. So, the next time you’re selecting a skin care line--no matter what the representative or marketing materials claim--you should look at the ingredient deck to determine if it’s comprised of dynamic natural ingredients or inexpensive ineffectual synthetics.

INtelligent Nutrients skincare is a perfect example of a very effective 100% natural brand. Products are formulated to allow maximum herbal benefit, meaning that natural ingredients can work without hindrance of synthetic chemical additives.
Your skin is only getting what it needs—nothing else. Infused with organic and wildcrafted plant extracts using a traditional process that allows time for the ingredients to garner the healing properties inherent in each plant variety.
The Cleansers don't contain harsh surfactants or petroleum-based alcohols, so they never change the skin’s natural pH level.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Suffering from Skin Damage this Summer?

Fight it with these Foods!

*This post was written by Jamie Dougherty for CRAVE.

We all want beautiful skin, especially during the “skin showing” months of summer. So how do we get it without spending a fortune at the Clinique counter? By eating antioxidant rich foods, that’s how. Your skin, just like every other organ in your body, needs antioxidant laden foods to keep it healthy and toxin free. Here are some of the most important foods to eat for beautiful skin. Try to get these delicious foods into your diet as often as possible and I promise you will love the results.
Foods for beautiful skin:
Sunflower seeds, Swiss chard, and almonds- What do they all have in common? Vitamin E! Vitamin E works to protect skin from ultra violet rays and rejuvenate the cells. Sauté swiss chard with garlic and olive oil and top with a mix of toasted almonds and sunflower seeds. Vitamin E never tasted so good!
Cauliflower, walnuts, and cabbage- Did you think wild salmon was the only place to get Omega 3 fatty acids? Well get excited because they are in vegetables too! Omega 3’s are essential in creating beautiful skin for they help maintain cell membranes. It is these membranes that act as barriers for the body, letting water and nutrients in, and keeping toxins out. Make an easy cabbage slaw topped with walnuts then steam cauliflower and serve with a lemon tahini sauce (also packed with Vitamin C). After these two dishes, your skin will be good to go!
Carrots, Kale, and Apricots- Not only are these foods quick and easy to get your hands on, they also serve up a giant does of Vitamin A (aka Beta Carotene). Vitamin A is involved in the repair and growth of body tissues, which is particularly beneficial when dealing with sun damaged skin. Stir-fry carrots and kale with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce for a great side dish. For the apricots, try throwing them on the grill for a great summer dessert!
Bell peppers, broccoli, and strawberries- Loaded with more vitamin C than an orange, these foods work to create collagen in the skin and protect your lovely epidermis from oxidative stress. Best ways to eat them? Grill the peppers and broccoli or eat them raw with hummus. As for strawberries, just pop them in your mouth (or put them in a crisp).
Shitake mushrooms, cod and shrimp- Mushrooms (both shittake and crimini), cod, and shrimp are chock full of selenium, a potent nutrient that promotes skin elasticity and quality. Broil cod with a fresh tomatoes and basil. For the shrimp and mushrooms, toss them into an easy Thai curry. So good!

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End of Summer Skin Renewal

The best case for preserving skin health. If it works for good internal health, wouldn’t you want the same for good external health too-that being your skin?

PREVENT ACCELERATED AGING with Parfait 10™ Natural age-defying relief for hands & feet. Over 300 nutrients, phytonutrients and antioxidants including Vitamins A, C, D, E K and Chlorophyll for pure nutrition, free radical defense and cellular support, the essentials for aging gracefully. Young healthy skin-because it is.

Don’t let summer fun get the best of your skin. Get back on the path to a perfect 10 with the top three must have items for truly healthy hands and feet.

Herbal Scrub for gentle yet optimal exfoliation
Organic cane juice for gentle physical and glycolic exfoliation, shea butter for emollient and effective skin conditioning and natural collagen stimulation with an exotic aroma of anise and sweet orange for an aroma that truly teases the senses!

Age Reversal Serum to help even pigmentation
Antioxidant vitamins A, E & C to fight free-radical damage, omega-3 fatty acids (Rosehip seed & Kiwi) for cellular health, beta-carotene (Buriti oil) for improved skin elasticity, natural skin lightening from Arbutin, Licorice (also excellent for inflammation), kiwi, Moroccan blue chamomile and jojoba.

Daytime Restoration Crème for cellular support
Antioxidant vitamins A, C & E, antioxidant chlorophyll (Alfalfa) to fight free-radical damage, omega-3 fatty acids (Buriti oil, Kiwi) for cellular health, beta-carotene (Buriti oil) for improved skin elasticity and other skin regenerating nutrients such as B6, B12, vitamin D and more to help soothe, heal, reduce fine lines and gently even skin tone.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Erbaviva Organic

Did you know the average woman absorbs almost 5 lbs of chemicals into her body from cosmetics each year?

Erbaviva is better for the body and the environment

Organic is a far higher standard than "natural"

Erbaviva is free of dangerous pesticides, fertilizers, and harsh chemicals


Not all organic certifications are the same, Erbaviva is USDA Certified Organic

USDA is widely recognized as one of the strictest standards for organic certification

Products which bear the USDA seal contain at least 95% Certified Organic ingredients

Erbaviva products are FREE OF: parabens, phthalates, SLS's, petroleum, artificial colors and fragrances


What do you think of when you hear "Chamomile"? A nice cup of tea? relaxation? soothing? Yes, Chamomile is all these things and so much more!

Chamomile was a favorite of the Egyptians, Romans, and ancient Greeks for treating everything from digestive disorders, anxiety, headaches and wounds to various skin conditions.

Today, we still use chamomile to treat these conditions but we have also found that it helps in aiding sleep and relaxation - something we all need more of!

Chamomile is completely safe for babies and pregnancy. Very soothing and nurturing, it also helps with colic.

It's name has Greek origins describing how it is a low-lying plant that smells distinctly like apples when freshly picked. Kamai (on the ground) and melon (an apple) = Chamomile (ground apple)

Fun Fact: It's the national flower of Russia

Erbaviva products with Chamomile:
Baby Lip & Cheek Balm and Baby Lotion

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I had to miss the NONTOXIQUE after party that Sheila had after her BMW Green Carpet event the other evening at Fusion Lifespa, and everyone got Minxed. Crap!

I'm not into fingernail Minxing, but Sara, that Bombshell Beauty, had her toes done and they are FANTASTIC!

All designs can be done on toes as well as fingers.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not just for waxing any longer

Since I have only recently began selling my favorite after-waxing product, Finipil, I am getting emails from several clients telling me all of the other uses for it.
There is nothing I like better than a multi-purpose product!

I haven't tried these yet, but thought I would pass them along to you.

Burns - prevents scars.
Reduces the swelling of tired feet.
Soothes cold sores.

If you decide to only use for an after waxing cream, here are some other Finipil facts:

Destroys bacteria inclding Staph-aureus, Pseudomanas aeruginosa & E. coli.
Destroys fungus and yest including Aspergillus niger & Candidia albicans.
Cools, shrinks & reduces swelling.
Breaks fats and oils to prevent clogging.
Protects the hair follicle (pore).
Rids your skin of in-grown hairs & prevents new ones.
Slows new hair growth.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010