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PiPress Art

Two new pieces of St. Paul Pioneer Press Art by Susan Tinkham . Both pieces were written by journalist Allison Kaplan .

Into Perspective

My last post was pre- STYLEDLIFE/styledlook's "Open Closet" night at the Perspectives Family Center. I had no idea how much this evening was going to affect me. I accepted the invitation to help for the simple fact that Kevin and Tim are two of my best friends and they asked me. They wanted me available to do hand massages for women who were going to be "styled" by the STYLEDLIFE crew. Perfect, I can do that. Having spent so many years in the spa biz, this is a nice treat for me. I truly miss the "touching" aspect of working with clients. And to do it for an event like this was magical. Kevin Quinn donates a portion of STYLEDLIFE sales to Perspectives . He and his crew then shop for clothes, shoes and accessories and then plan this event. They bring in hair and makeup, stylists, photographer, videographer and their friend Becky to do some kick-ass hand massages . All volunteers. Whew! Each woman receives 2-3 new "looks" and gets to go


My great aunt founded a battered women's shelter in Indiana. I would see her every Christmas and she always had the most hopeful stories of those women and their children. When I was asked by Tim, of STYLEDLIFE fame, to help out with the STYLEDLIFE/styledlook Open Closet Night at Perspectives Family Center , of course I said yes. Their mission - Breaking the cycle for at-risk families and children for total family recovery is accomplished through an award-winning, comprehensive model that

That Bombshell's Two Cents

Hi Becky- I wanted to get back to you with my thoughts on the makeup I bought last week . My favorite product, hands down, is the Lipgloss in F78 (Translucent Pink). I'm amazed at how well it lasts, especially for a lipgloss. It adds the perfect sheen and boosts every lipstick I've paired with it. I also LOVE the flavor - it's so nice. I like the Lipstick in F120 ( Pearlized Fuschia Corydale) - the color is great and it wears really well. I bought a "pearl" formula and am not thrilled with the pearly bits. They make the color look great but feel kind of harsh on my lips. I'll be back for more shades! The one item I'm not impressed with is the Eyeliner in Tamaris. The liner feels really dry during application, so it pulls at my lids. And the color doesn't last - it's worn off by the end of my work day. So, there go - my two cents on my new Fleur's products. I've been thinking about the Compact Powd

Phytoceane Feedback

I've been meaning to tell you that my complexion looks fantastic after using Phytoceane's Intense Lifting Radiance Serum . I'm also impressed that small bottle has lasted almost 3 months and still isn't empty. Katherine K. - North Carolina

Cult Products

One of my favorite products made it into a Jenn Falik "Cult Products" video. Mbeze Deodorettes.

DIY Facial Mask

It was DIY Day over at Beauty Bets and we LOVED this tip. Thanks Elizabeth and Melissa!


My favorite Bombshell wants some  White Gardenia Pre de Provence shea butter soaps . Don't you?

Whose got some dough?

Anyone know of any grants or investors out there for a girl who has a product she has developed? The product is brilliant. It's truly a 100% plant-based grooming product scented with a 100% certified organic essential oil blend. The packaging is 100% recyclable/30% post consumer paper waste, acid/chlorine free paper and manufactured by a midwestern family-owned paper mill. The mill is powered by 100% hydroelectric power. A St. Paul independent designer has developed all packaging and marketing materials which will be printed here in the Twin Cities by a local printing agency. The product recipe is developed and will be manufactured by a small business in Minneapolis. Product brand and marketing is all set to go. From start to finish, only small business owners are associated with this product and its development. Who's in? Serious investors only as you will sign a confidentiality agreement to view business plan of the product.

Bombshell Beauty Shopping

I love playing beauty shop. Especially with those that love it as much as I do. Thanks, Sara!

Vie Collection feedback

That didn't take long. The Vie Collection - High Perfection Wrinkle Cream is a very new moisturizer and recently arrived in our Spatique. Now it's not just me and the PW's that love it! Read on. Hi Becky -- just wanted to say thanks for thinking of me and sending off the new moisturizer -- it's really really nice! The French make great cosmetic products and wonderful desserts!!!! - ( Why yes they do, Janice ) Janice D.B. - New Jersey

White Gardenia

New shea butter soap scent from Pre de Provence . Sure to be a big hit!

Sunscreen Chemical Data

(Reuters) - A senator on Sunday called on the FDA to reveal findings on a possible link between a chemical found in most sunscreens and skin cancer. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been reviewing data from several studies on a potential link between retinyl palmitate (RP), a common sunscreen additive and cases of skin cancer, since July 2009, but has yet to issue any rulings or guidelines, Senator Charles Schumer said. "With the recent reports suggesting a possible link between skin cancer and a common chemical found in sunscreens, the FDA must act now to protect consumers," Schumer said at a news conference and in a later statement. "Summer is here, people are soaking up the sun and the FDA needs to immediately provide guidance and reassurance to consumers," the New York Democrat added. The FDA's National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) and the National Toxicology Program (NTP) have conducted studies that suggest a possible l

Not Only For Your Bath

The Pre de Provence Marseille 72% olive oil soap is easily our most popular bar. This soap has been manufactured for over 600 years. That says a lot, don't you think? Europeans not only use it to bathe, but they also used it for laundering and we're beginning to catch on. In our continuous quest to clear up our various skin allergies and the realization that unscented (anything) laundry soap is a big scam , more and more of us have decided to make our own laundry soap - For a truly 'fragrance free' laundry. I wonder if the current financial crisis has spurred interest in this homemade option as well. Whatever the reason, many are choosing this olive oil soap to use in their laundry soap recipe . Substitute in the Marseille soap for the Fels-Naptha - Fels Naptha ingredients are questionable .

Blue Micro-algae

Phytoceane Homme (for men) includes Jania Rubens - like all Phytoceane products - but it also contains a blue micro-algae. Phytoceane utilizes the power of the sea to help care for men’s skin. In addition to its unique characteristics, it is subjected each day to shaving, hard water, soap and a lack of hydration. Based on these observations, Phytocéane has expanded its range to include a line of skin care adapted to men’s needs, while providing immediate results. Using expert knowledge of the marine world, our researchers have formulated each product of the men’s collection with vegetal coral, and blue micro-algae; these ingredients are renowned for their protective, moisturizing, remineralizing and smoothing properties. This exclusive cocktail is combined with unique natural ingredients that meet the special needs of each skin type. These blue micro-algae come from the crystal-clear waters of Klamath Lake. They are renowned for their exceptional nutritive properties. At the heart

My inSPArations

I heart Saint Paul. - Some of my favorite places and products. Thank you to Stacy De Young at for the opportunity. Super fun!

Live! With Regis and Kelly

One of my favorite products continues its march to the top. Behind the Scenes - "Never let 'em see ya sweat". Michelle Champagne is the show's Emmy Award winning makeup artist and names MBeze as her favorite :) Her review is as follows: A big hit at the LIVE Show, I have saved my favorite for last. This natural and organic skincare line offers deodorettes and dabber dust. The eight unique scents are subtle and refined, almost a very good way. Sweet Sanura ...Sweet Orange & Egyptian Musk Ife ...Sandalwood & Strawberry Cruizee ...Cucumber, Jasmine & Mint Tea Aim to be Pleased ...Cherry Blossom & Sandalwood Once Bitten ...Apple Blossoms, Vanilla & Lime Twice Shy ...Pink Grapefruit & Raspberry Koko Haze ...Coconut, Hazelnut, & Mango Me .. just you, scent free The precious Deodorettes are tiny portable deodorants that you can pop in your smallest clutch. Another unique product in the line is the Dabb

Seeds of Beauty

Learn about the moisturizing properties of the natural oil obtained from jojoba seeds that will benefit your hair , skin , and nails . Grown in the Sonoran Desert and surrounding areas of the U.S., jojoba is a shrub that is popular for the rich yellow-gold oil that is extracted from its seed. Jojoba oil, used for centuries by Native Americans who inhabited Northwest Mexico, has been used for a number of purposes, including a medicine for cancer and kidney disorders, a dietary supplement, and healthy beverages. Its most popular use was as a moisturizer for the hair, scalp, and skin because its unique chemical makeup actually mimics the sebum the skin produces. In addition to its ideal chemical makeup, jojoba oil is odorless, colorless, and oxidatively stable. It is also a natural carrier of vitamin E, as well as an antioxidant, making it the ideal ingredient. According to spa director Myrna Beardshear at Red Mountain Spa , all skin types can benefit from the oil. “ Jo


A necessity... Because men are subject to stress and external aggressions, i.e. climate, pollution, and cigarette smoke, this can wreak havoc on their skin. Plus the daily shaving routine causes additional dehydration and sensitivity on the skin’s surface. On average, during his lifetime, a man spends six months shaving to remove the 15,000 hairs distributed over 2/3 of the face. Shaving daily leaves 57% of men with stressed, imbalanced, and stripped skin. Because many men still do not properly use skin care products on a daily basis leaving their skin imbalanced (dry, shiny, dull...) Because men are increasingly aware of their appearance. Men’s use of skin and body care products is no longer considered occasional; in fact, it is becoming increasingly common. TEXTURES that are specifically adapted to men’s skin .Men’s skin is physiologically thicker and oilier than women’s: the ultra-light, non-greasy PHYTOMER/PHYTOCEANE textures penetrate easily. QUICK and PLEASANT to us

Nail File

Pink Berry Nothing says summer better than ice cream sundaes, floral-print dresses, strappy sandals, and tips and toes glazed with pretty pink tones. Our top contender this season: SpaRitual Hope Springs Eternal, a hot pink shimmer . - K.D. of American Salon magazine.

Get a Hair Cut - Help Save the Gulf

Lorri Weisen, owner Hairs to You Excerpt from Lorri's newsletter. If you've been to her salon lately, no doubt you've heard about their efforts with Matter of Trust , the non-profit organization that turns hair clippings into absorbent "booms" that soak up the oil from oil spills. She's been a member for years but hasn't donated until this catastrophe hit. Lorri has a Florida home just minutes from the most beautiful beaches on the gulf. When she received the first email from Lisa Gautier, the president of Matter of Trust, she knew I had to help out. Immediately she hopped on a plane to donate her Florida garage to house the hair arriving from all over the country. She also searched for the people she needed to connect with. 24 hours later, her address was a hair drop-off site and she was a "First Wave Boom B Q'er"! Lorri says, "It was, and still is, amazing to be part of an organization that is solution orient

Beauty and The Oil Beast

Galen Labs and StormSister Spatique get a plug in this story in the LA Examiner . Thank you so much, Jennifer Geisman . These hair boom are becoming more and more controversial as the BP oil DISASTER continues. Wow, hair and nylons. Who'da thunk. God forbid a bunch of hairdressers could actually contribute to the solution of your mess. Right, BP?

Hair Boom

BP won't use them. That's good of you BP, because you have the luxury of time and have come up with so many stellar remedies to this CF thus far. Assholes. The Coast Guard won't use them and is pleading to salons across the nation, and world, to stop sending hair to the Gulf. Watch this video , please. Booms are not the only answer to this DISASTER, of course. But, the hair boom do work. Why are they not being used? Several companies make non-hair boom and they only have limited effectiveness . Of course that can be said of the hair boom as well. "Good oil containment boom material has become scarce and more expensive. " That is a very telling statement. Certainly hair and nylons are cheaper to manufacture into boom. Hair is being donated by the tons. Are they being shunned because there isn't a ton of money being made from them? Makes me wonder. What is oil boom made from ? Polyethylene - A petroleum product. Interesting, isn't it? The same prod