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Garbage In, Garbage Out Rule

Some great skincare tips via Always New You . More often than not, what’s taking place on the outside of our bodies is a direct effect of what’s happening on the inside of our bodies.  This is especially true for skin care and adult acne.  So, making sure we are consuming the right foods, supplements, and keep our bodies are properly hydrated is a great first step when addressing  acne help . Learn what ingredients will help reduce  skin breakouts  and irritation and what ingredients may be contributing to your adult acne. The Schneider Stop Acne Now Plan 1. Limit your consumption of refined carbohydrates and simple sugars like cake, cookies, white bread and candy etc 2. Wash your face twice a day with a 2% salicylic Acid cleanser. 3. Take  Olive leaf Extract Capsules daily. 4. Ingest fish oil caps daily. 5. Place 100% Tea Tree oil once daily at bedtime on all pimples. Avoid placement near or around the eyes. Gregg Schneider, DDS, Dr Gregg Schneider, Nutritiona

Daily Dose of Anti Aging

via Always New You We can play an active roll in our anti aging process by taking good care of our skin on a daily basis.  Often times it is easy to skip a morning or evening of skin care, especially when we drag our already-half-asleep selves to bed after a long day.  But, taking the extra five minutes to check  anti aging treatment  off your to-do list will be worth it in the end. Learn a few skin care tips you can do every day to keep your skin looking clear and beautiful. Your  Daily  Dose  of  Anti  Aging We hear this all the time, but drink more water. Properly hydrated skin will minimize fine lines. These four steps; Cleanse, moisturize, eye treatment, lip balm application – need to be done morning and evening. WITHOUT FAIL. Unclean skin is a breeding ground for bacteria and that works against the anti-aging process. Moisturizer, eye cream and lip balm, applied morning and evening, help to seal in moisture and help aid healing. Becky Sturm, CEO/Founde

The Name Says It All

NONTOXIQUE. As featured in Nails Magazine . When it turned out the nail and beauty products she used every day as a nail tech were making her sick, Sheila Fredriksen sought out healthy, holistic, and effective products to use instead. When she found nothing that fit the bill, she hired a chemist and together they created the NONTOXIQUE line of hand and foot care products. “Our formulas are 100% authentically natural,” she says. “Each product is made from pure plant and fruit parts right out of nature  — not adulterated, nutritionally stripped, synthetic, or left biologically inactive. Following the holistic paradigm, all ingredients work synergistically together to support or enhance the healing and regenerative ability of each ingredient.” > Hand Cleanser moisturizes the eponychium, nourishes nails, regenerates aging skin, soothes sensitive skin, and washes away germs and grime. It contains essential oils of elemi, myrrh, sweet orange, and mandarin, as well as rosemary,

Love Notes

I love waking up to find them in my email box. Hi Becky – I’m not interested in buying anything at the moment but have meant to write to you since last summer when I ordered a favored nail polish color that I’d been unable to find anywhere locally.  I placed the order with you and received it in the blink of an eye!  I really appreciated the terrific service and have your site bookmarked and the material you included with my order tucked away for future reference.  Hope business is going well and thanks again.  Melissa N. (Louisiana) Today is going to be a great day!

Think Outside The Can

I'm on a new mission with my shhh. grooming bars. I want men (and women) to "think outside the can". Shaving products don't have to come from a can, or bottle or tube. They can come from a 100% natural, plant-based bar. One with recyclable packaging that is also perfect for travel and your gym bag. Please, don't think "soap". You may have used a soap bar as a shaving product, but you have never used a "soap" like this one. Trust me, I've spent my entire career in the beauty biz and I know how drying soap can be. Give it a whirl. Read the ingredient deck on your can of foam. Example: Water (Aqua), Palmitic Acid, Triethanolamine, Stearic Acid, Isopentane, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Monoglycerides, Sorbitol, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera Gel), Fragrance, PVP, Isobutane, PEG 90M, FD&C Blue 1 (CI 42090) What are all of   those ? Now, here is the ingredient deck for shhh.: Saponified (with sodium hydr

SL Pre-SaLe

STYLEDLIFE is gearing up for their Pre-SaLe . 3waybeauty will be featured during this Pre-Sale for 30% off! So, if you have never tried our beauty brand or already love it and want to stock up, mark your calendar. The wait is over: private Pre-SaLe starts Sunday, January 22nd.     Loyal SL know the pre-SaLe drill.  If you are a new STYLEDLIFE aficionado, welcome to one of the most anticipated events of the year. Their Pre-SaLe is legendary. Everything* is discounted by 30%-70% (*Vintage is excluded, but everything else is discounted!), with more items at 50%  and  70% off than any previous SaLe.  Even Music is on sale incredibly rare opportinity. It's our way of thanking you,  for all the business you've given us over the years. How-to guide for the STYLEDLIFE Pre-SaLe SL Preferred Guests (that's you) are allowed to shop the Pre-SaLe from Jan. 22nd-Feb. 1st. This means you receive the SaLe prices before the public gets a cra

Youth Elixir

Vie Collection has just launched a new serum: Youth Elixir 3.2 System . As you may know, this is the skincare line I am most loyal to. Though I have to sample and test many skincare brands, this is always my "must have" range. It is instant gratification in regard to result-focused skincare for anti-aging. Don't get me wrong, the other skincare brands I carry are all great for the skin. Vie just packs the biggest punch. This is luxury skincare for those who are serious about their skin. Use this new serum as a booster to your current moisturizer. YOUTH ELIXIR 3.2 SYSTEM A concentrate of technology capable of doubling the visible rejuvenating effectiveness of your usual skin care. Its high-tech formula contains 3 advanced ingredients selected to act on 3 major factors of skin aging: 1 | Intrinsic skin aging: stimulate weakened skin cells. 2 | Oxidative skin aging: combat free radicals by balancing the ratio of oxidants and the antioxidant system.

Whisker Whirl

Our 3waybeauty brand is proud to be donating to this wonderful event. Saturday, February 25, 2012, the Animal Humane Society (AHS) is holding their annual Whisker Whirl event.    This fundraising gala is a party for people and their pups, with an evening of dinner, live music, silent and live auctions, and a Fund-A-Need auction to raise money for animals in need. With five Twin Cities locations, AHS cares for nearly 35,000 companion animals each year.  Supported only by donations and fees, they are a private, nonprofit organization with locations in Buffalo, Coon Rapids, Golden Valley, St. Paul, and Woodbury.  Besides adoption, they also offer services in humane investigations, boarding, training, and education. Whisker Whirl promises to be a spectacular event and I hope you will support this important fundraiser. FYI - We have had several clients tell us that they use their shhh. grooming bar on their pooch!


shhh...3waybeauty Presents THE BEST OF MIDWEST BURLESK 2012  5th Anniversary Festival Ready to raise your winter temperature and set your Valentine’s week a-sizzlin’? 3waybeauty is thrilled to sponsor the 5th Anniversary Best of Midwest Burlesk Festival in Minneapolis, Feb 9-11 - 2012 Showcasing burlesque and variety artists from across the U.S.!  After four consecutive years of sold-out shows, the festival this year will be bigger and better than ever with five fabulous performances at The Ritz Theater. Best of Midwest Burlesk Festival  (BOMB) is a hot assortment of live music, novelty acts, aerialists, comedy, boylesque, drag, and, of course – the very finest burlesque! In total, the festival will host more than 80 local and national artists, turning the city into The Land of 10,000 Legs! This year’s festival stars Perle Noire (New Orleans), “The Feminine Phenomenon.” This southern firecracker has been described as the reincarnation of Josephine Baker; her dynamic

Travel Skincare

INtelligent Nutrients CERTIFIED ORGANIC  ANTI-AGING SKIN CARE is now available in EXPERIENCE SIZES FOUR OF THE TOP TEN SELLERS EXPAND TO INCLUDE NEW TRAVEL SIZES • ANTI-AGING CLEANSER : 1 fl oz. / 30 ml • ANTI-AGING MIST : 0.67 fl oz / 20 ml • ANTI-AGING SERUM : 0.67 fl oz / 20 ml • ANTI-AGING MOISTURE : 1 fl oz. / 30 ml Your skin shows what your body knows. All day, everyday, it battles free radicals. The result is inflammation, and the by-products are blemishes, bags, lines and eventually wrinkles. Conventional products conspire to help you ignore this fact, for now. Synthetics huff and puff, temporarily inflating skin to disguise lines. Skin looks smoother for the moment. Declare immunity for skin by changing how you care for it so skin can reclaim its birthright to defend and regenerate itself: • The power of IN's Intellimune® Seed Oil Complex combined with Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Science™ Antioxidant Blend of edelweiss, pennywort and coneflower

The Vie Collection Ritual

Effective cleansers and make-up removers, the Rituel de Vie products also offer ideal skin preparation to optimize the application of skincare products. They offer a wonderful, relaxing therapy by preparing the skin to help it combat the damaging effects of stress that weaken cells and diminish their receptiveness to ingredients. The research on stress, carried out by the Vie Collection laboratory, revealed the exceptional properties of Helichrysol. This seaside plant, exposed to many harsh environmental conditions (UV rays, wind, salinity, etc.), has created its own defense system by producing relaxing, aromatic molecules. Enriched with an extract of these molecules capable of reducing levels of the hormone responsible for skin stress by up to 76%, the Rituel de Vie range provides an ideal beauty ritual. Skin is perfectly replenished and relaxed, and regains its serenity, balance, and vitality. THE ORIGIN OF LIFE The history of Vie Collection is the history of life, its begin

Love Is In The Air

Give some Fun and Love ! The Award Winning betty™ products are specially formulated color dyes for the hair down there. In just a few years, there are hundreds of thousands of happy customers using betty to naturally match their hair above, cover gray or just for fun! Whether you're a blonde (be a true blonde now!), radiant auburn , rich brunette , raven black or want to try hot pink for fun, the easy to use no-drip formula gives you the perfect finishing touch. Have some fun this Valentine's Day and do it as a couple! StormSister Spatique's two-cents: Though the directions give a time limit during application, we recommend that you leave the color on as long as possible for a longer-lasting and more vibrant color. Especially in regard to the brighter colors.

Fairview Work Perks

Today is a big day here at  StormSister Spatique . We are proud to announce that Fairview Health Services has added us to their list of retail partners, as part of their popular employee Work Perks program. As a local small business owner we appreciate Fairview’s willingness to embrace us amongst their other larger national corporate offerings and look forward to a long and successful partnership. Happy New Year, everyone!

[7] essentials

I have been asked for several months now,  when will 3waybeauty launch the lavender fragrance blend that makes up the lavender shhh. shampoo | shower | shave bar? Your wish is my command. Introducing,  [7] essentials . Official press release .

Wonder-Filled 2012