Monday, May 23, 2016

Rahua Body Collection

Rahua Body Collection
Rahua has introduced a much-anticipated line of three 100% natural body products.

The Rahua Body Collection, which includes Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Amazon Oil, uses symbiotic (rainforest grown) ingredients ethically and sustainably sourced from the Amazon Rainforest, including Sacha Inchi oil, Buriti oil, Quinoa, Palo Santo and Rahua’s star Ungurahua oil. These rare and potent miracle ingredients, provided by Mother Nature, are proven to provide superior results to chemically laden alternatives. What we put on our skin, our biggest organ, eventually goes into our bodies, and chemical-laden body care products can actually accelerate the effects of the sun and pollution on the skin. Rahua Body Collection uses 100% natural plant-based emollients and purifiers that cleanse, protect and strengthen the dermis and epidermis to create beautiful, soft, supple and glowing skin.

Like Rahua hair care, the inspiration for the Rahua Body Collection came from ingredients introduced to founders Fabian Lliguin and Anna Ayers by women of the Quechua-Shuar tribe in the Amazon Rainforest. The women harvest and process the Ungurahua nut to produce Rahua oil in accordance with ancient, ancestral wisdom that has been passed down from generation to generation. Lliguin and Ayers, amazed by the ingredients they were exposed to in the Amazon, enlisted the help of top US chemists and scientists who have a deep understanding of biology and natural ingredients to further test and develop the benefits of these rainforest grown ingredients. After years of research and development Rahua is pleased to share three body products that are made by nature and proven by science.

“We chose to create a body line out of the need,” says Ayers. “I was looking for a fabulous hydrating lotion that felt amazing on the skin and was natural. During my pregnancy I only  wanted to use the most natural solutions available. I could not find "the lotion,” so we decided to make it! Same with the shower gel & body oil -- I wanted natural luxury & indulgence for my skin. 

When our loyal fans of Rahua hair care started asking us if they could use the Elixir & the Conditioners on their skin, we knew it was time to make body products that customers could  trust to be safe and effective but still luxurious! Fabian and I are very pleased to offer more  products that benefit more people & serve more purposes.”

Rahua’s signature soothing Palo Santo scent has been combined with lavender, eucalyptus  and vanilla bean to give the Rahua Body Collection a warm and sensual aroma.

Rahua Body Collection is:

• 100% Natural
• Free of all toxins
• Gluten free
• Organic
• Vegan
• Symbiotic
• Rainforest grown

Key ingredients:

 • Rahua*Ungurahua Oil: The small molecules that make up this omega-9 rich oil penetrate deep into the skin, working into the dermis and epidermis and resulting in supremely hydrated skin, in even the driest season.
Sacha Inchi oil: This fantastic, plant-derived Amazonian oil is rich in omega-3 (a  fatty acid usually found in fish). The lipid compound moisturizes dry skin improving softness and elasticity. Essential fatty acids like this one are vital for  skin’s health and now, instead of ingesting omega-3 supplements, we can apply this nourishing oil directly tothe skin.
Quinoa: This organic plant-based, super-food/protein deeply moisturizes and softens skin, while its antioxidant properties continuously rejuvenate and protect skin from the elements.
Buriti Oil: Another Amazonian wonder oil, this is a natural emollient that provides  high levels of the carotenoid pro-Vitamin A, adding a luminous and healthy glow to  the skin.
Palo Santo "holy wood": Rahua’s signature scent offers a delicate fragrance while  providing a soothing aromatherapy experience.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Midwest Makeup Show

Midwest Makeup Show

The Twin Cities is about to get a little more beautiful. Coming July 24, 2016 to Minneapolis's Commons Hotel is Minnesota's first trade makeup show and pop-up shop! The Midwest Makeup Show is shaping up to be a can't-miss blowout event for industry insiders, style editors, and beauty fanatics alike.

Founded and curated by celebrated Twin Cities-based makeup artist and entrepreneur Julie Swenson, the show will feature local and national luminaries and glamazons, as well as luxe discounted beauty services and shopping for all - a truly unique beauty, education and shopping experience! (Trade shows of this nature are usually only open to industry professionals)

The Voice Season 6 contestant, Kat Perkins, will emcee the star-studded Main Stage to include Emmy-award-winning national makeup artist Kevin James Bennett, NAHA Award Winner Heath Bryant, and a panel of pro artists moderated by one of the bridal industry's best, Brett Dorrian.

Industry pros will get the opportunity to deep-dive into a wide range of makeup and hair classes offered from a who's-who roster of local artists including Jessica Mae, Nicole Fae, and Ryan Schaddelee. A social media workshop will be taught by Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets.

Get treated to the latest and greatest from local providers in The Parlour: Brow Chic will provide $15 brow waxes and $5 false lash applications, The Glow Lounge will offer $15 focused spray tans, and Jadelicious Nails Creations Studios will be doing $10 polish changes. And coveted brands will be selling their wares and educating about their products, including local favorites such as Intelligent Nutrients, Midwest Makeup Supply, and us - we'll be featuring a lipstick bar and launching two new lipstick shades!

Frends Beauty, one of the show's official sponsors, will offer hair, skin and nail products like Makeup Forever and Kevin Aucoin in addition to 30 more high quality brands.

A portion of the ticket sales will go to The American Cancer Society Look Good, Feel Better, an organization dedicated to improving the self-esteem and quality of life of people undergoing treatment for cancer.

Capping off the day will be a networking happy hour held at the BEACON bar in the Commons Hotel, where Swenson's latest volume of The Look: The Photography Issue is also set to launch.

With the Midwest Makeup Show, summer 2016 is shaping up to be the most beautiful yet. Additional information and tickets are available for purchase. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Mighty Macadamia

Macadamia Nut
From humble beginnings to culinary superstar, the macadamia nut is poised to make an impact on the health and wellness scene.

Although it was considered a delicacy when Australia’s Aboriginal people first discovered it thousands of years ago, spa-goers are only now clued in to its appeal. A rich yet lightweight texture and a bounty of benefits have turned macadamia into the hottest prospect in the current crop of beauty-oil contenders.

According to chief brand officer Cherie Jackson, Australian line Jindilli is a pioneer in the macadamia-oil business. “Our company was the first in the world to press macadamias for oil more than 30 years ago,” she says. “Although it was initially used for culinary purposes, local massage therapists started sourcing the oil to use in their services, and that’s when we discovered how skin-compatible the oil is.” In the intervening years, its star has only risen—pure macadamia oil is now the most commonly used product in the spa and wellness industry in its native Australia, where an estimated one in three spas use it as their preferred massage oil, says Lynne Ziehlke, marketing development manager for the Australian Macadamia Society. “Over the last five years, there has been a significant increase in the understanding of the curative properties of macadamia oil, which has led to a massive increase in the use of macadamia oil in new product formulations, especially in Australia, France, Korea, and the U.S.,” says Ziehlke. “Hundreds of new products containing macadamia oil as the main active ingredient have been released to the market, and the product categories that have seen the greatest growth have been facial skincare and hair products. Worldwide, approximately 70 percent of all macadamia oil is used by the cosmetic industry.”

In a Nutshell

Credit for the current macadamia boom must go to the nut’s intrinsic virtues—by all accounts, its nutritional profile is off the charts, especially when the nuts are cold-pressed (this is true for many other plant oils, such as olive oil - cold pressing is optimal). The resulting oil is primarily composed of fatty acids, says Ziehlke, three of which make up the vast majority of its content: omega-9 oleic, omega-7 palmitoleic, and saturated palmitic. “Macadamia’s profile resembles the oil that skin naturally produces,” says Janel Luu, CEO of PurErb. “It also contains important levels of [omega-6] linoleic acid, pantothenic acid, and phytosterols.” According to Luu, omega-9 reduces inflammation and seals in moisture. Omega-7 helps prevent lines and wrinkles, firm skin, and keep it supple to delay the signs of aging. Omega-6 helps prevent moisture loss, and phytosterols help repair the skin’s barrier function, promote absorption of nutrients, and slow down collagen loss.

Amal Elbahnasawy, founder and creator of Artisanskin, looked to that high phytosterol count when developing her Skin Medicine Body Oil. “Phytosterols have a calming and healing effect when applied to the skin, working as an anti-inflammatory and aiding in skin recovery, all of which are extremely beneficial to sensitive skin types,” she says. A multipurpose oil suitable for skin ailments as wide-ranging as stretch marks and diaper rash, it has found “a rather large yogi cult following” and “Every client that has used this oil has said they’ve noticed an instant difference in the texture of their skin after the first use,” she says. “I even have older clients who swear they’ve felt an improvement with the arthritis in their knees after applying our body oil.”

While claims that it alleviates joint pain may be a bit of a stretch, it’s not overstating matters to say that with so many positive side effects, macadamia oil is a versatile ingredient to have in the arsenal. “Oils with oleic acid are richer and heavier, so they are especially suitable for very dry skin, as they are extra occlusive and can seal in moisture really effectively for smooth, supple skin,” says Andrée Austin, founder and co-director of Pure Fiji, and “palmitoleic acid supports numerous skin functions, like boosting collagen production, protecting against oxidative damage, and rejuvenating skin cell membranes.” Palmitoleic acid is naturally found in sebum, and it functions in a similar manner, promoting skin health and dissipating with age. Ziehlke says that loss can be counteracted, though. “Macadamia oil contains the highest level of palmitoleic acid of any known food product, so by applying macadamia oil to the skin, we are able to replace some of the palmitoleic acid that has been lost naturally over time.” Macadamia oil is also ideal for sensitive and mature skin, says Luu. “It absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy residue, reduces skin irritation and inflammation, restores and maintains moisture levels, and soothes dehydrated, chapped, and cracked skin,” she says.

This nut isn’t a tough one to crack—such assets are a boon for formulators and spa menu planners alike. Although tree-nut sensitivities can be a concern, allergic reactions to macadamia are rare, say experts. “Macadamia offers clients instant comfort from dry, itchy skin, as it mimics skin’s natural hydration makeup,” says Tiffany McLauchlin, director of education for Lira Clinical.

Macadamia might be inherently beneficial, but it also has the ability to amplify the properties of other ingredients, as well. “It’s often referred to by the skincare industry as a carrier oil because it absorbs into the skin so well,” says Ziehlke. For that reason, it’s often combined with ingredients that don’t absorb as easily, because it facilitates the process. Macadamia is a great partner for other natural ingredients like avocado, banana, bicarbonate, honey, and royal jelly, particularly in face masks where it brings deep benefits, says Emilia Aguirre de Gottschamer, cofounder of Valhalla.

Look for it on the ingredient lists of your favorite beauty products.

Excerpt from American Spa - Maya Stanton

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Walk - Talk - Connect

Walk Talk Connect #walkwithus
My good friend Kathy at Nelli Designs founded this fundraiser, Walk, Talk, Connect, for spinal-cord-tumor-awareness, to benefit the Courage Kenny Foundation.

Not only does Kathy own her own company, she founded this fundraiser after she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her spine nearly 2 years ago. (Man, the strength of the women I know!) .

#walkwithus on Saturday, May 14 at 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM

WALK 3-miles along the Lake Minnetonka Trail, beginning and ending at the Excelsior Brewing Company in beautiful downtown Excelsior, MN.

TALK with patients, caregivers, families and friends affected by brain and spinal cord tumors.

CONNECT with each other over a cold brew while listening to live music, enjoying catered food and buy a raffle ticket to win one of many great prizes donated by local Minnesota companies and entrepreneurs.

For full details about the walk and After Party, visit:

CAN'T MAKE IT? You can still participate via donating to Courage Kenny Foundation at:

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend Portrait + Pop Up

Mother's Day Portraits & Pop-Up
Come take a photo with mom!

I hope you'll join me and some other talented MN Makers at Jeannine Marie Photography, Friday and Saturday, May 6th and 7th. Or stop by on Mother's Day (I just won't be there that day but many other amazing makers will be!)
Shop and have your portrait taken by either Jeanine or Anna (from Anna Botz Photography).

676 Smith Ave S.
Saint Paul 55107

I'll be there on Friday from 3-7 and Saturday from 10-2 with these other fine makers:

Bootlegger's Batch- Soy candles (Saturday & Sunday)
Mademoiselle Miel- Honey bon bons (Saturday)
QueeniKathleeni Designs- Paintings & paper products - they were also featured at Lowertown Pop!
Jeff Ambroz- Visual artist and writer (Sunday) - Another Lowertown Pop maker!
The Pines Apothecary- Locally made natural skin care with vegan and organic ingredients. Natural cleansers, toners, serums, oils, and perfumes. (Friday & Sunday)
Style by Cia- Jewelry (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday)
Watercolor Canvas- Pre-made watercolor canvases and made-to-order watercolor canvases

Reserve your portrait session now:
Jeannine Marie Photography ( or 651.434.1578)
Anna Botz Photography (, 651.228.3029)