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Beauty Readers' Poll 2017

Take the Mpls. St. Paul Magazine Beauty Readers' Poll 2017 ,  this week, and win some great prizes from us!

Time Control Cream

VIE Collection extends its TIME CONTROL anti-aging expertise to skin slackening. TIME CONTROL Deep Wrinkles Firming EGF Cream draws its inspiration from redensifying EGF* to combat deep wrinkles, devitalization, loss of elasticity, loss of volume and sagging facial contours. EGFs are proteins that are naturally present in the skin and are able to boost cell growth capability and regeneration by initiating the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. With age, the concentration of EGFs in the body decreases and signs of aging appear: devitalized skin, deep wrinkles and slackening of tissues. VIE Collection visibly reverses all signs of skin slackening with TIME CONTROL Deep Wrinkles - Firming EGF Cream. *Epidermal Growth Factors. EGFs: Considered the most powerful cosmetic active ingredient for reversing the biological signs of aging, EGFs are naturally present in the skin. MODE OF ACTION OF EGFs: - Produced when the body activates tissue repair following a