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Two New Arrivals

Two new products from Erbaviva have recently arrived: Baby Body Wash - A mild yet effective baby body wash that is gentle enough for the most delicate of skin. Enriched with skin nourishing calendula and oat extracts, and soothing chamomile for calming bath time experience. A unique and pleasantly light chamomile and mandarin scent. water, aloe barbadensis leaf juice , decyl glucoside, glycerin, chondrus crispus (carrageenan), avena sativa (oat) extract, *calendula officinais flower extract, mahonia aquifolium extract citric acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, *lavandula angustifolia ( lavender ) oil, *anthemis nobilis ( chamomile ) flower oil, *citrus nobilis (mandarin) peel oil, **linalool. *denotes certified organic ingredient **denotes component of certified organic ingredient Jasmine Orange Lip Balm - Crafted with a healing blend of organic shea butter , jojoba seed oil, wheat germ oil and antioxidant rich rosemary extract. Absorbs deeply to eliminate dryness, leav

This Week in DC

This week, dozens of salon workers and advocates from all over the country will be descending on Capitol Hill for a day of action to raise awareness about toxic chemical exposure in the workplace and the need to pass the Safe Cosmetics Act (H.R. 2359), and  they need your support. Workers will meet with members of congress and share personal stories of the negative health impacts they have suffered as a result of working with salon products that contain toxic chemicals, including the still popular hair treatment Brazilian Blowout that was found last year to contain dangerously high levels of formaldehyde. The National Healthy Nail and Beauty Salon Alliance and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics are organizing the day of action in an effort to garner support for the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011, introduced last June. The Safe Cosmetics Act will phase out cancer-causing and other harmful chemicals from personal care products and is the  only  bill that recognizes the unique needs of small b

Love Twenty

Our 3waybeauty beauty bar is featured on Love Twenty ! Trendspotting: Your Friendly Neighborhood Fashion and Beauty Finds by  COURTNEY LEIVA Oh hello, summer trends! We’ve been waiting almost forever for your arrival and now that you are officially here, we can’t stop talking about you–and trust us, it’s not the gossip kind. Dishing on the latest summer must-haves, this comprehensive guide has got you covered on everything trendy and hip for summer trendsetters everywhere.                                             3 Way Beauty Shhh! Bar I know what you are thinking… three-way, huh? As shocking as it may sound, Stormsister Spatique has developed the beauty product where you can get your three-way satisfaction (seriously) in a small bar promising shampooing, showering and shaving. Developed with seven skin nourishing oils, this small gem is the eco-lover’s dream with the 100% compostable packaging, not to mention the commitment to non-toxic ingredients. Traveling this summe

SL PreSale

The STYLEDLIFE PreSale starts this Sunday! All 3waybeauty products will be 30% off so skedaddle on over! Pre-SaLe starts in 5 days! Hip Hip Hooray! The wait is over: private Pre-SaLe starts this Sunday, July 22nd.     Loyal SL know the pre-SaLe drill. If you are a new STYLEDLIFE® aficionado, let us welcome you to one of the most anticipated events of the year. Our Pre-SaLe is legendary. You'll be treated to  discounts of 30%-70% off  from the first day of our SaLe. Even some of our new Fall Merchandise will be a promotional 15% off. Included for the first time: select Vintage categories will be included- and that discount will be pretty juicy, let me tell you. It's our way of thanking you, our loyal guests, for all the business you've given us over the years. How-to guide for the STYLEDLIFE Pre-SaLe SL Preferred Guests (that's you) are allowed to shop the Pre-SaLe from July 22nd-July 31st. This means you receive the SaLe prices &


Phytoceane has launched two new products and to celebrate, you'll receive 25% off when you purchase both the Bora-Bora Body Moisturizer   and the Body Scrub with Bora-Bora sand. Through August or while supplies last! Enter: BORABORA at checkout to receive discount. Experience an exotic escape to a faraway beach with the ultra-moisturizing Bora-Bora body scrub & lotion. Key ingredients in the lotion: JANIA RUBENS: ultra moisturizing and remineralizing TIARE FLOWER: softening, improves the skin quality SHEA BUTTER: nourishing, repairing and softening Apply body lotion daily to entire body. Key ingredients in the scrub: JANIA RUBENS : ultra-moisturizing, remineralizing BORA-BORA SAND: mechanical exfoliant Apply scrub once or twice a week to dry or wet skin using circular movements. Exfoliate entire body, paying special attention to rough areas. Rinse.

Bath Salts

via American Spa Magazine I’m sure, like me, when you heard the recent news about a street drug called bath salts that allegedly caused a man to gruesomely attack a homeless man, you were horrified. Upon reading about it, I also quickly realized that the bath salts that caused this horrible reaction have nothing to do with the bath salts that we trade in at spas. Still, I’m sure there are plenty of people who are confused. Thankfully, one industry guru has released a statement to clear things up. "It was clear from the beginning that real bath salts were not the cause of this attack," says Lee Williamson, president of San Francisco Bath Salt Company (SFBSC), a manufacturer of legitimate bath salts. "However, it is reassuring to finally put the speculation surrounding this particular issue to rest." Though most commonly known as "bath salts," the street drug is also sold under other innocent names such as "plant food" and "glass clea

We're Dangerous!

via Dangerous Lee  -  The Racy Files

Ronnie's Girl

I met Ronnie Walter when I had my boutique on Smith Avenue. She owned this amazing old theatre right next door.  The first thing I noticed about her when we met was her hair (no surprise there!). She is the perfect example of a "silver fox". It's stunning! Ronnie is an artist and you can find her here at, My Friend Ronnie . How excited was I when she recently came to me and asked me to be one of her Girls !? Thanks, Ronnie!


Just saw a commercial for a new Proactive product called PROACTIVE DARK SPOT CORRECTOR - beware - the lightening ingredient used in this product is Hydroquinone . This ingredient has been banned in the EU since 2001 but not in the US. Hydroquinone has been shown to cause leukemia in mice and other animals. This is a common ingredient in whitening/lightening products in the US. 2% is allowed in over-the-counter products and up to 4% in prescription skincare. Please research. The entire European Union has banned it. This should speak volumes. Our own FDA has stated that hydroquinone cannot be ruled out as a potential  carcinogen ! And yet they have no authority to do anything about it...

A Hairy Proposition

excerpt from American Spa Magazine . Male waxing is increasing in popularity, as many men are embracing treatments that would give pause to even the most brave-hearted. Much about men’s waxing has changed since Steve Carell was sent into curdling howls of pain by a wax-yielding esthetician in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” From David Beckham to the cast members of “Jersey Shore”—well-built, health-conscious, perfectly groomed male celebrities are everywhere. This isn’t metrosexuality 2.0 we’re talking about—it’s the new Zeitgeist in masculinity. What’s Trending With so many men concerned about their overall look, it’s no surprise that many spas offering men’s waxing have reported a significant increase in clientele. Chest, back, and shoulder basics have grown overall, but men’s newfound willingness to experiment is most exemplified by an uptick in less common procedures like ear, nose, eyebrow, and below-the-belt waxing treatments. The former two services are popular among men


Glamping - Shorthand for glamorous camping; luxury camping. Bella, don't camp! GLAMP! Dry Shampoos are the perfect Summer Essential for the "Girl On The Go"! They refresh your hair between washing's, add volume and extend a blow out. Doubles as a talc free body powder to refresh when you can't hit the shower, too! Our favorite, by Principessa , was recently featured in Elle Netherlands.

Presidential Panel

Last weekend I spent 2 days with Horst Rechelbacher of INtelligent Nutrients . He hosted a seminar about IN (of course!), organic farming, beauty product ingredients, as well as amazing hair. Oh, the hair! (I wanted to show you this photo from the conference. This models hair was set in round brushes. Fun!) True to form, Horst was drinking his IN products - I believe it was the Volumizing Spray this time. He takes a shot of Volumizer and adds it to a glass of sparkling water and sips it throughout his lectures. He likes to show his audience that his hair, skin and body products are so good for you that you can even drink them. Bravo! Horst has been one of my mentors since the beginning of my career - He founded Aveda, sold it to Estee Lauder and then used his millions to begin a truly revolutionary hair, skin and body care brand - INtelligent Nutrients. During this two day INmotion seminar, I found this 2008-2009 Annual Report of the Presidents Cancer Panel to be the most p