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Gold Digger

Who, you? No, your nails, silly! A new DBP and dibutyl phthalate -free SpaRitual colour here @ StormSister Spatique - Gold Digger

Ok! Ok!

I've always believed that the squeaky wheel gets the grease - And, I'm usually the squeaky wheel. Clearly, there are plenty other "squeaks" out there as well! About a year ago, after a LOT of research, I started carrying a haircare line for highly textured hair called, Kinky-Curly . I was quite impressed with the ingredient list AND that Essence magazine had named it Hottest Haircare Product for 2008. That meant a lot to me. I have a bit of knowledge of black haircare and am very aware of the difficulties that come along with relaxers and weekly visits to the salon for blow-outs and ironing. As I have written about in the past, the big trend in highly textured hair is to go natural. During my rigorous product testing with Kinky Curly, I decided not to carry their Shampoo and Gloss Pomade . I had a hair clairifier and gloss pomade that I liked just as well, if not better. Hey, if it aint broke, don't fix it. Right? Periodically, someone would ask why, I

Product Feedback

Just wanted to let you know - I LOVE the John Masters Organics citrus detangler ! I have used it the past 2 days. Kristen - Boston StormSister Spatique's two-cents.......This detangler is a GREAT leave-in conditioner and will help alleviate static in the hair, especially this time of year! You can rinse out or leave-in. We also recommend using it with the Kinky-Curly Curling Custard . Use it as a shaving balm for legs, underarms, etc. Doing so will also help with static cling as well.

Biz Buzz

We would like to reward you for referring us to your family and friends. Have your family and friends put your email address in the "comments" field upon checkout, and we will send you a code that is good for 20% off on your next shopping experience. Referrals are for new clients only. It's a perfect time to shop with StormSister Spatique because in this job market, you've got to look - and feel – confident and relaxed. Please email, call or stop in if you have any hair, skin or nail care inquiries or concerns. Follow us on Twitter , add us to your Facebook or simply check back to this blog for all the latest and greatest Lotions, Potions and Serums as well as the latest specials and beauty biz buzz!

Intellimune Tablets

I just received word form INtelligent Nutrients that the Intellimune Tablets will finally ship tomorrow! Yippee!!! Man, I was beginning to wonder if this super-food was ever going to arrive. So, that means that they will arrive in the Spatique next week and will immediately ship out to ALL of you who have been so patient and had preordered . I'll be sending a special treat along with your order, to thank you. Some of you have been waiting since October!


The stuff you can find on YouTube. If you're a fan of the Crazylibellule and the Poppies fragrances, enjoy.

Electronics & Beauty

What does an entry on electronics have to do with a beauty blog? Plenty. I had some electronics installed this past weekend and when the installer was finished, I was given a little bottle of LED screen cleaner. I was told to not use any other household cleaners on the screen. I'm not the type of person that gets told something, without questioning it. So I did. "What is wrong with household cleaners?." I ask. "The chemicals are too strong." I'm told. Though that makes sense to me, I'm a curious girl and I simply must investigate. So, I read the label. Free of alcohol - I understand that. Free of ammonia - I understand that. Free of sodium laurel and sulfates - Ah Ha! The reason for this blog post! Anyone who reads this blog knows that sodium laurel/ laureth sulfates have been written about, plenty. They are surfactants that give soaps and shampoo their suds and they're controversial. Please, do the research. My point? LED screens are m

Aaaahhhhhh............Blissful Bath

Blissful Bath is another local ( Woodbury , MN) luxe boutique brand that I have been researching as of late. I am not an easy customer and I demand a lot of information about my products, even before I test them. Kudos to the folks at Blissful Bath for being so patient with me as I ask for ingredient list after ingredient list from them. Some of their products pass my high standards for exceptional beauty products and are now part of the StormSister Spatique beauty collection. Enjoy. Now, if they would just make some bath bombs without sulfates and fragrance oils......

Natural Sea Sponges

Natural Sea Sponges are the perfect bathing tool in between body brushing . All those holes maximize the creaminess of your soap bar or shower gel. Simply luxurious!

I'm not the only one.....

MakeupAlley loves the Phytoceane Calmocea range as well. It is perfect for skin that is prone to redness and agitation.


It's been a great morning here at StormSister Spatique ; A nice Yelp and more kind words in our email box: Hi Becky, my order arrived today, very quick delivery I'll say :-) and it went through customs smoothly. and thank you so much for the chocolate , and the Pez too of course. the chocolate is delicious. sometimes when you get one with a high percentage of cocoa then they tend to be very hard and almost too rich and dark, but this one is just right, and i love the berries in there. so thank you very much :-)it's a pleasure shopping at your site. have a wonderful day :-) all the best, Pia - Denmark

Extra Strength

The Badger Balm Sore Muscle Rub is now available in extra strength. This stuff rocks, so bye-bye regular formula. We love this formula best! Badger Balm now carries the USDA certified organic label. Ingredients: *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, * Cayanne Extract, *Golden Yellow Beeswax, *Castor Oil, CO2 Extracts of *Chili, *Ginger, and * Calendula and Essential Oils of *Cardamom, * Lemongrass , * Rosemary , Thyme , & *Cinnamon. * = Certified Organic More new product by yet another local beauty company, coming very soon. Keep your eyes on this blog for more info.


" Saponified vegetable oil" is a new phrase you will be seeing more and more of as you start reading the labels of your body/hair washes. Especially on the labels of quality body washes and soaps. A company that cares about its brand, is using saponified plant oils as the cleanser in its bath products, because it is a traditional way to make soap that doesn't strip the skin of all of its goodness. Plain and simple. Where did things go wrong? When cosmetics companies realized they could use cheaper surfactants (sodium laurel/ laureth sulfate, etc.) that make lots and lots of lather and more lather is good right? It's the way we do things here. Oy ! The jig is up! Now, it IS possible that sodium laureth sulfate can be listed as an ingredient with (coconut derivative) behind it. Methinks that is ok . ______________________ The Humble Soap Bar : Alchemy or Pure Chemistry: A layman’s guide to unraveling the mysteries of soap The legend has it that woman washing their


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Hair Raising

StormSister Spatique in Popfizz Daily !


Phytoceane Phytomarin Dried Seawater Bath has taken the place of Phytomer Oligomer , here at StormSister Spatique . Exact same product - Phytomer and Phytoceane are sister companies - same size packaging, less expensive. If you have been ill or have been working out a lot, replenish your body with this nutrient-rich bath. Soak for at least 20 minutes.


I do hope you overindulged last evening. I did. Two 12 year old girls were in shopping recently. They were trying on make-up. Some of their comments during their shopping experience made me smile. "My eyes feel pretty." says girl, as she is applying mascara from the tester. Note to self - Keep putting it on til it feels pretty. Don't look pretty, feel pretty! "Do I have too much makeup on?" "My dad doesn't like it when I have makeup on." says girl. "What he doesn't know, won't hurt him", says same girl very matter-of-factly. It pleases me that so many women, men and girls feel so very comfortable to share all of those little secrets that spill out in my presence. Just one of the many things I am thankful for. Happy New Year.