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What is a Deodorette?

File this under brilliant! Deodorant ( Deodorette ) has never been so chic! Natural Can Be Fun Too - At MBeze (pronounced embeez ), we create effective, natural skin care products, but we like them with a lot of style and personality! We feel that going natural doesn't mean you have to go bland and boring. As well as promoting better physical health, we encourage you to express yourself, be aware of your consuming habits and just be you.

A Toot

Thanks to Kevin Quinn and his STYLEDLIFE staff for a great Black/Fun Friday @ their Galleria location! The Timothy Han candles were a hit and Patti Merna was the winner of the $250 Intelligent Nutrients gift basket. Yay Patti!! I think it was quite ironic that I also got a mention yesterday in Allison Kaplan's Pioneer Press article about Intelligent Nutrients. I'm a firm believer that there are no accidents. Thanks Ali! And finally, a little toot from an online client: Hi there, just wanted to let you know that i received my order today, and thank you so much for the quick delivery and great customer service :-) all the best, Pia - Denmark

A List

Here is a list of all of the recent Intelligent Nutrients press. I believe this answers my earlier question as to HOW the Europeans are finding out about this line, considering how many orders I get from them. There are several European publications here. Well, of course there are. Horst gets IT! As well as our neighbors across the pond. ;o) Allure Oct 2008 American Salon Beauty News 1 Beauty News 2 Lucky 2008 Men's Vogue 1 Men's Vogue 2 MN Business Spa Business The Rake 1 Wallpaper 1 Wallpaper 2 WWD 2008 The Rake 2 The Rake 3 Plenty 2008 French Vogue Nov 2008 GCI Sept 2008 Natural Health Nov 2008 Natural Solutions Nov 2008 Spirituality and Health Oct 2008 Spray Nov 2008 WWD Beauty Biz

Pop Fizz

Very curious as to what this is, Sara Glassman is the editor and it arrives in December.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Just heard from Martha D. in WI and she is lovin ' her IN  Hair Treatment. And my favorite - Hi Becky! Hope all is well with you. This is Nicola V. (from NYC) I discovered your online store last year when searching for Phytoceane Products and it has been love ever since.) We have also spoken a handful of times and you have given me some great skin care suggestions.) Hope this refreshes your memory. Anyway, I have been on your web site very recently and I like the changes you have made. It looks good. I really try to be modest, but sometimes it is just so hard. Hey, it's my blog so I can toot my own horn now and then. I'm just sayin '.

SpaRitual Protein Boost Nail Fortifier

I love it when clients tell me "You have to get this!" "It's the best treatment for dry, brittle nails." I thought I had all the nail care that I needed here in the Spatique , clearly not. And, considering the 1st week I began to carry it I sold out, I guess it's pretty groovy stuff. I don't have brittle nails, so I have no need to use this. But, I LOVE other SpaRitual products, so if you're looking for a recommendation, I would say this would be it. When I worked in the salon/spa, I loved Nailtiques . Has anyone tried both? If so, let me know which you like best and why.


SpaRitual is now APPROVED UNDER THE HUMANE COSMETICS STANDARD SpaRitual is now an official member of British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection ( BUAV ). BUAV has been campaigning peacefully to create a world where nobody wants or believes we need to experiment on animals. This symbol will start to appear on all SpaRitual product packaging (replacing our current rabbit icon). It also denotes our commitment to cruelty free practices and no animal testing. The official mark of BUAV means that the product is” BUAV Approved”, “Not Tested On Animals” and “Approved under the Humane Cosmetics Standard”. For more information, visit .

How Green is SpaRitual?

Just one more reason to toss all of those other lacquers and nail care brands. SpaRitual SUSTAINABILITY STATUS Summer Savings! Cutting Down on Gas and Energy Use This past summer SpaRitual cut energy costs by switching to a four-day summer work week. This new schedule helped them do their part to reduce gas consumption and dependency on foreign oil and helped their employees to save at the pump.

Cotton Night Gloves

These All Cotton Night Gloves are replacing the Moisture Mitz . Why? They are less expensive and made in the US. Apply your favorite, thick hand cream (we love Pre de Provence Organic 100% Shea Butter ) and wear overnight. Wear periodically to keep hands soft or wear a few nights, consecutively, to heal cracked hands. We promise, when used with the Shea butter, this works!

Checi Coarse Foot File

Checi Coarse Foot File . Checi is the original and best nickel foot and callus file. They won't rust and can be used on dry or wet feet.

Cover Gray Roots

ColorMark is true temporary liquid hair color for touching up gray roots. Not a mascara. Not a crayon. For accurate hair coloring with precise professional results... ColorMark is the only instant, liquid hair color that prolongs the look and feel of freshly colored hair. Stays true, looks salon-new, until you shampoo it out. For that first-day color look and feel at your fingertips...If you color your hair to cover gray, your gray roots will begin to show two to three weeks before your next application of permanent haircolor . Now, you can just touch up the gray that is showing. A bottle of ColorMark will last from 2-4 months, depending on the amount of gray that needs to be covered.

NuBone Comb

This handmade NuBone II Detangler Comb is exquisite. I used these large combs in the hair biz and believe they will be the perfect comb for my Spatique clients too.

Baby Butt

New from Erbaviva - Organic Diaper Cream Erbaviva Diaper Cream is made with a completely natural cream base with added Echinacea , in active proportions, to heal and protect. Echinacea has long been used by the Native Americans as a topical wound healer, both to reduce redness, inflammation and pain. Sure to put a smile back on baby's face as soon as is possible. Scented with the healing organic essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile. Its also been reported that it works great on adult chafing.

Shadow Shields

The new fall eye make-up trend is messy! So, how happy was I to find out about these little dodads - Shadow Shields . Hailed as "the newest absolute must-have tool..." Shadow Shields are the only product of its kind to truly eliminate messy "raccoon eyes" caused by applying eye makeup. Recommended and used by industry leading makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts world wide, Shadow Shields are also ideal for lash tinting, extensions, and airbrush! They are half moon shaped adhesives that are placed under the eye before applying eye makeup. Any excess product that falls is caught by the shields, leaving you with clean under eyes!! Shadow Shields are giving women everywhere the confidence they need to apply eye makeup, while making the job of a makeup artist a little easier!

IN USDA Certified Organic Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil

This is one of my favorites of the new IN haircare products. Personally, EVERYONE needs to own this and you need to bring it with you to your hair appointments. Especially if you have any type of color treatment done. Talk to your hairdresser and ask them if they will give you this treatment before your hair color. Be prepared for an additional fee, of course. Once a hairdresser, always a hairdresser I believe. I divorced a lot of clients to open up StormSister Spatique . But, I still have a handful that simply wouldn't allow it or maybe I just couldn't give them up, who knows. Anyhoo , I'm still coloring, cutting and waxing a select few and they are the willing victims to my product experiments. I have been giving my hair clients this treatment since this product arrived. It is simple, a few pumps of the oil in my hands and in their hair, near the scalp. Then a few minute scalp massage. Who wouldn't like that and trust me, you'll pay extra and not even bat a