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Laser Light

The Vie Dark Spot Corrector is new and improved! Introducing Vie Collection Laser Light Concentrate : Inspired by the precision of the laser, it is obviously targeted concentrated on localized spots. Its innovative active, with vitamin C, directly delivers its lightening molecules on the surface of cells responsible for skin pigmentation: melanocytes *. Enriched acid known for its exfoliating properties, it helps prevent the development of clusters visible pigment surface and reduces the intensity of the spots installed. * In vitro test on ingredients + C SYSTEM: combination of two reference assets dermo-cosmetic (a derivative of Vitamin C and Arbutin) for targeted action ultra pigmentation spots. CITRIC ACID: active exfoliating recognized for its effectiveness. Helps eliminate dead cells Helps reduce age spots Stimulates the formation of new cells to make new skin


I know, it's been quiet here as of late, but I've been busy cookin' this up with my partner-in-crime, Sairey Gernes of Irely Intimates and TowelTopper : Our HAMMS Event is a Minnesota Pop-Up Market with a Twist! HAMMS - Help A Minnesota Maker Succeed . • 25,000 sq. ft. shopping experience for chicks and ....... guys, and their pooches too! • LOCAL ARTISANS, CRAFTERS and Boutiques SELLING UNIQUE and ONE-OF-A-KIND Products at the old Hamms brewery shipping dock. • Kissing Booth • LIBATIONS and NIBBLY Bits • FREE PARKING • Tickets $10 in advance or $15 at the door. DATE:  SATURDAY, April 20th 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. LOCATION:  old Hamms brewery shipping dock - 713 East Minnehaha Avenue, Top Floor, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55106 HAMMS Event on Facebook . HAMMS Event on Twitter . Are you a 'Minnesota Maker' and would like to participate? Are you a member of the media? Are you a blogger and would like a couple of comp tickets? Contact me at becky

Seed The Difference

INtellimune TABLETS : INTELLIMUNE FOR TRUE HEALTH & BEAUTY INSIDE & OUT. ONE SERVING EQUALS THE ANTIOXIDANT POWER OF 10 LBS OF SEEDS FROM FRESH BERRIES.* It starts with thousands of certified organic fruit and vegetable seeds-even more packed with potential and benefits than the plant itself. We take these incredibly antioxidant-dense seeds and cold-press them without chemicals or heat for absolute potency. The result is an antioxidant-omega super-supplement that: Protects against free radical attack Supports healthy cell growth Helps slow the premature signs of aging, promotes health It is also aroma neutral for the fragrance sensitive These tablets are made with antioxidant seed meal-the material that remains after the seeds have been cold pressed to extract the oil. Talk about no waste! INtellimune OIL : THOUSANDS OF FREE RADICAL FIGHTERS SQUEEZED INTO EVERY CERTIFIED ORGANIC DROP OF THIS SUPER-ANTIOXIDANT. ONE SERVING EQUALS THE ANTIOXIDANT POWER OF 10 LB

Body Harmony

New from INtelligent Nutrients -  HARMONIC BODY WASH EASY ON THE SKIN. TOUGH ON CLEANING. Anti-aging, antioxidant rich, nourishing. Daily use invigorating body wash that gently cleans impurities from the skin. Combats free radicals by using the antioxidant power of our Intellimune® Oil . Formulated without sulfates, parabens, silicones, ethoxylates, phthalates, PEG or synthetic fragrances Destress Express ™ aroma refreshes. Directions: Pour onto a c loth or loofah. Wet skin with water and gently massage the body with the cloth or loofah. Rinse well.

Beauty Is Power

StormSister Spatique is very excited to be carrying the haircare brand, Rahua   by Amazon Beauty . We've been testing it for a few weeks and haven't been this excited about a haircare line since Prive'. AND, we just happen to be the first retailer of this luxury brand in Minnesota. We're taking preorders right now as Rahua will arrive later in the week! For centuries, women from the Quechua-Shuar tribes have traveled deep into the Amazon rainforest to prepare a highly potent, restorative oil they call Rahua (ra-wa) – believing it to be the secret to their thick, flowing, lustrous hair. In the 1990s, these women shared Rahua’s power with renowned New York stylist and colorist Fabian Lliguin, a native Ecuadorian of Quechua descent. Intrigued, Lliguin studied Rahua’s revitalizing effects on his own clients’ hair. Dry, damaged strands sprang to life with renewed, bouncy elasticity. Color treatments remained shiny and vibrantly true. Irritated scalps calmed under R

Phytoceane for Hair

•  Gently cleans hair •  Leaves it supple and full of natural radiance •  Facilitates styling •  Restores softness and shine ·         Gentle Shampoo : gentle cleanses hair, soft and brilliant, easy to rinse and leaves hair supple ·         Conditioning Care : hydrates, adds nourishment, smoothes and detangles hair ---Exclusive Ingredients--- ·         French Lavender ·         Cistus ·         Helichrysum: Protects the scalp from redness and irritation by boosting the production of B-endorphin (soothing molecules) ·         Jania Rubens Objectives: simple hair care to complement their current skin care , for locker rooms, good for all hair types, marine and vegetal components and fresh marine scent.

Repurposed Cedar

Our cedar soap dishes are now made by a woodcrafter from Indiana who makes them from repurposed cedar decks and fences. Yay!

Restore in the New Year

StormSister Spatique has recently joined the  Restore  community - Your resource for conscious living in the Twin Cities. - Don’t settle for anything but the best. Restore is your guide to help you mindfully make choices in every part of your life – your health, your home, your community, your environment and more. Whether you’re curious about a new therapy, you want expert advice, or you simply want to share an experience you had with a local business – Restore is your community. We recently contributed to a winter skincare article . Also, if you have done business with StormSister Spatique , I'd really appreciate the feedback . Thank you.

Start the new year fresh!

BUY Phytomer Perfect Visage Gentle Cleaning Milk  & receive a Phytomer Rosee Visage TONER FREE* 2 PRODUCTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! *while supplies last Rosee Visage toner will automatically be shipped with your cleanser order.