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Equavie has just come out with an Eye Contour Cream and Moisturizing Mask . We have been waiting for our organic skincare brands to launch either of these two missing elements. - INtelligent Nutrient s will include them soon. I am certain of it. But, right now, it's all about Equavie . • Key ingredients of the Eye Contour Cream. - French Lavender oil: Widespread in the south of France, French lavender owes its name of “butterfly lavender” to the “feathers” on the top of its floral ears, which resemble butterflies gathering nectar. The line-reducing effectiveness of this extract was scientifically proven with the results of a clinical test. 24 hours after application of this oil, the results are significant: reduction of crow’s-feet wrinkles and a “lifting” effect. In addition to its restorative action, it helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines thanks to its ability to block muscle contractions responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. -

A Rose

A little horn tootin': Becky, I was out of town and just got your thoughtful note. Thank you so much for noticing the missing discount. It's exactly why I prefer shopping at wonderful local businesses like yours. (I'm POSITIVE I wouldn't have received an email from Sephora telling me they missed giving me a discount!) Plus, I really enjoy the interesting chats I have with you, and I always come away learning something new. By the way, I used the Kinky-Curling Custard for lovely, soft wavy curls and loved the results. All other curling products have been too heavy, or have been sticky and stiff. Many thanks, -Rose

The Verdict

It's in. We have the proof. LiLash works! I have written about Lilash in previous posts. I was not the guinea pig for this particular experiment. Meeg (my luscious side-kick) was/is the victim. Why not me? Simple. I love my volumizing mascara and have never had a burning desire to have longer lashes - I love false eyelashes and wear them occasionally, but it is hard enough keeping the inside of my glasses clean from my own lashes, let alone having doe-like lashes. I have plenty of product addictions and need to pick my vices wisely. It has been 3-4 weeks since Meeg began using LiLash . She has been waiting patiently for the comments from friends and strangers to start pouring in. Certainly it would happen, right? Because she could tell. Well, she just informed me that this past week, several people asked her if she was wearing false eyelashes. Yay ! Meeg works most weekends, from 10-2. Stop in and stare at her.

A Little Kinky

The new smaller, 8oz size of Kinky-Curling Custard has just arrived and, it's in a mini version of the mommy size.....cute! Perfect for you curly girls and boys that are STILL on the fence in regard to giving it a try. I know, you have a closet full of hair junk. But this brand REALLY works, I promise. Come on, jump off that fence. I'll help you.

StormSister Spatique & The 3/50 Project Promotion

Have you heard of The 3/50 Project? Please, adopt the philosophy and share it with your friends, family and other small businesses in your area. WE can turn this all around.

Lava Stones

A simple little stone that has some amazing properties. The size for one is prefect. It fits right in your hand. It is light in weight and the surface is this unusual stone has numerous tiny holes. By now you may be asking, 'Okay, so what makes this stone so special?' The pumice stone is produced naturally by volcanoes and it is composed of balsamic minerals.  The composition of this naturally occurring stone wonder is actually a therapeutic combination of various balsamic minerals including silicon, oxygen, magnesium and iron. Oxygen is the element responsible for the holes in the stone. In turn, the holes are largely responsible for the easy removal of dead skin. Additionally, it is easy to sanitize. All you have to do to clean it is to scrub it with a manicure (or similar) brush and then spray it with any sanitizing spray. The Lava Stone will never lose its effectiveness or shape.

No-Scream Cream

Relax and Wax No-Scream Cream is featured in the September edition of Glamour magazine, page 106, in a story on waxing.

Before and After-Sun Care Duo

EXPERT CARE FOR SERENITY IN THE SUN - Vie Collection SOLEIL OPTIMUM The sun is a source of well-being, happiness, and life. It’s no surprise that we love it. However, we must also protect ourselves from it, because it has another effect on our skin cells: damaged DNA, oxidized proteins, and a reduced immune response. Signs of skin aging appear prematurely. During exposure, the skin must be protected. But did you realize that you can also prepare it? And did you know that you can help it to repair damage caused by UV rays? DISCOVER “LASTING EXPOSURE” To enjoy the sun today without compromising the youth potential of your cells. A revolutionary intensive care, a must for all sunny destinations, high altitudes or the Tropics, in summer or winter… BEFORE SUN, PREPARING SERUM As a starter treatment, the Preparing Serum acclimates skin cells to sun exposure. It activates and completes the skin’s self-defense systems against UV rays and free radical attacks. It initiates the pigment

Brush Hour

An excerpt from an article in the August edition of American Salon magazine by Nicole Palmieri Hair brushes have come a long way since the 1800s when they were made with elastic wire teeth or animal hair. Even though these styling tools continue to constantly evolve, brushes remain an important part of keeping clients' hair looking good and are crucial in achieving a desired look. "Choose a brush according to what finish you are trying to achieve," says Lucie Doughty, editorial director for Paul Mitchell. "A brush with soft bristles that are closer together is great for smoothing and polishing the hair. Ceramic brushes are perfect for styling and giving the hair shine, and brushes with wider-spaced bristles are ideal for blow-drying and loose styling." Gerard Scarpaci , artistic director, Aveda Advanced Academy New York, uses different types of brushes in combination. "I always begin a blow-out with a paddle brush for long hair or a styling brush for s


For the first time in 23 years of owning my own businesses a bank has told me "no", upon inquiring about a business loan. WHAT!? I have never once defaulted on a loan or claimed bankruptcy, personally or professionally. (I'll be calling this bank out soon, after I give them one more chance to do right.) It seems I don't have sufficient "cash flow". Well, NO SHIT SHERLOCK'S! I'm in the retail biz and it is a damn bloodbath out here. Of course we (retail owners) don't have a ton of cash flow, people aren't spending money! The government certainly didn't say "No" to banks did it? Hell, banks, along with the rest of corporate America have screwed this nation over as they are first in line begging for money. A-holes. Needless to say, I was devastated. I'm now done cryin ' about it and am hiking up my skirt and putting my big girl panties on. Ok , so who out there has about 20K and wants to help a girl out? Email me

I Heart MN, too

Jennifer Knoch at Jen on the Radar posted a fun idea today - She is going to post blogs about small local businesses. Cool idea, Jen. Here is a list of my favorite (at the moment) Twin Towns stuff: Jen on the Radar - One of my favorite blogs - Thanks for the opportunity! The 3/50 Project - A local idea goes national - Keep up the great work Cinda! Lola Red PR - Alexis' Twin City PR firm is movin ' and shakin ' Alishops - Allison hearts shopping/boutiques like I heart beauty products PopFizz Daily - The Twin City version of Daily Candy, but better INtelligent Nutrients - Because Horst "gets it" Mpls . St. Paul Magazine - Christy DeSmith rocks! MN Monthly - Elizabeth Dehn loves fashion/beauty Andrew Zimmern - Our own Bizarre Food guy I heart MN. We're cool and I'm kinda glad that our reputation of being a "frozen tundra" keeps the masses away.