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Impeccable Skin

New from Suntegrity - Impeccable Skin Why You'll Love It: Skincare, Sunscreen, and Makeup All In One Impeccable Skin has a creamy smooth texture and velvety finish. It provides medium coverage that balances complexion for flawless, age-defiant skin. The Nutrient Rich Formula is Packed with: Non-Nano Zinc Oxide - Provides Broad Spectrum SPF30 Protection Peptides - Reduces the signs of visible aging Vita C and E - antioxidant protection that feeds & nourishes the skin Hyaluronic Acid - Hydrates skin for a youthful glow Melanin - Provides Blue/violet visible light (electronics) protection Natural glycopolymers - Smooths skin and provides a barrier against pollutants, irritants and allergens while preserving skin's natural barrier function Non-Irritating / Allergy Tested / Dermatologist Tested FREE OF - Oils, Silicones, Parabens, Avobenzone, Oxybenzone, Gluten, GMO's, Phthalates, Sulfates, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Petrolatum, PEG's, Propylene G


New - Vie Collection RETINOPUR INTENSIVE RETINOL MASK THE ANTI-WRINKLE AND ANTI-BLEMISH MASK SPECIALIZED MASK FOR COMBINATION TO OILY SKIN VIE Collection is strengthening its anti-aging expertise for combination to oily skin types with RETINOPUR Intensive Retinol Mask. Wrinkles are a major concern for women. They start appearing around the age of thirty and become more pronounced over the years. Women with combination or oily skin often face a 2nd challenge: imperfections. While acne usually disappears in adolescence, more than two women out of three* aged between 30 and 45 have both wrinkles and imperfections e.g. acne, large pores, spots, blackheads, excess sebum, wrinkles, etc. VIE Collection uses the efficacy of retinol and kaolin to purify combination to oily skins and smooth wrinkles. *Source : Les Nouvelles Esthétiques. 1/ ENCAPSULATED RETINOL Pure retinol is encapsulated in cyclodextrin, a natural protective cylinder obtained through biosynthesis, which is well

Fleur's Floral Oils

NEW! Fleur’s floral oils collection:  Three facial oils enriched with powerful extracts of flowers to nourish, smooth and purify the skin. Hydra-Nutritive Floral Oil stands out for its moisturizing benefits. Passion flower, hibiscus and gorse oils restore skin’s elasticity and strengthen the skin barrier. This dry oil is ultra-absorbent with a velvet finish and an array of uses. It has a fresh, feminine floral scent to satisfy the senses while leaving the skin plumped and moisturized. Smoothing Floral Oil stands out for its wrinkle-fighting and antioxidant benefits. Subtropical acmella oil combines with morio orchid and lupin oils to stimulate collagen and strengthen skin. This paraben-free dry oil is ultra-absorbent with a velvet finish and has an array of uses. It has an energizing floral scent of jasmine, rose and citrus to satisfy the senses and leaves skin feeling smooth and firm. Purifying Floral Oil stands out for its pore-tightening effect. Cistrus flower, daisy

Vie Chrono Eyes Flash Sale

REVERSE-CHRONOLOGICAL ACTION ON THE EYES Vie Collection CHRONO EYES - PUFFINESS - DARK CIRCLES - WRINKLE CREAM is a delicate and comfortable cream enriched with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. It has an ultra-soft, slightly pearlescent finish and gives an immediate sparkle to the eyes. VIE Collection draws its inspiration from the eye-rejuvenating Botox® and hyaluronic acid injections carried out in esthetic doctors’ offices with CHRONO EYES PUFFINESS - DARK CIRCLES - WRINKLE CREAM: To reverse the chronological attack against the signs of aging and fatigue: - Smooth wrinkles - Reduce puffiness and dark circles - Revive the eyes Regain the sparkle in your eyes! Purchase the CHRONO EYES PUFFINESS - DARK CIRCLES - WRINKLE CREAM and enjoy 20% SAVINGS!* Now through October 31st, 2018 or *while supplies last. Enter:  EYES  at checkout.

Vie Vita C

Recharge your skin with Vie Collection Vita C to smooth wrinkles, brighten skin tone and revive the complexion's radiance. Anti-oxidant protection supports youthful skin functions for a timeless appearance. Enter: VITAC at checkout and receive 20% off through August 31st, 2018. 20% discount will tally at checkout.

SHOPCICLE at Union Depot


Zanzibar Body Cream Sale!

Thru August 31st or while supplies last, receive 20% off Phytoceane Zanzibar Body Cream. Enter: ZANZIBAR at checkout and discount will be credited to your purchase. Escape to perfectly hydrated, silky skin with a trip to the sunny, sandy Zanzibar coast. Let scents and ingredients from paradise pamper your skin with a velvety finish! • Virgin Coconut Oil Nourishes Skin • Red Seaweed Extract Hydrates and Quenches • Vanilla, Coconut & Orange Blossom Scent the Skin

Amazon Oil

Rahua Amazon Oil - With an airy, fresh floral aroma, one or two pumps of this quick-absorbing, lightweight oil immediately replenishes hair, restores vitality and smooths cuticles. Formulated especially for daily use and for all hair types, this versatile treatment can be applied daily on wet or dry hair. Beauty in a bottle. This exclusive Rahua® blend uses light-as-air plant and flower oils—not silicones—to deliver a beautifully smooth, shiny, anti-frizz finish. Rahua, Sacha Inchi, and Morete oils harvested in the Amazon penetrate deeply into each hair strand to heal and strengthen. A powerful way to banish flyaways, heal split ends, and promote shine, this formula is quick absorbing and remarkably revitalizing. Formulated especially for daily use. KEY BENEFITS: Prevents frizz and flyaways Boosts shine Prevents split ends Nourishes and strengthens Star Ingredients • Rainforest Grown Rahua, Morete and Sacha Inchi Oils • Organic Calendula Flower Oil • Aloe Leaf O

Spatty Giveaway!

Winners chosen on Friday! You may enter both giveaways. How much of your lotions, potions and serums do you think you waste when you throw your bottles away before they're empty? Consumer Reports says you are discarding up to 25%. By using the Spatty, you will get weeks more use out of those bottles. Enter to win the a 6" COSMETIC SPATTY SET here . Enter to win the SPATTY COSMETIC BEAUTY SET, 6" AND 12" here .

Rahua Hydration Haircare Collection

We're excited to welcome the new  Rahua Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner to the Rahua haircare collection. After 3 years of product innovation, they have unleashed the power of natural ingredients once again, to develop a specialized line for dry, porous and stressed hair. For intense moisture, their exclusive hydration complex combines three potent, hand-harvested, rainforest grown oils; Rahua, Sacha Inchi and Morete, with protein-bonding sugars derived from organic mango and passion fruit. The exclusive formula works deep into the strands to smooth hair cuticles, prevent frizz and impart generous shine. With each usage, hair will look and feel smoother and shinier, as well as stronger and healthier, while the sweet smell of tropical fruit enliven the senses! Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner was designed for those in search of products to revitalize parched hair, whether from over-processing, environmental stressors or the changing seasons. Rahua's mission is to

Fan Favorite: Peeling Vegetal Sale

Flash Sale 20% off! - Phytomer Peeling Vegetal eliminates dry, rough skin. A gentle, effective exfoliant containing marine ingredients and papaya extract. Offer valid through June 30th or while supplies last. Enter: FLASH2 at checkout and discount will automatically tally at checkout. Experience a Phytomer fan favorite product! This creamy mask enriched with skin exfoliating enzymes eliminates dry, rough skin for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. It is a smooth, creamy exfoliant which effectively removes the dead cell layer without harmful or painful abrasion. This exfoliant is great for all skin types and is an especially good choice for delicate, sensitive skin. Formulated with brown seaweed extract to promote detoxification and papain (papaya extract) to provide an enzymatic exfoliation, the skin is able to breathe easier and can more effectively absorb skin care products. Impurities from the pores are removed and dead skin cells are sloughed off revealing

Sunscreen and Coral

Hawaii is on track to ban two ingredients found in sunscreen that have been proven to kill coral reefs and marine life - Oxybenzone and octinoxate. Beginning in 2021. More info here . Consider being proactive and purchase more environmentally friendly sunscreen now, without these ingredients, no matter where you live. If it's not good for the reefs and other marine life, what may it be doing to lakes and streams? We're a huge fan of Suntegrity . They use zinc oxide.

Vie Collection Glyco 10 Sale!

RESURFACE THE SKIN [GLYCOLIC ACID] Experience regenerated "new skin" with Vie Collection GLYCO 10 Resurfacing Acid Concentrate . This 10% concentration of glycolic acid is an AT-HOME - LEAVE-ON peel. Exfoliate, brighten and refine the skin by applying GLYCO 10, 1-3 x a week for a perfectly resurfaced complexion. 25% off. Now through June 30th. While supplies last. Enter: GLYCO  at checkout.

Hydration Flash Sale

HYDRATION FLASH SALE - RECEIVE 20% OFF! Is your skin feeling dry? The Phytocéane solution:  Hydra-Glow Fusion Cream   or  Moisturizing Fusion Cream . Now through the end of June. While supplies last. Enter: FLASH at checkout to receive 20% off either or both moisturizers.

Do you know about lavender?

Lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to heal minor burns and bug bites. Research suggests that it may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness. As flowers get a late start here in MN this spring, we have the worst case of spring fever ever! I was just reading that our farmers' market has a new vendor this year and he has all kids of lavender goods. Mmmmm, lavender. Pure lavender is one of my happy places. That and lilac, but there is no natural lilac essential oil available yet, so lavender it is! Remember how mom used to rub Vicks VapoRub on our chest when we had a cold as a child? Well, we like to do almost that exact same thing, but with the melted oil from our  Wicked Calm candle. The warmth from the GMO-free soy with our 7-lavender  blend essential oil is pure heaven and helps us sleep. It's also lovely to rub on your feet before putting on socks, and, if that weren't en

The 2018 HAMMS Event

Please join us for this dog-friendly marketplace: The 6th annual HAMMS Event. Saturday, April 28th at City House. 10AM-5PM 30+ Minnesota makers to shop and support. Plus, craft cocktails and gourmet street food from Red River Kitchen food truck. Parking and map : The parking lot, (Chestnut Plaza is handicapped accessible), is very small. There is 2 hour parking on the streets surrounding City House. Please consider using Lyft , parking in the MN Science Museum parking lot, or the lot at Eagle Street Plaza Park. City House is located on the bike trail along the Mississippi so enjoy the view and take a  Nice Ride . Spring is taking way too long to get here and you're going to want to get out soon. You need it and City House is so cool and has such gorgeous views, you don't want to miss this event!

Savvy Curls Giveaway

We're having a  Savvy Curls  product giveaway! Head on over to our Instagram page for a chance to win a  black convertible wrap . Valued at $36.99  We'll notify the winner on Friday. Savvy Curls curling hair wraps are revolutionizing the way that women curl their hair! These patented wraps work with the heat from your scalp to produce healthy, glamorous curls or beachy waves without damaging your hair. Just add your favorite  foam  or  gel   to your damp hair, and then wrap! No more curling irons, wands, or flat irons. Savvy Curls is comfortable enough to be worn to bed thus saving your hair from heat and damage. They may also be used on slightly damp hair and then finished under a dryer or air dry - depending on your time schedule. We have found Savvy Curls to work best with shoulder length and longer hair. 

Lowertown Pop Sweeps

***Sweeps have ended!*** We look forward to seeing you at  Lowertown Pop  on Saturday at Union Depot  March 24th from 10-4. 214 4th St E, Saint Paul,55101

Rosa Control

RELIEF CONCENTRATE FOR REDNESS A RADICAL SOLUTION FOR ALL TYPES OF REDNESS - Rosa Control . A NEW TARGETED SKIN TREAMENT FOR REDNESS VIE Collection has introduced ROSA CONTROL, extending its cosmeceutical expertise to address another skin concern: redness. ROSA CONTROL, a non-greasy, non-sticky, fragrance-free fluid. This formula, enriched with hydrating, nourishing, soothing ingredients, comforts and relieves fine, sensitive skin. Non-comedogenic. pH: 5.7 ROSA CONTROL can be used alone or in combination with your usual treatment cream for drier skin types. RESULTS: The skin is protected from inflammatory conditions and stage-one redness are reduced. MULTIVITAMIN: FREE RADICAL PROTECTION ▶ VITAMIN B5 - Limits inflammatory reactions such as erythema, caused by free radicals from UV rays - Helps to hydrate the deep layers of the skin by strengthening the hydrolipid film and its barrier function ▶ VITAMIN C - Neutralizes free radicals caused by stress, tobacco or po

Lowertown Pop 2018 Press Release

Press release for Lowertown Pop 2018. We have 50+ MN makers sharing their wares - everything from food, to fishing lures, to fashion. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces on Saturday, March 24th at Union Depot. Here is a copy of our latest newsletter as well.

Ladies Day at the Saint Paul Winter Carnival!

Join us for a day of shopping, fashion shows, Designer Purse Bingo, live fitness classes and more at Landmark Center! Grab a beer, wine or mimosa & celebrate Sunday Funday at the Winter Carnival! $10 = 2 drinks; all activities take place in the Landmark Center in downtown Saint Paul. RSVP here .

The Zanzibar Collection

From Phytoceane:  Zanzibar Collection . The extremely gentle Zanzibar Shower Gel , sends you on an island getaway while you shower. A crystal-clear and fresh gel that immerses you in the transparent lagoons of Zanzibar. Ultra-light and nourishing Zanzibar Milky Body Cream , envelops the body with an addictive fragrance. INGREDIENTS: VIRGIN COCONUT OIL: Nourishing. JANIA RUBENS: Ultra-moisturizing, remineralizing vegetal coral Both rich and light textures that nourish the skin and make it intensely velvety. FRAGRANCE: Warm and sunny notes (mandarin, orange blossom, vanilla, coconut). Each tube is 150 ml.

Do you love pie?

Art? Helping those in need?  Please join us for coffee and dessert at Arts and Tarts , and the most unique shopping event you will ever experience. Local artists/artisans (including us!) and authors will be on hand with their exceptional creations as well as their fascinating "story" about their life and their art. They will be donating a percentage of their sales to Urban Ventures , a local nonprofit that helps struggling families and youth. Drawings throughout the day for fabulous prizes. And you won't want to miss an opportunity to meet the charming Dow Art Gallery owner, Khanh Tran, a man with a mission, a love for art and for people. Entrance Fee is $5.00. RSVP by Feb. 16, 2018 to or 612.481.3206 See ya there!

Doggie Depot 2018

We'll see you at Doggie Depot on Saturday, January 27 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. We'll have our 3waybeauty doggystyle dog shampoo bar and loads of other biz's will have all things dog for you to peruse. Union Depot will go to the dogs and be the bark of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. Join Union Depot, Sidewalk Dog and sponsor Animal Emergency & Referral Center of Minnesota for the doggie event of the year. The event is free and open to the public and guests are encouraged to bring their pooches for this special event.