Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Pouch

This past November I had the privilege of working with Kedrin Likness of Hazel & Haverly while at Maiden Minnesota. (Keep an eye out for her next year as I think she would be a perfect Maiden!)
A day before Maiden Minnesota I had receive word that the cedar boxes for the 3waybeauty shhh. shampoo | shower | shave bars, that I had commissioned from a woodworker in Washington, had been lost in transit. As some of you know, those cedar boxes have been a LONG time coming! - Washington cedar is drying once again and boxes are scheduled to arrive in January, so fingers crossed.

Anyhoo, a few days after Maiden, Kedrin contacted me and suggested a crocheted pouch for the bar. Bingo! - I was all over that.
I thought it would make the perfect carrying case for the bars, that it could be used as a bath mitt or as a groovy little pouch for a smart phone (my graphic designer, Susan Tinkham, thought the same thing).

After choosing yarn (organic cotton and organic hemp) and choosing the type of stitching I wanted, we launched them at STYLEDLIFE® recently and they sold out the following day.

Three-way uses for The Pouch:

-Bath/shower mitt
-Storage pouch for your shhh grooming bar
-Storage pouch for your smart phone

Soft organic cotton on one side. Organic hemp on the other - for exfoliation.

They're back in stock and sold exclusively at STYLEDLIFE, so go pick one up.

Isn't beauty fun?

Friday, December 23, 2011

On the 3rd Day of Christmas...

Last week our shhh. 3waybeauty bar was on the Post- Christmas list and this week we are day 3 of STYLEDLIFE's 12 Days of Christmas. Yay!

shhh. shampoo | shower | shave  is the perfect stocking stuffer for the traveler (there are no TSA regulations for a solid) or for the gym bag (no messy cans or bottles) or simply for those who truly appreciate a luxury beauty/grooming bar.
There isn't anything else like it!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It Works For Me

A friend of mine uses and loves Nioxin shampoo. I've always been a fan of Nioxin (though it is a brand I do not carry). If you have fine and/or thinning hair, it is be best haircare brand I have found, thus far, to help fine hair look and feel thicker and slow the loss of thinning hair.

Roni bookmarked a page out of a book called, The Best of It Works For Me 1991-1999 by the National Psoriasis Foundation, and shared it with me.

The Best of is a compilation of remedies by psoriasis sufferers.

Page 87 - Novermber/December 1998
Nioxin hair products
I have had to contend with scalp psoriasis since my early teens. I am now 37.

"About six months ago, a friend, who is also a hair stylist, recommended that I try the Nioxin line of hair products, thinking that it would improve the strength of my hair and reduce hair loss. It worked and , more importantly, I have experienced an almost total elimination of my psoriasis. The improvement is truly astounding, way beyond anything else that I've ever tried. I may still notice a very light trace on one or two days each month, but in the remainder of the month I have no buildup or trace of psoriasis anywhere on my scalp."

"This Nioxin stuff consists of a shampoo, a scalp conditioner and a clear liquid product that is applied after towel drying. The effect that it had on my scalp buildup became apparent after only about three to four days of use. Total clearing of buildup was achieved in about two to three weeks time and had remained that way since."

If you suffer from psoriasis on your scalp, it may be worth trying. Discuss with your hairdresser which Nioxin range to use as there are several, depending on your hair and if you color it.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


On Thursday evening, INtelligent Nutrients had a lovely holiday soiree at their headquarters in Minneapolis.

IN is one of my favorite places to visit as the aroma of that building is to die for! I just feel healthier walking in.

We were greeted with a shot of INtellimune with organic mago juice and a complimentary Rose Geranium Air Nutrition. Delish! And to think I have only been using my INtellimune in a balsamic salad dressing.

After an organic beer, a hardboiled quail egg (or two), and some veggies with smoked sea salt (yum!) it was off to shop and watch a few hair and product demos.

THEN....a little IN goody bag to top off the night that contains a new product IN would like feedback on.... I LOVE my job.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Phytoceane Gift

Supply is limited!

Shop Phytoceane here.

Spend $150 in Phytoceane skincare and reeive these four travel size products.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beauty Tip of The Day

via Always New You.

Olive oil makes a lovely moisturizer anytime, but if you find yourself in the middle of your evening beauty routine and realize you forgot to pick up your moisturizer that day, use a few drops of olive oil on damp skin. Then off to bed, sleepy head!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Giving Tree

excerpt from American Spa magazine ”—Jessica Lyons Hardcastle

L O N G   B E F O R E   1 6 T H - CENTURY GERMANS decorated
evergreens and brought  them into their homes to celebrate Christmas, plants and trees that remained green year-round held sacred meaning for many cultures and people, especially in December. Ancient Egyptians decorated their homes  with  green palm  fronds  at  the  winter solstice, marking the god Ra’s return to health.

Romans celebrated the shortest day and the longest night with a feast called Saturnalia in honor of Saturn, the god of agriculture, because their crops would soon begin to grow, and they decorated their temples and homes with evergreen boughs. he Druids hung ir, pine, and spruce to symbolize everlasting life. And like the trees that bring life and color all year long—perhaps most noticeably in the dead of winter.

Because evergreen essential oils are derived from fresh needles, twigs, and wood, the function they serve the tree is similar to the boost they provide  the  body,  says  Tom Havran, product formulator and aromatherapy specialist at Aura Cacia. “Leaves—needles in this case—transpire air in an inverse manner to us, they consume our exhaled carbon dioxide and exhale pure oxygen, which we inhale,” Havran explains. “Twigs, limbs, and wood are the arms, legs, and body of the tree, providing the supporting framework for the tree through which these vital essences low.”

Havran suggests adding 24 drops of any essential  evergreen oil—Blue Cypress, Texas Cedarwood, Cypress, Cypress Organic, Balsam Fir Needle, Pine, or Pine Organic—or a combination of the oils to four ounces of water in a spray bottle and shaking and misting it into the air to provide a “cleansing, purifying, and meditative forest-like aroma that will encourage deep breathing and opening of the senses.” Havran also suggests incorporating evergreen oils in foot treatments, such as a sugar foot scrub, a mineral
foot bath, or a foot massage.

Evergreens also help recharge the body, which makes them a great ingredient to use in bath soaks and massages. “Juniper and marine pine are known to ease aching muscles because of their analgesic qualities,” says Jane Terry, national trainer for Elemis USA. “In addition, pine essential oil increases metabolism and thus boosts activity levels.”

Evergreens can also be paired with rosemary to  help  ease stiff joints and arthritic pain or sea  fennel to cleanse and detoxify the skin. Combining evergreen with detoxifying and stimulating ingredients can also help boost circulation and cleanse and enhance skin.

And  unlike  some  floral  or  fruit  scents,  the invigorating aroma of evergreens appeals to both  women and men. It smells clean, fresh, and natural and brings the great outdoors in. “On an aesthetic level, who couldn't love the fresh, woodsy aroma of these oils, which are evocative of a trip to the mountains? ” asks Havran .

While evergreens provide benefits to many, pregnant women should avoid evergreen treatments and products, as they can enter the blood stream and may induce miscarriage. Those with bronchial asthma  and difficulty breathing, whooping cough, infections, or existing unknown lesions should also steer clear of evergreen.

But for the majority, evergreen t  r e  a t  m e n t  s   can   provide a welcome   e  s  c  a  p  e, especially during the winter months, as the scent reminds some of the changing seasons and the holidays. Using an evergreen candle can help ease the stress of holiday shopping, traveling, and partying.

The aromatic—and symbolic—associations can be carried into the New Year, too, as many resolve to get healthier, take better care of themselves, and start fresh. “There is no better way to prepare for the New Year than to revive the skin and soul with evergreen,” says Morris. “

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pioneer Press - Buy Local

Yesterday we were featured in The Saint Paul Pioneer Press - Sunday Life - Shop Local Gift Guide. And in such grand company with so many other wonderful local brands!

If you don't subscribe to the PiPress, try to get your hands on a copy. So many more lovely photos than the online version of this piece. (this is the missing photo from the online piece)

:This three-fer beauty bar - a shower, shaving and shampoo product in one - is great for those on the go. It has a refreshing citrus scent, is made with all-natural ingredients of plant oils and is perfect for toting to the gym or packing in your travel carry-on."

"Also consider Eight, Shhh's signature scent in oil form. Add a few drops to a spray bottle with water and bam - you have a grooming or linen spray."

"Beauty bar in lavender and original (six-ounce, $17; 1.5-ounce mini, $5); Eight signature oil blend (2.5 mill, $20). Available at STYLEDLIFE (The Galleria, 69th Street & France Avenue, Edina; 952-928-8888). For more information or to order online, go to 3waybeauty.com:

Thanks to Nancy Ngo for including us in this gift guide!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Show the Love

We will be launching a brand new 3waybeauty product at STYLEFLIFE's Show the Love holiday shopping event this Wednesday.

Stop by and actually see it being made! - only a few of this new product will be available at this special SL shopping experience so stop by and be one of the first to purchase.

Hint: Joining us will be Kedrin Likness of Hazel & Haverly.

SHOW the LOVE event Women
Wednesday, December 13th

Again this season, STYLEDLIFE® + last-minute holiday shopping = Show (the) Love, the shopping event which removes the guesswork from men's and women's gift-giving.

Ladies, have fun picking out gifts for the men in your lives with the help of the STYLEDLIFE® wardrobe experts™. While you're there, fill out a STYLEDLIFE® wiSh List to leave for your guy to ensure you receive the perfect present.

Let STYLEDLIFE take care of the wrapping with custom gift boxes, gift cards and snazzy gift wrap - all gratis.

Select designer handbag brands for women and bag brands for men all a promotional 20% off.

The Top 8 - gift specials for women and men all discounted and pre-wrapped for ease of shopping.

Wish Lists - fill one out or fulfill someone's wish. It's stress free and still a surprise.

Can't make it to the event? Send your wish lists to STYLEDLIFE (info@styledlife.com) or www.facebook.com/STYLEDLIFE

Register to win cool fashion prizes.

Shed those layers! Yep, we've got coat check.

Men, watch ESPN on 42" plasma screens.

Jam to the best imported music.

Kick back in style with fun beverages and extra treats. Laffy Taffy always included.

Cross that final name off the list and enjoy the holiday season.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

On the 7th day of Christmas...

Have a 3-way!

The ladies over at Post-- are having a little fun counting down this holiday season. Check them out!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Top 40

Those lovely ladies over at LaunchHER put me on their Top 40 list of women entrepreneurs. Yay!

Their tongue-in-cheek 40 Under 40 list of women-owned brands most-read post.  While the idea behind that list was to fulfill Kara’s personal goal of being named to a 40 Under 40 list while she was still, in fact, under 40, profiling amazing women entrepreneurs was thrilling.
So without further ado, they present the…
LaunchHER Top 40 :: Profiles of Women Entrepreneurs 2011*
In no particular order, but in keeping with tradition…in reverse alphabetical order, of course. {wink, wink}

I'm #37

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gorgeous Gifts

Two of our favorite items made it into the Minnesota Monthly gift guide this month.

Consider this the insider’s guide to decorating her vanity

1. Sara Happ Lip Scrub, $24 @ Beauty Lounge, 612-741-0288, mplsbeautylounge.com
2. Handmade stone soap from Afghanistan, $14 @ Nature of Beauty, 750 Main St., Ste. 109, Mendota Heights, 651-222-3127, natureofbeauty.com
3.  Nasomatto perfume, $165 @ Roe Wolfe, 750 Main St., Ste. 107, Mendota Heights, 651-330-4434,roewolfe.com
4. Aveda Refresh-Mint set, $35 @ aveda.com
5. Suki Body scrub, $32 @ Whole Foods, wholefoodsmarket.com
6. Arcona Basic Five skin care, $87 @ The Beauty Room, 4300 Chicago Ave. S., Mpls., 612-724-4111,thebeautyroommpls.com
7. Chris Notti sleep mask, $20 @ Stormsister Spatique, stormsister.biz 
8. Bumble & Bumble Mending travel set, $35 @ Brian Graham Salon, 220 Washington Ave., Mpls., 612-333-3091, briangrahamsalon.com
9. Christy Coleman beauty bag, $28 @ Nature of Beauty
10. Principessa satin shower cap, $13 @ Stormsister Spatique
11. Voluspa Frost Pinecone candle, $18 @ Beauty Lounge

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Next Aveda?

By Nancy Crotti for Finance and Commerce

Could Greenbody Greenplanet become the next Aveda?
“We’re trying to carve out ourselves a niche like Horst (Rechelbacher) was 30 years ago,” says Lorri Weisen, the entrepreneur behind Greenbody Greenplanet Organic Hair Care and the owner of Hairs to You Salon & Boutique (above) in Roseville. (Staff photo: Bill Klotz)
Owner of salon develops organic hair products

If you’ve seen those little kids walking around the Minnesota State Fair with sparkly neon hairdos, you’ve seen some of Lorri Weisen’s handiwork, but not all of it.

Weisen, who owns Hairs to You Salon & Boutique in Roseville, has operated the Fair-Do’s booth at the State Fair for the past nine years. She has also developed a line of organic shampoos and conditioners that she sells through her salon and other outlets across the country.

Weisen claims that Greenbody Greenplanet Organic Hair Care products contain no toxic chemicals or surfactants used in many commercially available shampoos and conditioners. She had a chemist concoct the formulas after she became concerned about the health effects of personal care products.

That concern stems from her husband’s multiyear battle with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is now in remission. When her husband was going through treatment, she picked up a 2007 book called “Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry” by Stacey Malkan. The book follows a group of breast cancer activists as they ask the world’s largest cosmetics companies to stop using chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects.

“I walked into my salon and I said, ‘Oh my God. I’m selling this to clients,’” Weisen said. “I went on a mission and started changing things personally and professionally.”

Could Greenbody Greenplanet become Minnesota’s next Aveda? Horst Rechelbacher pioneered natural hair care products based on Indian Ayurvedic principles when he founded Aveda in Minneapolis in 1978. Twin Cities residents have remained loyal to Aveda products, even since Rechelbacher sold the company to Estee Lauder Companies Inc. in 1997, Weisen said.

“We’re trying to carve out ourselves a niche like Horst was 30 years ago,” she said.

That’s not easy, because the federal Food and Drug Administration does not regulate what goes into hair products and therefore cannot control the claims made on labels, according to Weisen.
She has found that most organic shampoos tend to dry the hair and don’t lather well or hold in hair coloring. The word “organic” on a label doesn’t necessarily mean every ingredient is organic, she said. “For us, it’s really important to emphasize that we’re an organic product, but we’re 100 percent toxin-free,” she said.

An organic shampoo would have to perform as well as standard salon fare using nontoxic ingredients to satisfy Weisen. For example, Greenbody Greenplanet shampoos use coconut sugar as a lathering agent rather than the sodium lauryl sulfate commonly found in shampoo.

“It’s got to lock in color and be color-protecting, be deeply nourishing, provide volume without drying out the hair, condition without weighing down the hair and still produce volume,” Weisen said. “Shine is important [as well as] movement in the hair. You want your hair to be healthy, and this product is all of that.”

Weisen contracts with a Canadian manufacturer to produce Greenbody Greenplanet products, which became available in spring 2009, and has been using them in her own salon ever since. She has also been marketing them to other purveyors of natural hair-care products.

Ann Garrity carries them on her Minneapolis-based website (http://organicdivas.com), and uses the products herself. Garrity said her mission is similar to Weisen’s.

“I had a health issue and realized that so many of the products that people put on their skin, even the ones that claim to be healthy or healthier, are really not,” Garrity said.

Garrity’s product-selection criteria are designed to ensure they do not promote cancer or cause hormone disruption. They include:
  • The manufacturers’ agreement to fully disclose product ingredients and to sign  Malkan’s Compact for Safe Cosmetics, a voluntary pledge to avoid chemicals banned by health agencies outside the United States.
  • The product’s receiving the lowest toxicity rating given by the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep rating system.
“You can hide a lot of toxic stuff in the word ‘fragrance,’” Garrity explained.

Weisen discovered Garrity’s site and approached her about carrying Greenbody Greenplanet. Garrity appreciated that Weisen was a local woman who was moved to action by her husband’s health issues.

“I felt that her mission aligned really well with our mission,” Garrity said. “She was the real deal.” Garrity’s customers have been repeat buyers of Greenbody Greenplanet products.

“That’s the biggest indicator to me that it’s a good product,” she said. “Once somebody’s had a health issue, they are militant about it. You don’t have to sell them.”

Garrity has also found that Weisen knows how to market her products by blogging, attending events and supporting her distributors.

A customer did some marketing of her own, bringing Greenbody Greenplanet products into Becky Sturm’s StormSister Spatique in St. Paul a couple of years ago. Sturm requested samples from Weisen.

“I was very impressed with it because there are a lot of beauty brands out there that say they’re natural when they’re not,” said Sturm, who closed the store after the recession and now operates online at stormsister.biz.

Natural shampoos don’t produce as many suds as standard products, which may lead users to believe they aren’t cleaning as well, according to Sturm. “Those really sudsy products, those surfactants that make all those suds, are not good for us,” she said.

It took the chemist eight months to develop Weisen’s shampoos and conditioners, which come in scented and unscented varieties. “I always try to tell people I didn’t create this in my kitchen,” Weisen said. “I just knew what my requirements were and what I wanted.”

Eight-ounce bottles of Greenbody Greenplanet products retail for $22 to $24 apiece, comparable with other salon products. Weisen’s original plan was to market through salons, and she has a few selling Greenbody Greenplanet, but she has had more luck through online and brick-and-mortar retail stores, such as Moss Envy in Minneapolis.

“We decided to back off and focus on retail,” she said. “When the salon industry is ready for us, we’ll be there.”

Other stumbling blocks to getting her products into salons include the delicate matter of hairdressers promoting natural products after selling traditional ones for years, and salon owners lacking the time to research ingredients, according to Weisen.
“That’s why we’re focusing on end users,” she said. “Consumers are catching on, but salons are slow to follow. They’re just not ready for it.”

Now, she’s working on producing a nontoxic hair gel, which will be free of plastic and alcohol.

“It’s just nice to see some local companies do well and be honest,” Sturm said. “That doesn’t always happen. She’s a really good businesswoman. She’s very generous. I really appreciate what she’s doing.”

Monday, December 5, 2011

Macho Skin

via SheKnows - 

Make over your man’s skin care routine

Slapping on a little bit of face wash in the shower is about as close to a skin care routine as most guys get; something about beauty products screams "girly" to men. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Check out these five sneaky little tips to completely revamp your man’s skin care routine and make him feel macho.

Purchase one product at a time
If you're going to overhaul your man's skin care routine, start small, says Becky Sturm, CEO/founder of StormSister Spatique and 3waybeauty. Ease him into the process. Don't overwhelm him with an entire cabinet full of expensive new beauty products, or your plan will probably backfire. That, or he might begin to think you have some serious control issues -- either way, not good.

Look for two-in-one products
Men are all about simplicity, so find products that do double duty, says Sturm. That's a much easier sell than trying to convince him to test out two fancy new products of which he's never heard. "Say something along the lines of, 'Look honey, this shave soap also makes a great body soap,' then demonstrate for him if you need to." Scott-Vincent Borba, celebrity esthetician and author of Skintervention, agrees. "Have him use the same moisturizer or shave balm he's already using as his hand cream," says Borba. "Don't even bother buying him a another one. Just an extra dab will make his hands feel softer, but not supple."

Lend a helping hand, literally
No guy is ever going to complain if you get a little hands on. Make him want to incorporate a little moisturizer into his morning routine by rubbing in the cream for him or giving him a quick, mini facial massage he'll never forget. "Men tend to not moisturize their skin during the winter, so it gets very dry and rough," says board-certified dermatologist Rebecca Baxt, M.D. "A moisturizer with SPF 30 is perfect for after shaving. It'll make his skin feel nice and soft -- perfect for all those holiday kisses."

Clean up together
Chances are, you and your man probably shower together. Next time he turns on the water, turn up the heat and get clean together. "Use a washcloth with soap or face scrub to scrub the front and back of each other's hands. This will exfoliate the skin, take off grime and allow moisturizers to penetrate better," says Borba. "Make sure he also scrapes his nails on the bar of soap to dislodge any excess crud stuck underneath."

Shower him with compliments
Last but not least, shower your man with praise. "The easiest way to get a guy to do something is to compliment him," says Borba. "If you tell him he looks good when his skin is moisturized, nails cleaned and clipped, etc, he'll most likely try and keep it that way."

Friday, December 2, 2011

Market Shift

Over 400 Companies Fulfill Safe Cosmetics Pledge

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics announced today that 321 cosmetics companies have met the goals of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, the Campaign’s voluntary pledge to avoid chemicals banned by health agencies outside the U.S. and to fully disclose product ingredients – a pioneering practice in the cosmetics industry. An additional 111 companies made significant progress toward those goals. Read all about it and see the list of companies in our new report, Market Shift.

This is great news for you the consumer, the Campaign, the cosmetics industry and the lawmakers working to pass the Safe Cosmetics Act. These 432 companies are leading the industry toward safety, showing it’s possible to make quality products without using the hazardous chemicals that are all too common in conventional personal care products.

The new report  -- Market Shift: The story of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and the growth in demand for safe cosmetics – describes the seven-year project during which the Campaign worked with companies in a unique partnership to raise the bar for safer personal care products. Please read and share the report with your friends and family, and vote with your dollars this holiday season to support companies that are doing the right thing—keeping toxic chemicals out of people and the environment.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wild Beauty

Our favorite hand and foot care brand, NONTOXIQUE, was just featured on Wild Beauty:

I was introduced to Nontoxique by manicurist-to-the-stars TracyLee at a photoshoot this year. Nontoxique is a hand and foot care line made from 100% active, pure plant ingredients. Their tag line is “because your hands and feet do all the work” – and in our business that is certainly true!

I’ve been a loyal fan of the Cuticle & Nail Balm ever since, and the Restore Day Crème is a richly hydrating, moisture surge-type cream. Nontoxique products aren’t in many salons yet, but the emphasis on fantastic ingredients makes finding them worth the effort.