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Head to Toe

Guess who has two products showcased in the July edition of Twin Cities Metro magazine!? You guessed it! #1 Vie Collection Eye Correction Cream FYI, I also carry #3 INtelligent Nutrients Aromatics . It wouldn't have been very lady-like to monopolize the whole piece, right? :o)~

Nail Tips

After experiencing formaldehyde resin poisoning (yes, most lacquer brands contain formaldehyde) on a photo shoot using a popular nail lacquer brand, green celebrity manicurist Jenna Hipp discovered SpaRitual while searching for a healthier nail care alternative. Jenna has teamed up with SpaRitual to share her knowledge from the field. ChipTip by Jenna Hipp Conditioning and moisturizing is a necessity for hands and feet to look their best. By applying Cuti -Cocktail Nail & Cuticle Oil at least 3 times a day, even over polish, you will be supplying your cuticles and entire nail bed with vital nutrients. Also, Cuti -Cocktail eliminates hang-nails, prolongs polish from chipping and is what I like to call an all around “manicure in a minute." R e n e w Yo u r S u mm e r P al e tt e Layer Your Favorite Shades I was really excited when SpaRitual asked me to provide them with “Lacquer Layers” using the Cherish   collection. The different formulations of th

Eyelash/brow Crack

Ok, we need to'll write, you read. Last night when I was havin' my hair done, I was chatting with my girl Miranda and I just had to interrupt her - I do that a lot. Interrupt. I'm too old to change. "What kind of lash extension are you wearing, they're FANTASTIC!" I exclaim. "They're not extensions." she replies. "Wow, your eyes never looked like that before. Gorgeous." "New mascara?" I inquire. "Nope, it's the LiLash ." she answers. Stop the presses! I could barely contain my excitement. I have been reading a lot about eyelash/brow stimulator's as of late and this brand keeps popping up in my research. It's a sign. Seriously, Miranda's lashes are practically touching her eyebrows! I have even read stories of people having to trim their eyelashes. What?! Hey, maybe just lay off the sauce and you'll calm the crazy down. Ya think? Oy! Miranda says she doesn't use it everyd

Oh Daddy

Today through Sunday, Father's Day, receive 20% off all products for gentlemen . Enter this code: DADSDAY upon checkout and your discount will automatically tally or mention this special if you shop in our Spatique . Skincare for Men

The Experts Have Spoken - MBeze is a Winner!

The experts have spoken and they LOVE MBeze natural Deodorettes and Dabber Dust ! Check out the latest reviews and features!

I'm in Love.......again

Ok , this thing is the coolest thing EVER! - I know, I ALWAYS say that. But, I do mean it. Each time. I can't use any teeth whitening strips. My teeth and gums are just too sensitive. I'm kind of a freak about my teeth. I figure that since my parents spent a lot of money on these choppers, I should take care of them, right? Thanks Mom and Dad :o) I have to admit that since I use Tom's of Maine Whitening toothpaste (non-fluoride), I don't need that much help, but since taking up coffee three years ago and since my teeth have yet to reach glow-in-the-dark status, it wouldn't hurt to use a whitening product, right? Drooling aside, all of the strips I've tried hurt my teeth and gums (I tried them all) So, I figured I just couldn't use any whitening products. I gave up. Then one of my reps told me about the Whiter Image ToGO Teeth Whitening Pen . He said they work great for even sensitive teeth. I nod politely. But, what if it really works, I

Self-Tanning Lotion

Allison Kaplan of AliShops was a guest on FM107.1 Lori and Julia  show, on the 2nd hour of the Tuesday, June 9th show. The girls were talking about self-tanners/bronzers and Allison mentioned that she really likes the Phytoceane Self-Tanning Lotion . Yay for me!....oh ya, and Phytoceane .

Kinky-Curly Prices

New pricing is now in effect. Due to an increase in the cost of some raw plant materials the price of the Curling Custard will be increased to $30. So, now may be a good time to stock up! There will soon be an 8oz jar coming out that will be priced at $17. All other products will remain the same price. Kinky-Curly is making a few changes to a couple of products that have only been available on their site. When those changes are done, we'll be carrying those products.

Skincare for Men

Skincare for men is A NECESSITY...   • Because men are subject to stress and external aggressions, i.e. climate, pollution, and cigarette smoke, this can wreak havoc on their skin. Plus the daily shaving routine causes additional dehydration and sensitivity on the skin ’s surface. On average, during his lifetime, a man spends six months shaving to remove the 15,000 hairs distributed over 2/3 of the face. Shaving daily leaves 57% of men with stressed, imbalanced, and stripped skin. • Because many men still do not properly use skin care products on a daily basis leaving their skin imbalanced (dry, shiny, dull...)   • Because men are increasingly aware of their appearance. Men’s use of skin and body care products is no longer considered occasional; in fact, it is becoming increasingly common. Men’s skin is physiologically thicker and oilier than women’s. Thus, unique skincare products are needed for them. THE SPECIFIC CHARACTERISITICS OF MEN’S SKIN A hair system that is more deve

KC, Oh how we love Thee

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Kinky Curly hair products!!!! I cannot believe how great they are, and how much they enhance my curls!!! What a fantastic product line! Tracy D. - Van Nuys, CA ------------------ Be sure to check out the July edition of Mpls. St. Paul Magazine . Christy DeSmith, a curly-girl herself, LOVES this line and is including it in a story that is all about curly hair.