Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Our interview at Launch Grow Joy:

Featured Entrepreneur: 3waybeauty

Want to be inspired by entrepreneurs who are doing something great? Then read on. Each day we feature new entrepreneurs who are passionate about their business and who are living their dream.

Today’s entrepreneur is Becky Sturm of 3waybeauty.

When and why did you start your business?

2010 – Tired of over-marketing by the big beauty companies, I wanted to develop beauty and personal grooming products that have multi-purpose aspects to them.

Describe your business in 20 words or less.

A truly natural, multi-purpose beauty and personal grooming brand for both men and women.

Where do you get your inspiration from and how do you stay inspired?

Customers that are looking for truly eco-friendly, healthier alternatives to all of those beauty and grooming products in their cabinets. Hearing their health concerns keeps me inspired.

What is your biggest success or accomplishment you’re most proud of in your business?

When I couldn’t get a loan to get my idea into production and two women came forward, who believed in me, and gave me the financing to get things going.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs when they are first starting out?

Don’t give up. If you can imagine giving up because of some obstacle, and there will be MANY, don’t get in the game.

What is one mistake that you made that you really learned from and what did you learn?

Too much inventory. I assumed it would be a hit right out of the gate and tied up a lot of money. I learned to launch each new product with a smaller inventory.

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