Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Rose

A little horn tootin':


I was out of town and just got your thoughtful note. Thank you so much for noticing the missing discount. It's exactly why I prefer shopping at wonderful local businesses like yours. (I'm POSITIVE I wouldn't have received an email from Sephora telling me they missed giving me a discount!) Plus, I really enjoy the interesting chats I have with you, and I always come away learning something new.

By the way, I used the Kinky-Curling Custard for lovely, soft wavy curls and loved the results. All other curling products have been too heavy, or have been sticky and stiff.

Many thanks,


Anonymous said...

Tell me more about the kinky curling kustard!! Can you put it in straight hair and it curls it? I Might want to buy some!! Let me know!!! karipi

Becky Sturm said...

Sorry Karipi, Kinky-Curly is for wavy/curly hair. It will not curl straight hair.