Friday, December 5, 2008

And the winner is......PEZ!

It's official. The new StormSister Spatique candy is PEZ!


I have been searching for a new candy for weeks. I have spent more time Googling candy than I care to admit. Ugh!
I was going to purchase a new flavor of candy from the same company that I have been buying from for the past two years, but Wagner Match has horrible customer service. It's a blessing though, because I have found PEZ and who doesn't like PEZ?!

Why PEZ, you ask?

Well, if you know the background of how I got the name of my store - When my sister and I had a spa/salon together, we had a client who called us the Storm Sister's. My last name is Sturm and Sturm means "storm" in German.
Anyhoo, my family is orginally from Austia and PEZ is from Austria. Hello!? It was meant to be!

(Ok PEZ corporation, hopefully you will read this blog post and I will never have to purchase your wonderful candy again. hint, hint. Ok, "never have to purchase" may be reaching a bit, but you'd be mighty fancy if you sent me some. Gratis.)

So, what does PEZ mean for you? Well, when you visit my storefront you may enjoy PEZ while you shop. And, when you shop online, your order will include PEZ. That way you may enjoy PEZ while you unpack your lotions and potions.

Retail is fun!

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