Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Color Full

Rahua Color Full Hair Care System
A new haircare collection by Rahua - Color Full Hair Care System.

The majestic Amazon Rainforest is once again the unquestionable source for a new glorious Color Full™Hair Care range from Rahua.
Protect and preserve the full spectrum of color-treated tresses.

Delight in the Amazon Rainforest’s rich natural gifts with Rahua’s new Color Full™ Hair Care System, formulated to protect your hair color investment.These high performing products are made with an exclusive plant derived color complex of Rainforest grown oils, and enriching mineral pigments sustainably sourced from the Amazon.
Rahua’s Color Full System provides a true sensorial experience. Each product is infused with enchanting Gardenia oil and Lavender essence.

Rahua Color Full™ Shampoo, infused with enchanting Gardenia oil and Lavender essence.

The unique color protection complex found in Rahua's new Color Full System --Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment Mask -- works from the inside-out and outside-in by harnessing the power of Mother Nature's science and Symbiotic® rainforest grown ingredients to protect and nourish color-treated tresses in the following three ways:

~ Oil molecules push color pigmentation deep into the hair shaft for color endurance.
~ Amazonian minerals reduce color fading by restoring color pigments.
~ Color-fading barrier encapsulates & protects each strand for longer-lasting color vibrancy.

Rahua Color Full™ Conditioner.
Rich and creamy conditioner, infused with enchanting Gardenia oil and Lavender essence, softens and packs moisture for exceptional after color care and protection.

Each product is infused with enchanting gardenia oil and lavender essence. Resulting in smooth, healthy tresses with glorious shine.

Rahua Color Full hair careScience derived from Mother Nature combines with the technology of Rainforest grown ingredients to protect and enhance chemically color-processed hair:  Did you know that after hair is colored, it has a negative ion charge? This is due to the chemical process of opening up the cuticle in order to deposit the color pigment,leaving hair a bit rough to the touch and vulnerable to fading.

With Rahua’s new Color Full color protection complex, the negative ion charge leftover from color processing becomes highly attracted to the positive ion charge of the super fine Amazonian Rahua Oil molecules. This attraction to the Rahua Oil molecules helps to push color pigmentation molecules deeper into the hair for more color-staying power.

Over time color-treated hair becomes porous; Amazonian clay contains natural color pigments that restore hair’s porosity further locking in the hair color.

Amazonian Morete (Buriti) Oil encapsulates each strand with a color-fading barrier. This barrier protects color pigmentation from outside factors and leaves hair with remarkable health and luster.

All shades of color-treated tresses benefit from our singularly glorious formula made with Symbiotic® (rainforest grown) oils and natural, plant derived and organic ingredients. Our products are free of parabens, sulfates and gluten and are vegan.

Key Ingredients:

-Rahua-Ungurahua Oil: Super fine omega 9 molecules with a positive charge, push pigmentation molecules deep into strands.
-Amazonian Lilac Clay (minerals): Reduce brassiness, especially important for blonde and brown shades.
-Morete Oil: Natural lipids cover the hair’s cuticle creating an antioxidant color-fading barrier, contains beta carotene molecules for vibrancy and shine.
-Cranberry Seed Oil: Deeply hydrates,adds shine.
-Flaxseed Oil: Packed with omega 3 & vitamin E encourages hair growth and stronger hair.
-Safflower Seed Oil: Provides intensive moisture, promotes color retention.
-Hibiscus Extract:(Antioxidant exclusively found in Color Full Hair Mask) provides full spectrum color support, strengthens, boosts shine, and adds bounce. To be used on a weekly basis.