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Enter to Win!

Win a pair of Lowertown Pop tickets, as well as one of 14 great MN Maker gifts! Enter here . Offer expires April 4th. Get all the details on Lowertown Pop here . I'll have StormSister Spatique and 3waybeauty goods in tow. See ya there!

Roses are red...

An enduring symbol of love and luxury, ancient rose finds new life in modern-day skincare. From rose -scented treatment rooms to baths infused with the precious petals, rose has long been a popular ingredient in spas. As the world’s oldest cultivated decorative plant, it is primarily native to the Northern Hemisphere but likely originated in Persia, according to The Magical and Ritual Use of Perfumes (Destiny Books, 1990) by Richard Alan Miller and Iona Miller. The flowers quickly spread, popping up symbolically in Greek and Indian mythologies and in physical form throughout Europe and the Middle East. Over the years, women as disparate as Joan of Arc and Cleopatra have been linked with this token of love, and if they’re good enough for a hallucinating martyr and a cunningly beautiful queen, they’re certainly suitable for we spa-going mortals. As befitting a plant of such stature, “Rosa damascena is one of the most precious and expensive oils currently on the market,” says Amy