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All-Natural-Suds for the Tub - by our friend Leesa Raab over at eco18. As a kid, I was the girl who was throwing spa-party sleepovers where I made all of my friends bring over their favorite shower gels, lotions, face masks and other varying beauty products, so we could all try them. And even as an adult, I’m always surveying friends about what they use and looking for new products to try. So over the years I’ve tried A LOT of different body washes and bath care products. More recently, I’ve taken a specific interest in making sure that my shower products are all-natural and paraben-free. With that, I was especially excited to learn about some new, all-natural body washes that have recently hit the market....... continued . image courtesy of Krikit flickr/CC license


Organic Monitor in London, UK, released the results of a new study that assessed more than 50 international brands of natural and organic cosmetic products and ranked them in terms of their “naturalness.” Unfortunately, very few natural and organic cosmetic brands are living up to their organic marketing claims. Looking at specific brands, the research found that smaller independent companies did well, with Intelligent Nutrients coming out on top with a 9.5 (out of a possible 10) rating . Intelligent Nutrients products received high naturalness ratings, as they contain high levels of organic (food) ingredients, with almost all products certified organic.   Read More Press Release

Essential Healing

Taken from the August 2011 edition of American Spa magazine. by Julie Keller Of the essential oils making headlines today, what do you think is the most exciting and why? “Essential oil of juniper berry (juniperus communis) is a wonderful analgesic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, and sedative. Put these properties together with eucalyptus , marjoram , myrtle, fir needle , lavender , or patchouli , and you’ll get the most healing and pain-relieving formula. For massage and body treatments, mix it for deep heat and the treatment of eczema. For facials, choose juniper berry alone or with rosemary for acne. For hands and feet, mix it with lavender for purity and skin renewing.”—Bonnie Canavino, President, Amrit Organic “I think it’s still the core essential oils that are continuing to make an impact in the world today—lavender, neroli , and rose. All three cover a broad range of everyday skin concerns. If it’s balancing, softening, soothing, or calming, th

Stinky Dog

Another use for {8} essentials : stinky dog. My sister-in-law came across this article and said that {8} is perfect for this recipe: 1 small spray bottle (about 1-2 ounces) 1 ounce of warm water 3-4 drops of {8} Shake vigorously and mist your dog’s coat about 6-inches from his hair. Rub it in with your hands or brush through. The scent should last a week or so.


If a beauty product has the word "butter" in it, I am filtering through its ingredient deck faster than you can say the word, butter. What kind of butter is it? Shea, cocoa, what? John Masters Organics recently came out with a new product called,  Cacao & Cupuacu Hand & Body Butter. First of all, I'm not looking for a new hand butter (as you may know, I'm a huge fan of the NONTOXIQUE hand and foot care brand). But, body butter? If it's a rich creamy plant oil, now that's a different story and I want to bathe in it! Body butter. Check. Cacao butter. Check. Cupuacu butter? What is that ?! Never heard of it before, how did that happen? This creamy and emollient butter, which promotes a pleasant touch, smoothness and softness to the skin, boosting the recovery of its natural moisture and elasticity. Highly beneficial for dry and damaged skin, while promoting deep, long lasting hydration. Its high water absorption capacity, due to its

On A Stick

I don't know how it is at other state fairs but each year here in Minnesota, it's always fun to find out about the new attractions, food and products that will be at our great get-together, the Minnesota State Fair . Especially, the new items that will be "on a stick". We Minnesotan's have this unparalleled desire to put the craziest stuff on a stick; pork chops, deep fried candy bars, pickles, mac and cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, etc., etc. Our newspapers even publish articles announcing the new on-a-stick fare, months before the fair begins. As announced in a previous post , my new beauty brand, 3waybeauty , has made its way to this years fair. Introducing, shampoo - shower - shave - "on a stick" : Come visit us in the Grandstand - 2nd floor - Right inside the East entrance doors - August 25-September 5. Because, after a hot and sticky day of animal barns, fair food and 1.7 million sweaty bodies, you're gonna need us. Fair press rel