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Tomato Fight

Today, I'm heading to Afton Alps for The Midwest Tomato Fest Brawl. After watching the movie Hook , and its pivotal food fight scene , I immediately put the La Tamotina festival on my bucket list. The Midwest Tomato Fest is going to be my training ground for the real deal. I would be lying if I said there wasn't some "beauty" also involved with my desire to pelt perfect strangers with this juicy fruit. Tomatoes are great for the skin. The antioxidant properties of tomatoes that work inside the body can also do wonders outside. The use of tomato for skin care is ideal because of its cooling and astringent properties. It is rich in vitamin C, making it helpful for skin imperfections and brightening dull skin. It also contains vitamin A needed for building healthy skin. The naturally acidic properties of tomato balance the skin while ridding it of excessive oil. The antioxidants in tomatoes are also free radical fighters. Isn't beauty fun?


MBeze Deodorettes are ALL over the airwaves.... They were  featured yesterday on Today. And Better TV last week!

Buzz Party!

Guess what?! The 2nd edition of Crave Minneapolis/St. Paul is in the works! Once again, Kathy Hanson of Backpocket Strategy , is at the helm and has invited (<----RSVP) all Twin City Entreprenesses to the Buzz Party at Max's . When: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011, 5:30-7:30pm FYI, our very own Max's just received the prestigious honor of being named America' Coolest Small Jewelry Store . Good work, Ellen! See ya there!

Tanning on TCL

Our favorite self-tanning product, Phytoceane Self-Tanning Gel , was showcased on Twin Cities Live recently.

A Year Ago Today

Can you believe that it's been one year to the day since the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics released The Story of Cosmetics ? Since then, more than 775,000 people have watched the hard-hitting short video explaining that under our current broken regulatory system, it’s perfectly legal to use toxic chemicals in personal care products (like baby shampoo and lipstick) and in salon products (like nail and hair-straightening products). The Story of Cosmetics outlines the solution to this problem, too: We need responsible companies to make truly safe products, and legislation that will empower the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to regulate the $50 billion cosmetics industry. Can we get there? Totally – we're well on the way! We're thrilled to also announce the re-introduction of the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011 – a very smart piece of legislation that will eliminate the most harmful chemicals from cosmetics (as Europe and other countries are already doing!), and

The pesticide in your daughter's soap

via The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics . "Citrus Blueberry Swirl." "Tangelo Orange Twist." "Sugar Lemon Fizz." This isn't the juice counter at the local food market (though that does sound tasty). It's the bathroom of a teenager near you. Bath & Body Works (long known for its strongly-scented products) is offering its customers, many of whom are teenage girls, antibacterial soaps with summertime scents…and triclosan, a toxic antimicrobial chemical that accumulates in our bodies and in lakes, rivers and wildlife. This commonly used pesticide is also linked to the rise of "superbugs" – antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Umm, gross. To add insult to injury, triclosan isn't any more effective than regular soap and water . That's why in May thousands of you joined the Campaign in urging the EPA to prohibit the widespread use of this hormone-disrupting chemical, and many of you took the "Triclosan-Free Pledge,"

La Fête Nationale

Happy Bastille Day! In honor of The National Celebration, all of our French brands are on sale for 20% off now through Friday, July 15th. Just enter BASTILLE upon checkout. Your order will tally when the above code is entered. This offer is for our French brands only: Phytoceane & Phytoceane Homme , Fleur's ,  Vie Collection , Equavie ,  Phytomer Homme , Crazylibellule and the Poppies , and  Pre de Provence . *Whenever we have a sale on these brands we sell out quickly. So please understand that there will be a short wait until inventory is replenished. Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received.

Made in MN

Thank you to Katie Dohman of  local publication Minnesota Monthly , for the June 2011 - Made in MN recognition!

What product can't you live without?

I was recently asked this very questions by 24/7 Style . It was an easy answer for me. How about you? What beauty/grooming product can't you live without? Tell us here or tell us on Twitter or Facebook .

DIY Berry Bliss

Excerpt from American Spa Magazine , July 2011 by Jessica Lyons Strawberries are a decadent summer staple that taste delicious. But they also provide a sweet treat for the skin. “Just the mention of a perfectly shaped, fresh, ripe strawberry stimulates the senses,” says Joan Southon, spa director at The Spa at Mt. Hood (OR). “Strawberries contain salicylic acid that rids the skin of dead cells, makes pores smaller, and helps the face look brighter and shinier. They gently refresh and exfoliate the skin, remove impurities, and reduce redness and swelling.” Blend fruit in blender and separate the juice from the fruit. Indeed, it’s an ingredient that smells good enough to eat.  The fruit works as a cleanser and astringent. Additionally, it enables the skin to absorb more moisture and provides antioxidants to fight free radicals. Use the meat of the fruit as a cleanser and exfoliator, working in gentle circular motions around face for 2-3 minutes. Rinse. Drench your face w

Waxing Poetic

Excerpt from American Spa Magazine , July 2011 by Helen Bickmore. The benefits of waxing  It’s summertime, which means it is the season for waxing. With the onset of summer comes the desire for smooth, hair-free skin and the need to shed dry winter skin. Look and feel your best for all that this season offers, including swimsuits, shorts, skirts, and dresses. Waxing is still the most popular method of temporary hair removal after shaving, and it is still one of the most requested aesthetic services in spas and salons. What makes waxing so popular? Here are the benefits of waxing: 1. Waxing (my favorite brand is Nufree ) lasts six to eight weeks, as the hair is removed at the root. This means it is not necessary to spend time shaving. 2. Hair regrowth after waxing is often softer, as the tip of the hair has a finer tapered point, unlike the stubbly tip of shaved hair. 3. Reduced growth is a side benefit of waxing. When body hair is regularly removed at the root, the r


Some how, some way, shhh. got into the Minnesota State Fair ! Truly, I owe it all to the efforts of Sairey Gernes of Irely Intimates and TowelTopper fame. That, I do know. I knew Sairey was filling out the application, I just never thought it was a possibility because I know people who have been waiting for YEARS to get into the fair. Yes, years.  (There are pretty substantiated rumors that the average wait time is 7 years, btw.) So, just like 'you can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket', you can't get into the fair if you don't fill out an application. Thank you Sairey! As you may  know, Sairey and I have been hitting the streets this summer, promoting our products together. Our products go great together (after you shampoo - shower - shave, you naturally wrap in a towel, thus needing a TowelTopper!) I believe there is an even stronger reason that she and I are teaming up. Support. We are leaning on one another and cheering for one another,

Happy 4th!

Another exciting Fourth of July is upon us! That means memorable fun with friends, family, and maybe, a trip to the spa to pamper your hands and feet for all the activities they’re going to experience!  I think a hand treatment with au naturel tips and a burst of Red on the toes is the ticket this year. Nails are fun, yes, but as you know, we’re always focused on caring for our hands and feet as a whole, really focusing on our skin, especially when we’re at the beach, completely sun exposed. 1. Kick off your fun with a hand and foot treatment at the spa.  Beautiful hands and feet complete our look, but healthy hands and feet allow us to touch more, feel more and do with them.  I don’t compromise when it comes to caring for them.  We know they are hard working, and age-telling so I only treat them with NONTOXIQUE . 2. Purchase a bottle of your own Age Reversal Serum , and Cuticle & Nail Balm , especially if your celebrations will take you near water or out in t