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Get Dreamy

The Green Stylist just featured Madara . Though I don't carry the entire line, I still cannot get enough of their Tinting Fluids. - By far the best tinted moisturizer to EVER touch this mug.


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Pure Delicious Color

I am a lipstick and gloss fanatic. It's one of my fondest memories of being a young girl. - Whenever I would visit my grandmother, I would love to go into her bathroom and look at her lipsticks (long before I was allowed to wear them). Sometimes I would lock the door and apply a bit and then quickly wipe it off as I was not allowed to wear any kind of makeup until many years later. I once purchased a lipstick at a garage sale that smelled like my grandmothers lipsticks. I still have it in my vanity and I will give it a sniff every now and again. - Just to bring me back. Ahhh, simple pleasures. Ok, let's move on. Now you can nourish your lips and cheeks with soothing ingredients including shea butter and rosehip while leaving behind a gorgeous stain of candy-kissed color. These lovelies were just seen in US Magazine recently. Though there are many lip products out there that claim they are long-wearing, most aren't. And the ones that are, are basically like applying

Mz. K

Looks like Kim Kardashian is groovin' on Nontoxique's Age Reversal Serum. Jenna Hipp , Hollywood’s hottest “green” celebrity manicurist, is responsible for the perfectly manicured hands of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Fergie, Pink, and many more, which is why we’ve turned to her for tips on how to achieve gorgeous cover-ready nails on your wedding.

Rethink Ink

Excerpt from the March edition of American Spa magazine, Rethinking Inking by Mitchell Chasin, M.D. Laser Tattoo Removal has come a long way in the past few years, as technology continues to improve and the demand for removal continues to grow. But technology is only part of the equation. Good decision-making and setting clear expectations are key to achieving satisfying results. In the past, physicians have used carbon-dioxide lasers, pulse-dyed lasers, IPLs, and even dermabrasion to try to break up tattoo ink under the skin. Unfortunately, these devices and procedures proved to have shortcomings, and poor ink clearance and scarring were often the result. These days, physicians are using an assortment of quality-switched laser devises (Q-switched lasers) to safely deliver energy into the skin to shatter tattoo ink, allowing the body's lymphatic system to methodically carry the particles away. A Q-switched laser emits short, high-power pulses, allowing a laser to produce a pulse

Want a Halo?

Just received my first UrbanHalo and I'm in love! - This one right here. Pretty, huh? I consider headbands fully-functional hair accessories and though a bit different than a Knot-a-Schmata band, they certainly are a great addition to my headband collection. UrbanHalo is made right here in MN. They stay put, are headache free and come in each season's hottest prints and colors. Because I'm groovin' on mine so much, I want to give one to you. I have a $15 gift card (there are many to choose from!) with someones name on it. So, tell me why you deserve to wear a Halo? Be creative cuz the best answer gets the card. You can post your answer here or on our Facebook page. Game on!

Love Bites

INtelligent Nutrients has added Certified Organic Bug Repellent Serum to their repertoire and because the serum smells so darn good, this Certified Organic Perfume Spray accompanies it. I know, it's kinda early to be discussing bug spray. Especially since I have a snow pile in my back yard that is easily 8 feet tall. But after this winter, if I don't write about something other than dry, winter skin, nails and hair - I may have to harm myself. I haven't ever wanted to write about "bug repellants" on my beauty blog before. But, hey, I NEED to write about our Minnesota steamy, hot summer nights. Even if they will bring bugs. That being said, thank you Horst for launching this product in March! Here in Minnesota, a "skeet" swarm can easily carry away a small child if they are not nailed down. Horst says, "it Attracts Love Bites as it Repels Bug Bites." Cute . We know we're not attracting any "love bites" when we

Female Hair Loss

by Deborah Dunham If there's one thing we can all agree on, it's that we don't like losing our hair. Those extra strands clogging the shower drain or rolling around the bathroom floor like tumbleweeds in the Mojave desert can send us to the mirror in horror, wondering if it's really true: Are we going bald ? OK, maybe not bald for most of us, but thinning hair is equally distressing. Especially when you consider the voluminous manes that virtually every woman walking down the runway or red carpet seems to be sporting. Some women are inclined to think that hair loss is simply the result of getting older, but quite often, the real culprit behind those falling strands is something completely different. Something you may, in fact, be able to correct! Let's start with the facts. An estimated 30 million women in the United States suffer from thinning hair. Hair loss affects 50 percent of women over the age of 50. And while it may seem like this is a grow

Beauty Detective

By Jude Grimm Bellingham Alive! February 2011 It isn't easy to find products that do not compromise our personal health as well as the Earth's and have the performance to match our expectations. You won't see these products in full-page magazine ads. You won't see them on television. They don't smell the same, they often don't look the same and, sometimes, they just don't work. I am thrilled to say in my sleuthing adventures I have discovered an amazing and intelligent, witty and passionate woman, Michelle Noel of Greenbody Greenplanet products. Noel is the business partner of Lorri Weisen, the founder and formulator of Greenbody Greenplanet. Noel is a former dermatology clinical educator and has spent the majority of her professional life dedicated to educating dermatologists, pediatricians, immunologists and allergists in topical treatments for dry inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and atomic dermatitis. Through many years of work

Who Owns What?

Bet you didn't know this (original post). Excerpt: Aside from recognizing that they're all beauty brands, you probably don't often link Kiehl's, Maybelline and La Roche-Posay. Or Olay, Covergirl and SK-II. Or La Mer, MAC and Clinique. Each of these brands has a very clear, unique identity that is defined by what kind of products they make, where they're sold, how they're priced, what kind of person buys them, how they're packaged, and a number of other factors. But that's only because the marketers behind these major brands have been so successful in conditioning consumers to think about the brand in these terms. What we're encouraged to ignore is that each of these brand groupings is owned by the same corporation. Kiehl's, Maybelline and La Roche-Posay couldn't be more different brands, but they're all owned and produced by L'Oreal. Same goes for Olay, Covergirl and SK-II, all Proctor & Gamble brands. And if you thou

Nailed @ the Oscars

Hollywood's Green Celebrity Nail Stylist, Jenna Hipp , has done it again. This time for the Oscars! Minnesota's own, NONTOXIQUE Age Reversal Serum and Cuticle & Nail Balm, were used on stars as they readied for the big night - including Gennifer Goodwin, Jennifer Lawrence (also for Golden Globes) and Rachel McAdams. If you are looking for the best skincare for your hands and feet, it doesn't get any better.