Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Next Beauty Breakthrough?

Horst Rechelbacher - Founder and CEO of INtelligent Nutrients
Thanks to Nancy Ngo of the St. Paul Pioneer Press for such a great article on Horst Rechelbacher.

There isn't a person I admire and respect more in my industry than Horst.

When I was a young girl and knew I wanted to go to "beauty school", I asked my grandmother where I should go. Without a moments hesitation she said, "Horst" (now known as the Aveda Institute). I remember researching everything I could on Horst. I'll never forget how nervous my father was when we toured the campus - a beautiful, historic mansion in a sketchy area of Minneapolis. All was "right" in my world and the beauty industry was my home.

I began selling INtelligent Nutrients in the salon and spa I owned with my sister, when IN was first only dietary supplements. IN has continued to grow into an expanding organic aromatherapy, hair, and skincare brand. Their work with the Uof M and Mayo is exciting and unlike any other beauty brand. IN is special and unique in every way. Believe it.
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