Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fair Feedback

How happy was I to receive this email the morning after the Minnesota State Fair ended?:

My wife and I stopped by your booth in the Grandstand near the beginning of the Fair and I got one of your soaps on a stick, since you described how good it was for shaving. I've been using it for over a week now and comparing it against my usual shaving cream, Trader Joe's Mango Honey moisturizing shaving lotion. I've also been trying it with both a blade and a wet-dry electric shaver. In both cases your soap is at least as good as Trader Joe's. It seems to lubricate a bit better, which reduces irritation, and I could tell immediately that it was a better moisturizer, which will be very nice when the cold Minnesota winter arrives and the air gets so horribly dry. The fact that you use such high-quality ingredients is the icing on the cake, and makes me feel even better about using your soap, since my wife and I have made it a priority to try to use products that are more natural and less man-made.

In short, it's a great product!

Dana J. D.
Maplewood, MN

Though I absolutely hate my bar being labeled a "soap" (it is SO much more luxurious, folks) I don't think shhh.  is ever going to escape that label. - So much work has gone into it to make certain it is so much better than soap. Try it. You'll like it.
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